Living with 290 – YOUR Story

Note: this section refers to the registration requirement under California Penal Code 290, but all those required to register in the US are welcome to share their experiences here. The name dates from back when this organization focused on the State of California as California Reform Sex Offender Laws. Since then it has broadened its mission to include all 50 states, but kept the title for these user submitted stories.

There are many challenges facing every person required to register as a sex offender as well as their loved ones.  We are inviting you to share the challenges you are facing – as a person required to register, as a family member, as a loved one, or as a friend.  It is through the expression of those challenges that we can learn from each other and educate those who do not yet know the life of a Registrant.

There is no set length for contributions.  All contributions will be moderated.  We reserve the right to edit or reject anything for foul language or statements not aligned with the goals of this organization.

We recommend strongly that you write your story in an application such as MS Word and then copy and paste it here.  Our servers do hiccup on occasion and we don’t want you to lose your efforts needlessly.

Please allow ample time for these stories to be published, depending on the availability of the web team and the amount of current event postings to be added.

Thank you for sharing your story in the hope that it might be of help to another. Read submitted stories.

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