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Please post all comments or questions regarding residential compliance checks here…

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  1. sick against unfairness

    I just had a compliance check earlier this morning, 5 AM, before I went to work. It’s the second one this year. Funny thing is that since I finished supervision, no compliance checks for two years. All of a sudden, two compliance checks this year alone. Where is this allowed under the penal code??

  2. someone who cares

    Sick ~ where they in civilian clothing, and did you open your door? Were they polite or loud and obnoxious?

  3. Mad tax paying citizen

    Spent $$$$ on adult supervision. Only had about 5 checks in 3 years. Now that off probation and all paid up with classes completed the local police want to start with a compliance check. BS.. All up to date every year. No law broken. I see that as harassment now..and intimidation. When 2 units and 5 cops show up to your front door. I’m so pissed.

    • someone who cares

      Mad Tax ~ What county are you in? Were they in uniform? That is so wrong and it IS harassment, nothing else.

      • Joe

        A few weeks ago there was a lengthy discussion on this very topic here. Complete with some PD’s justification for these operations per the California Penal Code, and why they are misinterpreted, thus making these checks unlawful.

        Did you read that? Have you followed up? What have you / your retained counsel found out?

        That would be helpful. Stating “…this is so wrong…” on this forum for the umpteenth time – not so much.


      I have had these idiots come to my door Dora compliance check for twenty years now. If you are not on probation or parol, do what I do, tell them to leave. Just say “bye” to them. You are under no obligation to speak to these morons. Last check was a couple of weeks ago and all I said was “bye”. They left. No fuss.

  4. TG

    I have had two compliance checks in about 20 years, one at each of my California residences.

    For the first one I wasn’t home and the city police officers took my neighbor’s word that I lived where I reported. The officers did not tell my neighbor why they were asking.

    The last one, the SO guys said they were there to “make sure you’re living where you’re supposed to be living.”

    I said “yep.” and they left without another word.

    • wonderin

      I had a real beauty come to my door years ago to verify me. A real treat.

  5. David

    I’m surprised that it hasn’t happened yet…. One day, an officer or two, will go to a residence to do a compliance check on someone like this, someone at the end of his rope ….. with his life ruined and all hope gone, thanks to Megan’s Law website. ….. and things will go badly.

  6. Friendly Advice

    California – San Bernardino County. I’ve lived in two cities, Rancho Cucamonga and Ontario. While living in Ontario, never had one compliance check (8 years). While in a Rancho, I’ve had several compliance checks in a 2 year period. During 4 compliance checks in Rancho, I wasn’t home at the time of the checks. During 3 of the checks I spoke with the officers via Ring doorbell. They identified themselves, asked a few questions and were quickly on their way. For one of the checks, they spoke with a family member and simply stated they were doing a compliance check and just wanted to verify my residence. They were always polite and professional. As you can see, each city is different. I’m off of probation and have had my charge expunged since 2011. I’m also not listed on the website. My philosophy has been to be cordial and cooperative as I work towards seeking relief of registration. To each his own. I just wanted to share. Lastly, I’m well aware that I do not have cooperate with their compliance checks nor do I have to answer any of their questions. My only responsibility is to comply with the provisions in the 290 statute which I do. Just remember, to anyone in a similar situation, if you are working towards relief, the last thing you want to do is be uncooperative or do anything that can jeopardize your efforts to come off of the registry.

    • Will Allen

      Obviously you ought to do whatever actions you think are best but I think you are sending the exact wrong message. You are telling them that Registration is okay and what they are doing is okay. Personally, I think any person who is not on probation or parole should never, ever allow law enforcement to get close to them. They certainly should not allow them to come onto their property. That sends the message that Registration is not acceptable and that people will not play their games.

      And I’m not so sure that being “cooperative” will help anyone seeking relief either. When you are “cooperative” you are signalling that their nonsense is legitimate. The opposite signal needs to constantly be sent and reinforced. It should be the only signal that is seen. Then the message will be crystal clear.

      I’ve definitely seen how being “cooperative” can work against people. The people on the other side engage with the “cooperative” person and they realize that they don’t have to negotiate so much because the target person “understands” the “process” and they are engaged and part of it. So they know that they don’t have to grant such people any relief and those people will just keep right on being “cooperative”. They might drop them a couple of crumbs here and there.

      Say that a LE agency wants to do a PR stunt and bring some media cameras along with them for a “compliance check”. What do you think would be better for the public to see?:

      (A) LE goes up to 50 different doors and they treat the people like they are parole. They ask them great, “public safety” questions like “You behaving?”, “Don’t have any child porn in there, do you?”, and things like that. The people show them their driver’s licenses and initial or sign some official documents.


      (B) LE goes to 50 different homes but they are met with walls. They stand outside the walls and use the intercoms to try to contact the people who live there. No response. They leave.

      Which of those scenarios reinforces how great the Registries are and how they are “protecting” the public?

      You can be completely cordial to people without doing just anything that they ask. Not all LE are bad people. When I talk to ones that aren’t, I just respectfully tell them my position. If they disagree and are respectful, I continue to treat them well.

      • ForgivenessWasBought

        I agree with that, I am cordial but I don’t think sucking up to anyone fixes this registry problem.

  7. FedUp

    Has anyone heard of compliance checks in the Butte County or Lake Oroville area? Thinking about registering up there but I am hesitant since I have had no checks in my LA city in the 6 years of my registration.

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