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International Travel – China / Thailand

First, I would like to thank everyone for their informative posts regarding the denial of entry of ports of entry. I was convicted of a lewd offense (Indecent Solicitation of a Child; Felony) in July 2003. The offense involved talking about having sex with a person who portrayed to be 14 but was a decoy police officer. My actions were stupid and I paid a hefty price for my poor chatroom sexual conduct. In addition to my sentence, I was required to register as a sex offender for a period of 10 years in accordance to state law. I am no longer a registered sex offender because my 10 year registration period has expired.

Since my conviction, I have traveled internationally extensively to numerous countries as well as done business in China on a special visa without ever having any problems. However, to my big surprise, in July 2014, my visa to continue to live and do business in China was rejected and I was issued an order in my passport to leave by a certain day. I left China on the same because I was already schedule to travel back to the U.S. on the same day I found out my visa renewal was rejected. I applied for a China tourist visa in August to get back to China but that was also rejected. I attempted to travel back to China for 72 hours (visa exempt) with an onward flight to a third country destination (traveling to a third country destination is a requirement to land in China visa exempt for 72 hours) I was denied entry into China and sent back to the U.S. When arriving at the airport in China, my name was called over the airplane’s PA system for me to come to the front of the plane and that they could not deplane until I came to the front of the plane. As I was walking up the isle to the front of the plane as everyone was standing in the isle waiting to get off the plane, 2 Chinese immigration officers were walking towards me down the isle to meet me, which then they escorted me off the plane and into a small room. The officers informed me that I am not allowed to travel to China and I was told that I am being sent back to the U.S. I remained sitting in the small room being watched by 2 officers while other officers rechecked my luggage and checked me into the next departing American Airlines flight. Officers returned to the room with a boarding pass and checked luggage claim tickets and escorted me back upstairs to the departure gate and on to the American Airlines flight. The whole ordeal lasted for about 2.5 hours from the time I arrived at the airport. I was in China for several years and never broke any laws there but now I have been blacklisted from China as result of an INTERPOL Notice provided to Chinese law enforcement authorities.

In less than 7 days after I was sent back to the U.S. from China, I traveled to Bangkok, Thailand where I have traveled on numerous occasions for vacation since my conviction. When I arrived at the airport in Bangkok, there were people standing outside the gate holding up a sign with my name. I approached them which then they presented a police officer badge and had me get on an airport mobile. I was escorted by 4 Thai officers on an airport mobile to a small room. When on the airport mobile, one of the officers sitting behind me showed me the notice which was issued by the U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) stating that I am a convicted sex offender and that I am traveling to Thailand with the intent to recommitting a crime against children. I was shocked, humiliated and embarrassed. My photo was taken with a mobile phone by one of the officers and I had to sign a document stating that I was being denied entry into Thailand. The immigration officer put a big denial stamp in my passport. I was then escorted to a detention room where I was going to be locked into a windowless room with steel bunk bed and other inmates. I insisted to call someone that what was happening to me was a mistake. I was only able to speak with an airline representative. After talking with the airline representative for almost 1 hour I was able to book a return flight to the U.S. with my credit card (Full Economy Fare) that prevented me from being put in a detention room. I was scared and totally upset. The airline representative came down to the room with my boarding pass and I was then escorted upstairs to the boarding gate.

I was able to confirm that ICE has office housed in U.S. Embassies around the globe. In addition to INTERPOL issuing notices on sex offenders, ICE is also doing it from their field offices. I talked directly with the officer at the U.S. Embassy ICE office in Bangkok who issued my notice and told me he can do it because the conviction is open source information. The officer also told me that it up to Thai authorities on whether they want to admit me or not. Well..DUH…no country is going to admit a person with derogatory information that was in the notice he provided.

Though I had one run-in with the law in my life, I have good character and I would never intentionally hurt anyone. I don’t even smoke or drink alcohol.

Since my conviction I have been living a fully productive crime-free life as I was before my conviction. These 2 denial of entries have financially set me back as well as created a lot of other unexpected hardships and crisis’ in my life. The law enforcement authorities have just made a fully functional citizen into now a dysfunctional citizen. I can only say that the officers who are sending these notices that claimed I was traveling to recommit a crime are scumbags.

I have retained a lawyer and I am currently determining what, if any, legal remedies are available to sue ICE and/or Homeland Security. From doing business abroad for so long now, most of my assets are in a foreign country that I cannot even get into now. I have made Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests to INTERPOL, U.S. Marshall’s Service, ICE and to the Department of Homeland Security.

I would like to get a list of names, email addresses and mobile phone number addresses of convicted sex offenders (registered or not registered) who have been denied entry to countries. I would like to share this information with my lawyer as well as I am thinking of filing a complaint with the American Civil Liberties Union. Only if you like, and feel comfortable, you can leave your first name or nickname and contact information by sending an email to

I am also willing to work with anyone in this forum in researching how to address these sex offender notices on a broader bases to ultimately put a stop to the bad practice. Finally, after already conducting my own extensive investigation on the issue, the culprit entities that are best to contact about these notices are as follows:

1. Secretary of Homeland Security
12TH & C Street SW
Washington DC 20528
(202) 282-8000
This is the headquarters for the ICE field offices that are based in the U.S. Embassies all across the
globe where such notices are originating from.
Go to the following link for a map of ICE field offices, and their addresses and phone numbers:

2. U.S. Marshall’s Service Sex Offender Targeting Center
(202) 282 8000

3. INTERPOL Washington
U.S. Department of Justice
Washington, D.C. 20530-0001
(202) 616-9000
NOTE: INTERPOL Washington does not speak to private citizens about case information, but all sex
offense cases are handled in INTERPOL Washington’s Sex Trafficking Division and there are caseworkers
who handle the cases and send notices to the foreign countries.

This was submitted as a comment under “International Travel” by user “AdvocateVoice”. Deserves it own post…

Also see:

International Megan’s Law / RSO Travel Issues

International Travel

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U.S. Marshall’s Sex Offender Targeting Center & INTERPOL & Immigration & Customs Enforcement As I was previously advised by the U.S. Marshall’s Sex Offender Targeting Center, all sex offense conviction information as well as sex offender registration originates from the local (state) level. In the case of international travel, the U.S. Marshall’s Sex Offender Targeting Center collaborates with INTERPOL by sharing the information with INTERPOL, which then INTERPOL transmits the notice to the foreign government. I was advised by an officer at the ICE field office that they do not have access to U.S. Marshall records. I was also advised… Read more »

One very important point regarding summary exclusion from entering any country: individual immigration officers are, or at least, HAVE BEEN, given tremendous latitude in deciding whom to allow into the country and whom to exclude. This seems to be true for many or most countries aside from the U.S., as well. This is likely changing as a result of these increasingly uniform policies which undoubtedly remove some of this discretionary power from individual agents. But any attempt to divine current policy from individual experiences, especially those which seem to contradict prevailing policies, should take into account the luck-of-the-draw which has,… Read more »

I think it’s time for those of us here, however few we might be, to consider taking a more concerted and systematic approach to this issue, and to also urge RSOL, at the (appropriately) NATIONAL level (not just at the “California” level) to assist our efforts in dedicating resources that will raise its visibility as well as to facilitate our contact with the legal community which is certainly prerequisite to any effective challenge we might undertake. The resources may consist of nothing so much as a page on the RSOL website dedicated to this travesty, delineating the issues at hand… Read more »

One other point that I haven’t made previously: The sponsors of IML are, of course, urging its adoption, in part, as a means of “providing clarity and FAIRNESS” (!!) to sex offenders so that they might have advance warning of their entry refusals by other governments. The irony here, of course, is that the U.S. government has already done a terrible thing in colluding with foreign governments against its own citizens in restricting their freedom of movement through an administrative policy that has been kept largely out of the public’s eye. It now rides in on a white horse and… Read more »

What in the hell to make of this story planted by Ernie Allen (late of NCMEC) in light of the massive efforts of, not only the U.S. government, but of Interpol and numerous countries to prevent travel by RSOs?

