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For all you travelers out there domestic and international:

Facial Recognition: Coming Soon to an Airport Near You (NYT 18 Feb 2024)
Biometric technology is expanding at airports across the United States — and the world — and transforming the way we move through them, from checking a bag to boarding the plane.

I was way to long in last post sorry. I am sad to learn that even technical violations are treated as another sex offense in RI and adds 10 years to the registry and is looked at as a reoffend rather the felony clerical error which is bad enough. Is this how it is in other states? It seems that it should not be considered a sexual offense but a registry offense and maybe it is both. It was not this way until 2019 if I am understanding it. So to use the registry as punishment for a registry violation, doesn’t this prove it is a punishment in RI or is this every state is now like this?

In Walter Isaacson’s biography of Elon Musk, the Space X approach to rocket design is outlined:

“…rocket components were subject to hundreds of specifications and requirements mandated by the military and NASA . At big aerospace companies, engineers followed these religiously. Musk did the opposite: he made his engineers question all specifications. This would later become step one in a five-point checklist, dubbed “the algorithm”: that became his oft-repeated mantra when developing products. Whenever one of his engineers sited “a requirement” as a reason for doing something, Musk would grill them: Who made that requirement? And answering “The military” or “The legal department” was not good enough. Musk would insist that they know the name of the actual person who made the requirement. “We would talk about how we were going to qualify an engine or certify a fuel tank, and he would ask, “Why do we have to do that?”…
“All requirements should be treated as recommendations he repeatedly instructed. The only immutable ones were those decreed by the laws of physics.”

This would be a great approach to reviewing Section 290 of the penal code. Why is any of this necessary?

Looks like we got another dead little white girl out of Texas who suffered at the hands of someone not on the registry. It seems the man was a trusted friend of 11 year old’s daddy. He must of been very trusted since he has a child enticement conviction. But for very odd reasons, he never made the Texas registry, which is probably why her daddy trusted him despite his having all those sex cases. “If the state don’t think my friend is dangerous, then why should I?” That’s what it’s come down too. People will rely on some registry instead of doing their due diligence. Anyways, the man’s charged with capital murder, and he’ll get the needle no doubt. My concern is that this killing has probably set registry reform in Texas back from 0 to -100. There will be more laws over this dead child’s body. If you’re on their registry, these Texas politicians are coming for yah! So F-Texas and other Texans on this forum, I would think seriously about getting the hell up out of Texas

News article today described a Jan 6th rioter from Sacramento facing 20 yrs / $250,000 on a federal charge of receiving one or more images of CP. My charge was county, not fed, and possession ( 6 images of CP under 18 but older than 16 yrs, my attorney said that distinction was made by DA). I received a misdemeanor charge and 3 yrs probation. While still having the registry tag for 10 yrs, I read this and considered myself lucky. Feds go after you with both barrels!

It’s already starting. has a petition going around to get justice for Audrii Cunningham by making it harder to plea to the non-registrable offense of “enticing a child” They want legislators, thru changing it’s definition, to make it a high bar to reach. So then defendants get pushed into other sex charges that require registration in Texas. On a side note, this little white girl’s story is now plastered on the front page of media outlets like CNN. This would never happen for a little black girl kidnapped, sexually assaulted and murdered in the hood. The Doc is just keeping it real

The criminal legislators are simply pathetic. They do nothing but grasp at fantasy solutions. They can list as many people as they like on their Registries. All they will do is decrease public safety. I guess as long as they fantasize things are better and they feel good, that is all that matters. Oh, that and also that plenty of people get $$$$$. Gotta keep that big government grifting going on.

Registry A**holes/Supporters/Terrorists are enemies. They are a problem for my family. I fully intend to be as big of a problem for their families as possible. Perhaps they think little can be done. They are wrong. That’s the Divided States of Amerika.

Shoveling more poop onto a large pile of poop does not somehow make poop turn into gold. Having McDougal on a registry wouldn’t have changed a thing.

