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On the Orange County Board of Supervisors Agenda for November 5 – an ordinance dealing with dangerous and vicious dogs (those that have bitten without provocation), including the creation of a web site to list said animals. #29

It is noteworthy that the dogs are entitled to a hearing prior to declaration and public display. (page 4)

I would like to make a general comment to all the other RSO who read this website. I would like to state that you are part of a brave group of people. We have been labeled as evil dowers and labeled as outcasts undeserving to live with the decent folk of this great country.

Well, I have to say, hogwash, BS, and I don’t think so! You/we are just as worthy of breathing the same air as everyone else. We have the right to go anywhere we want. We have the right to say anything we want. We have value and just as much of it as any other citizen in this country.

DO NOT LABEL YOURSELF a sex offender. You are first and foremost a citizen of the USA. You may have a something in your past (as everyone else walking the planet does) BUT THAT DOESN’T DEFINE WHO YOU ARE.

You become what you think about. Again, you are not a sex offender…that is a label THEY put on you. You are an individual and not part of some faceless group. You are a citizen with rights. Be proud of who YOU are. You are not a number or a label.

Have a great holiday season and I want all of us to continue to be strong. Even if things never change (and they are slowly) no one can control your mind. You are still in control of that. Hold your head up high…do not let others tell you who or what you are!


Hi Tired of hiding. I too am tired of hiding, and I am not a “sex offender”, yet every time I have spoken with the thug’s/police, they have aggressively tried to get me to forfeit my rights (all this while wearing an American flag, which I find extremely insulting) and in general just harassed me. A REAL American is not into tyranny and oppression like the state and their thug’s are. What I was convicted of did not involve another living entity (other than the loser chick that looked at some pictures with me, and who called the police on me because I did not want to be with her anymore. And of course she was considered a hero because she turned me in. They overlooked her part because of that.)and I have NEVER touched anyone inappropriately. When the police came to my residence the day before Halloween I did not answer the door because I refuse to participate in their BS ¹lie’s. They made sure to let ALL my neighbors know that I was a dangerous felon who would molest little kids though. These people are in fact lairs of the worst variety and have; either directly or indirectly, participated in or facilitated the death’s of way too many people that in no way deserved to die. I must conclude that people are stupid/²ignorant and are so lazy they would let others do their critical thinking for them. They are in fact controlled by the media and lesser men and women with agendas of self promotion; they do this at the expense of honesty and truth. It’s to the point that Amerka is no longer the land of the free; this statement goes way beyond our group, but most people are too apathetic to see or realize it; they just don’t want their little world disturbed. We have too many dishonest people destroying what was once our way of life. Anyone that thinks this isn’t so is is fooling themselves.

1.a false statement made with deliberate intent to deceive; an intentional untruth; a falsehood. Synonyms: prevarication, falsification. Antonyms: truth.
2. something intended or serving to convey a false impression; imposture: His flashy car was a lie that deceived no one. inaccurate or false statement; a falsehood.
4.the charge or accusation of telling a lie: He flung the lie back at his accusers.

1. lacking in knowledge or training; unlearned: an ignorant man.
2.lacking knowledge or information as to a particular subject or fact: ignorant of quantum physics.
3.uninformed; unaware.
4.due to or showing lack of knowledge or training: an ignorant statement.

When these politicians, judges and police make statements; it doesn’t mean they are true.

I agree. Ban the term. Even for those once convicted of touching someone. The word is in the present tense, does not give correct information about a person’s present motives or actions. It’s like calling someone who had committed fraud years ago a “con artist” or a former member of a gang a “gangster”. “sex offender” is a colloquial term, not a formal statement of fact. It’s use amounts to propaganda.

When I get up in the morning, I’m deeply troubled by whats going on in this country. In most of the other countries, individuals with issues or those who broke the law are treated much differently. Those of us in this country are treated in almost an angry fashion. I mean, you go to jail or prison and the individuals running the establishment are angry, corrupt and they treat most of the inmates as though they are less than animals. This is highly disturbing. Most recently, an oversight committe was put into place to oversee the conduct of the Sheriffs Department. THis is very disturbing. Then, we have those individuals being released from jail/prison with chips on their shoulders, no respect for law enforcement and for the most part, no opportunities. I mean, how do you expect anyone to succeed or just get released from prison and make a success for themselves? The odds are against you.

