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The Alliance for Constitutional Sex Offense Laws (ACSOL) is dedicated to protecting the Constitution by restoring the civil rights of registrants and their families. In order to achieve that objective, ACSOL will educate and litigate as well as support or oppose legislation.

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Kat’s Blog: Are We Collateral Damage?

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08 Oct 2019
In 2017, the government's flagship treatment scheme for people convicted in England and Wales of rape or child sexual abuse was scrapped after it was shown to raise the risk of reoffending. Two sex offenders have told BBC Radio 4's File on 4 programme what it was like to take part in the rehabilitation programme. Full Article
07 Oct 2019

When Prison Is A Better Option

[Scott H. Greenfield at - 10/4/19] Years ago, I wrote of the creation of a permanent underclass. No, not the one woke people are willing to fight for. Rather, the one we’ve created because as much as we can forgive a murder, especially if it was committed by a black man because they’re in fashion at hipster cocktail parties, there is no forgiveness...
07 Oct 2019

Getting Registered

He was a small man, a proud member of the Tohono Oʼodham Nation. He’d worked as a jockey in his youth, and though he had a hard life on the streets, he was still in amazing physical condition. He had run 60 miles through the Arizona desert to Nogales to visit cousins. He often worked as a truck stop lumper or hung around Home...
05 Oct 2019

Kat’s blog: Hope

When I read the most recent “Janice’s Journal: The Big Picture” piece, it reminded me why so many of us have sought out websites like ACSOL, WAR, NARSOL and other advocacy group sites. Each of us was looking for HOPE. Hope that there were others like us somewhere out there that understood what we were going through. Hope that someone had answers, information or...
05 Oct 2019
A group of former sex offenders may continue with their lawsuit, challenging the constitutionality of the Illinois Department of Corrections (IDOC’s) restrictive policy on internet access for those convicted of sex crimes. A federal district court has ruled that it is premature at this early stage of the litigation to dismiss the lawsuit. Full Article
05 Oct 2019

General Comments October 2019

Comments that are not specific to a certain post should go here, for the month of October 2019. Contributions should relate to the cause and goals of this organization and please, keep it courteous and civil. This section is not intended for posting links to news articles without additional relevant comment.
03 Oct 2019
[ - 10/3/19] KINGSTON, Jamaica — A parliamentary committee has recommended that it should be made mandatory for sex offenders who have relocated or returned to the island to register in the Sex Offender Registry in Jamaica. Failure to register will constitute an offence, which may be punishable by imprisonment. Minister of Justice, Delroy Chuck, made the disclosure as he opened debate in the...
01 Oct 2019

ACSOL and NARSOL Halloween Marathon

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE . . . (October 1, 2019) CIVIL RIGHTS ORGANIZATIONS TO MONITOR POLICE ON HALLOWEEN “Cop-watch” hotline to be open for six hours Albuquerque, NM | Sacramento, CA—The National Association for Rational Sexual Offense Laws (NARSOL) and the Alliance for Constitutional Sexual Offense Laws (ACSOL) denounce what they believe are unconstitutional laws and blanket restrictions imposed by some state statutory schemes and...
30 Sep 2019
[ - 9/29/19] The “lock ’em up and throw away the key” era of criminal justice is over. Virginians have reassessed their views on criminal justice to better address mass incarceration weighed against costs and the likelihood to reoffend. Policies ripe for reform include: resentencing prisoners who were convicted as youth; repealing mandatory minimums; legalizing marijuana; abolishing the death penalty; ending solitary; reinstating parole;...
30 Sep 2019
Men and women on the sex offender registry know they’re supposed to avoid areas where children are, but the local sheriff wants to be sure that’s top of mind now that the Cleveland County Fair has opened. Full Article
28 Sep 2019
[ - 9/27/19] Twenty-eight people who were registered sex offenders, or the wife, mother, father, brother or counselor of sex offenders, lined up to give testimony to the Legislature's Judiciary Committee on Friday, asking for changes to the Nebraska registry law. The Judiciary Committee embarked on a study of the sex offender registry law over the interim to determine if changes are needed and,...
28 Sep 2019
A Tennessee man accused of sexual offenses for the second time, has once again avoided the registry. In 2004, ______ was accused of allegedly molesting a 15 yr. old that had been hired to babysit his children. ______ denied molesting the girl but stated he pleaded guilty to a charge of reckless aggravated assault and a misdemeanor, to spare his family (he is the...
28 Sep 2019
[ - 9/26/19] The federal government is challenging an appeal court decision that found that the registry reinforces a stereotype that those who commit criminal acts while mentally ill never change and pose a permanent risk. News Sep 26, 2019 by Colin Perkel The Canadian Press TORONTO — The Supreme Court of Canada will have final say on the validity of laws requiring sex...
27 Sep 2019

Janice’s Journal: The Big Picture

I founded California Reform Sex Offender Laws, the predecessor of the Alliance for Constitutional Sex Offense Laws (ACSOL) eight years ago in September 2011. I did so after reading the book, “We’re All in This Together”, by Frank Lindsay who was convicted of a single sex offense in 1979. My decision to create this organization was based upon the outrage I experienced after learning...
27 Sep 2019
[ - 9/26/19] MADISON, Wis. - A Sun Prairie teenager has been charged for an alleged incident in August when deputies said he sexually assaulted his football teammate. ______, 17, appeared in Dane County Court on Thursday, where he was charged with felony second-degree sexual assault, felony sexual exploitation of a child through filming and misdemeanor battery. In court Thursday morning, the judge ordered...
26 Sep 2019
[ - 9/25/19] Seventeen inmates at the Calaveras County Jail have announced their plan to initiate a hunger strike in protest of “outrageous prices” for telephone calls and commissary items including soup and ramen noodles. “Not only are we afflicted, but our families as well,” the inmates wrote in a letter to the Enterprise. “We have made attempts at every other level to have...
25 Sep 2019
[ - 9/25/19] Residents of Kirkby-in-Ashfield are protesting outside the home of a man awaiting sentence over historical child sexual offences who lives near a primary school. ______, 33, pleaded guilty to four counts of indecent assault of children under 16 - taking place in the 2000s - at Nottingham Crown Court on September 9 and has been bailed to live at his home...
25 Sep 2019
[ - 9/25/19] According to WTVC, East Ridge Elementary said the child overstepped his boundaries, but the boy's mother insists he doesn't know any better. Advertisement Summery Putnam, Nathan's mom, said she received a call from her son's teacher about three weeks ago. "I was sick to my stomach because first of all don't you understand he's a 5-year-old? He's a child?" Putnam said....
24 Sep 2019
[ - 9/24/19] Following the high prevalence of violence against women and children in the month of August, the question over whether the sexual offenders registry should be open to the public has been brought to the fore. Social movement Amandla.Mobi has petitioned Justice Minister Ronald Lamola to "make the sex offenders list publicly accessible online and on mobile platforms that anyone can easily...
24 Sep 2019
[ - 9/24/19] CINCINNATI — 'Solomon' was sexually assaulted for the first time during an overnight trip in Kentucky. He was 8 years old. "I don't have a legacy that doesn't involve being raped as a child," Solomon told the WCPO I-Team. Solomon said his abuser also took photos and videos of him posing naked, then sold them online. Those images can still be...