The proposed law is stupid, the timing is stupid—the guy had a violent history and a bloody SWASTIKA tattoo in every photo of him, the father who let him babysit was clearly a poor judge of character—but I really don’t see how this affects registrants. Why would Internet-based enticement convictions lead to automatic registration, but not pulling the underwear off a minor for the purposes of sex? It’s a laughable loophole in Texas’s ill-conceived state laws.

Enticing a child is an automatic felony registry offense in Massachusetts. And in Texas, it’s a misdemeanor with no registration involved? I thought Texas was supposed to be tough on crime conservative 🤔 Yet, liberal states like Mass always get categorized as being bleeding heart soft, when these states really aren’t in certain ways.

I wanted to inform the community of a case, which was sealed since September of 2023, it has recently been unsealed.

It stands to defeat all of the registration components of Idaho’s SORA without relying on the often fraught arguments of it being punitive or regulatory.

Without registration SORA falls as it relies inherently on registration.

It does this by proving, beyond absolutely any doubt, that Idaho’s SORA outright denies the Fifth Amendment right against self incrimination. A right that stands apart from any regulatory or punitive finding abrogating the need to prove those punitive factors.

See 1:23-cv-00424-akb for further details.

The current Certified Second Amended Complaint deals the death blow. 

I am risking my life to end as much of the torture and suffering for as many as possible.

Please spread the word far and wide. It needs as much publicity as possible. Negative or positive it will all help in that I have planned accordingly.


John Doe
(Should the moderator require my true and accurate name please reach out to me.)
(Society will likely hunt me and mine for this.)

where would the research of which states treat a registry violation as a felony registry violation and which count and consider a registry violation another sexual offense? Has this research been done or what would be the best way to figure it out or do all states consider a registry violation a sexual crime? This is for those not on probation or parole and have served their punishment and just living the half life of a registrant. That you.

@Josh. Hey Josh, I’m just jumping in here. If you sign up for Michigan ACLU does 3 updates, you’ll get sent their expectation of a late summer motion ruling. What’s great is this forum always has someone to explain anything not spelled out for a layman, like me. Peace brother .

From time to time, we discuss here the WWII internment of US citizens of a certain ethnic background and an ongoing fear that the same actions could be perpetrated against PFRs w/o due process. Recently, I completed the Ghosts of Honolulu where this very topic was covered in-depth among others related to the actions of 7 Dec 1941, which is a very good read.

If you are aware and well read of the actions, their background, and who was pro/con about it, then good on you because you understand what they faced. If you are not, then I recommend you become learned of it because it is sad but also scary. This book, IMO, certainly opens the doors more to understanding these actions and how Korematsu felt he had a good case in his chase of justice. There is certainly more than can be read about the topic in general.

Bottom line, it was the fear by those in lower level leadership positions who mongered it the loudest to get it acted upon by those in WDC while there were those who said it was not necessary based upon data and science. Sounds much like today WRT PFRs and what they have to face. Those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it in whatever application they feel is appropriate.

I was a victim of a scam here in Missouri yesterday. I received a phone call on Friday at my place of work but I was out of the office. He left a message with his name and number. He stated his name as a name that matched an officer in the county I reside in. He said I failed to do something I was supposed to do regarding my registry. He also left a number for me to call. I didn’t get the message until I returned to work on Monday. I called him back and left a message. I then got in my car and started driving to the sheriff department but from where I work it was an hour away. On my way there I received a call from the officer and he proceeded to tell me that I had 2 warrants our for my arrest because I didn’t appear to have a updated DNA test done when I was instructed to. He said I was sent 2 separate letters stating I needed to report tot he sheriffs office to have a DNA test done and since I didn’t comply the judge issued 2 warrants dealing with this. He said I had 3 options. I could let them come bring me in and detain me, I could come in myself and they would detain me, or I could come in and post a bond for $750 each to hold until my sample was complete and received by the state and then I would get the $1500 total back. I of course said I wanted to take the bond option so he said I needed to transfer the money to the county account before I came in or they would have to detain me until the money transfer was done. So I went to walmart and transferred the money to the account given. He then told me I had 72hrs to get the sample done at the department or the bond would be revoked. I went to the sheriff department and asked for the officer and there was no one there by that name nor did I have any warrants out for my arrest. BE AWARE!!