Now, we have cities and legislators putting constraints on sex offenders like nothing before. Can you recall when the internet web site was instituted (showing the names/addresses of those convicted of certain sex crimes)? That was a big deal. Seriously. We presently have a recidivism rate almost non existent and the legislators are pushing for harsher and harsher penalties? Some sex offenders must pos t signs on their lawns, posters are plastered all around town, some are banned from living in certain areas, visiting parks/beaches and libraries, banned from participating in Halloween, possess sex offender drivers licenses, required to visit the local police station before going on vacation and the list goes on and on? If I were to even imagine these laws existed 10 years ago, I would have just laughed.
So, the case and point is this. Ignorant people are looking at these laws and they have no idea what the recidivism rate is. They are viewing the legislators as simply individuals doing everything they can to protect the public. If these laws are being instituted, there must be a reason? Its creating hatred, anger, people are scared of sex offenders and most are viewing them as monsters, kidnappers or molesters? This is similar to what happened in Nazi Germany (The Jews).
Here is what needs to be done. We need to continue moving forward. I personally feel the park/beach/library ban in OC will be overturned. If I’m not mistaken, a very high profile lawyer from SF is fighting this? Furthermore, someone needs to go the full 9-yards with this Halloween ban! There should be no limitations on what a person can or can’t do during a Holiday. IF not, next will be Christmas. Furthermore, something needs to be done with regards to a Tier system that will allow people to eventually fall off the registry. It has to be done!

Right! I always emphasize FORMER sex offenders, as current ones are sent to jail or prison. AUTOMATICALLY, ANY registrant is a FORMER offender.

I always say that I had an “unfortunate incident” in my past. If pressed I explain that I got bad legal advice and took a plea bargain which I regret doing but at the time seemed like the easy way out.

Big mistake and I continue to pay to this day. I was never accused of harming anyone…touching anyone at all.

I tell them that it was a victim-less crime…well, not exactly victim-less…I am the only victim.

I often wonder with the statistics of repeat drunk driver offenders why restrictions never happened like 1,000 feet from a bar or place that sells alcohol.

Repeat offender drunk drivers kill more children than sex offenders in one year.

How many innocent lives could be saved? If it’s just one child. Why not say repeat drunk drivers can’t live near schools or playgrounds?

Drunk driving costs billions of dollars a year and one out of three will re offend compared to 2.7% of sex offenders. It seems alittle hypocritical to me. If you live next door to a guy that has three DUI’s in the last ten years, he’s more likely to be a real statistical threat to most families than Romeo & Juliet offenders, indecent exposure, johns, misdomeanor offenders, decade old offenders… Etc.

In 2011, 226 children were killed in drunk driving crashes. (MADD statistics)

In 2011, 9,878 people died in drunk driving crashes – one every 53 minutes

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration FARS data, 2012.

50 to 75 percent of convicted drunk drivers continue to drive on a suspended license.

About one-third of all drivers arrested or convicted of drunk driving are repeat offenders.

Drunk driving costs the United States $132 billion a year.

That would mean the politicians would have to lay off the hard stuff. Plug, the big producers of alcohol would cut off their “donations” to any politician that proposed something like that. But…you are correct.

Out of 1,315,600 missing kids 115 were snatched in the sense that everybody is worried about.

Of missing children who were stereotypically kidnapped and killed totaled 40. That’s a terrible and terrifying number but really puts things into proper prospective.

Hypocrite public policy puts families and children lives in danger everyday……the under the influence driver puts everyones lives in danger…put their names in a registry….restrict their freedom….restrict their rights….For Our Children.

@ Freebird; statistically that’s 0.0087% that get snatched, however how many of those taken are taken by family members or people known to the family? Those that are killed total 0.003% but the numbers don’t add up…if RSO’s pose the danger law enforcement and politicians say we are shouldn’t the number be higher? Population under 18 in the US is 73 million, which means that about 1 in 70 kids goes missing or runs away. Of the 115 that get snatched, that totals about 0.0002% of minor population. If 40 of the 73 mil are killed, that’s 0.00005% of minor population. So there are 800,000 RSO’s that get those crimes pinned on them automatically, no proof, no evidence, just being on the website makes us suspect. Since our statistical recidivism rate is about 2% then of that 115 missing maybe…maybe 0.007 (not percentage) was snatched by RSO’s. Of the 40 killed maybe, just maybe <0.003 (not percentage) was killed by an RSO but there are NO STATISTICS that prove any of this. While still tragic, the factual numbers are statistically insignificant, almost non-existant against RSO's! Where's the scare, the danger? Only in the minds of those seeking re-election…

FBI says on average, there are only two children a year per state kidnapped by strangers. And that number has not changed in at least the past 50 years.

