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Scammers want your money! They know that registrants are vulnerable, so they think up the most outrageous ways to scare us or make impossible promises to get our money.

Don’t give them any money! 

They try to get your money in many ways, such as:

  • Promising to get us off the registry
  • Threatening to arrest us if we don’t give them money. Some even claim to be law enforcement officials, but real officials NEVER ask for money. You can confirm these scams by looking up the law enforcement phone number yourself in the phone book (NEVER assume they give you the real phone number) and telling law enforcement you received a threat for money.
  • Give us something free with hidden strings

If you know about a new one, please add it as a comment and include a link.

Instead, here are twenty public defender offices that have made resources available to help registrants petition for removal from the registry

Latest scam alerts:

11/22/21 Scammers targeting sex offenders in NC [ 11/17/21]

11/8/21 This attorney will help you for free except when he will not: Attorney scam – Supposedly free except when it is not

10/29/21 This guy will give you lots of Bible quotes as he empties your pockets: Attorney scam – Give me lots of money because I sound religious

10/9/21 Non-attorney will charge you $1,495 to fill out tiered registry removal paperwork but won’t even tell you if you qualify!  Lots of money to fill out CA Tiered Registry removal paperwork

8/26/21 CA Tiered Registry phony attorney claims: The truly bad news is that there are legal professionals making claims regarding the petitioning process upon which they cannot deliver.  For example, it is reported that an attorney in Los Angeles county is promising registrants assigned to Tier 3, the highest tier which requires lifetime registration, that he can — for a fee of $60,000 — change their tier assignment to a lower tier and make the registrant eligible to petition for removal from the registry.

Scam letters from attorneys:

A common scam is flyers mailed by attorneys who say they can magically get you off the registry but only if you throw piles of money at them. Listen to ACSOL instead. Talk to Janice if you are tempted to waste your money on one of them!

Download the following PDFs of sample scam letters:

Links to web articles about scams targeting registrants:

Don’t fall for these! If anyone threatens to arrest you if you don’t give them money, don’t give them money! Call the office where you register to confirm there is no warrant and report them.

General search results for scams against registrants

VA: Virginia State Police: Phone scammers targeting convicted sex offenders at ‘alarming’ rate [ – 6/2/21]

PA: State officials warn of sex offender registry scam [ – 5/16/21]

VSP warning about phone scam targeting registered sex offenders [ – 5/4/21]

Shady scam bots trick Omegle users into nonconsensual video sex recordings [ – 4/16/21]

CA: New phone scam targeting registered sex offenders [ – 2/9/21]

CA: Scammers Target Los Angeles Registrants, Families [7/3/20]

NE: Scammers targeting Madison County sex offenders [ – 4/20/20]

NEW Scam targeting registrants: Extortion letter [ – 11/6/19]

CA: Georgia Couple Posed as L.A. County Deputies to Scam Victims Out of $16K in Gift Cards [9/19/19]

Scammers Targeting Registrants [ – 7/4/18]

Scam Alert: $2,000 Fine for Moving Without Reporting [ 5/9/18]