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ACSOLCaliforniaJanice's Journal

Janice’s Journal: The Big Picture

I founded California Reform Sex Offender Laws, the predecessor of the Alliance for Constitutional Sex Offense Laws (ACSOL) eight years ago in September 2011. I did so after reading the book, “We’re All in This Together”, by Frank Lindsay who was convicted of a single sex offense in 1979.

My decision to create this organization was based upon the outrage I experienced after learning that not only Frank’s civil rights, but the civil rights of a large group of people in this country were being violated every day, 24 hours a day. That group of people included not only individuals convicted of a sex offense but also their families.

The initial challenge was where to begin. Which civil right could and should be challenged first?

The answer was to start small, to achieve success in the courtroom and/or the State Capitol. And although it was our intent to begin with the issue of proximity restrictions, that is, where a registrant can visit, a more pressing issue arose that we could not ignore. That issue was the requirement to post a sign on the front door of your home on Halloween that “outed” you as a registrant not just on that day but for always.

We succeeded at stopping the Halloween sign requirement by convincing a federal district court judge that the signs posed a real danger to the registrants who lived there as well as their families. We then moved on to our first case challenging proximity restrictions. After “only” 31 lawsuits, we rid the state of California of such restrictions. In doing so, we established our credibility in the courts and demonstrated our determination to restore the civil rights of registrants and their families.

Our next target was to challenge residency restrictions, that is, laws that limit where registrants and their families can live. This campaign began in the city where Frank Lindsay resided, in part, because that city chose to double the area where registrants could not live despite written and verbal warnings from ACSOL. We have now filed 40 lawsuits and every city we have sued thus far has repealed, revised or agreed not to enforce their residency restrictions. We will continue this campaign until we rid the state of residency restrictions.

This is a great track record, right? Then why do so many people continue to question ACSOL’s dedication to restoring the rights of registrants and their families?

Many such questions come in the context of the Tiered Registry Law which was passed in 2017 and will become effective in 2021.

ACSOL lobbied the state legislature for 6 ½ years before the Tiered Registry Law was passed. Did we get everything we asked for? No! But we did win the ability for about 70 percent of the people on the registry to petition for removal from the registry. Given that there are at least 100,000 people on the California registry, that means that there will be more than 70,000 people who will be able to petition for removal from the registry.

And for those who are not included in this large group, ACSOL will continue its efforts so that you, too, will be eligible to petition for removal from the registry. We cannot guarantee when that will happen, but we can guarantee that we will continue to work toward that goal until it is achieved.

Please understand that ACSOL cannot do this alone. We need YOUR help! We need YOU to participate in hearings in the State Capitol as well as to write letters and to make phone calls.

Over the past 8 years, we have seen what a huge difference 15 people can make at a legislative hearing. And we have seen that number grow to 100. Even so, this is only a small percentage of people affected by legislation that affects the lives of more than 100,000 families.

President John F. Kennedy proclaimed in 1961, “ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” I proclaim in 2019, “ask not what ACSOL can do for your, ask what you can do for ACSOL.”

The answer is SHOW UP – STAND UP – SPEAK UP as well as to make whatever financial contribution you can afford. ACSOL has a $10 challenge which we know you can meet or exceed. Imagine what ACSOL could accomplish if every person on the registry contributed only $10 or those who can contribute more than $10 did so.

If that happened, ACSOL would have a “war chest” of at least $1 million which could be used for challenges such as Facebook pages for any registrant who wants one, the opportunity to serve on a jury, no wearing of GPS and overseas travel without restriction.

It’s time to see the BIG PICTURE. It’s time to contribute to make that big picture a REALITY. And it’s easy to do so using the “Donate” button on this page or to mail a check to our headquarters at 1215 K Street, 17th Floor, Sacramento, CA 95814. Do it TODAY!

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Thank you Janice and Co. for all you are doing. You are the voice for so many of us. I tried to donate on this site but it kept declining my credit card. I use the same card, same info for online shopping with no problem. I tried it several times. Has anyone else experienced this?

Thank you, Eric, for your tenacity! It looks like you were ultimately successful. We truly appreciate YOU and your support! The “Donate” button is now up and running for others as well.

Yes, there appears have something to with Paypal

You are in a precarious position and will never please all. I thank you and your team for your continued efforts – serving the underserved.

One day, I hope that we are allowed to participate in our kids education without permission.

Thank you.

Fantastic post Janice! I wasn’t even aware of the magnitude of how much ACSOL accomplished in CA until I read this post. You ate truly a warrior of people’s rights!

Although I can’t participate in the hearings as I live on the other side of the country, what I CAN do is donate, which I will be doing again shortly.

Regarding this: “Then why do so many people continue to question ACSOL’s dedication to restoring the rights of registrants and their families?”. My answer would be that they can question ACSOL’s efforts All they want. If they don’t get it, they can at least send Donations. That’s all we ask of those people that still “dont get it”.

Janice plz forgive the frustration of us that sometimes loose sight of what’s been done and the goals ahead. It is easy to loose patience when we see and experience acts of harm. You are exponentially correct that our greatest challenge is to get those within our own ranks to wake up, show up, stand up and speak up.

Our fight is NOT just for the benefit of those on the registry. It is for everyone. I look at China”s credit system….their whole country is on a sort of registry being watched from all angles. If you score is not high enough you can’t go anywhere or do anything. It’s horrible. The sex offender Registry is kin to that kind of horror. Google and the World system would love to restrict us all. This fight we are in is a fight for the whole of society. We need to broaden our borders!

Heartfelt thanks for all that you do and will continue to do. Progress is indeed being made and we will continue to move forward. However we need all of us to stand together, speak out and continue to fight the wrongs. It cannot be done alone. I am making a donation today and encourage everyone to do the same.

The first thing done with the electronic database was to begin the mass indenture of humans to them AND their insatiable maintenance for life. That was a group of already convicted AND defense-less in the perception of congressional leaders, and the top court. A large picture indeed the anti-liberty wrought via the true underlying intent. The ‘ intent’ described by act no different than any other time in human history.