(Of course, as averages work, a state with a big population — California has the biggest population of any state — would be expected to have more than two and would l be balanced out by a state with little population — maybe Wyoming — that has 1 or none.)

Very interesting research article about how misguided and stereotypical the perception of sex offenders is throughout society and the sociology and psychology behind that, how misguided the registry is, and lots of etcetera.

Today in kabc news…after thirty-four years in prison for
a crime he didn’t commit…released to freedom……….
good for him and his family finally……wrongful false conviction still exist for some still…..this registry is as
good as a corrupt trial.

Interesting articles clearly demonstrating the double standard and hypocrisy we are forced to live under.
Foley basically admits his guilt in this one.
Foley basically admits his guilt in this one. Why is t6his a-hole not prosecuted?
He’s the one that pushed the adam walch act through congress. –and– — John Walsh tells us NEVER hire a male
babysitter.,0,1056741.story?coll=bal-news-nav — and —
John Walsh’s “exploding anus chips” speech

By the way; I’ll bet there is not too many people that know John Walch was discovered trying to have a sexual encounter with a 16yo girl. Of course his network buried that one real quick. — John Walsh’s Larry King Live interview admitting his
sexual addiction and cheating on his wife. — USA Today article on Mark
Lunsford’s son, Joshua, who was arrested on sex charges in 2007 — Outcome of Joshua Lunsford sex crime case; 10
days in jail and no registry!

there isn’t enough room here to tell my story. I have been thinking of doing a documentary of living in california labled as a sex offender 290. Maybe I will see you all at the RSOL meeting on the 16th of this month and tell you how it feels. thank you greg scott 290 parolee, that never hurt a child EVER and I am living with this.the laws got to change to fit individual crimes or persons.

Don’t believe anything you read and half of what you hear, but here is proof that this country jumped the shark:

40 year old teacher arrested at his school for two counts of ‘aggravated sexual battery’ (inappropriate touching = aggravated sexual battery – really????) over two year period 27 years ago. Like many commenters point out he must have been around 13 at the time. Again – we are talking touching in the mid 1980s – during the Reagan Administration.

Henrico Schools released a statement saying: “Our understanding is that the matter involves neither school property nor our students. Until such time that more facts are known , we think it’s best to decline further comment and let the legal process run its course.”

Well, DUH! He was 13! Hopefully 27 years ago none of your students were born.

How do you defend yourself against that? In an environment where you are guilty until proven innocent? …. whatever the outcome of this, I dare say this man’s life is shot. Lord help us all.

As a great sales trainer (who probably wouldn’t appreciate being quoted here) said,”Nobody cares about YOU…they care about THEMselves.” Another line to remember is, “You wouldn’t care so much what people thought about you if you knew how rarely they did.” Both of these quotes go out the window if you are an RSO though, because people see you on the internet and assume they know anything about you, and what they think they know is that you are a threat to THEM–their kids in particular. This is why we’re never going to win this battle pointing out how unjust these laws are. The average person HATES YOU! If they think you’re being punished perpetually, it makes them happy inside because this is what they want. What wins this argument is pointing out that THEIR kids are more likely to BECOME sex offenders than become victims of RSOs. We win by pointing out how the registry obscures real predators by adding to the volume to sift through and for law enforcement to monitor. We need more reporting on how the families of RSOs suffer, and what the crime was that brought it on years ago to begin with to point out the injustices being done for relatively minor offenses. If we don’t change the focus to how these laws hurt THEM, we’ll never get these laws to budge.

C: The teacher was charged with consensual sodomy? OMG

I have posted here before and I talked about the difference of living on parole and off parole as a 290 registrant. C.D.C.R. is the large and in charge enforcer of all the unfair laws and restrictions that hamper a persons life. When I was off parole for 13yrs., I was only required to register once a year. I lived where I wanted I was not molested by the police and I was free to choose my life as I pleased. The public does not know that when a person has served their time and completed parole or probation they are not subjected to any law that politicians pass. The laws are made for future offenders,and know matter what there current offense is C.D.C.R. will apply that new law to them. Even though their sex related offense may have happen 50yrs. ago. That is the miscarriage of justice.

Punishing women as men would mean women are equal to men. Can’t upset the storyline of women as victim. Got to keep them equal to irresponsible children the big daddy state must protect. Of course, if she were black….

