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New ACSOL Challenge for Donations

There is a new ACSOL challenge for donations.  A registrant who asked to be called “Anonymous” is offering a 2-for-1 challenge up to $2,500.  That is, he is willing to donate $2 for each $1 donated by someone else.  Donations are to be used to oppose the recently proposed SORNA regulations.

“We greatly appreciate Anonymous and his offer to donate up to $2,500,” stated ACSOL Executive Director Janice Bellucci.  “We will not receive that donation, however, until and unless others donate a total of $1,250.”

The recently proposed SORNA regulations attempt to require all 50 states to adopt SORNA as their minimum requirement for registrants.

“If the proposed SORNA regulations are adopted, more than 40,000 people in California alone, that is, those convicted of a Penal Code 288 offense, will be required to register for a lifetime, not once, but four times a year,” stated Bellucci.  “If the regulations are adopted, those individuals will no longer be eligible to petition for removal under the Tiered Registry Law.”

Additional requirements under the proposed SORNA regulations include, but are not limited to, notifying local law enforcement if you will be away from your residence 7 days or longer, disclosure of all “remote communication identifiers,” identification of all professional licenses, and disclosure of all cars, boats and aircraft.

Responses to the proposed SORNA regulations are due no later than October 13.  ACSOL is leading a group of legal professional from multiple states to prepare a substantive response to those regulations.


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@ Annonymous…very cool, donating now.

This is an issue that hits tens of thousands of us!

I won’t just sit back and assume other people will fight this for me, so I just made a donation.

And my donation was doubled! I like that.

Join us in the fight!

So far friends and family have committed $400 in donations!

That is really outstanding, @Rob! More funds for freedom!

Just donated for the first time. Wish I could do more. We owe you so much for fighting this madness on our behalf!

@ LA RSO: EVERY donation matters!! Thanks a million for chipping in!! 👍😁

Happy to help in the fight against the proposed SORNA changes. $200.00 just donated and more to come.

Janice – You mentioned that those with 288 charges would have to register four times a year. How does SORNA treat 288 if it’s a misdemeanor or if it has been dismissed/expunged?

Also if we manage to successfully petition off the tiered registry in California next year would we likely not have to register any longer in California since the state essentially does not recognize SORNA?

Very much appreciate if you could shed some light on these questions/concerns. Thanks!

I can answer your question but the answer is we don’t really know. Under the proposed changes If the jurisdiction you are in is still willing to register you even though it is not required they do so you would have an obligation to register under SORNA even if the state obligation is no longer required.

So for ALL of you who are unable to contribute due to current life circumstances (and/or due to the SOR), I am sending in a $200 check.

Scratch that. I’m donating $300. 👍

I will not sit back and ‘take it’. Here’s another $50 for this new challenge. Thank you ‘anonymous’. This is a fight for our very lives and the lives of our families.

Thank you anyone who is willing to stand up to the mindset of evil that wants to further perpetuate these destructive policies for political gain against people trying to do the right things and live their lives as best they can.

SORNA and IML should never have happened in America and should not be allowed to infect any more deeply than it already has.

I love it that very generous people are encouraging us to donate. It creates momentum.
It got me to donate!

Just donated $100. We can do this.

You guys are justice warriors! We’re all in this together!

Thanks Anonymous! I just donated $50

@David: Ditto to your comments on your generous donation, I am putting a check in the mail today for $300.00 towards this challenge.

Thank you Anonymous for issuing this challenge.

Everybody: No donation is to small, with close to a million of us one dollar each goes along way in the fight for our freedom and now one dollar equals three. Let’s not leave money on the table

Another 25 doughnuts have been dunked. And thanks to Anonymous, that means 50 more. Thank you.

Just donated. Wasn’t much but every bit helps.

Donation sent! Keep up the great work.

$250.00 sent PayPal.

$250 sent via Donate link.

Donated to fight the proposed SORNA regulations.
Registered citizens, please know that you are not alone.
This kind of affront to constitutional rights affects ALL of us.