I think we are seeing a brazen effort at disinformation and an attempt to feed the flames of popular outrage.

Tell me what you think:

Green Notice: Interpol’s paedophile tracking system ‘compromised by privacy concerns’ following Edward Snowden spying revelations

Fear of terrorism hasn’t worked as they expected to quell the outrage over secret and unwarranted spying of everone. So now they try tapping into the fear of sex offenders to justify the program. I wonder what took them so long.

From the Snowden link:

“You lose some of your civil rights when convicted of crimes against a child.” – Ernie Allen, US “Child Protection Expert.”

Yeppers, really constitutionally astute, this specimen be.

After reading the whole piece I come to the conclusion going to the problem to solve the problem will only give those guys something to stick over their water-cooler for laughs! The answer to fighting this kind of violation is with our elected officials, community action groups and churches…It really is a boots on the ground problem. Learn scissor sharpening and serve those in the salon industry as I do. I am currently affecting elections by my involvement. My strategy is to give-away services to hairstylist for sharpening scissors in the name of___________(elected official) seeking votes. This has been awesome… Read more »

This is exactly what happened to me when I tried to enter Argentina Last month on September 10th. When my passport was scanned it was flagged and immigration officers came to the both and I was escorted into a secure area. My partner and I had visited Argentina many times and had most recently lived there for 6 full year 2006 – 2012! No problems at all. And 15 years since the offence with no other incidents (not even a speeding ticket)! My partner was allowed to enter the country. I was held for 8 HOURS and guarded until the… Read more »

I have been reading these sort of posts for several hours now, and from many different sites. I think that most people don’t get it. To some degree, all of this is certainly about the concern over the sex trafficking industry. Do you think the U.S. government has no clue what sort of offenders are doing that sort of thing and who is not. The drug and weapon smuggler types are the ones involved in sex trafficking, and there are certainly a good number of tourists that go abroad to find young exotic sex. But the whole business of the… Read more »

Just in case anyone still thinks the Department of Homeland Security, ICE, and other government entities are not complete jokes, this is a great read. This is the kind of activities that these big government entities do instead of actually protecting people. I personally think part of the solution is to keep government as broke and dysfunctional as possible. My contempt and disrespect for them grows every day and I am going to make sure that matters.

Maybe we need to start contacting foreign countries in which the president plans to conduct relations and warn them of the likeliness that his entourage (secret service) will engage in human sex trafficking.

United States Secret Service personnel, who were in the country to protect the president, brought prostitutes into their hotel before the president arrived. Though Colombian police said that five people were involved, a preliminary investigation by the United States Southern Command suggested that 11 people could have been involved.

I am confused… “I am no longer a registered sex offender because my 10 year registration period has expired”. This is highly disturbing… if you are no longer required to register how did you even pop up on their radar? Had you self-disclosed on the Visa Application in the past? Can you expand on that? What state is this? Was the conviction expunged? And have you returned to the US from overseas since your registration requirement expired? Were you, at that point, made subject to secondary inspection everyone here is so familiar with? More details would be much appreciated. As… Read more »

Perhaps at the time of his conviction, or the state in which he was convicted, registration is only a 10 year sentence. Even in these circumstances, the government keeps records of convictions. Even if the registry were to go away completely, the conviction record is still there, which I’m sure is what they go by.

Joe – Thank you for your questions. In the state I was convicted in, sex offender registration is required either for 10 years or life depending on the type of conviction. The type of sex offender registration that a particular offender must abide to is solely based on the state statute. The state I was convicted in does not assess sex offenders based on the risk of reoffending. For my particular conviction, I was required to register annually for a period of 10 years that commenced from the date of conviction. Though I no longer required to register as a… Read more »

AdvocateVoice: Sorry to hear about your troubles. Have you ever moved interstate since your conviction? Because if you have, you could be a registrant in the federal AWA records and not even know it. Or if you traveled to a state on vacation and ever registered in that different state then you are within the federal system as well. If you haven’t and you are definitely relieved of the duty to register, then it could be likely that your state DOJ did not properly “discharge” you from their offender registry. If that’s the case, it may be a much simpler… Read more »

JBCAL – I only registered in the one state I was convicted in when I had to register. The information at the state level was correct but apparently different federal law enforcement entities had incorrect information that I was a registered sex offender. I did confirm that INTERPOL Washington had the incorrect information but I was able to verify that they corrected it after I requested the state police sex offender registration unit to send the correct information that my sex offender registration file was expunged and removed from all databases. I am currently in the process of following up… Read more »

AdvocateVoice- OK, so it does seem to be an error (although I’m sure they aren’t the least sympathetic to correct it). It could take a while to get it all taken care of as my attorney has uncovered up to 41 US databases on offenders… (I had completely false information sent, even saying I was a fugitive and we still have not located the source.) Once you get the information updated, you should get a new US passport as your number may be forever flagged. Keep in mind, that as of now, the notices apply to registrants, but current proposed… Read more »

Interesting stories. I plead non contest to a battery about 18/19 years ago/summary probation. (Ca). Now, the charge was eventually reduced to a misdemeanor and expunged. In summary, the conviction was expunged, but I’m still required to register! IT had nothing to do with child related issues. I wonder what will happen if I travel? I mean, I’ve visited Costa Rica, Canada, Philippines and a variety of other destinations. ALthough, this was about a year or more ago? I wonder what will happen now? Or, are they only targeting child related offenses? Or, I wonder if the offense being expunged… Read more »

If you have not traveled since mid 2013 to now you will PROBABLY be denied entry into those countries now. I also traveled freely until attempting to travel after mid year 2013. That is when this started. That is when the USA started to inform every country of our intentions to travel to them.

Absolutely horrible the way the borders are closing in on us. I will help fight.

Do any of you travelers have experience with applying for TSA Pre program for flying domestically? I want to apply but am afraid my conviction will lead to a denial and I’ll lose the TSA Privileges I get on my frequent-flyer airline of choice.


The TSA pre-screen program is pretty strict for any conviction, even many simple misdemeanors like shop lifts, etc. If you get it some how now, you’re probably better off leaving it alone. FYI.

