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NY:15 sex offenders charged with unregistered email accounts

Fifteen registered sex offenders were arrested this week for allegedly using email accounts on social networking sites like Facebook without first registering those accounts with the state Sex Offender Registry, officials announced Thursday.

Under E-Stop legislation passed in 2008, these Oneida County sex offenders were charged with felonies and issued tickets to appear in Whitestown Town Court following a sweep by the Oneida County Child Advocacy Center, New York State Police, the Oneida County Sheriff’s Office and police departments in Kirkland, Utica and Rome.

While the arrests do not suggest any of these individuals were attempting to contact underage children online, law enforcement officials said during a news conference Thursday that it is important to hold sex offenders responsible when they don’t follow the rules. Full Article

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this is in New York but I thought it was unconstitutional for them to Make us give web e-mail info? They just busted 14 Men & 1 Woman in new York for this.


“it is important to hold sex offenders responsible when they don’t follow the rules.” These people were not proven to have harmed anyone online. Yet, bank corporations caused thousands of people to lose their homes. What was the worst they got, a fine that is a small portion of their vast profits, and no admission of wrong doing on their records. People in the furure are going to look back at this time in disbelief, just as we used to look back at the world of Dicken’s Scrooge. “Are there no prisons?…

Read more:

Again, thanks to those who challenged California’s Proposition 35… the EFF, ACLU, California RSOL, Janice, etc.

While our case, it if it successful wouldn’t apply to NY registrant social network violations directly, it can set up a precedent where such laws can be fought outside the 9th circuit jurisdiction. This includes the draconian requirements by other states.

This “investigation” probably was the result of some deputy’s suggestion to Google the registrants’ names and submitted EID’s to get their “proof.” I hope at least one of the registrants gets a serious lawyer to fight this crap.

“hold sex offenders responsible when they don’t follow the rules.”
My question is, who holds the police responsible since that is the single largest profession of sexual molesters, sex offenders and sexual harassers? Who holds the politicians responsible for their greed, corruption, for their insane laws that destroy lives, separate families, for their repeated lies, secret deals, spying on American citizens? Seems that all of America’s problems fall square on the shoulders of RSO’s! Nobody else is held responsible for crap!

They have a policy that undermines and goes against the Constitution …..a few examples are that their forcing you
to give up private communication information when every
other citizen would have had a court ordered search warrant for communication information ….even equal protection applies so c’mon NewYorkers sue BIG ….also
putting people back into parole conditions are their blatant reckless disregard to human rights and Constitution …HomeRun those dictator / communist laws.

“Amendment IV, US Constitution The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.” RE: “shall not, not “may not”. I thank CA RSOL, ACLU, EFF for upholding this against the very loose interpretation applied too often in the name of “public safety”. Under 2% recidivism plus applying this to people like me whose crime didn’t… Read more »

I’d sure like to know how they found that these people were on social network sites like Facebook. Were they using their real name and identity and picture? If not, I would have to ask how much spying of all kinds of people, not just registrants, was done in order to find them online and identify them — this scares me even more than the NSA spying! It sounds like a dragnet collecting information about everyone on social networks and matching it to other information collected to in the end determine who is who, and thus which ones are registrants.… Read more »

@anonymous Nobody It’s because they are “Just Sex Offenders” that no one cares enough to ask. But in all honesty, that is nothing compared to Florida’s expense on so called “Experts” ….. Take a gander at it: That is some serious money spent on just singling out sex offenders. The doctors even say this law does NOTHING but fill the pockets of experts. In short, these Sex Offender Laws have different meanings all the while hiding behind “Public Safety” and “For the Children”: MONEY and PUNISHMENT. To us, they mean Restriction, Unconstitutional Laws, Stigma, and Fear…..and in some cases,… Read more »

Hello everyone. It is great that you are following the news and posting here, but please also post at the source of the article. You can probably even just copy what you post here and post it there.

It would be great if every time an article is written, 100+ comments appear opposing it. Zealots who support these thieving Registries need to clearly see that we will not accept them.

Merry Christmas to all good Americans. Miserable Christmas to the un-Americans who support the Registries.

I agree. I often do that and have done so for years (but not always). The more of us who do so, the more our side of the story gets out, and the more people readers see who think this is wrong, rather than nothing but the hate-mongers posting. People tend to follow the lead of the group, and so if nothing but hate-mongers are posting, people will support these laws. Its kind of the persuasive idea that a million people (hate-mongers) can’t be wrong, so go along with them. But we have to show them a million people who… Read more »

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