MI: Police arrest 2 men in killing of Pontiac man known for fooling sexual predators Kylie Martin Detroit Free Press

Source: freep.com 9/30/23

Police have arrested two men in the Friday killing of a 40-year-old Pontiac man who often posed as a minor on social media in attempts to catch sexual predators.

Robert Wayne Lee, who ran a popular Facebook page with 11,000 followers using the moniker “Boopac Shakur,” confronted two males, ages 17 and 18, seated in a Pontiac restaurant near the corner of North Perry and MLK Boulevard about 10:30 p.m. Friday, according to the Oakland County Sheriff’s office.

Lee accused one of the men of being a pedophile and punched him, causing the man to pull out a knife and the other man to produce a firearm, which he used to shoot Lee several times before the two fled the restaurant, police said.

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Regarding the Death of Robert Wayne Lee, also Known as “Boopac Shakur” [oakgov.com 10/3/23]


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Pontiac vigilante fatally shot by alleged predator during confrontation (30Sept2023 Fox 2 News)

First, there is an accusation by the vigilante in a verbal confrontation of an allegation, then there is a punch by the vigilante (which is an assault) against one of the accused, then there is a knife pulled in defense of the person punched, and then a gun is pulled/used to shoot dead the vigilante by the other person with the punched person. Was it all in self-defense?

One could infer the registry was used to source the info used, but no one really knows from the specs read. The deceased has also a history of mistaken identity of those he accuses. We have discussed here before it would be not long before one of these folks would be wounded or worse because of their actions, which has happened. It was not long…

It’s unfortunate that this man got killed, but these vigilantes need to be stopped.
We need to support the two men who were arrested so they don’t receive outrageous sentences.

“Boopac Shakur” rolled up on the wrong people. I understand he wanted to try and copycat the whiteboy “pedo” hunters on youtube who go after people living in these safe middle class neighbors. But playing this game in the hood? A lot of these brothers have nothing to lose and had no problem introducing Boopac to his maker. It’s a tragedy, but also a fool’s game in the making.

As a person that lives in Michigan, I’m sorry but the person who was pretending to be a under she girl, got what was coming to him. If you play stupid games eventually your going to win stupid prizes. The Deceased new what could happen, even the cops told him to stop doing what he was doing.

Well this is going to be interesting.

It appears you can use lethal for in self defense when you feel you are imminently at risk for bodily harm.

One of the requirements to is that you can not be committing a crime when you defend yourself.

Michigan has a Romeo and Juliet law that would make a 4 year difference legal for sexual contact (not sexual penetration which is illegal). So it seems it’s a bit more of a grey area for the intent of the two guys meeting a 15 year old girl given their age difference.

So I think the question comes down to being able to prove either 1. that these two teens actually felt at risk for bodily harm. I almost feel like this might not be so hard given the track record of the deceased and that there’s probably plenty of video. Even the sheriff’s seem to think his tactics were over the top at times. 2. The teens suggested an activity with the fake 15 year old that includes sexual penetration which would probably need to be more clear than just saying ‘have sex’ given the Romeo and Juliet law. Have sex could just mean contact and not necessarily penetration unless they were 100% clear on what they meant.

Hopefully these teens get off. This 40 year old really messed up their life.

A 40-year-old man meets up a 17-year-old and an 18-year-old and accusing them of pedophilia – What’s wrong with this picture?

Either way this follows my belief that playing stupid games wins stupid prizes.

These people are going to get themselves, and others, killed over and over again. Police work isn’t the same as playing Cops and Robbers as a kid. Then there is another potential danger….

The more successful these people are at getting courts to convict the people they…find….the more there will be and…the more exact the science of getting a conviction. This leaves the door wide open for a whole range of criminal activity Blackmail based on real or even completely fabricated information, springs to mind, but also just “Getting rid of” people you don’t like by framing them, or even setting them up as a Murder by Proxy target. Sadly, this could also be used to get rid of… you’re brat kid/step-kid. Yep, just show them what you found on their computer… obviously some predator got to them! Maybe they’re not such a brat…they just need a lesson about how to keep a secret, forever?

Of course, so long as these clowns lead to a conviction from time to time, they will be viewed as heroic. People will focus on the, “Protecting kids from Predators!” myth, and flat not care who gets hurt, how, or why. Won’t matter to them so long as they get their pound of flesh often enough.

Even if this leads to a whole squadron of Karen’s getting gunned down in the Olive Garden parking lot, the remaining Karen’s will not care. Everybody is disposable to Karen…no exceptions. Kids are, of course, a dime a dozen…so no loss there.

Seriously, this could kill dozens of kids a year, that will only encourage Karen and Darren to support this more!