Agreed – you are probably better off not applying. I got Trusted Traveler status because I also have SENTRI. SENTRI is the US/Mexico expedited border crossing card. It cost about $150 to apply and required fingerprints, inspection of my car(s) (because the cars get SENTRI stickers too), background check, etc. Better to let those dormant canines remain so.

The fact that the ICE document stated that you were going there with the intent of committing a new crime, I would say that is slander/libel. They have no way of providing one way or another what your intent is. I would file a tort claim against the individual who issued the notice for slander/libel as an individual, and also file an injunction against the agency from allowing it’s employees to make false representations.

Advocate, I feel for you. I really haven’t ran into this issue, but I can imagine. To say the least, I have no idea whats going on with this country. We have 1st Time offenders here in California with misdemeanors who must register for life! Thats nuts. They have to register annually, until recently banned from parks/beaches/living in certain areas, plastered on the internet, prohibited from participating in Halloween and the list goes on and on. NOw, we are being prohibited from travel? Thats nuts

I truly feel something must be done about this! I mean, this is nuts. Whats next?/as of this time, sex offenders are almost incapable of leaving the country? In my instance, I plead to a wobbler, which was eventually reduced to a misdemeanor and expunged/dismissed! Yet, Im still required to register 19 years later with a summary probation result at the time! So, I’m not a felon and by law never been convicted of a crime, but yet I’m still required to register and banned from traveling any further? I have no idea!

Only in America the land of the free. Well, some are certainly more free than others as we all know!

Yes, they just keep coming up with more and more way to pile on the punishment. You can count on a few new ones each election! I have seen it time and time again. It’s not going to stop either.

As I read this topic over, I become angrier and angrier! Some years back (almost 20 now), I can recall dealing with an attorney and the man is now a Commissioner in OC. As such, I recall him telling me if I plead to a battery, (wobbler) I would no longer be required to register after the charge was reduced to a misdemeanor! Well, that was false. I initially felt that whats the big deal if I have to register for 3 years or so? He lied. Well, things have changed since then. Megans Law Website (isn’t that degrading enough)!… Read more »

I was informed today by the U.S. Marshall’s Sex Offender Targeting Center that the sex offender alert notices about me have been stopped and that I am now good to travel. The partner federal law enforcement authorities have also been notified by the U.S. Marshall’s Sex Offender Targeting Center to stop the sex offender alert notices on me. This is very good news! Apparently, the sex offender alert notices are issued for anyone who is required to register as a sex offender. I feel very fortunate and gracious that I am no longer a registered sex offender and I see… Read more »

Well aren’t you lucky. Good for you. See wasn’t that easy. Too bad we all don’t have it that way. Have fun on your next international adventure and be sure to think of us.

AdvocateVoice: That is good news. Congratulations on getting it resolved! You are the only other person I’ve seen here that had a notice sent because of an error. If they would just notify you in advance, then you could avoid losing $1000’s of dollars in travel and correct an error before the fact. If DHS can send a notice to another country can’t they send a notice to YOU. (My error once corrected would still likely have a notice sent.) You’re fortunate to be in a state that has some type of relief. My case is a reduced misdemeanor, 20… Read more »

“misdemeanor, 20 years ago, expunged, no other problems ever” -> Certificate of Rehabilitation?


Yes, my attorney is preparing for a COR filing and says I’m an excellent candidate. It’s a reduced Hofsheier probationary offense that is not eligible for relief per 290.5 upon getting a COR. It’s an unequal protection issue. (And Hofsheier is under Supreme court review.)

I imagine at some point I’ll get relief. Eventually on appeal and $$$.

“Since the federal government has taken all appropriate action to reconcile my problem in a timely fashion, I will no longer be able to be a party in a potential class action lawsuit against the federal government for government interference in travel.” Perhaps you would be so kind as give some information of the attorney that you WERE working with when this issue DID effect you since not all of us have been so lucky and are still in great need of assistance in fighting this fight to gain back our legal ability to be “allowed” to leave the confines… Read more »

Were you explicitly informed by U.S. Marshalls that those NOT required to register should not be encumbered by notifications to destination countries?

There have been several lawsuits filed on behalf of the people on the terrorist watch list who have been detained, without the government giving them a reason why they are considered dangerous. Isn’t this flagging of registered, and apparently non-registered former offenders, in apparent secrecy, an extra judicial violation of travel rights, also?

The US government has done many things in the shadows and some are surprised that they do this to its own people (NSA spying for example)…BUT those of us who have dealt with being registered sex offenders are not surprised at all at the abuse suffered at the hands of our own government. We deal with it everyday of our lives and it looks like we will until our last breath. There is no reason to expect that the government will treat us any better than terrorists…when they abuse the rights of every single American…we don’t stand a chance I… Read more »

Terrorists get more sympathy and understanding in the press, which is not saying much. Center for Constitutional Rights jumps on the Guantanamo Bay issue, but ACLU takes years to file suit against the tent cities in Florida. I think these civil rights need a little shaming now and again. We have 850000 registered citizens essentially detained in their own country, because our government is notifying countries that we are dangerous. This is not normal or healthy or inevitable, but it is tremendously difficult to fight and I for one feel quite powerless right now– just the way the politicians like… Read more »

Well , I attempted a Certificate of Rehab (battery/expunged/SUMMARY probation/no other issues/ obtained Graduate Degree ) and the judge rejected my requests! He couldn’t find one reason to deny the motion, but it wasn’t enough ? I was in sock (OC). The DA was dishonest, (occurred in LA) made all kinds of false accusations/ investigator harrassed me/ wrote false report/rude ect ect. I was in total shock by their actions! Good luck ! Im attempting to now file it again in LA 20 years after the fact! Anyone heard of a register able offense with summary probation?

HR4573 (International Megan’s Law) was supposed to authorize Department of Homeland Security to form an Angel Watch Center to notify foreign governments when sex offenders travel to other countries. That bill passed the US House back in May but is stuck in a Senate Committee. What’s really the purpose of that bill if our government is already doing what that bill had proposed?

The only difference I can see is when this bill passes it will allow the U.S. to secure funding to pay other countries to reciprocate with ‘a dirty list’ of their registrants. Right now, most countries aren’t sharing this information, so we hope that if we bribe them, they’ll cough up a list of those who are ‘LIKELY’ to travel to the U.S. to partake in our overwhelmingly rampant sex slavery/tourism/trafficking problem.

I.M.L. would make anyone who didn’t jump accurately through the application and screening process prior to attempted international travel a felon, once again. It serves their obvious goal of trying to put registrants back in prison.

Oh yeah, and this will probably turn into another idiotic debacle with as much confusion and participation as the Adam Walsh Act. Other countries will happily take our money until they’re demanded to comply with the requests.

Mike, this effort is already funded by the US gov’t. This not an international effort by a coalition of countries, this is a US initiative. These “sex offender alerts” are generated inside the US. And then sent from a DHS analyst located at the US Embassy within the foreign country. The DHS analyst position is funded by the US gov’t and filled by a foreign immigration official. This (DHS) analyst is responsible for the information liaison from the US to the foreign immigration department. Also related is the fact that the US gov’t gives grant money within foreign countries for… Read more »

In other words everyone gets credit, but human trafficking continues unabated, because they are targeting mostly symbolic, but harmless, bogeymen; like the drug war that has no real affect on illegal drug use, but great profit for producers and law enforcement alike.

