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Where do you see your static 99 score? I have no clue what mine is.

Look here (the static99 form). Score yourself.
See also the coding rules

I’ve looked through the published cases on removal from the registry. The only cases I’ve seen upholding denial of a removal petition are about formal, procedural, or jurisdictional flaws with the petition. I’ve yet to see a denial upheld because the registrant is too great an ongoing safety concern. Are the odds really that good for a removal petition that meets all the formal requirements? How often are prosecutors challenging removal petitions? Thank you

This comment will surely get some blowback, but so be it.
I have come to realize that in many ways the registry might have been the best thing that happened to me.
I have been forced to open up about past personal experiences that lead me to committing my offense, which probably would not have happened if not for mandated counseling. This in turn allowed me to identify flaws in my perception of others around me and brought me to a place of acceptance.
I have met truly nice people that made me take notice of my own fortunate situation in relation to theirs.
I have been able to come to terms with the issues both my family and friends have with me and I with them. Shedding that baggage was comforting.
I have had to find strength within me in ways I didn’t know even existed, making me able to brush off unwarranted criticism and judgement without retaliation or retribution.
I am a stronger , better person for my experience.
I will do my best to continue to stay on this path as my time to leave the registry draws nearer.
I understand that what I wanted was not what I needed. And what I now need is clear to me.

I for one am glad the abortion debate has taken center stage in our political / social debate.
It takes the spotlight off of us , at least temporarily.It could very well result in many of the politicians pushing harsher laws to being voted out , since many of the same people are recommending harsher women’s health care laws as well as LGTBQ laws. Who ever thought that the same girls getting abused and impregnated could be the same ones that put us on a road towards more lenient laws through enlightened lawmakers gaining office. The universe works in strange ways.

@Johns. Damn. Feel for you on all levels. Glad to hear your wife stayed with you like mine stayed with me. I got a Shepard/mastiff mix after my first compliance check. After one more visit, they stopped checking. Perhaps a coincidence. Hope you continue to navigate your way. Know you’re not alone. Keep stacking up moments of peace.

If anyone can assist me, I am tryin to research CA’s registry laws, and have some questions. Does CA ever recognize time spent on a registry in another state as being counted towards the mandatory requirement to register in CA? Or is it like most other states were if you finish your requirements in your home state, you have to start all over again in whatever state you move to? Does CA provide registration assessments to out of state people prior to them registering within the state? Thanks

Volusia County, Floridumb is at it again with registrants wanting to expand residence restrictions to 1500. 4.5 percent less available housing if this monstrous crap passes. Saw this on FAC’s Youtube channel. Viewer discretion is advised especially if you don’t like having your blood boil.

Anyone have any experience with the sites that offer to scrub your personal data from the internet?

My Trip to Canada.

Moved to Washington 2 years ago, Tier 1 based off of Static 99, (PC288.4(b)-F) (01/2017 conviction).

Obtained my Washington drivers enhanced license which allows crossing border into Mexico or Canada.

Submitted my 21 day travel notice to the county court house as they require.

Day of travel, drove up to Canada, sent to secondary for my car temp tags.

Immigration officer asked if I had any convictions, I said yes, gave him my PC1203.4 paperwork/minutes, another officer said they would have to compare it, she said Canada honors the PC1203.4 as equivalent to their pardon, she denied me but I argued that it did not share equivalent to the expunged conviction, she said, there is a 5 year age gap provision, but I was able to prove that the age gap only applied to victim age being under 16 and was allowed into the country.

Returning to US. I was sent to secondary because of my tags. They did an inspection and 5 minutes later I was cleared, no mention of my past or anything.

That was my experience on April 31, 2024.

Other things I found out worth mentions:

Crossing border did not show my conviction and if it wasn’t for my tags I most likely would’ve been allowed in with my EDL license. They only check for wants/warrants.

The immigration officer showed me my NCIC record it did show the PC1203.4.

No green notice was submitted to Canada.

Per immigration officer, PC 1203.4 does override the whole felony not being allowed in rule.

Bring all your court documents it really helps, they were very polite respectful, and didn’t even allow my wife to be at the counter when we talked about my past (she’s fully aware). If you are honest and respectful to them they’ll actually help you and tell you what you need to get in, if you’re eligible.

Last edited 6 days ago by JasonM

With the Bruen decision, we are seeing various multiple attempts to overturn 2nd Amendment infringing laws, one of these being Title 18, Section 922(g)…the federal felon possession law. Using Bruen, the fight against it could actually succeed at least in part. But a thought occurs to me that should this happen, who would like to wager against there being a provision banning people on supervision (which would make sense for probation/parole….as they are technically still “paying back” their sentencing) and that somehow the registry will be included in the “under supervision” category. If this does come to pass, I can only hope that organizations like ACSOL can use that to further prove the registry as punitive and not just administrative.

Consider the very real danger that exists in the use of “rationally” related to justify government or public interests.