Children in America find themselves enslaved too. They are also reasonably compelled to purchase Identity theft protection precisely because of the threat of the database machines. EVERYTHING YOU SAY CAN AND WILL BE USED AGAINST YOU…..even if you type it AND no signatures needed.

SEC 230 US CODE examples how fiat alterations occurred in “third party” liability from “unauthorized dept. Information disclosure.” Immediately leadership got ‘ in bed’ with the big data folks, that being the national unionized democratic socialists headed by WJC, Tom Foley etc. OMNI 94 frightened the heck out of the Mormons too, so they acted.

There is no ” bigger picture! ” BIG BROTHER and has their new toy.

@Janice Bellucci:
“[W]hy do so many people continue to question ACSOL’s dedication to restoring the rights of registrants and their families?”
Because those same “many people” cannot appreciate the positives they’ve received; they focus only on what they don’t (yet) have: abolishment of the registry.

As I read your question, it brought to mind a story about a major union leader in the 20th century. He had just emerged from a building after a big labor win against a company. A reporter asked him whatever could he would want after such a victory. His reply? “More.” Sadly, that is the position into which some people seem to put you and ACSOL: More. This ingratitude and dismissal of your efforts both anger and sadden me.

I’m glad you wrote this piece, as it answered a whole bunch of questions about the genesis of ACSOL and the reason for your passion in helping a severely disfavored group. Thank you for that passion. Thank you for that compassion. Thank you for your tireless efforts, which I’m sure often get tiresome.

Finally, I rise to your challenge: I’ve made a donation in an amount meeting or exceeding (I won’t say which) your “RC drive” request.

May God bless you.

Hear hear!

Also met your challenge, and made it monthly.

Thank you Janice! I’m contributing. My only question (I’ve not read anything), how will PC 17B and expungement affect people’s tiers? In some instances, the difference between a Felony & Misdemeanor can dramatically affect your tier? Thank you

Janice you are a great leader in this uncalled for fight! Just like the Jews who was put on death lists in Germany and was tattooed and put in gas chambers! We the people who made a mistake and did our time plus payed our fines.Should Not be on any kind of list in the USA!!! You did your time and payed for your crime you should be let back in to prove you have changed and want too make a difference!! But the Nazis won’t let you!!! So I thank you with all of my heart janice and your defenders that you be blessed in any battle you fight!! To restore the rights of the people. So we won’t be called Sex offenders but human Beings. Labals should only be put on. Food!!!! Not people.AJ you great too for all the help you do too bro! Kill the S$$ List or our we the next Jews! This monster is going to bed cover your neck! Vampire out

“Why do so many people continue to question ACSOL’s dedication to restoring the rights of registrants and their families?”
When I first found this website, two thoughts nagged me. 1. Why isn’t acsol working in conjunction with narsol. 2. IS this just another $ making machine (polygraphers, politicians, some therapists, prisons for profit, etc). Both questions have been answered to my satisfaction. The dedication you have shown on our behalf is heartwarming. Your cooperation with other organizations gives me more hope.
I know that some therapists who work with us are shunned. Some attorneys who help us are shunned. Any politician who acts on our behalf is shunned. I thank you, and will again donate to our cause.

“1. Why isn’t acsol working in conjunction with narsol. 2. IS this just another $ making machine (polygraphers, politicians, some therapists, prisons for profit, etc).

And what what were your conclusions?

I don’t doubt either’s efforts. I am a member of both.

I am also a member of narsol. I donate approximately the same to both organizations. Hearing Janis speak on one of the narsol conference calls was very refreshing. My fears of acsol’s being a € machine taking advantage of us were gone many years ago. Seeing Janice speak on newscasts and reading her writings and seeing her victories for us speaks for itself. (€… My phone still thinks I’m in Spain.).
Got back this week.

I am the Treasurer for the Foundation and I see every penny we take in and every penny we spend and for what purpose. RM, I can tell you that if we were a “money making machine”, we are doing it all wrong. There is no one being paid by this organization and we take in enough to just cover expenses and keep the lawsuits funded. And if you think Janice is the “money maker”, she would do multiple times better in the practice she left to do this for you and me. The Foundation has had to pay one lawyer other than Janice, and his rates were multiples of hers; we are fortunate to have such a dedicated professional. All the Foundation members donate their time and effort to keep the Foundation going (we are a prime funder of the lawsuits that keep you from having to live 2,000 feet from a school or park, not have to put sign in your window on Halloween, and not having to stay 2,000 feet from a place where children congregate, allowed some registrants to work in their trade, and are fighting to get more rights back for you). And none of us on the Foundation Board are paid or “making money”. We are all in this together is not just a saying, its reality.

Yes this group has given me hope for the future.. I do remember at one time they even threated to keep RSO from driving on a free way because there is a daycare next to a freeway. This group stopped the city/state from going there…

Thank you Mark, and everyone else who donate a lot of time to help us. I for one really appreciate you.

@ Mark Judkins: I was quoting Jm in wi and asking what his conclusions were.

I have just donated.

Janice and this organization, thank you.

I am deeply frustrated with the tiered registry scheme, but there’s no doubt that it’s better than the status quo. In my case (attempted lewd act), 20 years is much, much better than life. There something to look forward to.

Regardless, Janice has done so much for us.

Not only had she worked very hard on our behalf, she’s gotten a lot of results.

Good lawyering on behalf of this maligned group of which I’m part. A blessing for which I’m profoundly grateful.

The ACLU isn’t advocating for us, notice.

