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Is there going to be a June Zoom meeting or did I miss the announcement?

Will a recording of the May meeting be posted? Thank you.

  • An individual’s right to privacy is not explicitly addressed in the Bill of Rights. However, since the late 19th century, a growing body of constitutional law finds a right to privacy in various aspects of the first, fourth, fifth, and ninth amendments. The four basic areas that the emerging body of privacy law covers include—
  • Appropriation of name or likenesses for trade purposes.
  • Intrusion on an individual’s solitude.
  • Publication of private information about an individual.
  • Publishing information that puts an individual in a false light.
  • Publishing information that puts other people in close proximity to risk of violence or death.


Is there any news about the implementation of the DOJ’s agreement to move people with attempt convictions to Tier 1?

Hey everyone. I’ve been visiting here for a few years. I use it to be informed, to vent, and to be heard by others traveling this messed up path. There’s times I don’t really care that I’m on the registry. The things I do that day aren’t affected one way or the other. Then there’s days . . . It all seems like superficial exuberance. I get pissed at myself for what I did to end me up where I’m at. Got really good at punishing myself one way or another. Isolate, don’t try to do anything. I let them defeat me. Then I read here and realize our charges are the only ones I know of where parole/probation continues as long as we’re on the list. Then I get pissed. I display my American flag, proudly. I served. This site helps me snap out of those jacked up times that they win. I use to think a few of the ppl on here were extreme when they spout anti registry speech. Somehow, that argumentive mentally calmly recharges me to keep pushing on. LE, governors, and AGs are our enemies. Not each other. I just try to find the humanity in everyone’s post here, cause I will most certainly not get it from anyone out there. Not 100 per cent

Can someone maybe give me some case info about this. I have been thinking about vigilantism. How is it that we keep losing on being able to retain the right of equal protection under the law. Clearly this isn’t the case when we have labels on drivers licenses in additiotn to a public registry. It exposes me to danger in everything I do. Is there anything going on casewise regarding this angle?
How does the government keep getting away with this?
I know there is evidence of registrants being severely injured or murdered. I just want to know how this isn’t a clear violation regardless of public safety. To put other people’s lives at risk to “secure” the lives of others?

I’m curious if it’s legal that sites take information from the registry and post it, I’ve noticed my son’s information is now posted on Neighbor report site and home report along with the names of those living in my home, it’s scary how sites are posting family members and his case number, is there anything we are able to do to remove this information from the sites?

I just read about a registrant here in Maryland who is suspected of killing his parole officer on Friday. According to the paper he served 20 years for 1st degree sexual offense charge, 10 years for armed robbery, and another 5 for burglary. Just hope this incident isn’t used to justify harsher laws for other Maryland registrants.

In Stanislaus County, jurors are deliberating on a case that involves Norteno gang members killing a homeless man believing he was a registrant, which he was not.
During testimony, a former leader of the Nortenos testified that at parks that they claimed, they would badly beat or execute registrants who would not leave their parks and neighborhood. He stated that they would use Megan’s Law website.
They used the term “taking out the trash,” to eliminate those on Megan’s law.
Stanislaus County streams all cases on their website. I just happened to follow this case.
It is testimony like this that I believe should be attached to any complaint against the registry.
Jury deliberation continues on Tuesday.

Case is of Matthew Arguello.

Conspiracy Theory check: Have I gone of the deep end? Just because something can be presented in a way that seems rational, doesn’t make it real.

On to something, or lost in some Machiavellian fantasy? You decide, because I can’t.

General Theory:
Florida Death Penalty Law is an attempt to reproduce, and improve upon, the Blood Libel Pogrom? Improve it, and make it work in America? Better if you have at least a general understanding of what Blood Libel was, and how it worked, Good enough.

By making certain sexual assaults punishable by Death, or Life W/o Parole, some people will be more inclined to, silence the victim? Silence them, and dispose of the evidence. I believe this to be factual… but how is it relevant?

A victim is silenced, then disposed of, but later found. Police are incapable of determining who is responsible. So who done it?

Enter conspiracy theory: Who did it? THE WITCHES did it!!!

Now, any time a body is found, and they can’t prove it was an act of a specific individual, blame can be ascribed to THE WITCHES! More bodies found… the more plausible THE WITCHES DID IT, becomes.

This is, in part what kept the Blood Libel going for hundreds of years. All unsolved child disappearances/murders… were blamed on. The more it happened, or appeared to happen, the more real the blame assignment appeared.

Small problem… you have to present evidence at least every now and then. Also, assumptions, sometimes proved wrong when the “victim” turned up alive and well, after the trial was done, and sentence executed….ooops!

But if you have proof of what happened, then it’s just making it seem plausible that the Witches did it! You know, the Witches you heard about on Twitter? The witches everybody is certain do these kind of things.

Why? If they have witches living among them, and they are doing these horrible things to children, clearly they must find the witches and stop them! Obviously, they will need to have a good old fashioned WITCH HUNT!!! Clearly, they have proof of how necessary that is.