Not quite. Please read my two pieces, linked here in June, about these laws. The U.S. justifies this disclosure to other countries as a quid pro quo for identical information it uses to block entry (categorically) to their citizens. It is not unilateral but it is dominated, and engineered, by the U.S. and the “Five Eyes” and Europe. This is truly global, at this point. The One World Government we have heard so much about from conspiracy theorists for a number of years now? This is the perfect expression of that government, along with the massive loss of liberties we… Read more »

No, I don’t see there is one world order. There is one country that throws its weight around, but it is by no means governing much, unless you mean creating chaos and violence is governing. I’m not saying this just to be contrary, but to suggest that there may be other avenues other powers than our own country out there to go to.

Regardless of how we typify the global surveillance state and use loaded terms like “One World Order” the fact is that the internationalization of sex offender hysteria IS now truly global. As someone who has spent a good deal of time outside of the U.S., mostly in Europe and Asia and South America, it is absolutely clear that this is no longer a U.S.-centric hysteria, even if it is financed disproportionately by the U.S. government. It is TRULY global and, were the U.S. to disappear tomorrow, the hysteria would continue, unabated. It started in the U.S. but has now fully-acquired… Read more »

“We must join these efforts in the minds of others so disposed towards the eradication of these threats.” This is from a later post by you. So you admit there are other “powers” out there with whom we can allie? Otherwise, one might just sit under a rock and hope the sky does not fall too hard. Maybe not a bad plan. By “powers” I didn’t mean to limit it to government bodies. Who is the intended audience for your research? The general public could care less about our rights. We are like ebola to them. Snowden brought out his… Read more »

HR 4573 does basically just codify what is already being done. One important exception is it applies to ‘sex offenses’ not just ‘registered’ sex offenses, based on the federal AWA standards of notification. So, many states where some relief can be granted after 10 years will become a 15 yr, 25 yr or lifetime travel notification period. (It is also a likely round about way to expand arrestable reporting requirements on registrants from non-AWA implemented states.) Of course California is ‘lifetime’ for all, so we exceed these limits no questions asked. For a really extreme piece of anti registrant legislation,… Read more »

Have you seen any policy directives on the currently implemented policies (not those in the proposed IML) to indicate the scope of notification-worthy travelers? You mentioned “registered” sex offenders. Is it limited to only those currently registered?


It is not limited to those currently registered, though we may be their primary target, because it affects anyone traveling with a registrant.

Bravo! Bravo to you for taking a stand, for getting a lawyer to fight this crap, for considering contacting the ACLU to take it up, and anything more. Bravo! Yes, when you said: “… stating that I am a convicted sex offender and that I am traveling to Thailand with the intent to recommitting a crime against children,” that is new information I have been wanting. I have not until now known just what it is they are sending that gets such a serious reaction from the receivers. Gee, to send a misdemeanor record from, say, 30 years ago —… Read more »

The federal government is doing as they please and there is not a damn thing you can do about it. As has been explained already on this board. They are sending out a notice of a travelling sex offender. They are stating that the sex offender is likely to commit these crimes in the country of destination…they can say this because IT IS THEIR POSITION that we actually ARE likely to re offend..hence, the very reason that we register and our movements tracked and restricted! So you can forget liable. It will not fly. Further more if they wanted to… Read more »

It is terribly grim, no doubt about it but I am not at all prepared to pronounce it “unwinnable”. There are, undoubtedly, constitutional grounds for challenge. But these restrictions parallel, very closely, policies put in place to thwart “terrorism” and, as such, may take a very long time to unwind. It may be that we can only benefit if those terrorist policies are successfully challenged and if the basis upon which they are challenged is clearly extensible to us. My own assessment is that it is “unwinnable” only if we do nothing. The ACLU is a mixed bag and terribly… Read more »

I wish it were so easy to challenge on the basis that the U.S. is committing libel. I strongly suspect that they are on fairly safe ground as they, very likely, do nothing more than forward criminal conviction data to the foreign government. In other words, statements of fact for which no libel law will allow traction. When presented with the opportunity to refuse entry to a visitor based upon criminal records, most countries, and certainly the U.S. and the “Five Eyes”, WILL refuse entry. We have to consider, they have not previously had sufficiently granular, REAL-TIME, data access like… Read more »

David et al: It IS libel, however, with actual malice (from my reading of what that means legally) for the government to claim that the citizen-traveler is “highly likely” to seek to commit a sex offense while in another country. We could all agree to disagree on what “highly likely” means, but with the documented sex-crime recidivism rate for RSOs being as low as it is, in the single digits (see here for a run-down:, I think we COULD agree that, statistically, it is actually highly UN-likely that a registered citizen will seek to commit a sex crime in… Read more »

It is, of course, libel in the sense that the extraordinary contempt heaped upon registered citizens is, as a whole, a terrible and unjust libel. I just don’t think that we are going to be able to nail them on that basis because of the presumed limited scope of information they provide foreign governments. I’m not at all sure that the U.S. is providing foreign governments with anything other than factual conviction data and, if that is the case, then libel will not be, in my limited understanding, a basis upon which we can proceed against them. I suspect, but… Read more »

Katherine and David: You are correct on the empirical lower rate of recidivism, but below is the exact quote form the current in re E.J. [47 Cal. 4th 1258 (2010)], in conjunction with the current In re Taylor et al, case before the Supreme court: “Proposition 83 was submitted to the voters on the November 7, 2006 ballot. The purpose of the initiative was described in section 2, which explains that “[s]ex offenders have a dramatically higher recidivism rate for their crimes than any other type of violent felon,”” Further, Prop 83 also known as Jessica’s law was officially titled:… Read more »

I would like to add that the government also probably has, but has not released, statistics that show what number/percentage of RSOs that have traveled abroad (when they were allowed to travel) have been arrested and/or convicted of sex crimes in a foreign country. That information would be provided to local embassies and no doubt relayed to Washington, DC. In this report,, on page 1, the GAO cites two anecdotes of registered citizens who apparently committed sex crimes abroad. I would suggest that anecdotal evidence is hardly adequate for a policy of libeling ALL registered citizens who wish to… Read more »

Yes, this is important datum which we really need.

Anyone who has not read the two pieces I wrote last June about this very subject should do so now. They can be found here: Unfortunately, after performing all of that research and writing, all I could do was sit back and wait to collect anecdotes just like this one since it was quite obvious to me that the awful results would be inevitable. Some of the commenters here would do well to read them to clarify, in their minds, what the legal issues are and the authority asserted by our government to, effectively, place sex offenders in the… Read more »

“To answer one of the questions asked by some of the commenters here: No, it doesn’t matter if you no longer have to register, it only matters that you were ever arrested or convicted of a sex offense”

Do you have a source / basis for that? If it is in your paper I must have missed it.

Your research and analysis are excellent. Everyone needs to read it. Thank you.

