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Kat’s Blog: TN HB407 Smells of Genocide

As I watched the TN General Assembly video/April 10th/Finance, Ways & Means Committee/ Vote on part two of HB407, I couldn’t help flashing back to a definition I had learned in a World History class.

Genocide: In 1948 the UN approved its Convention on the Prevention & Punishment of the Crime of Genocide (CPPCG), which defined genocide as any of a number of acts “committed with the intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethical, racial or religious group”.  This includes causing seriously bodily or mental harm to members of the group, inflicting conditions of life intended to bring about the groups demise, imposing measures intended to prevent births or forcibly removing the group’s children.  

Evil things happen in this world, genocide being one of them, when Bills such as HB407 are presented, intentionally seeking to destroy a group of people in this country, we are headed down a slippery slope that there’s no coming back from.  Has world history taught us nothing?

In a nutshell, this bill seems to be more than a firm suggestion to registrants that they forget about procreating since they wouldn’t be allowed to remain within the family home overnight if there were minor children there, even if they were their own biological children.

And what about those who already have families with children?  Will they now be forced to seek different sleeping quarters during the overnight hours?  The bill doesn’t say what happens to these registrants and their families.

Genocide. Acts committed with the intent to destroy in whole or in part a national group. There are registrants across this nation, numbers growing every minute, you can’t get more of a national group than that.  And isn’t this Bill intended to destroy registrants?  To snuff out any future heirs?  To end their lineage?

Genocide.  Causing seriously bodily or mental harm to members of the group. Registrants are being bullied, beaten and killed.  Many suffer from PTSD. Their families are harmed, mentally and socially. The serious harm is evident.

Genocide. Imposing measures intended to prevent births.  This Bill seeks to intently destroy a registrant’s right to create children by making it impossible for them to live with their own offspring. The idea that every registrant is a threat to children “especially” during the overnight hours is ludicrous.

Genocide. Forcibly removing a group’s children.  This Bill would force either the registrant or the registrant’s children to relocate every night. It seems we are not just breaking up families at the borders of this country but within the very heart of the country.  What has happened to us?

Genocide. Inflicting conditions of life intended to bring about the groups demise. HB407 seeks to effectively kill the very idea that a registrant could have a normal family life, thereby putting an end to the likelihood that they would want to have offspring.

Is this some bible thumping, god-fearing, backwoods politician’s way of cleansing the gene-pool? “Don’t let those “sex offenders or violent sex offenders” procreate, break up the families they already have and pretty soon TN will be rid of this “sex offender” scourge.” Cleansing the gene pool.  Seems I’ve heard that somewhere in World History too.

 HB407 is sick and it reflects badly on the politicians who came up with a Bill that is a close reflection of an evil part of our world history.

Genocide is sick and while the US Senate was one of the 1948 CPPCG convention’s original signatories, the US didn’t ratify it until 1988. Why they waited so long is anyone’s guess.

At this writing, HB407 has been “put behind the budget”, meaning since it will cost the state money (what, more P.O’s, more police, social workers to remove children from registrants homes in the dead of the night?) it will have to wait until the new Governor establishes his budget. 

What are these politician’s thinking?


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  1. Bo

    Bill 407 with amendment can be read here.

    ” Any impact to the court system is estimated to be not significant”… riiight…

    • Facts should matter

      The irony is,. what the registry attempts to prevent is statistically insignificant.

  2. Worried In Wisconsin

    How does TN define ‘overnight visit’?

    From the text of the bill, I do not know if ‘overnight visit’ refers to a night spent somewhere other than ones registered residence or if it also refers to ones own registered residence.

    • LARRY

      It actually refers to sleeping at a residence that is not your own, and with children present who are not your biological kids. So no sleeping at Grandmas with the family for Christmas

  3. Eric

    California registration requirement #13 states that “if I have more than one residence at which I regularly reside at, regardless of the number of days or nights, I must register this address with the LEA.” First off, this is so vague that I think you could actually be violating it if you played cards at someone’s house every Friday night, attended a Bible study at a home regularly, went to an AA meeting at a recovery home, or even did a maintenance job at a home for an extended period. What does regularly reside mean??? Secondly, as for me, I have a girlfriend who owns a rental property. I cannot stay over her house at night because I don’t want to register her address because a local SO search would show an SO living there an impact her rental units, even though I don’t live there and only occasionally would visit. So our relationship is at a standstill and in conflict because of this restriction. Now, to make it more absurd, I had a non-contact offense. So I am being flagged as a risk to the neighborhood for something I never did. So yes, these laws are psychologically distressing to say the least and prevent us from socially adapting which is supposedly a key factor in not reoffending. I don’t think the term genocide over an extended period of time is overstating it.

    • Worried In Wisconsin

      You really need to get the specific definition of ‘reside’ as it applies in this situation for you in California. In researching the various states I’ve visited, ‘residing’ can mean anything from where you sleep to where you spend x number of days/nights. Milwaukee tried to redefine ‘reside’ as any place where one sleeps – they were trying to fight against registered persons from sleeping in cars in areas where they didn’t want them.

  4. Henry

    How does separating a Registered Citizen from their families for the night help public safety?
    This looks more like punishment to me. Can they come back during the day light hours??

    • AJ

      “How does separating a Registered Citizen from their families for the night help public safety?”
      That’s a question I expect goes through the mind of every RC in Miami as they leave their homes and drive to the industrial district to spend the night in their vehicle…just to drive home again in the morning. In fact, it reduces public safety by putting all these “monsters” together, at night, with nothing else to do. Nice job, Drunken Ron.

  5. JACK

    It’s worse here in California. Need I mention the forced chemical castration the CDCR imposes on twice convicted 288s? Those drugs sterilize them you know….

    • norman

      As someone convicted of a non contact, non violent crime I volunteered for chemical castration over having to register..needless to say I was denied..

  6. JACK

    That just proves how far down the rabbit hole of fascism we’ve gone. That needs to be illegal. Any doctor crazy enough to prescribe that ought to be imprisoned.

  7. AC

    They attempted to “breed” gay people “out of the genepool” back in the days of gay rights activism. That didn’t work very well, now, did it?

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