I can’t speak for the thoughts of others. But for me: Please don’t mistake criticism for contempt. I have monumental respect for you, all those who help you, and everything you have all done so far. The fact that I disagree with you from time to time doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate you. I believe I have stated this on every post I’ve ever made. I don’t comment very often anymore because there are a few people who slam me when I don’t toe the line. I am not a believer in incrementalism. I also do not believe that elected judges will risk their jobs and pensions to do the right thing and let up to 70,000 people off the registry in this state. (Look what happened to Persky.) To be absolutely clear: I HOPE to be 100% wrong. If this works, I will stand and tell you that I am sooooooo happy to be wrong. I just don’t see it. Time will tell. When I was fighting my case, my lawyer described the whole thing as a game of chess. They make a move; we make a move. My guess is that you see it similarly. My only problem with chess: It takes forever. I have applied for a certificate of rehabilitation. My hearing is soon. I do not expect to prevail, but I still have hope. I suppose, that the most important thing your organization brings is just that; hope. Whether I agree with your tactics or not, the simple fact is that there is nobody else working for my benefit. And for that, I am truly grateful. And I’d be willing to bet that even those who are most critical of you would agree with me. I have donated a few times before. Times have been tough since I was torpedoed from my last job in April of 2018. But today, I will donate. The tiered registry doesn’t help me. In fact, it makes things about a thousand times worse. And with a little luck, I will duck it via my COR. But I’ll still donate, right now. Today. Again. Best wishes to you, and all who work with you.


You are not alone in the harsh reality of the Registry. I would dare say that no registrant has ever felt that system has treated them fairly or justly. Everyone is with you on how you feel.

In sense RSO’s are still doing time after the fact because they can’t go here or there like real American citizens. RSO’s have to report themselves, answer to someone of authority, or they violate. The only difference between this and prison is that RSO’s has to provide their own food and boarding.

That being said effective change can only be met with time and patience. RSO’s are not the only disenfranchised group in America. You think being RSO is tough? Try being Black in America. You can’t be at home watching TV eating ice cream without a female cop opening fire on you these days

Okay that was over generalizing.

My point is Civil Rights movement is STILL ongoing even after Martin Luther King. But even through that it’s still better now than it was 50 years ago.

The reality is that change is incremental sometimes shorter, sometimes longer. Embrace it Matt, see the long game.

It’s not a race. It’s a marathon.


A marathon is a race of 26.2 miles unless it is a longer version of it towards the Ultra marathon level, e.g. 100 miles, or even an Iron Man competition. While this is not a sprint, but more like a marathon, this entire effort is drawn out longer than all of us who’re impacted by it want it to be regardless of the distance referenced in comparison.

Bill, you’re making my point for me. MLK was over 60 years ago. Incrementalism doesn’t work. You just proved it with your post. How much time do you have? I haven’t got another 60 years. Neither does almost anybody else who is reading this. These people need to be curb-stomped. Trying to convince them to do the right thing is like turning a battleship around in a bathtub.


Unless there is a more effective way to expedite change, incrementalism as you call it is all we have. The justice system is designed in such a way that we can only make small changes.

The people who are fighting for RSO’s only have so much resource and support to do this.
Not to mention “stranger danger” myths and other bad information permeating popular belief. Politicians are afraid to touch it because they would be viewed as being soft on crime.

Unless people can amass huge public awareness at a short time where the narrative is that society is not only getting benefitted by the Registry but their valuable tax dollars wasted, this is the best thing that can be done.

Of course if you have concrete ideas to speed this up please let say what that is.

Even in this day and age there is no such thing as “all or nothing” in passing laws. So any small change is a win.

Besides the best way to mentally endure these trying times is to see this as a marathon. Patience is key to outlasting this thing. Don’t let the Registry break you.

Let’s identify and attack (in a political correct way) the ones whom are creating the fear.

We need to start exposing these identities: Corporations (hey i have a camera that you can install on all your school buses to keep the perpetrators away; no upfront cash just pay us payments), Unions (don’t forget every aspect of law enforcement is unionized whereas every new law/agency equals more union dues.) Then come the Lobbyist and the Media all vying for their share of the $$$$ and ratings. Politicians, well we all know what makes them tick.

Can we identify the enemy? Expose their fearmongering? Utilizing the world wide net with some of the brilliant minds that frequent this site one would surmise we could ignite a firestorm and eventually a million person march.

“Families are deeply and negatively affected by the unintended burdens of this law, she said. It is unjust, and does not protect people, but rather creates in communities climates of suspicion, anxiety, hate, bullying and fear”.


The Civil Rights Movement for the most part was a lost cause until major protest were engaged. After years of being suppressed Black Americans just said no more.

The question is then, when do we become no longer complacent, passive and docile?

“It’s not a race. It’s a marathon”

Then you (and 90% of us) won’t be alive to see the finish line.

SCOTUS has a full plate on their docket. Abortion. Guns. Immigration. Gay rights. Hell, we’re not even on the back-burner of the stove yet. We’re permanently and intentionally labeled as “deviants” and it’s took 40 YEARS. just to get a revist for the LGBT population to RID themselves from that dehumanizing, stigmatizing and vilifying DEVIANT label.

Pray all you want and muster all the hope you can, but I don’t foresee the misguided 2003 decision being revisted for another 40/50 years. Everyone involved with the creation of the AWA and Megan’s Law has to be dead in order for complete abolishment of the schema to take place. The courts will do NOTHING until then out of fear of backlash from their “life’s work” and legacy protection.

I know you say you don’t believe in incrementalism, but this effort, like all others which are similar, will only happen with that approach. You may not like it, but that’s the way it is….it just is.

Read “Engines if Liberty.” It does a great just b explaining how change happens in this country. Also check out Paul Dubbeling’s video talking about “pressure points” on this issue, and what works and what doesn’t.

You put this before SCOTUS today you LOSE….and the effects will last for generations.

DJ: I’ve already lost. I have nothing else to lose. Pardon me if I don’t share in your opinion. I have read “Engine’s of liberty”. Not impressed. Not in the slightest. Haven’t seen “Pressure Points” but I’m sure it’s more of the same. Again, just because I don’t agree with everything this organization does doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the effort. I have a different opinion of how to succeed. It doesn’t make me right. It just means I see it differently. I think this forum exists to let us say what we think. I don’t think incrementalism is the way to do it. I’d rather have a bare-knuckled brawl and let the chips fall where they may. You say: “you take this to SCOTUS today and you LOSE…and the effects would last for generations.” A) How to you know that? And B) I’m pretty sure we have lost already at the SCOTUS level. So, what’s the harm in revisiting it with a new group of folks on the court who claim to have an original view of the very document that is supposed to protect us from all of this nonsense?


I think I understand you now.

To say that your life is not the same after what you have gone through would be an understatement.