Joe — at least on the “returning to U.S.” side I can confirm they still flag you because I’m no longer on the registry but get stopped for secondary screening every time. This document describes how the various departments gather and share RSO data for international travelers: . On page 15 / table 2 it notes that customs “Receives an alert that the traveler has a National Crime Information Center (NCIC) record when CBP officers query traveler’s biographic information at air or sea ports of entry.” You have an NCIC record if you’ve been arrested or convicted anywhere in… Read more »

John, you state that you “did go to Germany and Netherlands within the past couple years with no problems (just the usual secondary screening on return).”

You must keep in mind that this started mid-2013 SO if your traveling was a couple of years ago it was probably prior to the time this was implemented.

That’s correct. Many RSO’s travelled up until then with no problems. Refusals of entry of which I am aware of since mid-2013 include: Japan, Taiwan, Russia, Brazil, Argentina, China, Thailand, Mexico, Philippines, and, of course, the “Five Eyes” those English-speaking countries who have been excluding sex offenders for much longer and the basis upon which the Interpol worldwide scheme is based. My only sources for those countries are when people like those here report back from their experiences or when they are reported in the media. I have no idea how many have been refused travel entry or how many… Read more »

My husband was lucky in that he came off the registry a few years ago with a Certificate of Rehabilitation.

Since then (at least half a dozen international trips later) he has not been sent to secondary inspection upon re-entry into the US one single time.

I should add that the customs agent definitely does a double take. There is still something in the system, it causes raised eyebrows and extra clicking and thinking, but it does not (has not yet) result in secondary inspection.

Maybe because the Certificate of Rehabilitation includes a dismissal / expungement of the conviction.

I do not know. And that is the most upsetting part. Why is all of this done with such a lack of transparency?

You kidding right…”why is there a lack of transparency”? You do realize you are dealing with the government of the United States of America…the first country to use the current technology to secretly record everyone of it’s “free” citizens every communication right? Please don’t tell me that you assumed that all would be forgiven and the record wiped clean when even a completely “innocent” American citizen is treated like a criminal and enemy of the state by the American government. I am afraid that the 1950’s are long gone. There is no privacy, there is no justice, and certainly nothing… Read more »

That means that they (the Immigration officer who takes your passport upon reentry) IS seeing criminal conviction information on their screens. But, they are choosing not to flag entry card for secondary screening because the system is according less security weight to your husbands entry. The information they are seeing is NCIC criminal history data with some kind of instant weighted-valuation afixed. Sex offender registration by state is, no doubt, available to that officer, but is unlikely to be the determinant for secondary screening.

Have any of the overseas trips been in 2014 and have you had a problem GOING – in other words, has your husband been detained or been given any indication of a “warning” being sent to you destination? My conviction has been: (1) expunged (2) reduced to a misdemeanor (3) granted Certificate of Rehab in that order, but I am still very afraid to travel internationally for work because I may be detained and refused entry and then have to explain this to my work. I don’t think expungement of the conviction matters at all. My conviction had been expunged… Read more »

No you are not told you CAN NOT GO…and that is the “beauty” of this deceptive scheme. The US government can claim that it is the country of destination who denies you entry…letting them take the blame!

So you go…waste thousands on tickets and hotel reservations only to be denied entry and sent right back where the immigration officials have nothing to say except “welcome back to the USA – Land of the Free”!

Joe, no I don’t have any hard textual references on current policy (since it appears to be entirely an “administrative” policy rather than a law such as I.M.L.). The fellow starting this thread now says he has gained relief from this notification due to his no longer being on the registry. If true, then that would indicate something different from what I had been led to believe by a source who stated that conviction data, not state registration, triggered notification. I would like to get to the bottom of it but would be very surprised to learn that current federal… Read more »

Thank you for your research and analysis on this. What about the issue of privacy?

Privacy was forfeited when you became a RSO. The arrest is public record. The information is made available for public safety. (Remember that this is what the government says – not me).

Furthermore, it has been shown that the US government has not respect for privacy. The NSA spying program and others have shown this to be the case.

If they do not respect the privacy of the average god fearing tax paying “innocent” average Joe do you think for one microsecond that they have any regard for the privacy of convicted perverts like us – NO.

The people in charge of our governments worldwide are mentally unqualified and psychotic. It has nothing to do with the protection of children because children themselves have told us repeatedly that they like physical relationships with adults. There is no evidence from psychology and biology that such conduct by friends in safe environment is harmful. These so called governments only maintain their attitude by denying the research and refusing to examine the issue. They are not qualified to be our governments. The vast majority of them took and maintain power by force. You cannot oppose their injustice and psychosis by… Read more »

It has nothing to do with the protection of children because children themselves have told us repeatedly that they like physical relationships with adults. There is no evidence from psychology and biology that such conduct by friends in safe environment is harmful.

What a load of disgusting BS.

You are, of course, correct. Politically INCORRECT but factually correct.

However, gaining traction within RSOL on this position will not happen. Their policy follows very closely the pathology/treatment model of pedophilia and ephebophilia. Some for reasons of expedience, others because it is what they have been led to believe. For now, it is impossible to gain traction for the considerable scientific body of evidence which does, indeed, support your assertions.

I’m not sure the point of your post as you seemingly disguise what you are referring to in terms of age of said relationships. The two of you sound like you are trying to make pedophilia ok.

Maybe we should start a petition to get the White House to look into this unwarranted discrimination. Most travel to get away with their family or to visit family and not with an intent to harm children.

You are joking right? The white house is the one causing this “unwarranted discrimination” which in fact they view as completely warranted and not discrimination at all.

You said, “most” travel for reasons of vacation with their families…most…you said it yourself, so it is easy to see how they can justify “erring on the side of caution” where children are involved.

I am sorry but it’s the truth and to think any other way is simply to be in denial.

It is rather pathetic that while some try to cross the boarder TO ENTER the USA that we are going to have sneak across the boarder as to GET OUT of the USA. I for one certainly do not plan on being a prisoner trapped within the imaginary boarder of the USA when it is my HUMAN RIGHT to explore this planet just as much as anyone else. I do not respect these artificial “rules” that restrict my movement. I will be fine breaking them just as others who have been abused and oppressed by those in power have done… Read more »

The right to travel internationally is not as well defined as the right to travel “freely” within the US between states. The recent ACLU No-fly list case is a good start for a challenge. These US Justice Dept/ DHS “instant deportation” requests/ sex offender notifications to foreign governments can certainly be challenged on: 1) Endangerment of a US citizen when broadcasting to other foreign government that you are a threat to their citizens – Failure of the US Government to protect its own citizens. Your basic right to protection: 2 ) Violation of the 5th and 14th Amendments –… Read more »

All of your points are perfectly straightforward and clear SO can someone PLEASE explain to ME WHY this has NOT been challenged and WON? I am perfectly WILLING to be represented by a lawyer who is interested in actual JUSTICE and I will not simply be John Doe but a real person with a name and face who this discrimination has happened to when I was denied entry into Argentina September 9, 2014. I am certain that I am not the only one who this has recently happened to who would be willing to be represented as well. Honestly, isn’t… Read more »

Simple answer. It costs lots and lots and lots of money. Money that most of us don’t have, and certainly too much for a lawyer to spend time on. It is hard enough to get somoene to represent registrants for OBVIOUS things like residency and proximity restrictions. Janice is the most litigious attorney in US history with regard to fighting sex offender laws, and she’s not exactly rolling in the dough.

