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The modern Leper: Sex Offender Law reform

Everyone who is reasonable admits (nowadays) that homosexuality is not a disease, nor should the LGBTQIA+ community be treated as irredeemable. However, there is a growing population of people, starting as low as age 7, that the law and society have decided to treat the way it used to treat the LGBT folks: “Sex Offenders.”

The Sex Offender Registry (SOR) laws are one of the last bastions of righteous indignation and medieval bigotry. It seems that, despite studies and statistics to the contrary, SOR folks are thought to be highly dangerous and at high-risk for recidivism. They are forced into highly dangerous housing situations (due to distance restrictions); they are subject to severe employment restrictions; they are subject to forced public exposure of their identities — often leading to increased exposure to assault and murder. They are subject to arrest simply for walking, unaware, through a restricted area, and when arrested, subject to revocation of what limited personal freedoms they do have because their probations are cancelled.

Even if they survive to the end of their registration period, they must jump through labyrinthine hoops in the court systems to be released — if it is even allowed in a given state. Furthermore, the DAs can demand all sorts of extraneous requirements and paperwork, delaying any action and, thus, denying any justice. Full Article

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  1. w

    When reading this article and reviewing the comments, I’m reminded once again of how useless a broad term such as sex offender is and yet people are content to argue apples and oranges at length.

    • Joe123

      After reading the comments you realize why the Founding Fathers didn’t trust citizens to directly vote on laws and instead have representatives, “they aren’t educated enough”. There are too many emotions running around and very little logic with the ‘common folk’. The comments section is a prime example of it.

      • Will Allen

        It would be nice if people added some sensible comments but people who are listed on the Registries don’t seem to care to do that much.

        • norman

          @Will Allen

          Lets see, at the last meeting about a few weeks ago in West Sacramento with Janice and company I estimate about 50 people attended.

          There are 2,277 registered citizens in Sacramento.

          I will be doing my part to try and get that number up to a hundred at the next meeting.

          How about you?

        • mike r

          I used to, seems pointless after a while. The sheeple are just to conditioned for stupidity and to let others think for them. They are all followers without individual thought anymore and only know or believe what others in the mainstream tell them to believe or know. The movie Idiocracy (for those that do not know, is reality in the making. Have any of you been to a college class lately. 98% of professors have one view and they preach that view every chance they get. It is so bad I am about to go to the dean, except for I have to take these professors in future classes in many situations and really do not need the headaches from their ire. And the younger generation is buying it hook line and sinker and believe every word they say and everything the read on the net, which is being filtered thru the Google propaganda machine…

        • Tim Moore

          How does one get in to comment?

      • Timothy D.A. Lawver

        That is just the reality of any society, few are knowledgeable because human sexuality is Ill defined cross culturally. “Norms” are culturally defined so” legality” becomes irrelevant for prevention. Law will never prevent violence, but those who depend on “law” to remain relevant MUST insist they do effect abstinence from violence. Murder runs amuck in America Today! The offenders will be punished, if identified, but never prevented by law nor regulation. SOR was about the database and uses legal thereof by government agents, a civil duty. Scapegoats for Surveillance Saints. See PROJECT ANGEL WATCH.
        Angels remember only look after children…. Right?

      • R M

        The “representatives” aren’t educated enough either or we wouldn’t be in this mess.

        • Dustin

          The “representatives” are perfectly educated enough and have the data. It’s called pandering – they’ll keep writing and supporting idiocy as long as they believe it’s what the voters want and there is someone to slip them something under the table to keep it coming.

        • R M

          @Dustin: you are correct but how do you know they really know the truth?

  2. CR

    That opinion piece could have been better written. A reader could be left with some incorrect impressions that I attribute simply to poor writing.

    For example, the article implies that there is an end to the registration period, when in fact there is not for a large percentage of registrants. Also it implies that everyone on a SOR is on probation, when in fact, the majority have already completed their sentence.

    Finally, politicizing the opinion piece with references to the “pseudo-president” only serves to detract from the primary issue, which is the SOR, and is practically guaranteed to attract trolls. Not smart.

    • Tim Moore

      Daily KOS is a purely Democratic Party mouthpiece, so criticizing the president is probably the only thing the author did that would gain general approval. I like, though, that people are questioning the registry from within their own party or belief system. We are not going to change much by just turning to the libertarians. They are not in power. If you’re a Republican, work on the Republicans, Democrat, work on the Democrats, Green, Green, Christian, Christian, Jew, Jew, Atheist, Atheist and so on to change the dialogue that has infected them all.

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