You have experienced losses that you cannot regain either for a long time or never.

And you feel helpless rage against a system that is not just nor fair.

And everyday you go through is like a kick in the groin that you can’t reciprocate because you’ll violate.

And change just can’t come soon enough.

The real question for you is how can I cope in all this while the gears of justice grind oh so slowly?

Piece of advice? NEVER compare your life before and after your situation. Why?
Because it hurts.

You can’t get back the things you’ve lost- people you care about, your job, your house, your sense of identity.

It feels like having a limb cut off and having to live with it for the rest of your life.

But like people who have lost limbs you build a new life around it. You can’t personally change the circumstances of your life but you could reframe on how you view it because that is the only control you have.

Many RSO’s have experienced what you have gone through. The only way to make through this is to look at life with fresh eyes that is not comparing with your past life.

This is a new chapter in your life. And it is Chapter One. Make it a good one!

I agree. We need to contact Justice Thomas and show him the facts? – Decisions in our favor. We call/write our local politicians all the time but it’s time to approach the ones that can make major changes. I’m very appreciative of what everyone has done to date but no better time then now to take it to a higher level.

I loved the San Diego councilman’s interview video. “I don’t know just trying to protect the children”.

Also, brilliant idea on Judge Persky or someone of his stature. What’s the next step?

Let’s punch from both ends!

In order to avoid those problems and change public perception about our issue, we have to educate the public! It is how every other issue that has changed, changed…. be is civil rights, women’s rights, etc.

@Matt: “They make a move; we make a move.” I am finding that in many moves I make, except it’s the other way around… I make a move (fight for us), they make a move (retaliate). Sometimes I win, sometimes I lose (can’t fight back too much because I am still on supervision, I am such a threat to society after 17 years, lol)). We need many more people to get fed up with this to be effective (love ya Janice, you know I do, and thank you for fighting). It seems the more I fight, the more they do (additional laws, additional restrictions). I’m good at chess but don’t always “check” the opponent.

In fact, here’s a random thought: Maybe your organization should approach Persky. After all, he can’t get a job, anywhere. Much like a registered sex offender. He is qualified, educated, competent, and unemployable. Maybe he has nothing to lose? Maybe he can help shed light on just how obscene this whole thing has become? If he wanted to, he could easily land an interview on 60 minutes, or similar. All he did was follow the probation report. Something 99% of judges do, 99% of the time. And look what happened. Maybe he needs to be contacted and asked to shed light on the situation?


Now, that is an excellent idea! Getting Judge Persky here and involved could only have an upside to the entire national effort with CA taking the lead in efforts.

Thank you Janice Bellucci and ACSOL I truly wish people would be more grateful for the work guys have done and stop complaining and questioning your tactics ..

Thank you Janice and team for everything you’ve done and continue trying to do. I’ve been making automatic monthly donations for for several years now, and will be looking to increase them in the future.

Even though for the moment it seems like I might end up in tier three based solely on my conviction code (I was granted probation, completed my supervision with zero incidents, and even did and extra year voluntarily therapy , with an excellent letter of completion from the program director), I know without your work all of our lives would be so much more difficult. I look at the cruel laws our brothers and sisters have imposed on them in other states, and see how lucky we are here for having ACSOL.

Thank you again for all your hard work and continued dedication.

I always use Paypal. I donate when I can. I usually send $25. Lately PayPal has not been working.
I do thank you for all you have done and are doing. I particularly thank you for explaining our situation having a Federal offense, yet State Registry laws.

Paypal working now. back on month donation. Please let us know what is happening at the Federal level in California??????????????????

Janice, thank you for all you do. I’ve made my donation.

I live outside California but you were instrumental in helping me close a Megan’s law listing that was in error. Years of working with lawyers and having to write my own briefs half the time, it made a huge impact on me that you took an afternoon and corrected an error. You are the only attorney involved in my nightmare that didn’t require me to draft my own arguments. Don’t know what the Pope would have to say about it but you are a Saint in my book.

One thing about asking people to “Speak Up” is that you have to try to listen and understand the opinions of those that disagree with incrementalism as the only approach.

I believe the early fights Janice engaged in were needed. They demonstrated wins were possible. They brought key facts to light and showed that there were limits to what was previously seen as a “blank check” for writing any anti sex offender law you wanted to and just reference Smith V Doe and Connecticut DPS V Doe from 2003.

But at some point, this game of whack a mole also needs to attack the core. I’ve witnessed the process through Mike R’s pro se attempt to squash the registry by attacking the core with Substantive and Procedural Due Process claims. The other side squashes the attempt by citing irrelevant cases and judge’s allow it without reading the arguments. I believe that Janice and her team and resources could overcome these types of roadblocks. I also think Janices team took a hard blow with the poor outcome of the IML challenge. It is my opinion that it is time for another big attack on the registry by this group.

I appreciate any effort against the registry. Especially all that Janice has done. I am no longer on the registry, and want my kids to grow up in a world where they wont be threatened by it either. I will donate today. I also appreciate hearing opinions of those that disagree with me, Janice, or anyone else. Without disagreements to the staus quo this group wouldnt exist and good healthy debates are where new ideas to attack old problems are born.

Are you aware that there is a level of registry that is absolutely constitutional?
Also, nothing prevents the legislature from enacting another unconstitutional law after one gets taken off the books.
Also, who says they stop when someone wins, look at Michigan.

This is why we need the core attacked and SCOTUS to give a ruling that includes guidance. Right now, a hateful and uneducated public demand harsher laws against sex offenders. Politicians will bend to the voters unless SCOTUS gives them a clear line that says they can’t. With clear guidance, bad laws can be stopped before they take affect with an injunction from a judge.

If SCOTUS would just say that the judicial branch is in charge of sentencing and protecting the public from those it sentences on an individual basis as part of a fair trial, then legislators hands would be tied like they should be.

If we analyze recent movements like Black Lives Matter and (ironically) MeToo perhaps we could reverse engineer their components to see what can be used to affect change to the Registry.

MeToo in particular because the changes were sweeping. For example there were group protests, lots of media coverage, celebrity endorsements, and not to mention social media awareness.