It is easy to volunteer to be a party to a lawsuit, but the real problem is in financially supporting the action.

Well it might be “easy to be part to a law suit” but it’s not that easy to live as a sex offender and offer up my personal name to be used in said law suit which I have offered up! I am not talking about suing McDonald for making the coffee too hot…we all know that lawyers line up for those sort of cases! No – I am talking about something that could go to the supreme court of the USA and I would THINK that some hot shot fresh out of law school would clear some time on… Read more »

I’m not discounting the difficulty in becoming the public name in an RSO lawsuit. Indeed, the way Frank has been treated for being the primary litigant on all the proximity lawsuits, particularly in public comments by certain lawmakers (*cough* Hesperia! *cough*) is definitely daunting to those who wish to include themselves on a lawsuit. However, before such action can be taken in the first place, one needs a significant amount of money. Despite all the successes Janice is having, it still takes thousands of dollars to start and maintain all those lawsuits. On the topic of SCOTUS: Unfortunately, the Supreme… Read more »

Excellent points Robert! Regarding: “I believe the US government has the responsibility to notify its own citizen when notification is sent to a foreign government. It should be a priority of our government to protect its own citizens first.” Well, this, of course would, but without your intention, tend to argue FOR the Int’l Megan’s Law currently before the Senate. In other words, the very law they want to pass against us to shore-up the questionable constitutionality of the notification process as it is currently implemented is being contemplated as a remedy for its nagging incompleteness. I see IML as… Read more »

This is would need be a federal court case against DOJ and DHS, which has the SMART office and DHS under its umbrella. These sex offender alerts are generated at the federal level not the state level therefore would need challenged at the federal level. The DOJ SMART office has led the effort in putting this program in place since 2009. DOJ DHS has led the effort in implementing the program. At the federal level, the Department of State who maintains control of US passports has not been involved in this process. This is strictly a DOJ/ law enforcement initiative.… Read more »

Very good insights, Robert. One thing, though: The IML (which current administrative policy is clearly modeled upon, even in the absence of IML’s enactment) stresses the urgency of the U.S. providing offender data to the U.S. as a condition of it receiving offender data from THEM, so they are using that ploy as a justification for the necessity of IML’s information exchange. Secondly, it is very true that not all countries (still rather few, I would guess) have sex offender registries so, while one might argue that that information could not be exchanged with the U.S., this does overlook the… Read more »

Maybe non-transparency is the government’s tactic to preventing legal challenges to their illegal/unconstitutional travel restrictions. It’s really hard to sue over something that isn’t well defined and that we can’t seem to get clarity on. Maybe the FIRST step to fixing this assault on our freedom of travel is to challenge the lack of transparency. Any reasonable court would agree that if you are putting travel restrictions on a certain class of people, there needs to be at minimum CLEAR GUIDELINES as to who is targeted and what exactly the process is. This seems basic. It is completely ridiculous that… Read more »

Is your social security number the identifier on passports? Or name / birthdate? Some other number? If you lose your passport and get a new one I’m guessing you’re still linked? What if you change your last name? My husband won a trip to Costa Rica that must be used by next July. His coworker also won. The coworker wants us to plan the trip together. The problem? I’m a SO but off the registry (10years, tier 1) in my state. I don’t have an obligation to notify anyone but I think Costa Rica scans interpol data on everyone? I… Read more »

It’s a tough spot but you do have some time during which travel anecdotes will (hopefully) continue to filter in and provide a better idea of what you’re up against including, perhaps, other’s experiences entering Costa Rica. I would recommend an attorney but suspect very few will be up to speed on this issue as it is still quite new and unfolding. You do have several things working in your favor, in my opinion: you were a Tier 1 offender and no longer have to register and, frankly, the fact that you’re a woman. Passports do not include Social Security… Read more »

I think you are wrong about Costa Rica. They are actually very high tech when it comes to tourism as they have been leaders in eco-tourism as well as a place famous for expats.

Interpol most certainly has a huge presence there and of course the US is providing the information prior to your arrival so I would say forget it. Also the fact that so many have already reported being denied entry there that it really doesn’t look good.

Marie, as the traveler who started this thread did, you should contact the US Marshall’s Sex Offender Targeting Center in Washington, DC to check whether or not you will be flagged on entry. I realize that the last thing anyone with a sex crimes conviction who wishes to travel wants to do is call attention to themselves by making this phone call, but apparently the feds will get the information anyway, and doing so could save you a lot of time, money and trouble down the road. Indeed, if a bunch of other people, with varying convictions, and both on… Read more »

There is information on this very site about Costa Rica deninng entry! From one of the replies below the article: “When I landed in Houston I had no idea what I would face but the immigration officials had no clue what the Costa Rican government was talking about. My passport wasn’t flagged.. I am not nor was I ever under investigation and come to find out Costa Rica passed a law in 2009 that prohibits any US RSO from entry to the country. They lie to you with an official document terrorize you and guard you and then only… Read more »

Based upon all of this and my too-hasty evaluation of Marie’s prospects for successful travel, then I must concede that an attempt to visit Costa Rica may not be in her personal best interest. However, if travelers simply stop trying to visit those countries where they were once allowed, then the government HAS truly won, hasn’t it? That’s the dilemma: an individual may pay the price (in this case, entry refusal and possible reputational damage which could affect family fortunes) but in which the exercise of constitutional rights helps to document systematic abuse by government and in a way which… Read more »

Actually, I’m less concerned about an alert on me as I am in reading that CR is hooked into Interpol and CR has a specific law banning SO’s.

But I haven’t because, you’re right, I don’t want to draw attention to myself. Also, no offense to our government, even if two dozen US Marshall’s assured me my record was fine with no alerts I’m not sure I’d plan a vacation based on their word.

Please I have much offense of our government and their hostile and illegal abuse of sex offenders who have paid their debt to society and yet are not allowed to move on with their lives – EVER! No…our government has committed many offenses and do not ever feel bad about being critical just as the founding fathers intended! Unfortunately you can NOT trust law enforcement to be honest with you (they are allowed to legally lie to you) and furthermore, you can trust them to know anything accurate. Ask 7 agencies and you will get 7 different and usually contradictory… Read more »

BE WARNED! I was recently deported after living several years in Thailand. I lost everything. I read the notation on my Thailand immigration computer file which they check at most borders, international airports, and immigration offices when you need to extend a visa. ICE gave my info to the the Thai immigration outlining my conviction. (possession of child pron, ironic as this is not an offense in Thailand) ICE even went to the trouble of described the section of the Thai Immigration Act I was in violation of, Section 12 paragraph 6 and 7. If you are a RSO and… Read more »

Sorry to hear you lost your things! That is a real shame and you would think that they would have at least given you a week to get things packed and ready to ship. This really has dire effects on us all. What it amounts to is confinement within the boarders of the USA…and within those boarders we are further restricted from even from traveling with the need to register within certain time frames when in a different state even to visit relatives…not to mention places with restrictions such as 2000 ft from a school (which many hotels and relatives… Read more »

I think the 10 or so people on here who have been a victim of this USA harassment needs to file a class action suit. If none of you do anything nothing will change. You guys need to form a group as I’m sure there are MANY more who aren’t even on this site going thru this.