Small problem….How can we tell who’s a witch? Easy, witches all do witchy things… like:

* Dress in the wrong kind of clothes for biological gender! They may even attempt to brainwash children into thinking it’s ok for them to do it too!!!
* Tell horrible lies about how our country has always been, racist and still is!!!
* Rig Presidential elections to falsely appointment Witch Collaborators!
* Try to scare everyone by telling people lies about how the weather is going to kill us all!

Remember, witches can be of any race, gender, ethnicity, religious background, economic status… anyone could be a witch! So, these are the things we’ll need to look out for.

So find people that do stuff like that, and you’ll know they are a WITCH! See how easy it is? There could also be other witchy things that we need to add to this list later. Things like…

Maybe involving sneaking caravans of foreign witches into the country…. from a Witch Collaborator County…that could be right behind you?!?!?!!?!? A whole country of Witch Collaborators…right… nextdoor?!?!?!?!!!?

Oh my, something will need to be done about that… even if it levels all the hotels, golf resorts, convention centers, shopping malls,…oh all kinds of things could be destroyed, then need to rebuilt. Who could do all that? I have an idea….

Seem rational? Already too far out?
Florida is willing to… encourage… just to further their political agendas?!?!?!?


To further the plausibility of the Witches… they will need to find proof. Proof that gets found in shallow holes, out in the woods. They’ll need help with that… who do you think will be the most “Helpful”?

Tammy….or Tenika?
Joey….or Jose?
Pam…or Ping?

I presume the latter in all cases, but I’m alone in this… far right? No reason to think it would be the latter…. extreme right? We can all Unite the Right…. presumptions here…Heil?

Still seem irrational, I wonder? Seems rational to me… but… really? They are willing to… go this far? Really?

However… they are cranking up the heat all over the place, for those that get caught. Getting so hot, more and more will be desperate enough to…. avoid at any cost? They have to know that is true… how could it not be true?

Megan, Jessica, Jacob.. all examples of this idea. All acts of desperation, particularly Megan… he turned himself in the next day, and lead them to her…. couldn’t live with what he had done, but didn’t stop him in the critical moments of desperation.

Jacob, also a panic decision… he also regretted his error… but not enough that he didn’t make the same choice at least one more time.

Jessica…. was much better thought out… and was not immediately regretted. Just the first in his new expanded hobby?

They are willing to … just to further their agendas? They can assume that just because most of their helpful little angels will be… that makes it acceptable?

What do you think?

Oh also, along the way, any judge that isn’t…reliable…. will be exposed by the process? That helps make it, acceptable?

Please all, don’t take this the wrong way, especially if it doesn’t apply, and I’m not stirring the pot, but occasionally, from a “we’re all in this together attitude” there’s some real weirdo post made. Send some just like to argue about anything. Didn’t believe that’s what this forum is for.

In the John Doe et al v. U.S Department of Justice et al case in California it looks like the judge is GRANTING-IN-PART and DENYING-IN-PART Defendants’ Motion for Reconsideration.  don’t know if this is good news or bad news but it’s news. 

Since we discuss terms other then “sex offender”, i.e., PFR, one has to wonder if others will catch on to using it or other person-first terms for those with a sex conviction…read on…

A program director of a schooling program for those who are incarcerated had an conversation with a reporter about using the word “inmate” or other such non-person-first language where she told him that no one had ever explained that to her before.

There are some publications like The Marshall Project that have taken the lead in using humanizing in justice reporting, but most of the big mainstream publications will take their cues from The Associated Press, which at the time that AP just released an update to the AP Press Stylebook, including mentioning to use person-first language when possible. (See attached image)


I tried asking this question of WAR (Women Against Registry), but that site doesn’t seem very current or active. Does anyone know of a support group or blog for Mothers of PFRs? I ask because it would be nice to share some of the grief, sadness, and anxiety specific to us. It’s a different perspective than those directly forced to register and I believe we tend to carry a very specific brand of guilt, shame, self punishment…

Whenever ACSOL / Janice does something great (which is often) I see a bunch of female posts, but I don’t see those posters regularly commenting. Those could be directly impacted people or significant others, but I bet there are some mothers in there.

Anyway, I have learned a ton and would love to help support those women and give them strength when I have it. Plus I have abandoned most of the guilt, shame and self punishment (at least on good days) as that mindset was not serving me or my son well. I think this whole registry mess needs to come out to the light of day and I would love to see our strong women stand up tall against it. And strong women includes non-mother supporters too of course.

The court case “Alabama Court Rules Residency Restrictions Violate Constitution” has been appealed to the 11th Circuit Court for the people who live in Florida Georgia and Alabama this could potential be game changing. This is the pacer case if you want to follow along,_et_al_v_Attorney_General,_State_of_Alabama,_et_al

Here is a fun update!

Since CA SB384 was enacted, I now have my mugshot all over google… I had investors & my business was in the beginning phases of opening, they discovered this through the process of applying for business licenses & they have now all backed out… Lost my business & thousands of dollars in the investment.