That’s one example how things could change quickly. Can those components I mentioned be created to affect changes on the Registry?

Sure. Who has a well spoken child that’s willing to go the Capitol to say how their dad cant be involved in their schooling. Or how they get teased. Or that their parent was murdered becuade of the registry…

What we need is a child to come forward that became a victim because the perpetrator did not get turned in or helped earlier because families or friends covered it up in an attempt to avoid the harsh penalties of registration and how it affects more than just the perpetrator.

Wouldn’t they be incriminating themselves? I think most states make it a criminal offense to fail to report a known sexual offense.

Most places require doctors and phsychologists to report. I would imagine requiring the average citizen to report would be a slipery slope of compelling an action and not being able to remain silent. If that were true, then it could be compelled for any crime. It may also be hard to prove and unless someone actually witnesses an attack any accusations are hearsay.

Civil Disobedience is what we should be thinking about and doing at every opportunity. Next year is the 2020 census. I plan to refuse to participate in it, and when asked why I will state that until the government restores all my of my civil rights afforded an American citizen I will not assist the government in any way or form.

@Political, what is your goal? A protest is useless without a clear goal. Also, it will fail if the public doesn’t know you are doing it and why. Also consider you would be reducing funds available to your city for things like health care, which could directly affect you and other registrants.

I will gladly donate to push the fight forward. But I have to point out that there are so many fires to put out, that we need to organize better as a team. I think a HUGE blow to the system would be to reverse the decision to make registrants information Public. I imagine that would help Many Families across the board (finding and holding jobs as well as a place to live)
Doing away with in-person Registration.
The tiered system doubles down on punishment for those of us that were given a FTR (zero tolerance policy needs to be addressed) we face 1.5-3 years prison time for it plus parole or probation for another 3 years after that yet as it stands now the tiered system adds an additional 3 years to your Registry punishment.
I think it may be a great idea to actually raise funds for a select group of Registrants to have their Flights plus Room and Board payed for during these important meetings. ACSOL wants Registrants to stand up and speak up, so let’s put a team of bright individuals (Soldiers) together and put them to work.
Thanks to everyone that has worked so hard to fight the good fight. And God bless everyone suffering under the weight of it all.

@RTF, “I think a HUGE blow to the system would be to reverse the decision to make registrants information Public.”

Since it is already public information (arrests and convictions) that is never going to happen. Fugettaboutit.

Is it a goal to end PC 290 entirely? Would that then allow professional licensing to no longer be a problem and also remove the prohibitions on employment?

Yes. The ultimate goal is to end the registry entirely.

If the reason for you not getting a license is specifically due to being registered, than that will no longer be a barrier. But if the reason for not getting the license is your general legal record, then ending the registry isn’t likely to help with that as what they’re looking at is if you had a conviction. You’ll just be treated as someone else with a non-SO conviction.

Prohibition on employment will depend. There are non-SO convictions that while not requiring to be registered, can bar you from certain employment. So having a SO conviction can still prevent you from getting certain jobs regardless if you’ll have to register or not.

Janice, thank you for all you and all of the ACSOL team do for me, personally, (not one second of the time you spend fighting this fight, goes unappreciated by me)

Over the decades I’ve been registered, all the while watching things continually get worse, I didn’t think I’d ever see anyone step up to fight all these injustices (Constitutional violations).

I have an update regarding the “Unlimited” “Verified” Complaint filed against me under the guise of a “property dispute”. The only thing that made it about “property” is that I, a registered citizen, resides on it. If it were anyone other than a registered citizen there would be no dispute what so ever. In plain English: I was sued solely because I am a “registered citizen” And I can prove that fact over and over again, forward and backwards, from top to bottom, coming and going.

While Ann and I were having lunch with you at that awesome little Italian restaurant, prior to you walking us over the State Capital and showing us what we’d be doing last Feb 5th at the protest, I was attempting to fill you in on the (so-called) property lawsuit I was dealing with, You asked me if I was represented by counsel, and because I was, you could not discuss the case with me for what I later learned were all of the professional and ethical reasons. As it turned out about “being represented by counsel”, though it has no bearing on you discussing my case with me; I’d have to answer that question like this: No, I’m not being represented by counsel, I’m being misrepresented by counsel.

What they ended up doing to me , and the reason I couldn’t make it back to the State Capital to protest, was nothing short of criminal. I had 3 years of security camera video, video/audio, photographs, documents, and eye witnesses, including a retired Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriff, who’s also a neighbor and friend, who, along with many other members of the neighborhood were willing to testify on my behalf that I did nothing I was accused of and that it was obvious to all of my friends in the neighborhood and some of the community that all od the harassment, provocation, vandalism, and ultimately, the lawsuit, was because I was on the registry. The attorney I hired and paid to defend me suppressed every bit of my defense and ultimately protected the plaintiff’s while exposing me to liability to the plaintiff’s who can go to the Judge, Ex-Parte with an accusation I had violated the Settlement Agreement. As the sole heir to this once million dollar estate, I’d say their coming for the money. Because I didn’t do any of the actions claimed in the suit, but in fact had videos, videos/audios actually showing the plaintiff’s, and all of them, doing those things and more to me, my family, and property for 3 years prior to their filing suit against me. To put a finer point on it, every cause of action where the plaintiff’s accused me of something at a particular time and date, I have the corresponding video and audio disproving the allegation(s) – every one. The plaintiff’s had nothing because I didn’t do anything. My estate took a $300K hit while defending myself and my property.

Janice, you really should look this over for possible Civil Rights violations. My point is, and as you are seeking donations, I’m willing to donate my entire estate, property included to you or ACSOL, or any other Registration Reform Organization. I don’t think you took me seriously back in January when I told you that I do not have a suitable Successor Trustee. And after 3 years of non-stop harassment and provocation I was still okay and continuing to do the right thin g and always acted in “good faith” But the last 3 years of being screwed in this lawsuit has destroyed me and I just don’t feel well and I have no one that f#####g cares. Just 5 years ago I was happy, had the love of my life here with me, we had our dogs and cats, friends with everyone in this neighborhood and many in the community (as a registrant), and no significant other, no animals Many strained friendships (due to my being under a great deal of stress) Etc. etc.
If what just happened to me is allowed to stand and can not be corrected then this just means I have no ability to protect myself, my family, and of course, this estate. It’s “open season” on me where I, even with indisputable proof, I have no legal recourse. At this point, what is there to live for – more of this shit – sitting her alone and isolated waiting for these f#####’s take all of my money and take me out. I would gladly propose to be the first RC to petition the state for my right to be euthanized and have my right to die.