I believe that because of 290 registration and treatment of all registrants, there is a new and overlooked disorder that I’ve discovered. Most registered citizens have this disorder; PASD or Post Arrest Stress Disorder. Yep, symptoms appear to be not wanting to go out in public for fear of retribution/vigilante activity, a touch of paranoia, excessive worry, fear when new laws are passed, acute unemployment, , homelessness, poverty, forced separation from loved ones. I’m sure there’s many more…Geez, I gotta go see my shrink about this.

Actually, while you are being facetious, you might really be on to something. This really is something the shrinks should consider and declare a real medical issue, just like PTSD. I would call this Post Traumatic Registration Disorder (PTRD), to really put the blame where it belongs. It really is true that you live is fear and stress and isolation that bends your brain and causes such things as sleep issues, serious anxiety, fear, humiliation and deep depression — which themselves bring on other problems and acting out. It all snowballs and becomes deep issues. Such longrunning stresses literally take a toll on your physical health too, I’m sure lead to early death in the long run.

This is part of why the California Supreme Court once ruled that registration — which at the time in the mid 1970s was only that, none of the other onerous things now in place, and no public identification — rose to the level of unconstitutional cruel and unusual punishment, at least for those convicted of misdemeanor lewd conduct. That ruling was later extended by the appellate court to at least some, if not all, those convicted of indecent exposure. (Now THIS GROUP, CA RSOL, is arguing that those convicted of indecent exposure should have to register, and be subject to all that goes with that now, for no less than 10 years!)

What you’re talking about here is the proof of punishment. Too bad there is not — yet — an official medical diagnosis and definition of this condition. If there were, the court’s would have very great difficulty saying this is not punishment.

Just an arbitrary comment regarding statutory rape in the media.

There is a show called “The Tomorrow People” which the lead protagonist is a 16-year old boy. I won’t get into the specifics of the show (people with teleporting powers fighting evil government bastards wanting to kill them, etc.). Rather, I am going to comment that the lead female, Cara, who ostensibly is mid to late 20’s, has a sexual tryst with the 16-year old. (In New York, the age of consent is 17.)

In the state of NY, this “tryst” would lead Cara to be tried and convicted of a felony statutory rape, and have to register as a Level 2 sex offender for 25 years as a MINIMUM. Depending on the prosecutor, she could also get lifetime on the registry.

I don’t mean to make an “extreme example” of this plot device in the show, but I don’t believe there is anyone else bringing it up. Am I being too sensitive? I don’t think so; there are literally tens of thousands of registrants who did EXACTLY what Cara did.

I think it is revealing to point out this hypocrisy. Kind of like Miley Cyrus getting away with things you wouldn’t let your daughter do. Thank you.
What bothers me also is the formula the entertainment industry uses to portray salvation for the sex offender. He can only find redemption one of two ways: Commit suicide (Cider House Rules) or be killed (American Beauty). Would like to know of a main stream movie that portrays the life of an offender (or any marginalized group) honestly.


What is the motive for the polygraph test on everyone who committed a “crime” after the 2010 cut off date?

Keep statistics on individuals?


Keep individuals longer in therapy?

I would greatly appreciate peoples input…..

From what I’ve read and heard….The poly exam is not an accurate science.

polygraph results are not accepted as evidence in court. I have read that it is used during probation and parole as an intimidation tactic. There is also the fact that you must repeat the test until you pass (indefinite is a fail) and it costs the parolee/probationer approx. $300 a shot. Milkin’ that cash cow.

Everywhere I look I see state SO cases but I can’t find anything about federal cases. I’m in Los Angeles county, where a judge made it possible for state parolees to avoid the 2000 feet restriction but because he specifically mentions parole, I’m told by my federal PO that it doesn’t apply to me. Keep in mind that my conditions of release say I can’t live within 300 feet (I was convicted in another state). I’m almost out of the halfway house and there’s basically nowhere I can live. I’m nearly out of options and completely out of money to hire an attorney. My plan was to live with family but they’re about 200 feet too close. I need suggestions…please!

Well, the statutes can readily be found online, as well as the rulings, for both state and federal (try But you pretty much have to already know what case you are looking for. Maybe one of the paid services, like Lois Law, provides annotated statutes to help you find all the rulings pertaining to them.

Other than that, Calfornia has a great law library system open to the general public. You can go to the law library — there are several around Los Angeles County — and go through all the books there. You can look at the state statutes (West or Deering books), and find all the statutes there and with annotations of all the cases related to them, including federal cases. Frankly, I haven’t looked at the federal statute books, but they must also have annotations to lead you to the related cases.