Opposition to new SORNA regulations is an issue that is perhaps one that is the most urgent in my opinion and it is good to see so many actually rise to the occasion and give what they can to help with this effort. We all must do our best part for this issue and other issues going forward if we hope to achieve real change to these ridiculous laws.

Thank you everyone for helping ACSOL meet the generous challenge provided by “Anonymous”! The goal of $1,250 has been met and “Anonymous” has happily agreed to pay the $2,500 he pledged.

I’ve gone ahead and submitted my donation. It’s time that we all unite and show them that we will not allow them to continue to let them strip us of our human rights.

Thank you for donating, Abraham!! You’re quite right – time to stand together and fight back against their tyrannical oppression!

ACSOL, Strapped for cash as are all unemployed Registrants due the long term repercussions of being a Registrant (Misdemeanor conviction) …damn hard to find or keep a job in this PC Country. I have been without a job for 8 years now. Living on luck. That being said I will find $5 bucks for the cause. Best Tom x

@ Tom X: I will venture here to speak for all fellow registrants fighting this battle: Your contribution is important, noteworthy, very appreciated. Most sincerely to you, Tom X., a very big thanks.

Thank you Tom for making your contribution, especially when you have so little to give.

“Jesus sat down opposite the place where the offerings were put and watched the crowd putting their money into the temple treasury. Many rich people threw in large amounts. But a poor widow came and put in two very small copper coins, worth only a few cents.

Calling his disciples to him, Jesus said, “Truly I tell you, this poor widow has put more into the treasury than all the others. They all gave out of their wealth; but she, out of her poverty, put in everything—all she had to live on.”

I am generally not one to go around quoting scripture, but I was thinking of this same concept.

No one is asking people of limited means to put their financial stability at risk or take food from their families mouths, but if there is some way to even do something small it can go such a long way.

Any amount one can afford sends the message that we are all united in this just pursuit. I am sure it provides more motivation to those in the trenches fighting.

Knowing that someone who has limited means gives even a dollar or two motivates me to want to give more.

Just donated $100. Thank you all for your support. Thank you acsol , Janice and the board and Chance and everybody for fighting for us. I wish I could do more.

I’m very proud to work with all of you justice warriors who sacrificially give to fight for hope for our future!

Donated $100.00, wish it could be more!
Thank you Janice!

Gave $300.00 to help fight the SORNA Laws that could only get worse if each of us that are affected by them, simply sit on the sidelines, and hope for the best. A dollar donation can have just as much of an impact as 300 in the final analysis.

Sensible what? Actually you make a lot of sense. At times I can’t even understand the rhyme or reason for much of this internet sex registry jargon. And your right its not always about quoting scripture but it is about understanding and knowledge.

One ordeal I had on here was my e-mail that had the word magic in it. I was communicating with a preacher on here and yes he gave me the one two. Chewed me out a bit and I had to explain why it was in my e-mail.

Now when my dad passed away we were looking at his books and things of that natrure. Yes he donated to some various causes and churches. Thats why the scipture in the bible says don’t let the left hand know what the right hand is doing in many respects.

See giving comes from the heart and yes if one can afford to give thats good. Charity comes up in a lot of issues. Look at Danny Thomas to give you an example and I’m sure many have see that ad on TV back in the 60’s. Myself I don’t believe in brocasting a donation.

See their is a difference in giving and donating out right to any cause that comes along. Sure if one can spare than thats good. Look at Jerry Lewis. Now if giving to help fight the registry is of value than its all good. Look at what Vicki Herny is doing with her group and even many other groups. Its what you feel in your heart and many times some people do make sacrifices for causes.

When I first got involved with all this I was somewhat in the dark about much of this as many are. Yes I wanted to try the spirit and I also knew those on the registry were in a panic also and needed some help as Janice and others are doing to fight this battle for many. See helping others is good deceiving others is not.

Sure biblical understaning is good and yes we can all get swayed many times by this computer issue and other governmental issues. This group wants to justify their issue, that group wants to justify their issue but much of this registry .. pardon the expression… is like a see thru bra. Yes many of us can be hard headed but who wants to be imprisoned by their thoughts, thats why we all have to reason and understand and stand up to enlighten in all this kayos and yes much of this is kayos and bitterness.