Anyway, I expect to be accused of some “wrongdoing” and severely sanctioned before years end.
I will add, I am not suicidal, never have been, and never will be. That is different than asking to be executed by, not an illiterate, skinhead, or the like, but rather a lawyer or someone with an advance education, constitutional oaths, ethics, and the like – kind of like that man who stood in front of that advancing tank many decades back in China. I would gladly give my life to see if any of those high ranking community leaders or politicians, those who are “more than happy” to propose and/or pass laws that are tantamount to killing large numbers of people, while all the while, keeping their pretty little hands clean. As long as there are throngs of news cameras covering the event.

Michael F. I understand so very much with what you are going through. I actually have nothing but a car and what fits in side. Though I am On Parole and subject to the conditions. In my case paroled to a area I had never been. Risk of _1 on the static 99. Parole gave me nothing at all. Not even a Map. Through the grace of a program for drug addiction. Which I have never suffered and knocked on the door for 3 weeks because Parole would not refer me. I got in. My family paid for Motels. Took 6 months to actual get work. Low pay but work. Had minimal restrictions. Kept my Parole officer informed. Started seeing The assistant Manager at the Motel was living. Informed parole as well as program and gave her copy of parole conditions. After few months. I really was not feeling it moving. Even told a friend from program who was surprised. It ended and we were friends. Life went on. She dating other men which had nothing to do with me. Then I started having problems with Paroled Gang members at work. Brought to the attention of Parole and they started to harass me too. Stating the heard that they where politicking.I said that is banging. I got a new Parole officer and the first words out of his mouth as My PO.. She the other parole agent WAS TO EASY ON YOU GUY’S.. I simply said he should not make statements about another Parole officer to a Parolee. Also She was tough at first but eased because I follow my conditions. I had asked the curfew be lifted in writing sinceI had already been able to stay out as long as I text Parole which I would. He first stated did not have problem. Your not on drugs or drink. The next month I had asked again. This time he said no back to 8 pm. I asked why. He gave no response. Got another Po And he said he’d look into it but the other would be back. When the other PO came back. He called me in office. Had to leave work early. I was specifically told nothing had changed but the curfew. When I got there and signing the conditions. He was in rush to leave. I signed. Got to looking at them and he had blanketed them. I submitted paperwork because the conditions had no nexus to my commitment offence. Only a couple where lifted and parole started following me Stalking more the word. No response to my family when they called or text Parole. The Agent actually told me .. ” they are not the ones on Parole. The Harassment continued.. Then Having money Problems do to the Harassment. Two weeks vacation unpaid . took temp job. Went back and could not go back where I had been working. Then the assistant manager who I thoughwe friends came on to me. Sure we where hanging out but never as more then friends. I refused stating Icare to much.. The friendship was more.. Besides she still had a personal life. Month later.. One of the guys she was seeing started calling my room phone and texting me threats. The manager who I went to to say I was getting threatening calls from one of her boy friends said she didn’t want to get involved. Since he was on parole too I informed my Parole officer. Nothing was done. Actually never got a response. I filed for temp restraining order. I was not in fear for me but like I told Program and Parole. The fictims names are not available for a reason. So they are not re victimized. Then Why would she in her position even tell a boy friend. Text the information to PO. Day of hearing I texted a reminder. Got response I had new PO. The same one who Said SHE WAS TO EASY ON YOU GUYS. I didn’t request the life time order because he told me She Said I raped my daughter. Which not my charges. Though the harassment by parole and the gang member continued and actually got worse. Did two violations and the third beat because the Parole officer miss stated the facts. As I understand. The transcripts are .25 a page. I had ask the attorney and he said would cost me – a lot more then that! Actually since became homeless and given another Parole officer. Was walking down street. The one Parole officer who had made the statement. SHE WAS TO EASY ON YOU GUYS. Pulled up next to me and very Condescendingly through the window said. It is tough out on the street. There is so much more to the story.. The short of it. I understand completely.. The actual numbers are very low of committing a like offence. The registry has allowed reintegration almost impossible.. They Use a containment model as treatment. The word Containment alone adds to the stranger danger myth. The news has been one of the greatest at miss leading the facts. Hard to get any judgement for these acts. Which is a felony. I am the one being held for the actions of them do solely because the label. No shelters here will accept me and I have now been denied to participate in a Project Homeless foe resources. Even getting in trouble by agent because the Ladies who have gotten to know me at a organization gave me the information. I was grateful and let them know I may not be able to go. They called my agent and he got mad. I have no idea what he told them because I am low risk. So even when what little is out there for us. We are kept down.

Thank you ACSOL and Co for all you do! You give us hope for a better live and a better tomorrow for our children. In gratitude.

Thank you Janice, K.G., and Frank,

I would never have survived this experience with my family member without the tremendous hope and support of all the people I have met through ACSOL.
The morning after the arrest in April 2015, the radio aired the news about the residency restrictions ruling by Janice’s law suit.
I was able to Google Search that news and found the origin was ACSOL ( it was a different name then). I spoke to Janice who put me in touch with K.G. a family member in the same boat. K. had a support group for family members in S. California. This gave me the idea to search my local area for a support group which I found.

In 2016, I attended my first ACSOL emotional support meeting in Sacramento. I met other family members there who were supportive.

In 2017 I attended my first lobbying in Sacramento and I was on Janice’s team. It was a remarkable experience to be on her team and meet our legislators in person and have a voice in the Tired Registry lobbying.

I’ve written letters of support for bills. This has given me a voice.

In 2019, I once again lobbied for the tier registry clean up bill. I was on Frank’s team and again it was remarkable to work along Frank, the man who was brave enough to write a book about his own experience. I attended another support meeting in Berkeley.