In the end, it is hard to believe that that residency ruling applies only if you are on parole, not once you are off! If so, I would find it hard to believe that if you went to court, it would not be extended to those off parole almost automatically — but of course, it is better if one doesn’t have to go to court. Read that ruling and see. Someone here can probably give you a link to it, or at least give you the cite for it. It has been mentioned here before. If you are eon federal probation, I don’t know, you might have other rules imposed no you that simply the onerous state rules.

You won’t find much of any place around that is not within 2,000 feet of a park, a school, a child care center or other such. And if you do, rest assured, a “pocket park” will be coming to you soon to make you move. Or a child care center will open down the block in a small cottage, another thing that people have put in specifically to run registrants out of the area.

Anon, your comment tells me you are much more familiar with state cases, as the Feds don’t have parole. I agree, it doesn’t make sense that the case wouldn’t apply to me but that’s what my PO is saying. And having just gotten out of prison, I don’t have a dime to spend on an attorney. That’s why I’m trying my luck here, hoping someone in here has a Fed case and they’re living within 2000 feet and can point me to a case I can show my PO.

Just as an unimportant aside, how can you have a PO if there is no federal parole?! Or, did you mean you are on probation, not parole, and the ruling apples only to parole, not to probation?

It is true that the state law places residency restrictions on parolees regardless of any other law applying residency restrictions. That ruling might have been in a case based on someone challenging the law regarding parolees. From that, it would seem to follow that they are saying the ruling apples only to parolees, not anyone on probation — whether the probation is federal or state.

I believe that if all that was challenged in that case was the law pertaining specifically to parolees, then it would be true that those on probation were not directly affected by that ruling, nor were other registrants off parole and probation — all of whom are subject to the other state law imposing residency restrictions on all registrants.

But it has been my understanding that it apples to everyone, not just those on parole. Perhaps that ruling was extended to all registrants by county policy — to avoid further litigation? If so, that gets into a grey area for you — your federal probation officer would not be limited by a county policy. And if it is the county policy, you will not find it in a law book.

Perhaps someone here can point to where that matter — policy or whatever — can be found, in writing.


We’ve been to every meeting in Los Angeles. Janice Bellucci is our attorney. I am obviously MM and my fiancé doesn’t go on this site … It’s too much for him (25+years is a long time ago) . ,. as I’ve read sooo many stories. I share with him what everyone writes .. . We are the couple that are is suing the city of Cypress, January’ 2013., who have passed residency restrictions.

They said he had to move, July 2012, we sued. We are still in limbo. I have lived in the home I’ve own since October 1989 … (My son was 10 months old) my fiancé moved in February 2011 … Residency restrictions didn’t apply until July 2012.

My question is … Regarding California PC 290, subsection L .. From the meeting in Saturday, the blue sheet of our rights .. . I began to think … If one cannot be denied housing based on the 290 requiremens, then how is it a city can deny one housing?

Just a thought …. I own the home (albeit a mortgage) but …. How, if a registrant has protection against housing restrictions can a city deny them housing ???

@MM – You’re suing….that’s good….stay on it…keep it on the pedal…don’t give up….restrictions are further punishment
and they have violated a slew of civil rights violations ….big
time….please keep us posted….this helps all…don’t give up…
Thank you.

I have a question for everybody, so if you have any experience, please post an answer. Has anyone ever requested personal information via the Freedom of Information Act? Is it possible to get that from FBI, ICE, DOJ and other agencies that may have files on registered citizens?

Does anyone know what the latest is on Jessicas law? I’m looking to buy a house and want to know what my options are. I’m in Huntington Beach now and when I moved here I talked to the police department and was told that they know of no city enforcing the law. My current residence is less than the 2000 feet the law requires. Any information would be helpful.

This is just a general observation about comments on this site and the attitude of registrants in general: We’re so focused on what we cannot do that we’ve been conditioned to accept defeat and a continual erosion of our civil rights. On the eve of the 50th anniversary of the passing of perhaps the greatest president in U.S. history, it’s important to remember these words:

“There are those who look at things the way they are, and ask why…I dream of things that never were, and ask why not?”

Sadly it’s not just the anniversary of his killing (passing to just to…oh I don’t know…passive)…but also pretty much the last time that progress was actually possible.

I truly think that was killed along with JFK that day.

Video: Matt Damon on Civil Disobedience
This video has a lot of relevance to our fight against this unjust registry we are fighting.

