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Vigilant Solutions and Watch Systems team to deliver solution for improved registered sex offender compliance

LIVERMORE, Calif., Aug. 19, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Vigilant Solutions and Watch Systems announce today that they have worked together, and in close collaboration with mutual customers, to provide improved abilities to manage registered sex offender compliance efforts throughout the country. Full Press Release

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As predicted a few years ago by commenters on this site “We are now being monitored by license plate recognition” whenever we travel. Recommendation: Rent a car if you plan on taking a vacation. Hopefully the rental agency doesn’t have to report your contract to the monitoring authorities. Vigilant Solutions and Watch Systems team to deliver solution for improved registered sex offender compliance LIVERMORE, Calif., Aug. 19, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Vigilant Solutions and Watch Systems announce today that they have worked together, and in close collaboration with mutual customers, to provide improved abilities to manage registered sex offender compliance efforts… Read more »

YES! The UPC barcode tattoos are coming next. Hitler would have loved this gimmick! Your life as you knew it has forever been compromised and circumvented all in the name of security theater. Your humanity and real name has been stripped and “Sex offender” is now your slave name.

Protecting “Our children..” What a delusional fantasy.

Likely some stupid questions… How is this different that the company that supplies facebook cross reference information from the various registeries? If it’s not different, is either legal? If not, are suits against Facebook (and by extension their “supplier”) possible? I seem to recall a citizen action when the local prosecutor had declined to act.

Just thinking

This one just screams ACLU lawsuit….

Big Brother is watching…always

This is all tailored only to those registered citizens who are actually registered and have also registered their vehicle(s) to law enforcement. Not to mention that it discriminates against otherwise compliant RC’s that happen to own a vehicle.

My concern is that my wife and I have two vehicles, both of which I drive and so are listed on my registration. She could potentially be caught up in this by mistaken identity (she travels by car periodically for work) resulting in a substantial amount of embarrassment and humiliation for us both.

That’s one thing I like about Virginia, I have to register only the vehicles that are in my name. Now, until I am off paper I have to inform my PO of any vehicle I may USE, but hello everything else that possibly matters is in my wife’s name. No violations that way, less stress overall too.

These companies are getting bigger and more influential because nobody is suing them when they are small. They are collecting information on ever American they can, not just sex offenders’ whereabouts. They are pushing the Orwellian Prediction more quickly into reality by targeting “criminals” and especially those dangerously monstrous sex offenders that loiter behind bushes next to schools and playgrounds trying to prey on your little snowflakes. These companies know they are not in it for the long haul, but if they can gain enough ground while they can, by the time the wheels of Justice work against them, they… Read more »

What’s scary beyond the registered citizen is how far are the powers that be are willing to go with this kind of technology? I need more political activist trainees to train to make up to $100,000 in the field with me and others. This is not a gimmick. we need to show up, stand up and speak up. I need trainees for all areas of the state but you need to be off probation and parole to allow you freedom to be most effective. If you’re not off paper I am willing to train someone close to you possibly a… Read more »

I think this could present a legal challenge. Clearly, in order for Vigilante Systems, sorry…Vigilant Systems to provide law enforcement with alerts, Vigilant Systems would require access to information which is not generally made public – specifically, license plate information. Penal Code 290.45 states, in part, the following: 290.45. (a) (1) Notwithstanding any other provision of law, and except as provided in paragraph (2), any designated law enforcement entity may provide information to the public about a person required to register as a sex offender pursuant to Section 290, by whatever means the entity deems appropriate, when necessary to ensure… Read more »

In short, they need a warrant before they can even access the data. Also, Vigilant cannot actually use the data themselves. They can only access the data that is specific within the scope of the warrant.

I am not sure of the constitutionality of whether those on probation/parole need a warrant, but certainly those OFF paper cannot be tracked in this manner without a warrant. For such a warrant to be issued, it must also contain constraints and time limits if it is an ongoing investigation into a crime.

Would someone of legal acumen care to take this further?

The constitutional questions regarding the legality of license plate scanners are still being hashed out. Here’s the link:

But 290.45 is pretty clear in the circumstances that allow license plate information to be shared.

If I recall correctly, GPS monitoring systems was ruled unconstitutional. Now, the scope was limited to GPS onto private items, but many of the justices implied that any kind of monitoring without warrant was unconstitutional. Justice Sotomayor wrote, “I, for one, doubt that people would accept without complaint the warrantless disclosure to the government of a list of every Web site they had visited in the last week, or month, or year.” Justice Alito listed other “new devices that permit the monitoring of a person’s movements” that fit uneasily with traditional Fourth Amendment privacy analysis. Link to article: The… Read more »

@ New Person I believe you’re right when considering similarities to a 4th amendment rights case against GPS that were reversed by the supreme court. The following came to mind albeit the “monitoring device”, our license plate, is attached to a vehicle and not our person. There have been other cases thrown out of court where GPS is attached to a suspects vehicle without a warrant: Grady v. North Carolina (14-593) Washington — The United States Supreme Court (March, 2015) summarily reversed a North Carolina judicial decision upholding a program that allows state officials to use a GPS device to… Read more »

This whole sex offender thing is getting really sick. I guess this is just one more group of people that are so disconnected from the facts surrounding this largely manufactured issue that they actually think they are doing something needed. I’ll bet there was allot of federal funding involved.