Colorado pev patrol YouTube channel got shut down, I couldn’t stand that guy he would always act all tough like he was willing to fight or shoot the guy. it was sad to watch especially when people would drive by cheering him on and law-enforcement agencies praising him for his work. I’ve even personally gone back-and-forth with him over what he dose and the real reason he does it for, He’s so narcissistic that he has to respond back to every single comment said about him
He would catch some normal, sane people sometimes but 90% of the time everybody he caught had mental health issues.

Last edited 1 month ago by AERO’S PHO

Too delicious!!

You reap what you sow. The guy brought it on himself for his foolish actions and narcissistic vigilantism. All these “pedo-hunter” types are playing with fire, and it’s not surprising at all when they finally get burned. Unfortunately, they also endanger bystanders, who don’t want any involvment in their self righteous, attention seeking antics. However, they are not afraid of becoming “martyrs” for the “cause”, since they don’t actually have any sort of life to speak of, and they don’t actually care what happens to themselves or anyone else around them, so long as they feel vindicated by their legion of mindless, sycophantic followers/viewers, and get their 15 minutes of fame on youtube. It’s all rather pathetic.

Last edited 1 month ago by nameless

This is why the registry is WRONG People take it upon them selves to play Cop.

Sucks to be Dude. 🪦

I’ve always said id do the same if someone comes up on me with that B.S people do not understand real mofo don’t play, these registries make people out to be weak or predators but a lot of people on these trap lists are NOT the laws pile real people on these registries. Not everyone on the hit list are pervs So warning to you people who think you can just pull rank on someone on the registry […]. BEWARE! The people in my neighborhood already know i play NO games. The rage is real for some of us. I Let it be known.

The registry has conditioned me to not give a damn about bad things that happen to others. I don’t feel bad at all that the guy was given a permanent dirt nap. He and others like him should not be out trying to play cop.
My only concern is if it was the 17 year old who shot him, it was illegal for him to have a gun. Hopefully a jury will see that this was self defense. I live very close to Pontiac so I may just organize some protests in support for these two teens, because from the article it appears they acted in self defense.

Welp, someone else called it unfortunate the guy got himself killed, but I’d call it a teachable moment. Indeed, let this be a cautionary to all the other budding Chris Hansens out there and anyone else who aspires to make a living through publicly humiliating innocent people.

Just another episode of your governmental goal “inciting violence” among its citizens…

Live by the sword 🗡Die by the sword

As the public would say about registrants, ” another one bites the dust.” Another POS messed around and found out that he shouldn’t have been online posing as minors. Time for law enforcement and lawmakers to condone this type of conduct because this POS’ blood is on their hands, not the two teens who were accused of being something and acting in self defense.

This shooting is getting a lot of coverage in Michigan. Here’s a Detroit News article about the “pedohunter” although it’s subscriber-only. He apparently had some other legal issues (unsurprisingly) and it’s likely the outstanding cases against his targets will be dropped due to his death. What’s so frustrating is the willingness of the media to go along with the title “pedohunter.” The men he targeted here were 17 and 18. If you actually think a 17 year old dating a 15 year old is “pedophilia,” I really don’t know how I could possibly convince you otherwise. This isn’t to say that 15 year olds should be dating or sleeping with anyone, but to just accept that these men are stopping “pedophilia” instead of considering the possibility of them being weird, attention-seeking predators themselves is journalistic malpractice.

I’ve noticed several comments here talking about using the registry to find these guys, yet no where in the article does it say these 2 guys were on the registry. I’m curious how some of you came to that conclusion.

A statement from the Oakland County Sheriff clarifying a lot of misinformation about this:

This press release makes it clear that these vigilantes are messing up police investigations.
The shooter was only 16 and the vigilante was investigated and charged with the destruction of property of at least two people who were not the targets of his stings.

This is awesome! Finally, some good news.
Post this on the comment section of all the little Chris Hansen wannabees, let them know what is coming for them.
Robert Wayne Lee…. Little bitch is worm food now. Hopefully more to come, maybe some self righteous pig cops and prosecutors next! There is some justice in this world after all.

Sadly this story won’t get much media coverage. I don’t believe killing anyone is right but in a way those people doing these kind of undercover actions are looking to harm others and/or asking to be harmed themselves. I believe every RC should carry a form if protection ie. Mace or even a high powered air pistol. RC are generally more aware of their surrounding because of being on the registry but others easily trapped into this kind of situation aren’t.

Some news on this guy—he apparently targeted a University of Michigan football staffer, who appears to be really young and potentially disabled. Here’s a link to a post that contains the video of their confrontation. It’s absurd that these middle-aged men could stalk and harass much younger men—including the minor teenager who eventually killed one of them—for so long, without being demonetized by YouTube. This is in the news now in connection with controversy over UM’s football program, which is facing allegations of spying.