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Clements v. Florida is in conference today at the Supreme Court it’s one of 214 cases that they are going over today. So please say a silent prayer that they grant it.

Well it’s December, my birth month (Christmas day actually, hooray for me) so time once again to start calling the local police office trying to get in touch with someone about scheduling my visit.

Usually takes a couple of weeks before I can finally get something scheduled but I can’t make any holiday plans until then because I won’t know when I’ll have to go.

Makes for a very sad holiday season every year to have to do this. Especially now that I was classified tier 3. I was supposed to go for the COR in 2025 to get off but now I’m permanent and they’ve plastered my full info up on the website when it was never there before.

Been really down lately, what’s the point if they’re going to change the rules whenever they want to?

Although I will have one more year left of probation after December 15th, I, like so many others will continue to live a life of supervision and restrictions. End the registry.

PFR GUIDE,, is available for those who may experience travel challenges. It includes cruise and country data that should assist travel parties more easily avoid trip interruptions.

Don’t forget that when ACSOL fought for the registry they said from the beginning it would be a work in progress. They had to make huge, and a few absurd, concessions just to get it passed. But since that time they have been whittling away at those concessions and making steady progress rather rapidly, actually. There are many states where everyone is on the registry for life, and states like Florida are so restrictive that many people on the registry have to live in squalid camps and they have little hope of relief. ACSOL is always fighting for us. They have gotten hundreds of people off the registry which never would have happened just a few years ago. One of the next steps is to get a path for tier 3 people to get a chance at removal. Stay optimistic, don’t get in any trouble, support ACSOL, they are fighting for us. We have hope, unlike even 15 years ago it was pretty hopeless for all of us, but Janice has really redesigned the entire landscape of the registry in CA, and soon other states will follow, and eventually the registry will end. It has to because it is unconstitutional, it doesn’t work, and it hurts innocent people like family members. It will fall.

Does anyone have any updates or any info on what or when we will hear anything about the right of reputation case in Pennsylvania? It could be such a big win for us and hopefully for so many in Pennsylvania and hopefully for other states as well but I just can’t find anything or any updates online. So if anyone has some info thanks.

To anyone who would have been eligible to petition off the registry via a COR prior to the new law SB384, would this case be helpful:

I’m FTR in Michigan. I have an aunt in texas who is putting my wife and myself in charge of her affairs when she passes. Does anyone know the Texas requirements for out of state registrants. Not sure how long it would take, but I can guess more than 3 days. Thanks in advance

From PARSOL, not much of an update, but thought I’d share:

While we are in high anticipation of the Torsilieri opinion, there is no news yet.The PARSOL leadership team’s communication plan includes a special “T-Day” portion. This plan will help us get the message out quickly when the opinion is released. We have been in touch with attorney experts and understand that next steps may take some time to formulate, depending on how the court rules.
When an ruling is announced, we will first send out an email giving a quick overview of the opinion. The Legal Committee will meet to sift through it. A few days later, we will give our analysis.
Please understand these things are a “hurry up and wait” scenario. We’re confident the Supreme Court of PA is reviewing this case with a fine-tooth comb as it could be a major landmark decision. Again, rest assured that we’re on top of this every day.

Thx TS and James. Appreciate the help.

“Treatment Programs”
Yesterday, I spoke with an acquaintance who was recently discharged after a year in prison due to a theft conviction. He was incarcerated twenty years earlier for a Level I offense and had not been in prison since that time. Upon his release, he learned that he had to attend a treatment program for an indecent exposure offense from two decades ago. He was told by probation that there are about 1,400 registrants in San Diego and the number is growing. The contracted for-profit treatment program/agency in San Diego County is having to open an additional office location due to the increase in “customers.” Apparently, a similar office addition is also taking place in Riverside County. This is becoming a growing business, and the state is paying for something that produces highly questionable results.

***Scam Alert***?????

I just got a call from someone claiming to be from the “Department of Justice” asking me if I am waiting on a package being sent to me.

I indicated I am not waiting on any package from anyone. I do not shop online (True) because I have no credit/debit card Paypal, Apple Wallet, bank account to pay for stuff…. Also true. Haven’t bought anything online since 2014 at the latest.

They then hung up, and I cannot call back.

Some good has happened to me this month. It all started in March 2022, I was fired from my job, after being there 3 1/2 years, promoted one time, 6 pay raises, no disciplinary issues. In writing, the company told me that they didn’t properly review my criminal background at the time of hire and that my specific crime was outside the realm of their friendliness towards felons. LOL – well, what really happened, according to one of the managers, was someone saw me on the registry and saw me at the job, and cried to corporate, and I was fired for being on the registry.