I’ve been thinking that too, considering the lying and treachery in the courts at every level and across the country (if you read many of these rulings, you will see lying at every turn, blatent lying — BLATENT, It is shocking how corrupt it is, they just rule that black is white if it suits their purpose), not to mention the legislators, what you suggest here is now necessary. When all civil approaches have been corrupted (beyond anything anyone 20 years ago ever would have thought could ever happen in America) and blocked, there is no other way. In fact there is even a legal defense for that, called the necessity defense — it is necessary as the only way to obtain justice.

Unfortunately, they have us in the perfect storm. Unlike other people doing such, registrants can face very long prison time, even life, as many would be facing a third strike. Thus, no such civil disobedience has happened, as it would for any other circumstance where this treatment were imposed. The three strikes laws are a breach of the First Amendment.

did the ca supreme court rule on lifetime registery i heard that there is a way to get off of that now could you send me the info if this is true thank you

You can get your FBI or state “rap”sheet. Other records would depend on what they are. You fill out their form, provide a set of fingerprints, pay a fee, and mail it all in. You can get only your own records — how funny to still have laws that respect people right to privacy and designed to make it so they are not humiliated considering they now post it all on tee Internet!

2 days ago, I took my 2 year old to a park to play. When we were leaving, we walked back to where we parked. Along the way, we passed a middle-aged lady walking her dog on the bike trail. We said ‘Hi,’ waved at the dog and had a couple friendly sentences of small talk in passing. As I was buckling my baby in, I heard a commotion down the trail and saw a man shoving her and yelling. I shouted out,”Hey!” And took a couple steps closer to hopefully discourage whatever badness was transpiring. This backfired big time, as this guy started stomping quickly towards me and my vehicle that my daughter was in, and had now climbed out of her seat because she wasn’t buckled in completely when this went down. He chased me around the car a couple times scraming and threatening before the lady came up and said, “Ramone, stop it!” He took to yelling at her for ‘taking my side’ and then walked away still cussing at and threatening me, but not before taking a picture of my license plates. Not only was this a completely immasculating experience, but it left me with so much more fear than the average person would know: what if this guy (with age-faded tear-drop tattoo) finds my address from my plate? The other kick in the pants: I could have been beaten unconscious and done more time than him for being in a park. Doesn’t everyone feel safer because we have so many laws though?!

Crazy. Any idea what his problem was?

Unfortunately, I think a good general rule for any family listed on a Sex Offender Registry is to avoid helping other people. It can easily lead to trouble. Help people you know and forget about everyone else. The lady you were trying to help was likely someone who loves nanny big government and would say you are a monster who should not be in parks. No need to help people you don’t know.

Personally, I find it amazing that the bigmouth criminal politicians who support these parks, etc. bans are too weak to support making the bans apply to all people who have been convicted of serious crimes. There are literally no excuses at all to make something like that apply to “sex offenders” and not also to all kinds of other former offenders. It is just more complete proof that the majority of the witch hunt has nothing at all to do with “public safety”, “protecting children”, or any of those other lies they continually tell. The criminal politicians who support these bans are weak cowards. EVERYONE should get in their faces and tell them that as often as possible. Don’t allow them to pass these BS laws and then live peacefully.

Well I just had a Security Specialist at Internal Revenue Service look @ my profile on LinkedIn & IDK REALLY Why other than I am out spoken “1st amendment rights” Non violent group and general conversations…SO WE ARE Still Targets Folks Be careful what You say about the law & or cops Or Government is all I can say I really don’t Know any other reason I haven’t Done anything else to My Knowledge. Being Outspoken on a Social Media site Gets them Looking @ You it’s not good that I Am sure of I’m shuttin’ down & not gonna post any more or nuthin’ Just like POOF..That is how they ARE going to start this off by eliminating those of us who are out spoken & Nobody will Miss or care is how this is startin’ to feel We still have a lower rating than Congress so be careful Folks IDK whats gonna happen or why if anything but I’m Shutting Up now.

This just in. Suspect in O.C. homeless slayings dies before trial,0,2963997.story#axzz2m3n9am9m

How it is relevant here is that one of the murdered homeless men was a registrant and homeless and in harms way only as a direct consequence of a decades old conviction as a teen.

…was living in a home approved for sex offenders when he violated his parole by having lunch with a fellow sex offender. He spent a few months behind bars and, when he got out, he’d lost his room.

Another victim of the registry.

Actually, two were registrants. One was off parole, the second was on parole. I was on parole in the same office and had seen Middaugh around several times before he was murdered.