I honestly don’t know where I would have gotten so much hope and faith for these last 4 years.

It helps to take a chance and attend those in person support meetings.

Thank you, gracias, merci, and obrigada to Janice!!!!

Today my family member was granted a 17b reduction of the felony to a misdemeanor. I hope all who pursue this can receive this as well.

New DA article regarding Todd Spitzer is nice. He claims to want to make change. My case was in LA and both the DA & Judges where always courteous, fair and professional. When I filed my COR years ago, I was rather shocked! The Judge sounded like a DA, the DA was rather dishonest and the investigator was a thug! I truly (only arrested once) had never seen anything like this before!

Janice, and ACSOL volunteers, thanks for all you do!

After having my passport revoked last year, I started searching and looking for ways to fight this and found ACSOL. I was not too sure about trusting ACSOL at first, but then after attending last years conference I was sold, got involved and started going to Sacramento and lobbying.

I looked for more ways to help, and subsequently canceled my cable TV subscription last year and setup $100 a month PayPal donation to ACSOL as following & supporting ACSOL is better than anything I’ve watched on TV.

I’m still looking for more ways to support moving this effort forward faster. Keep up the great work!

(@Facts – your words spawned this reply, but it is not directly for you, though I do use three of your words, whereas the community at all)

What pray tell should those impacted by being on the registry to do that is not complacent, passive, or docile? March down a US highway blocking traffic? Ride buses? Sit at a lunch counter? Drink at a specific water fountain? March on the US Capitol? All for what? What is the end goal? To show the elected officials and people those who have done their time and paid their fine for their issue to be released from it all once it is done? What elected official is going to stand by with this group in public and do this as they would people whose color of their skin or sexual preference was segregated against? Bringing stories to the media by standing outside the courthouse or to the legislative floor is a part of the solution, but not the be all.

Think about how you want to accomplish it because it will take legal and legislative action to get it done and more legal action afterward most likely. I get it (myself included). Those impacted by being on the registry want to be free of it. You want this to be a war, so think about what tactics and strategy you want to employ in this war. I can think of one way to do that: get all the elected officials you can on camera or other recording to admit they believe those who have done their time, paid their fine should be able to move on from the issue. STOP at that point. Don’t bring up those impacted by being on the registry as part of this. Why? You are then introducing specific people, not a class, but people who they will backtrack against and caveat differently. Show them they can’t have their cake and eat it too. They either believe all people should be free or not, regardless of what they have done. Hold that against them. Then start monitoring the registries, e.g. DV, animal abuse, DUI, etc, to find repeat offenders to assess their success. At the same time, monitor all of the first-time offenders to show how ineffective they are. Bring this up to the elected officials. Hold them accountable. Soon enough you will find a hit on them because of something that will cause them to lose an election.

You want to have a bunch of people impacted by the registry who are banned from parks take over a city park in defiance and protest, ala the 1960’s, go for it, but will that help draw positive attention and provide a path to overturning laws which prevent being in a park? Would populating a house with many people who are impacted by the registry within the residential restriction exclusion zone around a park, day care, etc draw the same positive attention and provide a path to overturning laws which prevent this based upon the work ACSOL has done? That is possible given there is precedence within CA which could be use as groundwork in other areas. Show the harm these have done to you on their face and you may have a case to challenge in court these laws.

I will say if ACSOL can get 70K out of 100K people off of the registry the first time through with this new system, a 70% reduction is pretty huge and a batting average anyone can be proud of. If anyone has ever climbed a mountain, a real mountain, then they know the last parts are the hardest. I’ve done that. It is not easy at elevation but can be done with time, patience, and effort. The last 30% will be that way. Until that is successful, get the elected officials to admit what I highlighted above then use it.

In the meantime, if you want to do a rebellion on small scales such as making LE life harder for checks, traffic stops, going to a fair, etc, go for it because you are within your right. I want you to exercise your right to do this, but also think bigger picture as written above. At the same time, think of the harm you have received so you can show on its face how these laws are not what needs to be on the books. You do that, you can maybe have a case to challenge in court the laws.

I once suggested that we have local sit-ins in school parking lots on Saturdays while no children were present to generate attention in hopes that it would domino effect and go regional. At what point do we become angry enough to assemble into a peaceful act of defiance? An in-your-face message is the only thing they understand at this point.

I would strongly advise not to do anything like that as it would more than likely lead to an arrest and conviction for loitering in a school zone. I really don’t think it would matter if children were not present. It’s a school zone and the way registry terrorists interpret their laws would lead to a conviction and imprisonment.

I agree with you. I do not believe a actual protest at a park by Citizens such as ourselves. Our families absolutely can. Any mainstream media willing to actually give fair time to this matter?. I have personally sat and charged in the open. I also am very open . Even when I should not. There or those who understand. Many more who actually said I was stealing from the city. Then do to the nature of homelessness as a registrant on parole. No place other then select areas power available. Which by the way are know to the Other homeless who harrassed or continually ask or try to get you into drugs. Those who go out of their way to trip you up with parole or violence. The Gang members. Or, the groups which Activlely target Registrants. Going to great lengths to put us in prison. Follow you and record your every move. Making even honest innocent gestures caring for community and the youth ugly as if grooming. Even a natrual attraction to an adult seemingly a predatory action. Run you out of town. Or our family members harrassed and acts of violence towards them. The treatment centers also. I agree with a need for treatment for the high risk. Sure absolutely. Yet the use of term available to the public. Containment. Look it up. I conversed with my Counselor on this. Containment and how many had she had reoffend with a sex crime. Here first response was several. Yet when I asked specifically. She said 1. So out of how many ?. To this question no response. One person in program actually stated. He understood the monitor was for our protection. I could not believe this response. I said nothing. Camera’s are used as deterrents. Will identify after a crime is commited. What is the response time for those on a monitor?. When the battery goes dead . Housing is normally in lower income or high crime areas. Not all but majority. Depression anxiety common for registrant and family. Medication
to treat said conditions created by public registry. Told it is you who has the problem. Restrictions on work other then by statute. No Nexus to the condition at all. Insurance company’s bias. Or in my case. Parole officer saying. ” people have a right to feel safe in their homes.” Program stating… ” You are not responsible for how people feel “. Janice and her team are my inspiration. The change needed from our elected will take very long time. The what seemingly small victories huge. It is with in our communities though. Real change will be.

