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Dial-in number: 1-712-770-8055, Conference Code: 983459

Monthly Meetings: May 16 – Phone [recording], June 13 – Phone, July 11, August 15 details
Oct 10 and 11 – Conference (Los Angeles),

Emotional Support Group Meetings 2020 (Phone only)

2020 ACSOL Conference – Postponed to Oct 10-11

For Families

Join This website provides free online support groups for various populations in need. They have a specific support groups for families of sex offenders, whether or not you are still with him. There are also other support groups available that may apply to what you are going through.

Join Yahoo Group “Offender Solutions”: “S.O.S. (Sex Offender Solutions) is a fellowship of individuals from every walk of life that are dedicated to the recovery of S*x Offenders, the reunification of their families, and the restoration of their Civil Rights.”

Join (W.A.R.): “Women Against Registry brings much needed attention to national and state registries which are destroying American families and depriving them of the liberties and equal protection guaranteed to each and every American citizen. Women Against Registry gives a voice to the hundreds of thousands of innocent women and children who are being wrongly and unfairly punished because we have a family member who has been convicted of a sexual offense.” Members of W.A.R. find support in women in similar situations as well as advocacy opportunities.

Visit This website provides lists of resources and national support groups for people that have experienced any form of grief in their life. You may find information here that speaks to that which you are struggling with the most.

Call 2-1-1: 211 is the national abbreviated dialing code for free access to health and human services information and referral. You can call this number to find counseling services in your area.

Visit This website provides national resources for child care related needs and national support organizations.


Visit “The mission of SOSEN (Sex Offender Support and Education Network) is to educate the public, the media, law-enforcement, and legislators regarding the facts, based on current research, of sexual abuse. We are striving to incorporate fact-based solutions thus helping to change the laws that affect former offenders, their loved ones, victims and the communities where they live. We seek to also provide support for victims, former offenders and their families.” This site may be helpful for those in need of resources, advocacy opportunities, and personal support.

Visit RSOL envisions effective, fact-based sexual offense laws and policies which promote public safety, safeguard civil liberties, honor human dignity, and offer holistic prevention, healing, and restoration. This website offers updates on RSO legislation as well as advocacy opportunities. It also list advocacy contacts by state.