I agree and I have stated publicly on this forum that I am willing to do just that.

I can be contacted via the admin of the board if anyone is interested in going forward with such an action.

This “instant deportation” program was started in the 2009/ 2010 timeframe by DOJ/ SMART office. Laws/ policies that were cited when the program was put in place:


I’m seeing a lot of talk about “former” RSO’s and nothing about those currently still on the registry. When I got out of prison after a 2 yr sentence for having an illegal relationship with a person under 16 (even the D.A. in the court proceedings recognized it to the judge as “consensual” mostly to say it was non-violent), I was out for 2 days (yes, I’m on probation) and I went to get my passport because I had never traveled anywhere outside the USA (minus Canada via car for a concert) and after that prison stint I decided that… Read more »

Phil, I enjoyed world travel up until 2012 and now the door is slammed shut unfortunately. While there may be exceptions for the vast majority it is anyway. It is very costly to test and see what happens as I found out in September of this year with a costly trip to Argentina. Your probation officer will spew the official party BS which is that the USA is not telling these countries not to allow us in BUT I can tell you that is a lie. The USA government is most CERTAINLY telling these countries to deny us entry. And… Read more »

One law that I think is part of what they are using against us is one that isn’t that well known is the one stating that it is a felony to intend to travel internationally with the intent to commit an act that is a felony if committed in the United States. In other words, if a California resident plans to travel to a country with a low age of consent to have sex with a 16 year old, they have committed a felony just by making travel plans.

I have a fiancé from Thailand and visited there 2 times. I have created a relationship and was at the top of the world until a piece of paper from ICE to Thailand Immigration telling them of my crime. The 3rd time I went to Thailand, I was greeted by 4 immigration officers and detained till my next flight back to USA. Previously to going, I was accepted a 60 day Visa from the Chicago Thai Consulate. I went through TSA in Chicago. NOT EVEN A WARNING THAT I MAY BE DENIED ENRTY INTO THAILAND. ICE never informed me that… Read more »

We need you! We need your story and we need your help. Please let me know how I might get in touch with you. Everyone with experience in being turned away from foreign ports of entry and those who care about this developing travesty need to work together on this. That is the only way this s**t can be stopped.

David thanks for trying to organize. I have not experienced this or else I would join you. Someone also needs a copy of what ICE is sending. We’ve heardit says something like “John doe is traveling to your country to further commit crimes” again not word for word but that statement alone seems illegal.

That verbiage, if correct, is certainly something we would need to document. Thanks!

Very 1st post on this thread.

“…i approached them which then they presented a police officer badge and had me get on an airport mobile. I was escorted by 4 Thai officers on an airport mobile to a small room. When on the airport mobile, one of the officers sitting behind me showed me the notice which was issued by the U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) stating that I am a convicted sex offender and that I am traveling to Thailand with the intent to recommitting a crime against children.”

Is there anyway to educate these countries?


We can not even educate our OWN country and politicians when they are presented with the facts!

SO NO – not a snow balls chance in hell of that happening!

No. Given the criminal information they will exclude sex offenders. The only way to fight this is to challenge our government’s sharing of information about its own citizens.

That is the exact verbiage and it’s not a secret but rather directly from their own public website!

“Green Notice
To provide warnings and intelligence about persons who have committed criminal offences and are likely to repeat these crimes in other countries.”


By their own language they can’t put this notice on you simply because you have committing a crime. Both conditions have to be met: “… persons who have committed criminal offences [AND] are likely to repeat these crimes in other countries.” The first condition is really pointless. The goal is to prevent crimes against children, then simply looking at past crime is not statstically a reliable marker for predicting future crimes, particularly for those convicted of the broad catagory called sex crimes. How they arrive at the second condition is a mystery. What proof do they have that you are… Read more »

Yes, this is manifestly a due process violation. It is, of course, the same due process violation we are seeing deployed against “sex offenders” in myriad other ways. It is on that basis that these policies and laws must be vigorously challenged. I would argue that, even WITH due process, these are manifestly unconstitutional policies but that argument would be more difficult to successfully advance within the hysterical confines of contemporary society (to my legally untrained mind).

Interpol has a representative office in the United Nations. As a member they may be subject to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and should operate consistently under the following declarations:Everyone has the right to recognition everywhere as a person before the law.

Article 7.

All are equal before the law and are entitled without any discrimination to equal protection of the law. All are entitled to equal protection against any discrimination in violation of this Declaration and against any incitement to such discrimination

Interpol is an international organization but one with autonomous national branches in each of its member countries and which fall under the laws of those individual countries. The U.S. has its own Interpol force (Washington Interpol) which acts as a representative to Interpol, the international organization. Washington Interpol is composed of American citizens who are U.S. government employees (both Dept. of Justice and Homeland Security). As such, they must entirely adhere to U.S. laws and must operate within limits defined by the U.S. Constitution. This is how we can, and must, hold them to account. There can be no doubt… Read more »

I should add, in addition to the DOMESTIC challenge we must mount within the U.S., as I discuss in my other post in response to yours, that there should also be this PARALLEL approach in which Interpol, the INTERNATIONAL body, should be challenged under international and U.N. laws.

I can relate all too well. My wife is also asian and we met a year and half after she had come here to the states. We’ve now been married for 16 years, and her love for me helped me get through the ordeal of jail/prison and 3 years of parole due to something I did not actually do. Now, because of all this crap, we are unable to go back to her home country to visit because while traveling with my wife and kid, they are under the belief that I want to go there to commit a crime.… Read more »

I can’t help but wonder about Philippine David (if I recall his handle correctly) I would tend to think he may be booted out of the PI and separated from his Filipino family. If so, that is a huge punishment for him and his loved ones. I can only wish them the best and hope a new tiered registry may help them.

I am a UK RSO and am extremely annoyed about this. How can they say that we are likely to commit further crimes when we have the lowest rates of re offense? I have not tested this out yet, I am now afraid to leave my country. I have to give advanced notice to the UK Police if I wish to travel abroad, thus giving them time to inform Interpol who will then send a green notice. How can these notices be challenged? Surely they cannot be published for everyone? They are now banning me from international travel. It is… Read more »

It is, indeed, outrageous. I suspect that the advance notice you must provide U.K. authorities prior to travel does not make much of a difference regarding the timely issuance of “green” notices. I think that those notices are automatically generated as soon as the Immigration officer in the country you have just landed in scans your passport. The notice simply being that you are on the Interpol database already and any country can (and will) pull it up when you arrive. Since this advance notice is not required in most states (yet) and those travelers without that requirement are being… Read more »

Hi David, I believe you are incorrect. I know people who have traveled without any notification and have had zero trouble at all. This system is build entirely upon self reporting. Hopefully more info will come out within the next few months, at the moment I am a prisoner within the UK due to these notices. I have went through the criminal justice system to the benefit of no one and have not/will not offend ever again. It’s insane that they can send notices to say we will commit further crimes when the actual evidence could not be further from… Read more »

It would be useful to know where they traveled and what their individual circumstances were. All I can tell you is that I was detained in Panama and questions and I was just there for a 30 minutes layover.