Back in 2012 I took a deal for 8 years with 85% and a strike and 4 years parole. Well when I got out of prison in January 25 2018 my parole officer told me that I have 20 years of parole to do. I want to know why I Signed for 4 years of parole and now I have 20 years now

Janice, thank you for pursuing the marked passport for registered persons. You are wonderful! Is there an update on the legal challenge?

I am ACSOLS and have just joined NARSOL. I am concerned with the unfair registry laws but I’m wondering why there isn’t more being said and more trying to be done in the beginning, before the men are actually convicted of the crime. The laws and the sentencing for sex crimes are so out of proportion compared to every other crime on the books.
A person is likely to do less time for murder than a sex crime . It doesn’t matter if the sex was consensual between the male and female or any of the surrounding circumstances if the male happened to be 18 years of age, even if he had just turned 18 and was still attending high school. I’m referring to the case my grandson is now involved in and there seems to be absolutely no justice for him. The prosecutor originally talked of 25 yrs to life under the Jessica Law (State of Kansas) but has made an offer of 19 1/2 years with of course lifetime sex offender registry. This is a young man that has never been in any kind of trouble during his short life, has been active in sports, school and church. None of this is taken into account when it comes to his charges. Not having the support of a father and a mother that works long hours in food service, my grandson could only afford the services of a public defender. While I believe that she is a good attorney, she also carries a heavy case load and is up against a prosecutor with the reputation of being very tough on sex cases and “winning” them. She refuses to even mediate.
So again , before fighting to get my grandson off the sex registry wouldn’t it be more prudent to fight the
unfair laws that put an 18 year old boy in prison for 25 years to begin with ? This is all new to me but I’m trying to educate myself in any way possible that could help him. I’m also willing to volunteer my time in any way for your organization in the state of Kansas that is relevant to unfair sentencing which is I believe where it needs to begin. Keep the men out of prison that truly do not need to be there, that are not predator’s, not a threat to others in society, and could easily be punished by a monitoring system, many deserve probation and could actually be of service to the state or city by doing civil service .
I look forward to hearing from you and your feedback and ideas. Again, I am more than willing to volunteer my time to be useful for what is now my organization as well. I am a fighter, I do not shy away from tough situations, I am level headed and through in my thinking. I’m sure I can be useful !
Thank you for your time. Sandra

Hi Sandra ~ It is awful what you and your grandson are going through. Any prison sentence for something like this is not justified. He is a teen himself, and age alone does not define maturity. In many countries, the age of consent is 16 or even 14, so who is to say that in the US, these “kids” are less mature than those in other countries? I was 17, and my boyfriend was 21. Nobody had a problem with this, including my family and friends. Girls get their period at an early age, which means they reached the child bearing age. Teenagers drive on our Freeways which if they were kids should not be allowed. Obviously, they are old enough to make adult decisions. The public can’t pick and choose when a teen is mature enough. It is not a one fits all scenario. Heck, there are probably 21 year olds who make immature decisions, and vice versa, 14 year old who make mature decisions. The sentence they are proposing is alsolutely insane, and I hope through all the hearings to come, the DA will come to her senses and agree on maybe probation (which is also ridiculous). The US is all about Plea Deals, and nobody wants to go to trial. So, the longer this drags out, the better the outcome might be. Keep us posted and good luck to you and your grandson!!

Thank you Janice, I was happy that the Tiered Registry Law was passed but I just wished that people who did there 10 or 20 years of registry time would automatically get off instead of wasting time and money for courts writing petition for removal especially the people that are disabled or can`t get or find a job do to there backgrounds checks.

Gee ~ I agree wholeheartedly. Removal should be automatic after the time span for the person’s tier has passed. We don’t want to have to rely on the judge’s mood on that particular day. If she/ he had a bad day, the petition will be denied? If we don’t volunteer because we are tired from working and trying to live life on the weekends, we might get denied? If we don’t provide character letters since we moved on, and new friends don’t know our past, we will be denied? Character letters and volunteering is only cliche anyways, and it should not be a reason for approval versus denial. What judge can’t see right through this? Volunteering or having friends testify that we are great people now should never be the reason for a judge’s decision. You can have a great person who does not volunteer, and you can have a bad person who only volunteers to pretend he/ she is a good person. Removal should be automatic. Period!

I have a question. I live in California and on 12/18/19 a sheriff officer came to my house and told me that if I leave my house over night I have to let the county know. I am not on parole anymore and I have always been told that if it’s longer than 5 days then I have to tell them. They told me that even if I went camping in my county overnight I still have to tell them. Is this true??

The cop is a liar. Big surprise, I know.

This is a great example of why people should never allow LE to get near you. Don’t let them come around and lie to you. They are a danger. If they need to tell you something, make them put it in writing. If something isn’t recorded, it didn’t happen.

Also, RPs who own their own homes should contact other RPs and offer to allow them to Register at their home as well. A person would have to stay there on a somewhat regular basis but that is exactly what should be done … if LE is harassing you. It’s effective. If a person lives in multiple locations then you can move among them as you like and never have to tell anyone where you are. I recommend that people Register at least 5 homes.

I should add that you can Register any friend’s home if you live there enough and they let you. I have a friend that hates big government with a passion. I Register there and he likes it. His home is on a lot of land and LE has never even seen it, let alone been there. It’s hilarious too because he has over 20 guns there. I think he wishes someone would come into his property to try to attack someone.

Hello Janice, have you heard of the study on recidivism the federal government did in 1994 which shows 9% and have done a study every year since which shows recidivism below 5%. Plus i found a report from the neighborhood of Megan Kanka. The parents said if they had known a offender lived there they could have prevented her rape and murder. Acorrding to the report they knew he lived there and so did about 98% of the neighbors knew plus there was two other registrants living on the block. This report was taken after her death an before the law was enacted.

Opps i forgot to put the link to the government study.>rsorp94

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