It took me until Jan 2023 to even find a lawyer to even look at the specifics of my case. Finally, a lawyer in L.A. took the case, I live in San Diego. I was about to give up, I think I contacted via email and/or phone at least 20 different attorneys. Nobody seemed to want to go to bat for me because of the reason I was fired. But, this attorney in L.A. got super excited because of the exact statement in writing on my termination paperwork.

So, now, in December 2023, 1 year and 9 months after the fact, my lawyer contacted me last week, and the company has agreed to settle, and while I can’t or won’t divulge the amount or the company, after the attorney takes his cut, I will be taking home close to the equivalent of 3 years of pay from the company. I am beyond excited and so grateful to my attorney and his team.

I guess I am writing this to remind myself and anyone else interested, that every now and then, there are people out there who are willing to fight with us and right the wrongs against us. And it is with that realization that I just wanted to say that the work that Janice and team have done and continue to do just amazes me all the time and I want to say thank you so much to them.

I hope everyone has a very happy holiday season and a prosperous and happy 2024.

A MI Judge in Pontiac, MI just sentenced a 17 year old minor to life in prison w/no possibility of parole. A life sentence for a minor who did a very adult crime at 15.

For those advocates that say minors don’t know what they are doing, well, is that still true? This one did and knew it. For those advocates who say anyone, including adults, cannot be rehabilitated once they have crossed a line such as this one, looking at a SCOTUS member in particular, do you really believe people cannot be rehabilitated and be free to live a productive life?

The debate will rage on WRT minors and what they can and cannot do as well as adults.

Clement vs. Florida case was denied.

It was a long shot always but it would have been interesting if it would at least got a dissenting mention in the denial part with at least Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson giving us her view. Hopefully one day a court case comes up that allows us to challenge our lifetime placement on a purely punitive system that goes by a civil name.

My hope is that will be the Torsilieri case that hopefully comes to a conclusion soon. With us winning the lower courts in that case looks like the state has the burden there. With an appeal to the Supreme Court of the United States being Pennsylvania only remedy if we win, maybe that case will end up at the Supreme Court. All we can do is keep our heads up and keep trying to find a way to bring down this registry.

People are SUCH hypocrites, but we already know this. Just watched a movie called “May December” with Julienne Moore and Natalie Portman. Julienne plays Gracie who started dating and later marrying a 13 year old boy. The real Gracie pled to two felonies of rape of a child and went to prison. Natalie Portman plays an actress who wants to make a film about their lives. The movie has great ratings both on IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes. My point is, people enjoyed watching this movie (so did I). With today’s attitude, do these governmental officials (morons) also believe that myself or anybody else who watched this movie wants to hook up with a 13 year old? I most certainly don’t have that desire, but I still enjoyed the movie along with millions of others, and I can guarantee you that politicians, people in the DOJ, Law Enforcement, etc also enjoy watching this movie. Granted, these are actors, but the topic alone means that people can watch “disturbing” movies but have no desire to act on them. People will watch “beheadings” for entertainment, and there are victims who are actually being decapitated. Does that mean that those watching these horrible scenes are themselves murderers or phantasize about beheading people? Absolutely NOT.

This year on my birthday will be my 24th year on the registry, At the end of the day, the mission is for everyone to get off the registry.
For me personally it’s been along road having to always stay 1-up on the cops, fighting District attorneys and dealing with public defenders BUT I did what I had to do, to survive.
For example, I was snagged twice by law-enforcement for 290 violations, each one adding three more years to my mandatory registration time period, also the court had mistakes on my DOJ report information, So I said Phuck that and went back to court and got all my 290 violations reduced to a misdemeanor and dismissed, even though every attorney I talked to said it wasn’t possible, because I violated probation on one of them and they both were straight felonies not wobblers, I still was able to get them reduced and dismissed.
Also I filed my own motion to have the court correct all the mistakes on my DOJ report right there in real time, with A special certified minute order stating the courts error.
I had to literally fight back and unfortunately, my fight isn’t over, in 6 months I’ll be back in court fighting to get off the registry, fighting for freedom and fighting for my life.

We all may remember, or not, that case of the former professional football punter who was accused of sex assault while in college. It was a thread in this forum. He lost his contract and faced for the last 16 months…hell. Well, it has come to a head and the gent is freed of it altogether, but still has a long road to go to get his name and reputation back since it was not proven in a court of law criminally or civilly that he was guilty of the accusation. In fact, it was all dropped because evidence came back that he was not in the area when the alleged incident occurred. Nice that the SD County (CA) people got this right. Sigh…

Where does Matt Araiza go to to get his reputation — let alone his NFL career — back?
The accusations that caused Matt Araiza to lose his NFL career shouldn’t stand in the way of his chance to earn it back ( 14 Dec 2023)

Civil suit dropped against former San Diego State ‘Punt God’ Matt Araiza
Araiza has hopes of returning to the NFL, his lawyer said. ( 12 Dec 2023)

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Hi everyone,

I’ve got two questions today. I’ve tried researching everywhere, also went to my local police station on both of these and cannot find a straight answer. Any direction would be greatly appreciated!

1) I know it’s irrelevant right now, but does anyone know what the restrictions are for Halloween night? Do we still have a curfew? I’ve been off probation for 7 years. My old probation officer offered no help, kinda seemed like she didn’t know the answer to it and dismissed me.

2) What about housing restrictions as far as how far away you must live from a school/daycare, etc.? My probation terms had them but my registration paperwork does not. And once again, PD was no help.

Thank you in advance!

The SOR’s were created years ago when there were no statistics on rates of recidivism for almost all crimes. In 2003, in Smith v. Doe, one of the justices, without even current data as of 2003, blurted out the homerun, “frightening and high”, to which every new law concerning the expansion of sex offense laws has been hung onto that extremely high, erroneous statement.

Here we are now, 20 years past that master goof, where we now have statistics that PROVE that people who commit sexual offenses are second to the lowest category of people who commit criminal offenses, and the lowest being murder, (unless you’re a serial killer).

All of the information that was used all of those years ago to justify the creation of the SOR’s has now been published for all to see, and for them to see that their logic behind establishing the registries is completely debunked. The statistics now PROVE that the registries are not only not necessary, but that they are unconstitutional, as the registries were enacted for only one category of people who commit criminal offenses, in violation of the 14th Amendment.

With all of the data that has been gathered over the past 25+ years, it is time for lawmakers to realize they made a mistake and abolish the registries so LE can focus their attention on criminals who really do have high rates of recidivism.

I’m still relatively new to registry issues, but finding I’m in a unique situation in that I’m not required to register in my home state (state of conviction), but SORNA would require me to register if my state were fully compliant. I obviously am trying to avoid ever registering anywhere, so I will need to be careful what other states I visit and for how long. What is depressing is how vaguely SOR laws and statutes are written. I’ve recently reached out to the SOR office of a certain state to clarify if I would need to register when visiting them or not because they have language about “if your conviction would require registering here for committing an equivalent offense”, but 10 days later and no reply still. Thinking I’ll just have to reach out to attorneys in whatever states I’m unsure about when visiting. Obviously not looking forward to the expense, but probably worth it in the long run.

Here’s my main question though – do you find most attorneys knowledgable or capable of rendering an opinion like this? Even my attorney who helped me navigate my case seemed only vaguely aware of registry issues, especially how they vary from state to state. Is there a resource for identifying attorneys that are actually well versed on registry details in their state?

Greetings fellow oppressed citizens! Recently it occurred to me that Federal SORNA talks about “sex offenders” who “abscond.” (Search this link for “abscond” and you find three references.)That last word piqued my curiosity as to its exact definition.

Merriam-Webster defines abscond as, “to depart secretly and hide oneself.”
The American Heritage Dictionary defines abscond as, “to leave quickly and secretly and hide oneself, often to avoid arrest or prosecution.”
The Cambridge Dictionary defines abscond as, “to go away suddenly and secretly in order to escape from somewhere.”
Black’s Law Dictionary defines abscond as, “running away from the law, to make yourself absent in an attempt to avoid the legal process.”

I would like to know how any of these definitions fit a “sex offender” who is traveling domestically just be s/he wishes to do so. If I were to depart in the middle of the day, driving through town, past the police department and city hall, how am I hiding, doing anything secretly, running away from the law, or trying to escape anything or anywhere? I believe the DoJ long ago tipped its hand by using that word; we know full well its view of SORNA as something much more than a “non-punitive regulatory scheme.”

What to do with this flash of (semi-)brilliance? Heck if I know! I just needed to get it out there for others to chew on and consider.

As a short, second rant, how is IL’s law barring anyone ever convicted of a sex offense from visiting Forest Preserves, Parks, and such even close to constitutional? Last I checked, parks are still considered traditional public fora. As such, IL is facially violating the First Amendment rights of thousands of citizens. It’s a slam-dunk strict-scrutiny case, one would think. Let’s see the State try to show why the burden is right and proper.

Peace out!

I’m sorry – I don’t get this sentencing structure in criminal courts.
Have a few pictures and get 20 years, fail to register and get 50 years
Female middle school teacher has s$x multiple times with 14 year old boy and she gets two years at home detention and 10 years probation. What would it have been if a male teacher and female victim I wonder – and this was in Floriduh!!!!

⭐😬⭐Conference Call ⭐⭐⭐
⭐⭐⭐ Be sure to join us for today’s (12/16) monthly ACSOL Conference Call with ACSOL’s Director, Attorney Janice Bellucci! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 ⭐⭐⭐
(TODAY at 10:00 a.m. PCT!)

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Where to file a complaint against Angel Watch?
And not at their email.