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1998 molestation conviction expected to be thrown out due to false testimony

LAKEPORT, Calif. – A man sent to prison 18 years ago for molesting a child is expected to be released from state prison within a matter of weeks because it has been revealed that the key testimony used to convict him was fabricated. Full Article

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  1. Q

    Yet another life destroyed by the draconian laws we are forced to live under and the slipshod way many of these cases are cobbled together. Sounds to me like the investigators didn’t do allot of investigating; they just grabbed on to the lies and went with that. It’s an affront to justice that the girls mother will in all likelihood not face any kind of repercussions for using her daughter and the system to lend credence to her lies and manipulations which sent this man to prison for something he did not do. My case was full of lies, but the courts seem to like lies and are quick to accept them and call them truth.

  2. Harry

    I notice there is NO public outcry about this lying Ex, LE or the DAs. The public defender did not have his/her above water, either. A pure insult to justice system, that operates like this as the norm. The Ex needs to spend the rest of her life in the pen.

  3. Dan & Jon

    THis makes me sick, HOW MANY NON-GUILTY for what they were prosecuted for and did long time PRISON, not jail, are STILL THERE! That’s why people like Scalia get what’s coming to them after they deny even to REVIEW or hear a Supreme Court Hearing or sweep under the bench and just PASS a overall rule STATING this is NOT COntinued punishment, REALLY?
    How many other lives are they ruining for CONTINUAL PUNISHMENT by being on beyond the Registry and the http://www.???

  4. Lake County

    I’m surprised the DA is working so quick to set this man free. I would have thought it would take years. I suppose this county is just trying to avoid yet another law suit.

  5. Someone who cares

    Whatever happened to Innocent until PROVEN guilty, and beyond a reasonable doubt. Clearly, these people can’t charge someone simply based on words from a person. There HAS to be significant evidence, or we are all in big trouble if someone does not like us.

  6. Robin Banks

    District Attorney: “The evidence, I thought, was kind of sketchy[.]” – and yet Lake county chose to move forward with a prosecution that ultimately saw this innocent man sentenced to 27 years in prison.

    It is mind boggling to me and shameful that anyone could be sentenced to that length of time behind bars without the strongest, most irrefutable evidence.

  7. sadandmad

    Does this mean there will now be a Jones’ law?

    It should be a law requiring those accusing someone of sexual assault to have PROOF, something more than just tears and words, that will bring about the guilty verdict, and that the liar will convicted of equal the amount of time the innocent person got sentenced to when found out.

    • Joe

      Brilliant! I soooo wish we still had the little thumbs up…. I’d give you 10 if I could!

      • sadandmad

        Thanks Joe!

        There has to be some kind of law punishing those who ruin lives by false testimony/ evidence. And it should be equal to what the person was sentenced to, with NO good time off. FULL TIME!

    • mch

      Sadly, the man is far too old to have a law named after him. This only works for children! I hope that there is a multi-million dollar lawsuit and a huge settlement on this man’s behalf. How many others are are in prison, on the registry for life because of false testimony and corrupt DA’s and cops. who are willing to do anything for a conviction.

  8. Lake County

    Judge orders man falsely accused of molestation released from prison

    LAKEPORT, Calif. – On Tuesday morning a Lake County judge took swift action to set in motion the release of a man who has spent 18 years in state prison for a crime he did not commit.

    This is a interesting story with stats.
    “The National Registry of Exonerations, a project of the University of Michigan Law School, tracks all known exonerations of convictions based on new evidence of innocence in the United States since 1989. According to the registry, since that time there have been 1,740 exonerations of convictions nationwide, and in California, exonerations as of Tuesday – not counting Jones’ case – totaled 158.”

  9. Lake County

    State prison releases man exonerated of 1998 molestation conviction

    NORTHERN CALIFORNIA – A Lake County man who has been exonerated after spending nearly 18 years in prison for crimes he did not commit is now a free man.

    Now that was fast. Too bad all mistakes of justice aren’t handled so fast.

  10. KangaroOCourt

    Thank you Lake County for the update…Excellent news..!!…
    Whewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww as Ric Flair would express.

    • Lake County

      I find the quickness of this release amazing if not unbelievable. I would be shocked if this doesn’t at least become a documentary movie. This is one of the poorest County’s in Calif. They can’t afford the upcoming lawsuit. Lake County always looses several lawsuits each year. California has no formal compensation statutes (that I have found with a quick look). The average payout seems to be $50,000 per year in many states and the federal government. 18 x $50,000 = $900,000. Maybe that’s why they set him free so fast. I hope he gets a great out-of-county lawyer.

  11. Lake County

    Here’s the most recent follow up on this mans freedom with video. Basically they let this man free without providing any medical follow up services for his required 24 hr care. They didn’t even provide another days medication required to keep him alive. So now he gets to fight Social Services to get disability and health care. He is asking California to pay him money, but that will take time. This link will take you to his latest story and video:

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