WI Action Alert: Fight SB874 that would put many people back on lifetime GPS registration

Source: docs.legis.wisconsin.gov

Call to action for Wisconsin registrants…

Last year the high court in Wisconsin struck down former AG’s interpretation that multiple counts on the same case constituted multiple convictions for the purpose of registration and GPS monitoring.

A bill was introduced last week that if passed would codify the former AG’s interpretation and put many people back on lifetime GPS registration. The bill is retroactive and seems like it will actually put more people on GPS monitoring than even before.

The original statue would have required lifetime GPS monitoring if a person had one of a number of triggering events. One of them was having a ‘special bulletin notification’ (SBN) issued. That is where the multiple convictions comes into play – the bill would change the qualifications for a SBN to include anyone with multiple counts in the same case. With the retroactive nature of the bill, it would likely ensnare many people in the GPS monitoring for life game.

This is the time to have your family, friends, etc. contact their senators and assembly people to speak out against this bill

[Written by @WorriedInWisconsin]

Read the bill


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kinda sounds like more illegal government shit plain and simple… Just another way to try to CONTROL the people !!

Read the national SOL office is part of a Fed lawsuit against such measures on behalf of those who are impacted by it. You can read further about it over at their website. Things are looking to get more interesting in the cheesy state.

“Lifetime GPS.” We aren’t a serious country.

Wow! The Empire strikes again! And I guarantee you that this bill will pass both houses of the Wisconsin republican assembly. Since they don’t have a fillierbuster proof majority, it’s up Democratic governor Evers to veto it. Time will tell

I’m morbidly interested to see the legal gymnastics the courts will use to decide that this can be applied retroactively.

Isn’t lifetime GPS a Fourth Amendment violation? If you’re not on parole, probation, or federal supervised release, any tracking system of that is unconstitutional. U.S. v. Jones, 565 U.S. 400 (2012) made it illegal for the government to secretly put a GPS tracker on a car. How is that different from requiring someone to wear one? I suspect that if this becomes a law it will die a horrible death in the courts. Even the currently disreputable supreme court would likely not overturn the precedent.

NO FEAR OF PUNISHMENT WILL EVER DISSUADE… That’s one of the foundational lies the registry is built on. GPS does not prevent, it only aids in investigation and prosecution. But, no fear of punishment will ever dissuade.

ALL PFRs POSE A FRIGHTENING AND HIGH RISK OF RECIDIVISM FOR LIFE! Another foundational lie. Combined this lie with the previous, and…

Soooooooooooooo…. How many PFRs have had GPS data used by the Police for successful investigation of new SOs? The DA for indictment and/or prosecution? Gotta be thousands by now, right? All PFRs are frightening and high, and no fear dissuades…. So gotta be showing up all the time, right? More and more often as more and more PFRs get devices strapped to them year after year.

Yep, has to be an ever increasing number of successful GPS aided Police investigations, leading to smooth as silk prosecutions…. Right? Has to be true. Frightening and High, combined with No Fear can dissuade allows for no other outcomes.

Even if only 1 in 1,000 report, that would remain true GPS device or no. So, GPS devices have dramatically improved investigations and indictment/prosecutions for the 1/1000 reported….Has to be true.

Per the conclusive Presumption of F&H 80% will attempt to recidivate, and per the foundational logic of the registry that only extraordinary levels of police and informed community monitoring can reduce new crimes, because no fear will dissuade… Has to be a dramatic rise in in Police success in determining who committed the crimes, and DAs getting indictments/convictions.

Ever expanding number of PFRs with devices strapped to them, has to result in this. Unless GPS devices reduce the likelihood of victims reporting crimes…which would make them counterproductive. If that were true, the more devices, the worse things get. Only possible explanation for why why police have not seen more success in investigations.

Another opportunity for the State to tell some lies to various courts. Also another opportunity for those courts to twist logic into all kinds of pretzel shapes to make those lies seem rational. Take the lies, twist the pretzels, then weave them into an Illusion of Legitimacy.

It would be amusing if it wasn’t so disgusting.

This is being pushed by the tech companies that rake in $4,000 per year for each person on GPS. Do the math. This is millions of dollars in revenue.

Yes, let’s just remake the law until it works in our favor. Plus it’ll give cover to that Uncle Tom Evers appointed to head the Wisconsin DOC…..I know that’s what those politicians are thinking. They’re the same ones who reworked the political boundaries to break up black districts in Milwaukee County until they got the results they wanted. And that got struck down by their own conservative stacked Wisconsin Supreme Court. Hopefully they’ll see thru the same stupidity with this lifetime “GPS work around.” You can’t say more than 1 count equalling a repeat crime only works with “sex offenders,” but nobody else. I mean, come on. But criminals will be criminals, and those Wisconsin politicians, prosecutors and DOC heads should be locked up in a cell where criminals should be.

Last edited 6 months ago by J. Brown

It looks like they’ve passed an amendment to this bill that would only make it retroactive back to 2017 when the former AG issued his legal opinion on the status of things. Not great, but better than reaching back through history.

If my reading is correct, it’s on the fast track for passage, likely this week or next.

This bill (as amended such that it affects retroactively to September 2017) has passed the WI senate and subsequently passed the assembly (under a suspension of the rules) and is now ‘Enrolled’ which means it is going to the governors desk for a signature. Given that the governor actually asked for this bill to be created, he’s almost certain to sign it shortly.