I was also most recently denied entry into Argentina in September of this year.

So I would love to know so details about people who were able to travel and to where. Thank you

Hello, my family and I travel extensively and have a trip planned in December. We have traveled to 4 foreign countries in the past 2 years and have had no problems. Do we think this is just targeted at child offenders? We spent ALOT of money on this upcoming trip and don’t want to travel all the way there to be denied (which has never happened before).

Anyone out there travel abroad this year with no problems?

I can’t yet answer this definitively. We are still waiting for traveler experiences to confirm this, one way or another.

The International Megan’s Law, not yet law as it would have to pass the Senate first and be signed into law by Obama, modified its language (as a means of gaining greater support in The House) to exclude those from these restrictions who did not have a child “victim”.

But that may say nothing for current practice. I hope to find out soon.

Thank you for the response. I think it might be helpful to start a new thread with just travelers experiences asking the following questions-

1) date of travel
2) destination
3) issues encountered?
4) child related crime
5) registered or not

This should help a lot of people save time and money.Again I have been to 4 countries in the past 2 years with no issues.

I’d also like to know the following:

Whether or not if anyone allowed/denied entry had their charges expunged. So far, I’m not reading this very important detail.

Whether or not someone who is only known to local law enforcement or is actually on the Megan’s Law website are denied entry.

I was pointed here by someone who emailed me. I wrote a whole article about this problem way back in 2008 when they tried to push “International Megan’s Law” through Congress: The best way to combat this is to tell people who REALLY HATE sex offenders and want them gone about it. Present it sort of like this: “the US government wants to make sure sex offenders can’t move out of your country; do you want the government to make sure sex offenders who don’t want to live next to you can’t move away?” Sometimes you have to fight… Read more »

David & all, thanks for the insightful information. I’m a RSO. Crime was possession of images depicting minors. Completed probation years ago, but still an annual registrant. I have successfully travelled over the past decade, and even since mid 2013 where others seem to be having problems. Since last June, I have been to UK, Germany, China on multiple occasions for work, and Mexico. Just this past week, I was denied entry into Mexico which came as a complete shock to my wife and I. Wasted money, humiliation, etc. Now I’m concerned about a business trip to China/Japan in first… Read more »

Dear Friends, A report on international travel for a high risk sex offender. In March, 2014 I sailed with my family on a week-long cruise of the Western Caribbean. We departed from Galveston, TX At the port of embarkation Where I checked in for the cruise I was worried that I might be denied entry and turned back before my vacation began. As I checked in and they scanned my passport I was relieved to be given my ships pass and allowed to board. After spending a couple of days at sea we docked at Roatan Island, off the coast… Read more »

I was also just deported from Thailand while attempting to visit Jan 4th. I had previously visited in October of 2013. Thai immigration also showed me the letter from ICE stating my offense. It didn’t state anything that said I had intention to offend. They wouldn’t let me take a copy of the letter. This certainly came as a shock to me when I got off the plane in Bangkok. Not only did I lose money on the flight I also certainly felt as a prisoner for something I did in 2001 which led to some depressed feelings. I completed… Read more »

I have just received an inquiry from a corporation in Guangzhou China. They have asked me to fly over and meet with them on their dime. In the past I have flown into Hong Kong and had a local travel agent secure my visa into China with no problem but that was a couple of years ago. Now I am concerned. Does any one know if the sponsoring company requests your services with a letter of invitation and they secure your visa, could I then somehow mitigate China’s immigration prohibition. Has anyone had any problems entering Hong Kong lately? I… Read more »

I was denied entry into Mexico last week. I was traveling with 4 co-workers for business, our manufacturing plant is there. I was pulled out of the line for immigration. They knew I was coming, and I didn’t even have a chance to scan my passport. Very humiliating and now my job is in jeapardy. I was planning a trip to meet my girlfreind who I love and was hoping to marry. It looks like INTERPOL is the main culprit. They are sending information actively to all nations through tracking system. Please sign me up, we need to fight this… Read more »

Wow this is f’d up. We can’t leave but they let in foreign criminals if they have the cash:–abc-news-topstories.html

This week I was talking to the Little Rock police detective who manages sex offenders and the issue of international travel came up. He said that the only difference he has noticed in the last few months was the fact that lately Federal Marshals he reports international travel itineraries to have begun assigning case managers to each case. I asked if he had any local sex offenders who traveled internationally recently. As you might expect, in the Little Rock, AR community there aren’t many jet setting registrants, however he did tell me that one gentleman traveled for a week in… Read more »

I was one of the unlucky ones…. But I also had no idea about the 21 day notice either. I have traveled 3 times internationally since I got off my probation prior to IML. I also had no idea IML even existed. This last time my third trip I was denied entry into Thailand to see my Fiance`. And Now I am on a blacklist for Thailand. I wonder if it would of made a difference if I had given the 21 day notice that I didn’t even know existed. I also agree it would be nice to hear about… Read more »

With respect, would you be willing to disclose your offense. Thailand seems to give more weight to certain offenses.

I was denied entry to Thailand on 8/25/16. Similar experience. 4 officers waiting for me. Photographed. Showed me the letter that it was ICE who informed them. Now I’m afraid that I’m banned from traveling overseas. I was convicted in 2011. Finished probation. Level 1 SO (lowest risk in my state). Did rehab and everything asked and beyond. I just want to get back to have a normal life again.

If you arent on probation or parole and only register once a year why did you even inform anyone of your travel plans? or are you leaving something out possibly??
just trying to clarify why you would be denied entry and how would have known

I assume you are new here. Basically, everyone that travels outside the US is given a background check. Supposedly to see if you are on a terrorist or no fly list or are a registered citizen, If you are found to be a registered citizen, Angel Watch notifies the destination country that a convicted sex offender is soon arriving in their country. This notice causes many countries to deny entry. Please read previous posts on this site for more information.

Seeking to study with one (1) freedom-minded individual. Served 8 years in prison. Want to begin a fresh start.

Seeking to establish a lawful usa exit route with legal border crossing documentation.

I am seeking a place to travel through (90 days maximum stay), on a perpetual travel schedule between 4 countries.

Anyone have recent success in exiting usa through Mexican free trade zones?

J, free trade zones are not relevant when speaking of travel under IML. Even if you could exit the usa undetected, you could be nabbed on your way back into usa and given a lengthy prison sentence for failing to provide the advance notice travel itinerary. Under this fascist policy, you’d better watch your back and be sure of what could go wrong. My heart aches for the men and women who will be torn from families and given multi-year prison sentences for even unknowing violations of this heinous and immoral legislation. And all because they only wished to engage… Read more »

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