Group says 350 sex offenders in city

VICTORVILLE — The California Department of Justice might be under-reporting the number of registered sex offenders in the city by as much as 24 percent, according to a state and federally contracted counseling agency seeking to establish a presence here.

“Currently, from the last numbers we ran, there are approximately 350 individuals who register as sex offenders that are in Victorville,” Scott Smith with Open Door Counseling Agency told the Planning Commission last Wednesday. …

“There are so many people that’ve been let out of jail,” Smith said, “the least we can do is try to intentionally supervise individuals that are capable of committing heinous offenses.” Full Article


Planning Commission Hearing – City of Victorville / Open Door Counseling Agency (14:19)

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Open Door Counseling Agency is just the latest parasite organization looking to cash in on the sex offender cash cow. Their slimeball strategy is scare the crap out of the ever gullible and dumbstruck

(i used to live there; and let mew tell you, the population is beyond dumbstruck)

population with the prospect of a million undisciplined sex offenders waiting for some unsuspecting kid behind every tumbleweed, and Open Door Counseling Agency just happens to be in the business of making sure people think the way they are supposed to. I suppose they are grateful for stupid people.

Who cares if the number is higher or lower? The number should not be public knowledge because it doesn’t matter. Also publishing the address of the proposed treatment facility for the company is not smart even if sex offenders are only one group attending counseling there.

I know California has life time registration for almost everyone who committed a sex offense and that is not okay. Nor is it okay that federal, state, and county justice departments can give someone lifetime parole, probation, or supervised release. Worse of all are forced reporting requirements by medical professionals when someone discloses certain things. People who want help must be able to get it wait fear of going through the so called justice system first. Moreover there needs to be a push for inviting those who are seeking assistance, have questions, or want to explore certain things safely, to be able to do so.

This sounds like “Do as I say, not what is true.”

Here’s an excerpt at the conclusion of the article:

“We’re here for the guy that is a risk to my kids,” Smith said, adding later, “we don’t want to be known as the sex offender people.”

CASOMB already reported the risk factor for re-offense is under 1%. Using factual evidence rebukes the scare tactic.

But I find it out that the organization uses subtle scare tactics of “niche field” and “wishes the center to be near authorities b/c it lacks security” (paraphrasing). The org is identifying itself that it’s focused on sex offenders only, but doesn’t want to be known as sex offender people?

The CASOMB report must be reported everywhere in Ca to break this stigma on registrants. This org, like many others, believes all registrants are capable of “Heinous offenses”. We’re the only group of people that are capable of heinous offense? That’s how tunnel visioned many are.

I had to take the state required counseling during probation. Out of the 20 individuals I came across in each class, it seemed like only four were required to register. Every time we had a discussion about registering many of the other individuals shared that they didn’t have to register.

With that being said, you include all the other individuals who have committed but were never caught doing what California considers to be a sex crime and you will have a much larger number. The people in Victorville have no clue they are completely surrounded by people who have committed “heinous acts”.

For three years now, I have lived in this dump of a city (although I should be grateful I have somewhere to live) and across the street from what has to be a drug house. Numerous, different cars and people at all hours of the day/night, often parking away from the house, a passenger getting out (not too often a driver) with nothing in hand and comes out with nothing in hand. A team of police have been to that house one time since I’ve lived here. I haven’t broken a law since my arrest in ’06. I’ve been visited four times for the ‘compliance check’ even though I’ve been off probation for years. I know all of this because instead of stalking children at schools, parks, day care centers, bus stops, theaters, etc. like the public thinks, I’m on the computer selling on eBay, looking for a job, looking at attending school. I have no life. I get to admire my neighbors who currently engage in illegal activities and it seems to be okay while I’m harassed, imo, by the local police. Under reporting probably exists but does accurate numbers reflect real threats?

Good grief! What an idiotic article. Take the time to watch the Planning Commission Hearing…. sheeeesh….

Of course there are more registrants in any jurisdiction than are displayed on the web site. There is a whole host of PC sections that require life time registration that are not subject to being on the web site. Everything with a 16 /17 year old child (!), misd. sexual battery, indecent exposure, certain CP offenses, just a few off the top off my head. Then a whole bunch can petition off the web site whilst still registering.

Listening to the parks ban frenzy from a few years ago the numbers mentioned by the testifying police vs what was on the web site for each city seemed like it was always about 1/3 of registrants not on the web site. That is totally in line with the city of VV.

And of those registrants residing in the city, how many of those are required to attend these counseling sessions?

And how many registrants (before Mr. Gardner and Mr. Garrido did what they did, kicking off this gravy train, errr, containment model) re-offended since 1947? And how many since this Open Door Counseling Agency opened its doors? I wonder if there is a negligible difference. In recidivism, not in Mr. Smith’s paycheck.

I do not know what is worse…. Scott Smith of Open Door Counseling not knowing any of this or intentionally mis-stating these ‘facts’. If I had a facebook account I would make a comment to these points and then some. If I could find some contact information for Open Doors I might try and contact Mr. Smith directly with some question. But alas.

Within minutes of reading this article I also saw this article here:

Some comments from the Victorville article (via Facebook):

“There is no help for these predatory cockroaches other than total and complete annihilation.” and “Kill em all I say. Phuck em.” by Ron Redondo · Technician at Charter Communications

How are Mr. Redondo’s comments not criminal threats and a hate crime enhancement?

Just another money grab based on scare tactics. When a parasite organization is paid by a gov’t agency of course they’ll mis-state facts and figures, that is the norm when milking a government job or contract. Charge more, do less, lie as needed, use inflated figures. Pathetic thieving individuals and groups profiting from ignorant and willfully stupid people.

I believe the proprietor of this operation is, or was an agent of the Dept. of Corrections.

I sent the author of the article this: