There are acronyms beyond common ones like FBI and IOU that you will read on this website. They include acronyms that an ordinary person might not hear but a registrant will run into in the legal process, in the bill creation process, in petitioning, and so on. (in parentheses what they may mean to people on the registry)

Please add more in the comments!

CBP: Customs and Border Protection

CPS: Child Protective Services (gestapo who take your children away)

DCFS: Department of Children and Family Services (gestapo who take your children away)

DHS: Department of Human Services (like the police, anything you say can and will be used against you to lock you up in a pre-crime preventative detention facility, forever, in 20 states and the federal government)

FTR: Failure To Register (up to 10 years in prison)

K9: Canine law enforcement officer

LE: Law Enforcement

LEO: Law Enforcement Officer

MSR:  Mandatory Supervised Release, replaced parole in some states

PC: Probable Cause

PFR: Person Forced to Register, because we despise the term “sex offender”

RP: Registered Person

RS: Reasonable Suspicion

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