OH: Dublin rec center ups screening for sex offenders

People wishing to swim at Dublin’s two pools or exercise at its recreation center will have their names and photos checked against state and national sex-offender registries. If there’s a match, the person won’t be allowed in and Dublin police will be called.

The city council, in approving the measure last week, said it is simply one more step toward ensuring the safety of others. Others see it differently. Full Article

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What can you say. First these people have the displeasure of living in Ohio…which IMHO is punishment enough for anyone but to have this injustice to endure in addition to that would make being a RSO in that state obviously cruel and unusual punishment without a doubt.

Shame on those people for depriving others the opportunity to exercise and enjoy the benefits of good health! Shame indeed!

City council…wake up…it’s against the law on soooooo many sections…the Berlin wall was also to ensure the “safety of others”…these council reckless disregard and failure to protect and support the Constitution leads to their downfall and further helps destroy these type Unconstitutional measures…city council tear down your wall …not only an offence against history but an offence toward the dignity of humanity.

Wow! Lawsuit? Why dont they just brand the sex offenders so they wont have to go through this? Or, maybe hang them? So, I can go out and kill someone and have more rights then a sex offender convicted of urinating in public or being a 19 year old who had sex with a 17 year old/whom I later married? Wow

I really dont think Ive read a more disgusting article. This is honestly surreal. Furthermore, as Judges have recently stated, the laws being instituted via cites really make it dangerous for any sex offender to visit any city in OC with respect to laws differing from one city to the other (patchwork). This is truly surreal. When I read the article, it reminded me of Nazi Germany. Ive never heard of anything. So, sex offenders convicted of misdemeanors 17 years ago with informal probation cant visit this establishment, but yet a man or woman convicted of murder or manslaughter are capable of this? I highly recommend filing suit now and sending a message to this city. In addition, Im still in awe that the OC DA continues to fill cities with propaganda while gangs continues to kill/murder people in Santa Ana? I rarely hear him discuss this? This story is a good indication as to why the laws of Ca need to be changed and allow those offenders that pose little or no risk to the public to fall off the registry.

Who better to manipulate and step on as a stairway to superiority than those too weak to defend themselves.
Perhaps a day will come when society will have matured enough to feel shame for the injustices done to those men and women “along with their children” who for the most part have to struggle in a world bent on destroying them, in the name of good over evil.
No longer is torture needed to search out and destroy strange people possessed with evil and ready to be burned at the stake. Technology has given them the Registry.
History has shown us that society can allow heinous atrocities against people labeled
as beneath them. Germany with Jews, Gypsies, and etc. America with Slaves and Indians, and etc. as examples.
When it comes to Sex offenders there are lies and there are DAMN lies.
Shame on those who use those lies against people struggling to become a better person and hoping to fit in where they’re not wanted.
And double shame on those who profess to love children and go out of their way to bring hurt and pain to the innocent youth of registered sex offenders.
And thank you Janice Bellucci for your intelligence and determination to educate and control the mob.