CASOMB Expands Recommendations for Tier Reductions

The California Sex Offender Management Board (CASOMB) today approved tier reductions for those convicted of three offenses — Penal Code Sections 288.2, 288.3 and 288.4 — who are currently assigned to Tier 3 which requires lifetime registration.  All three offenses involve either the sharing of harmful material with a minor of arranging a meeting with a minor.

“This is a remarkable and positive recommendation for CASOMB to make,” stated ACSOL Executive Director Janice Bellucci.  “The board based its decision upon the reason for one of their previous decisions, that is, to reduce the tier assignment for those convicted of the possession and distribution of child pornography.”

CASOMB did not vote today on the issue of creating an off-ramp for those assigned to Tier 3.  Instead, members of the board’s tiered registry committee reported that extra time is required because that issue is “far more complicated” than originally thought.  The tiered registry committee will consider this issue during its virtual meeting on November 8 to which the public is invited to attend but must sign up online at

Also during today’s CASOMB meeting, it was reported that the total number of registrants is 105,755 a decrease of 38 persons in the past month.  Of that total, there are 19,563 registrants in violation and 6,647 registrants who are transients.  

Further, it was reported during today’s CASOMB meeting today that a total of 7,205 petitions have been filed requesting removal from the registry.  That is an increase of about 200 petitions in the past month.  Of that total, there are 5,202 petitions that have been granted, about 100 petitions that have been denied and about 350 petitions that have been dismissed for administrative reasons.  There are about 1,500 petitions pending a court decision.

The next CASOMB meeting is scheduled to take place on Thursday, November 16 starting at 9:30 a.m.  That meeting will be virtual and the public can attend by signing up at



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I’m calendering to show up.

I would be more impressed if CASOMB admits the Static-99R is flawed beyond belief. Many lives have been ruined because of that stupid “quiz.” Junk sciences should have no place in a “just” system. And the stupid static is the epitome of junk science and “risk assessment” stupidity.

When can we expect this to be law?

Will these additional 3 offenses be reduced to tier 1 and would it also include felonies?

Does approval just mean it may or may not become law or does it mean it will become law?

As someone stated in previous thread, would be nice to chip away in Tier 3 off ramp. What suggestion can we come up for CASOMB’s consideration? I can vouch for those that received a certificate of rehabilitation, and/or expungement of record!

Janice, what exactly makes the tier 3 offramp more complicated?

I’m lost and don’t know how and where to start the process to be removed from 290 registration. I was convicted in 1982, I severed 6 1/2 in youth authority was released few months prior to turning 21 years old. I didn’t have to register when I was released from youth authority. Few months later I was arrested and given 16 months state prison. When I was released my parole officer told me that I had to register as 290. So I went and tried to register and was told I didn’t have to. Went back and tried to tell parole officer and he said if I didn’t register he was going to violate me and send me back to prison. So I was registered as 290 in 1991. I’ve done 2 90day County jail sentences in 2005. I have No Violence in adult record. I’m currently on Year 2 of To Be Determined. I never arrested for that crime again. Not on parole or probation, Discharged prison CDC# Nov. 1999

Did CASOMB vote on 288 (c) ?

Which Tier are they being reduced to???

Thank You Janice Bellucci, for ALL of your hard hard work and DAILY effort! We in California would REALLY be in trouble without you.

What is being done regarding professional licensing boards being able to maintain public record of license restrictions indefinitely?

This is is great news! Before the tier registry law passed, 288.2 was not on Megan’s list and I was hoping to get a COR after 10 years. After the tier law, even though my conviction was reduced to misdemeanor and expunged, is now on tier 3 and on Megan’s liar with my full address. I have a family and this has impacted them greatly. I hope special consideration will be given to convictions that have been either expunged or reduced to misdemeanor for tier 1. Thank you Janice!

Janice, can explain why CASOMB is having such a hard time figuring out a solution/plan for a path for our citizens to get off of tier 3 by the way of petition . Based on risk ?

Several people are asking questions regarding CASOMB’s delayed final vote on creation of an off-ramp for those assigned to Tier 3. Please know that it is a delay, not a decision to create that off-ramp. The only example mentioned so far is a possible exclusion of individuals designated as sexually violent predators. I expect more examples to be discussed during the committee meeting on November 8 and will report on them in an article to be posted on this website.

Recommendations made by CASOMB are important because they will be shared with the state legislature that created CASOMB for that purpose — to make recommendations. It’s possible that the legislature will make the changes recommended by CASOMB in 2024, but it is unlikely because that is a Presidential election year when legislators traditionally avoid controversial issues. It is more likely that the legislature will make these changes in 2025 which is not an election year for them or the President.

A lot of people in California were judged and convicted differently for the same crime, because of the age gap between them and the victim, In California the DA has the power to do whatever in that situation. Me personally I was tried as an adult at 17, The DA push my case back for a A year and a half so when I finally took my plea deal I was 18. she knew strategically what she was doing, she was trying to ruin my life because she was angry cause she couldn’t get the conviction she wanted
A couple years later I saw her on the TV show “Survivor” On there she said, I don’t care who you are if you hurt a minor I am your worst nightmare, I’ve even sent 18 year old to prison,
I took that very personally because I was 18 when she convicted me.

All of this is lovely, but when is the earliest that these recomendations could become actionable and be submitted, voted on or even considered by the CA legislature and what are the chances that any of this becomes reality beyond platitudes by CASOMB?

We need this in Missouri!!!!! Especially with cases where the prosecutor refused to bring in DNA evidence that would have shown the innocence of my husband!

Nice, but not too exciting. What they have imposed on all is still unjustifiably harsh and flat out inhumane.

That said, if they can reduce those, why are they still requiring mere misdemeanants to register, and for at least 10 years, but even then no certainty they can stop, they have to apply and see permission and meet strict conditions, it is not just ended at 10 years. Registration for misdemeanors is unacceptable, probation can very well handle that without registration. Registration is designed to destroy people.

Push for an end of registraiton for misdemeanants, or at least after they receive an expungement under 1203.4 after completion of probation. That is how is used to be.

The public is not worried about misdemeanors, those are swept in to registration by the lunitics.