I just made a comment on another post the other day about this! It’s all about the $$$$$ NOT “safety.”

I just had a scary thought; what if LE decided that it’s OK for the public to have this information? Most of our private and personal information is already plastered all over the world anyway, and every time some registrant or innocent family member gets murdered because our information has been made public nobody seems to notice or appears to be able to draw the glaringly obvious conclusion about why this happens, and any press coverage simply turns into a platform for all of the hatemongers to spew their filth. I can see someone writing an app that would be… Read more »

If I am not mistaken, there already is an app to track registrants wearing GPS. It’s another thing that reinforces the paranoia that there are sex offenders everywhere.

In California, if this is true, following the movements of an individual can quickly become Stalking, which is a registerable offense in California.

The GPS coordinates of an individual is to be made available to law enforcement, limited generally to the parole or probation officer.

If there is something we don’t know, PLEASE TELL US.

I agree that this company is getting info without a warrant, plus their telling people to contact the states that don’t use their system and Ask for it. perhaps someone should stand by their front gate and record all the plates going in.
Go after their stock holders.

We knew this was coming, now didn’t we? The government operates on the principle that, if it is technologically possible, then it must be done. As with the travel restrictions on RSOs to foreign locales, the technological capability necessary to to provide such tracking creates the demand for its eventuality. In this case, our government masters are working with a private company to foment a sense of urgency in the public. Soon, it will be of such an order of expectation that any sex offender not being so-tracked will evoke shrieks of self-righteous fury and demands for closing the inevitable… Read more »

New Person wrote “this to the 21st century, that would also include the internet as it is digital paper. This would also include a person’s effects such as a vehicle.” Is your car getting searched? Still on parole? “fourth amendment rights? I thought registering was for probation and parole. After that’s completed, one still doesn’t have fourth amendment rights, the right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effect, against unreasonable search and seizures, shall not be violated.” Is your house or person being searched? If off parole, this should not be happening. “Citizens have… Read more »

How is this fictitious? Every other citizen has the right to travel where they wish, whenever they wish, Registrants don’t. Citizens can leave the country freely, registrants can’t. Citizens can live wherever they wish to live, registrants can’t. Citizens have the right to privacy, registrants don’t. Citizens have a right to due process AFTER committing a crime, registrants are held in civil commitment JUST IN CASE they MIGHT commit a crime in the future. Citizens have the luxury of government aid if needed, registrants are having that right taken away systematically. So tell me again how this is fictitious? All… Read more »

It looked like the poster I was responding to was saying registrants aren’t citizens and basing that statement on the fictitious conditions of registrants off parole having their cars, homes and persons searched without warrant or probable cause. Their post was kind of unclear. Do you think that registrants off parole are having their cars, homes and persons searched with no warrant or probable cause? If that was really happening , then its just business as usual to take away the 1st Amendment right of anonymous speech in the cyber-world. What I am saying is that SB 448/Prop 35 internet… Read more »

I m thinking of just going to rent a car.
Register that car under my name to the LE.
and let see how the next renter feel about not being able to enter parks because they are scanning the car LP.

How about a GO CAR?

Legislatures hate to have their home Addresses posted for all to see, they get very upset. Run with that info.

A radio news story this weekend stated that San Jose is considering adding license plate scanners to all their garbage trucks. The story said quite a few other cities were considering similar actions.

I’m thinking stealth license plate camera countermeasures are in order. That, and/or another vehicle that’s not in your name and that you don’t use “regularly” (whatever that means). I refuse to be tracked in my daily business.

Sorry, the California already passed a law that you can be fined for tampering with your plates to prevent them being read by cameras.

Hence the word “stealth.” I think it’s time to start fighting back, even if in small measures.

Reference CA Vehicle Code: 5201(6)(2)(C)

Just had my new work truck vandalised sunday night and monday night. Thinking someone found me on line and is attacking me the only way they think they won’t get caught. Its not legal for me to face a camera at the street where i am forced to park and i work 12 hour days and just don’t have it in me to stay up all night to catch them. Police will do nothing. So here it is. I have a brand new truck that will be hit with bats or pipes or whatever they use and it will be… Read more »

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