I was able to get a job surprisingly quickly, but someone googled my business out of curiosity & of course my name & mugshot were attached to the business (thanks to secondary background check websites)… They had to let me go for fear of “optics” if customers were to find out about my past convictions.

I was unemployed for months, barely hanging on… I was able to get a job recently, for far less of a salary, but I feel like I am living in a glass house… At any moment someone could throw a rock & bring the while thing down!

Now someone in my neighborhood found out & brought it to the attention of my landlord… Since I was behind on rent (now all caught up) they have begun the eviction process…

Mind you, my conviction was 21 years ago, was non violent, I have never reoffended & for 20 years I was considered the lowest risk & NOT on Megan’s List! But this senate bill passed & I thought I would be done with registration for good, only to be forced online for the first time ever.

This has destroyed my life & I once again feel so helpless. I really don’t know what to do! Broke, underemployed and soon to be homeless. How is this not double jeopardy? I’m being punished all over again for a mistake I made 21 years ago! I repaid my debt to society & have been 100% compliant since! Not good enough for our lawmakers I suppose?

Everyone keeps telling me it will be ok.. That I will adjust to this… That the lawmakers will see the errors of their way and correct this “unintentional flaw” in the bill, but to what end? How much more will I lose before I can become a regular citizen again?

If you receive MAX, watch the editorial from Bill Maher’s Real Time which takes place at the end of the June 7 episode. He tears into the injustice of the prison system in the U.S. and points out realities that many of us have experienced. It is well done.

Comment posted to the US Sentencing Commission.

I just sent in the following comment:

Hello: I would like to ask you to do research and to make policy recommendations according to the findings of your research.

The sex offense registry scheme does not work. It does not increase public safety. Instead, it only creates a caste of hated and feared second-class citizens within the United States. There is a great body of unbiased research by public and private institutions that supports this statement.

The sex offense registry is a failed policy experiment that must end. It reeks of naziism and jim crow (for we are second class citizens). As a second class citizen, I cannot use my local library, I cannot use the parks or the beaches or the public tennis courts. I am forbidden from any indoor recreational facilities under pain of county prosecution. Yet I am a homeowner and a tax-payer and a citizen! This is outrageous!

The rates of recidivism for sexual offending (specifically) is the lowest of any other crime type by factors of 10. Yet we are persecuted for the rest of our lives and often imprisoned (without charges) indefinitely with no release date in shadow prisons called rehabilitation centers.

I served my time. I owe the state absolutely nothing! I did the time and paid the probation, the fines, the fees, the court costs and the restitution. The debt was paid in full! 

I repeat: I am under no sanction! I completed my sentence in its entirety.

And yet, 4 times per year I am required to appear in person for a FORCED interrogation in the booking room at the local county jail. If I do not appear, I face a new 3rd degree felony and up to 5 years in prison, after which, I would (probably) be locked up in one of these shadow prisons for decades! 

I have met many other Persons Forced to Register, like myself. I can assure you that, as a general rule, we have a high level of education. Yet, by constitutional amendment, here in Florida, I am forbidden from voting or having my other rights restored! 

Again, this treatment is outrageous!!!!

Thank you, kindly, for allowing me to have a voice here.

Extraordinary Yiddischer Troubador, Daniel Kahn, performs his outstanding song, “The Jew In You” in which he extends an invitation to all tormented and oppressed people to see how they, too, are “Jews.”

“So when they ask you for your papers and you don’t know what to do
Remember in this moment what you’re carrying with you
Because the day will come when all your papers are refused
And then you’ll find yourself in exile, too.
You’re living in a land and time that aren’t made for you.
The thing you hate in others is the thing you hate in you.”

I’m dedicating this to a friend of mine, very elderly now and near death, who survived the Holocaust though his father did not and is leaving his very considerable wealth to fighting injustice against People Forced to Register and his home in the service of housing writers, intellectuals and researchers engaged in this fight.

I did an updated risk assessment and this is what the provided concluded:
“X’s combined STATIC-99R and STABLE-07 risk assessments indicate he is currently at a level II-Below Average Risk, commensurate with a low-risk designation. His scores on the ACUTE-07 places him in the low-risk range for sexual/violent recidivism and in the low-risk range for general criminal recidivism based on his comparison to the group norms.”
Am I missing something or did it basically remain the same? I did this to better my chances at early probation termination (I’m officially off this December).

Did anyone hear the location of this year’s conference in September? I heard the dates 9/20 and 9/21 on the monthly zoom meeting yesterday, but didn’t catch the city. The details are not posted here yet because they are working out the agenda and still inviting speakers, etc. I am in IL and want to go this year, but need to plan way in advance.

In California, if you are on probation, you are required to always have proof of your current registration papers with you. I understand this to mean that as long as you are required to register, this is true. I want to ensure I am following the law correctly, so I always keep a copy in my wallet. If anyone can confirm this, please let me know. Thank you.

Wondering about this. Has there every been a challenge where someone was convicted of underage sex with a 16 or 17 year old in let’s say CA where the age of consent is 18, but moved to a state where the age of consent is 16 like North Carolina, then challenged the need to register based on the fact what they did was not even a crime in the new state?