The registry does not mitigate risk of child rape, [People Forced to Register], themselves make this claim.

Rationally, what may the government decide is allowable given the perceived risk?

Do not underestimate the danger posed to PFR in relation to the publics fear driven use of the government, and the government actors (judges/legislators/law enforcement) ability to be influenced by those fears.

They could very likely round people up for execution, and I would not be the least bit surprised.

Do NOT think it can’t happen, based upon relatively recent human history, it is almost an inevitability.

Last edited 5 days ago by tormail

Hey all,

Just wanted to share my experience as my 17(b) was granted today.
Charge: 311.11(a) in 2012.
I first went applied for a 1203.4 in 2019 which was granted. 17(b) was denied due to me receiving a suspended sentence.
The law changed later and the rule that suspended sentences disqualify a 17(b) automatically was lifted.
I went through a public defender and had them file a 17(b) in 2023. The judge denied it due to the previous law. I emailed the public defender since I was not present and showed them the change. They refiled.
The DA still opposed and I had to go back a few times providing the court with a few documents to show proof of counseling/therapy etc.
Today, the judge granted the motion for a 17(b).

The judge considered the following:

  • It was a no contact offense, even though serious
  • that I completed probation without incident
  • I went to court required therapy
  • I went through counseling through Veteran Affairs with mental health. I had printed off my medical records and highlighted all notes by the counselor about mental improvement.
  • Time since the conviction without incident

The DA did not have much more to stand on after those documents. What I advise to those seeking or thinking of seeking a 17(b) if available.

  1. Print proof of completion of court ordered counseling/therapy
  2. find out what is in your probation period.
  3. if it has been some time since you went through court order therapy, highly suggest getting some type of proof of follow-up unless there is some type of certificate that they give you previously.
  4. The court in my case and the DA was opposing mostly because they wanted proof of change. College degrees and such were not a big hit with the judge as she said that people with degrees do those type of offenses. It was more about what you learned in therapy and to prove those tools are being used today.

Each judge is different. My public defender was horrible and I am not just saying that. Luckily, I focused a lot on paralegal studies and used that to my advantage about the law change, printing off documents from the initial counseling and counseling that I did in 2020. The public defender provided very little assistance or progress on the matter. I would just also advise that you get involved in the proceedings to ensure they aren’t missing anything that you already know. I remained quiet until asked to speak by the judge and let her know what I knew.

I live in a state where I’ve never had to register for my Florida adult offense of lewd exhibition with a minor victim under 16 (non contact), in 1996. My understanding is that the period of registration for the equivalent offense in California is 10 years (if at all) from the date of end of probation (July, 2000).

If I were relocate to California do I have to obtain special court order or written legal opinion from a lawyer, so that I won’t have to register in California, or couldn’t I just show up and live my life without any legal hassles given that the law is clear cut in my case?

(I’m still listed on the Florida registry but with no updates in 2 decades as there’s no legal requirement for updates for nonresidents).

Thank you.

I live in a state where I’ve never had to register for a Florida adult offense of lewd exhibition with a minor victim under 16 (non contact), in 1996. My understanding is that the period of registration for the equivalent offense in California is 10 years (if at all) from the date of end of probation (July, 2000).

If I were relocate to California do I have to obtain special court order or written legal opinion from a lawyer, so that I won’t have to register in California, or couldn’t I just show up and live my life without any legal hassles given that the law is clear cut in my case? 

And what if I just visited SD for a month?

(I’m still listed on the Florida registry but with no updates in 2 decades as there’s no legal requirement for updates for nonresidents). 

Thank you. 

Just a heads up. I was wondering why my small business was suddenly falling off. I got an anonymous tip that said they had scanned my profile picture into an online tool that uses facial recognition. They said I was an SO and they don’t like doing business with that sort of person (s). I was nonplussed. I am fairly tech savvy and knew that the tech existed, but not that an online tool and apparently tools like this exist for any overly inquisitive individual to access this. I did a search and sure enough, there I was, my picture from the registry looking pensively back at me. I understand the registry is only to be used to protect, but not to discriminate against me and ruin my business. My business is online, I do not come into physical contact with anybody, I don’t do business with minors, I sell products that help businesses be more profitable and take advantage of tax laws. But now, they don’t want to do business with me just because my mug is not where they like it. Moral of the story: Use avatars, be careful where you post your picture online.

No matter where you live as a PFR, you are homeless, at any time someone can rise against you and even if it was so long ago, you are still vermin. Therefore you are homeless and so a huge touch of art to being homeless. A wagon train architecture and Makers village solutions. Does this resonate with anyone?

Makers Village conjoins with homeless PFR, how cool would that be?

This is the crap that infuriates me. So many of us struggling to change/eliminate the registry and this idiot can’t keep it in his pants. This guy harbored a runaway. It terrifies me that our brilliant legislators will perform yet another knee jerk reaction and clamp down on all of us