Thank you Janice for you and your team fighting this egregious attempt to further punish SO’s. I just made a donation even though times are tough after being furloughed from my job in June. This is IMPORTANT not only to me but to so many others who don’t deserve to be continually punished unfairly!!!! Keep up the great work and I will be encouraging everyone I know to donate as well. THANK YOU!!!!

Donated! God Bless you Janice and all of your helpers and workers!

The federal court ruling is just wrong! Donated $100! I’ve worked with Janice in the past and she always makes a full court press (no pun intended!). I would like to encourage others, if you have the means in this tough economic times, to do their part to help in this very worthwhile endeavor. How are we doing on reaching the matching donation? Thanks and best wishes, Keith

Thank you, Keith, for your much appreciated donation!
I am happy to note that the Donation Challenge was met in just one single day!! A very successful challenge!! 😁
(The challenge was posted on the 14th. The goal was reached on the 15th.) 👍

The goal was NOT met, since our ultimate goal is to spare current and future recipients the dreaded title of Registrant. This is a great start, but the faucet must keep flowing. For those able, a monthly recurring donation is like skipping a night out once a month. For those currently in a less fortunate position, you can do something like collect bottles and donate the money from a day’s collection. I have somehow found the will to keep pushing through this. Even as my situation has fluctuated from good to bad. I give because I know that someone else can’t, but wants to in order to feel like they are part of something better. That they matter. Well, you do matter. To me.

Thank you, Keith, for your generous donation! ACSOL will use that donation to opposed the proposed federal SORNA regulations that could harm more than 900,000 people on registries nationwide. We must do everything we can do to stop them.

Kieth I liked that not only about the donation issue, but working with others. See working with others is very important. Did any of you all ever wonder about the Statue of Liberty or did you ever wonder about Lady Wisdom in the bible. The viewpoint might be interesting.
Sure we can all reason this issue out and yes there are many good people on here or does everybody judge a book by its cover as the saying goes. Now I like Janices inspiration and many others on here.

Yes we can all be a bit “crusty” at times but who gets upset , a bit angry at times and be bitter about this who issue. I have even noticed in some on here.

See this whole ordeal isn’t just about the sex offender but as I have picked up on here it effects all of true American Government. I mentioned I was a magician and did some events. Whats keeping me from working with kids today or even going to church by self even thou I have two chaprones and one is my sister. Its called responsiblity and moral ethics. See, you can’t force on another. So whos’ forcing many a lifetime issue on another with this sex offender in many issues?Even after some or many have served time in jails or prisons.

Does it come down to signing a misleading contract after Sex registry classes which I’m sure many states use that ruse, or who is understanding their bible today. Yes many can burn out brain cells with drugs or alcohol. Course I never mentioned to authorities I did a some magic for this small little community to authorities I figure they could of found that out by the letters from people that wanted me to entertain at parties and things of that nature or the pictures of some of my events.

And keith yes governments can be wrong in many of these ordeals in many ways but their not gonna come out and admit their mistakes. Who even likes to in government or should we talk about the status quo of America today. This sex offender issue is a big issue today.

Sure doing that D.A.R.E. program was a wonderful event for me and putting a smile on another is one of the best things. See when people upset ones consciense in these matters who’s doing the abuse? Whats that old saying that someone once said “It takes two to tango”. I’m just glad I found ACSOL.

So my spelling gets out of line many times but we all have feelings.

I’ve donated $300 to ACSOL this month. Janice needs our support to fight for our dignity and humanity. With the legislatures, government, law enforcement, and crazy radicals targeting SO’s, we are easy and comfortable prey, especially in an election year. I encourage you to donate AND vote. Lorena Gonzales is the democrat Assembly member who keeps fighting against SO’s. She plans on running for Secretary of State in 2022. She shouldn’t have any statewide office. Don’t let her or any of them win. Stand tall and make your voice heard.

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