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Dial-in number: 1-712-770-8055, Conference Code: 983459, Time: 5 pm PT Jan 25 - Parole / Probation

Monthly Meetings Q1 2017

Jan 28 in Sacramento, Feb 11 in San Diego, Mar 18 (date change) in Los Angeles [details]

Lobbying in Sacramento

January 30/31 in Sacramento [details]

ACSOL Conference Calls

A list of all recorded ACSOL Conference Calls. You may play them on-line or download for off-line use.

We will upload new recordings a few days after the event. Please check for new additions some time after each call.

TypeFile NameDate ModifiedSize

2016-10-12 Domestic Travel
1:02 pm 10/19/201610.2M

2016-10-26 Halloween
9:24 pm 10/26/20166.7M

2016-11-02 International Travel
8:33 am 11/03/201610M

2016-11-16 Polygraphs
2:38 am 11/17/20166.5M

2016-11-30 Tiered Registry Bill
12:17 pm 12/01/20169.4M

2017-01-11 School Access
2:06 pm 01/15/20176.3M