I have read accounts of ICE sending notices to countries after the person was off the registry. Can this be confirmed please. While mine is a misdemeanor non contact offense, I worry about the current atmosphere in our politics regarding [people who committed an offense in their past]. This type of action is tantamount to harassment in my opinion.

Tried sharing this info earlier, but it didn’t take. There was an article about First Followers, a reentry program in Champaign IL, who recently helped someone obtain a home who was released after serving 25 years for murder. I sent the following message to First Followers:
I read with interest the article below on your work with formerly incarcerated individuals. I applaud and thank you for your work in this area as it is badly needed and for the good of all. I am wondering how you are helping those convicted of prior sex offenses who are forced to register on the sex offender registry. The residency restrictions and other constraints of that registry scheme make it very difficult to find housing and jobs, creating thousands of homeless people, or, in some cases preventing release from prison altogether. Any info appreciated, thank you.
I fully expected they would say “except for” people convicted of sex offenses and forced to register, but 90 minutes later I received this response from their Directory of Advocacy and Outreach:
Thank you. We do work with that population. We are familiar with the restrictions but have found some landlords and employers who we can work with. It takes time to build those relationships. If there is more you would like to know, please follow up. Thanks

James Kilgore 
Director, Advocacy and Outreach, FirstFollowers Reentry Program
Building Community Power Fellow, Community Justice Exchange
Author, Understanding Mass Incarceration, Understanding E-Carceration
National Book Foundation Award Winner
Soros Justice Advocacy Fellow 2017-18
If you live in that area of IL and need help, please reach out to James.

I am a California [Person Forced to Register] who has been on parole for almost two and a half years and in those two and a half years the treatment that I’m supposed to be receiving is a joke, there has been no consistent treatment or any type of curriculum that actually prevents recidivism, counselors come and go and there seems to be no organization within this counseling that I am supposed to be receiving! Now the main director has left the counseling organization and again it’s all in limbo and there hasn’t been no consistency in the two and a half years I’ve been out when it comes to what they’re supposed to be doing as treatment counselors! It really is a joke and I would like to attend a California sex offense management board meeting and inform them that [People Forced to Register] in California with at least this counseling organization, is a joke and there is no true counseling or therapy!

Please clarify for me. I was required to go to my local offender unit within 3 days after my court date to register. That was in April of 2015. Now I am presuming that the same date would be my 10 yr anniversary. But the state site says I have to wait to petition after my birthday , which is 4 months later. So wouldn’t that extend my time by 4 months, plus the petition process and court decision. It might be realistically 1 yr after my “Anniversary” that I possibly am removed. Am I correct in this ? Possibly 11 vs. 10 yrs…….🤔😵‍💫

Is there some screening process that I am not aware of on this forum. Some posts have been deleted without explanation.

[MODERATOR’S NOTE: Over the years we have found out the hard way what we need to filter out to prevent flame wars. The list of things that have caused problems and are not allowed are listed above the comment form, in which case the comment will not appear.

Not all comments are black and white, so we take chances by approving borderline comments. If a comment ignites a flame war, we may prune that thread.

Some people feel entitled to say anything they want, and we are constantly verbally abused for not allowing people to vent partisan politics, sell things or ideas, verbally abuse other registrants, etc.

We hope that you and our regular contributors will respect our guidelines and not lash out at us in anger. United we stand, divided we fall.]

It’s Thursday evening, and I am watching “American Idol”. A contestant just finished his song and when asked what he does for a living, he responded he worked on a ranch, is a full time musician and a full time dad. He was then asked how old he was…..wait for it. He is 17, so you do the math when the child was conceived. Everybody was in love and thought it was the cutest thing. That is how screwed up all this. He must have been 16 when the child was conceived and NOBODY finds anything wrong with this, yet there are many here on a PUBLIC shaming list for the exact same thing. It is mind boggling how stupid people are. I am embarrassed yet again.