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American Law Institute To Consider Recommending Elimination of Public Registry, Other Significant Reforms

[ – 1/25/21]

The Council of the American Law Institute (ALI) agreed on January 22 to recommend that its membership adopt new provisions in the Model Penal Code (MPC) that would significantly limit sexual offender registries. The draft approved by the Council includes new MPC provisions under which:

Many offenses now registrable would not require registration (e.g., possession of child pornography, but also less serious contact offenses).

There would be no public notification that individuals are on the registry, and no public website or other public  access to the registry, which is limited to law enforcement personnel. The knowing or reckless disclosure of registry information to others is a crime. Most individuals on the registry who do not re-offend, and who comply with their supervised release conditions, would be removed after ten years. No one would remain on the registry for more than fifteen years unless they commit a new registrable offense.  The registry would have no tiers, but many offenses currently placed in lower tiers would not be included on the registry at all.

General rules that required location monitoring of persons convicted of a sexual offense, or which imposed on them restrictions on residency, employment, access to schools or the internet, would be repealed. Judges could impose such restrictions in particular cases, but only on persons currently included on the registry, and only in special circumstances shown to apply to that particular case, and only for a limited period of time. In no case may a judge require public notification.

The original version of the Model Penal Code was published by the ALI in 1962. According to the Wikipedia more than half the states enacted criminal codes that borrowed heavily from the MPC, and even courts in non-adopting states have been influenced by its provisions. An important and influential contribution of the original 1962 MPC was its elimination from the criminal code of noncommercial sexual acts between consenting adults, such as sodomy, adultery and fornication.

The American Law Institute (ALI) is a research and advocacy group established in 1923 which publishes influential analyses in all areas of law. The Council of the ALI includes 7 members of the United States Courts of Appeal as well as Justices on the highest courts of California, Arizona, Texas, and New Jersey. The recommendations of the ALI Council become the official position of the Institute when adopted by the membership, which consists of leading attorneys, law professors, and judges who have been nominated and elected to membership. The MPC recommendations adopted by the Council in January will be considered by the membership at its meeting this May in Washington.

ALI’s model codes and studies bookstore

Sample of ALI model penal code examination: Sexual Assault and Related Offenses


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Let’s all pray that this is goes into affect sometime soon

All registerable offenses today should be considered not registerable when individual assessments are taken in to consideration. If they go off conviction only of a certain law or class, then they are still lumping and doing no better than today when no individual assessment is considered. They should advocate for no registration overall, period.

The ALI is a very respected authority. Their model penal codes frequently serve as the basis for many laws. Even though the registry should be abolished, this is a very significant shift and as good as any court victory so far. The problem is the politicians are still in power that use the registry as a cheap vote getter. It will take decades to see a legislative shift. In the meantime the court battles must continue.

Perhaps the fact that they are addressing registries as penal code might carry some weight. I mean, if they are recommending the registry be non public and that there be a shorter time limit on how long someone is on the registry for – something deemed purely civil previously – maybe this can carry some additional weight by calling it the punishment it is.

Let’s not forget that legislators/legislatures will have to explain to the sheeple why all the sudden RCs are *not* the horrible, scary monsters they’ve been stated to be so long. THAT, IMO, is what will hold things back more than anything. Politicians are not the type to make themselves look bad.

I agree that this change will probably take decades for it to seep into laws and regulations. Where it may happen sooner is in the courtroom. It may influence judges to tip in our favor, even under the risk of appeal. If the judicial system gets on board that this is how it should be, the change can happen and the political a**holes can save their worthless faces.

I don’t understand what registry has to do with the penal code. Since the registries are purely civil how is reforming something that isn’t punishment even in a model penal code? (Sarcasm)

If you did consider the registry civil though the model penal code could still address the failure to register offense instead, I suppose since that is a punishment.

So, @M C, if the registry is not punishment and merely civil in nomenclature but not use, should this very point be brought to ALI for their information, clarification why they are discussing penal code with registry the concept, and acknowledgement it is used in a punishing fashion which is why they are addressing it? I’d think so.

@TS. It would definitely be helpful if ALI would explicitly acknowledge that the registration concept is being placed into the penal code because it is being used in a punitive manner despite its non-punitive intent. These kinds of statement from such an authority might have great influence.

MC – New York’s legislative intent for the registry includes punishment…

Can you tell me where you found the legislative intent?

Thank you

Wow! This is awesome. I hope these ideas are fully adopted and that their effect spreads rapidly.

Maybe with these recommendations lawmakers will grow a spine, stop passing bills based on knee jerk reactions, evidence used in prospective bills, and admitting their sins of stepping in other’s business.

You wanna know when a politician will change his mind? When a family member, a big donor, or a donor’s family member is convicted of a sex offense.

The flaw in that reasoning is that those individuals have enough influence and money to get their sex crimes pled down to something non-registerable.

You both are correct when it comes to being impacted by the rules and then the ability to negotiate it down to non-registerable (prosecutorial discretion is a bitch then when money for a future campaign is possible).

Is there a press release on this or is this insider info? I’d like to send this around without linking it back to ACSOL.

I hope Arizona adopts this and gets rid of the lifetime registration. I have been on the registry for 20 years and it has cost me good paying jobs, gotten me threats and vandalism of my property. Also, my kids have been bullied and ridiculed. It’s about time that someone is taking a stand.

Automatic removal from the registry? No petitioning process? No bogus tiers?

Sounds great! But realistically, what special interest(s) would back such a simplistic and just law? There would be no requirement to ‘successfully complete’ a CASOMB-certified treatment program, so obviously CASOMB and its relatively Fake Doctors will not back this. There is no petitioning process, so it would be hard to imagine certain attorneys going gung-ho for this law, as a proposed law such as this would mean less $$$. No tier classifications would mean law enforcement and politicians would lose the ability to politicize Tier Two and Tier Three offenders.

In sum, I hope a simple registry, with no tiers, no publication, and automatic removal ultimately passes soon. One like described in the above. But realistically, in the corrupt and increasingly unjust United States of America, I doubt the Dirty Politicians will back this law.

God Bless.

This is good. Another possible ally. If they vote positive in may on it. But just cause somethings proposed doesn’t mean it will be accepted. Heck even SCOTUS had a chance to clarify the registry as punishment or civil in the recent Maryland Vs Rogers. In October scotus blog published it as a controversial one to watch. But in the end a couple of weeks ago, i don’t think it even got looked at. Petition denied. And that petition was submitted by the states AG. So an unbiased source. Welcome to 2021 Soctus. Things like this are already valid and published. They know it’s punishment. They know it doesn’t work. But society doesn’t care. Supreme Court doesn’t want to change it and have a backlash at them. They see the backlash at our politicians and don’t want that. Our strongest fighter in that arena is dead may Ruth Rest In Peace. America is the most unforgiving country. We as a society whole don’t even recognize sorna as a humans right issue, which at this point it is and other foreign bodies recognize it. The US government sees us as easy votes. Sorna is become a capitalistic business for politicians, psychologists, prisons, “civil commitment facilities,” etc.. America doesn’t like to give up its big businesses, especially for felons. honestly y’all.. another ally is great, but I feel like we are beating a dead horse. Meta analysis and science is there, and until we get new blood in Congress, I doubt much will change. Now in another 10 years when the registry probably had 2-3million people on it and the old Congress moves out, Yeah stuff will probably start happening. Until then. Small victories in court. Now where I do think we can win is getting premise restrictions removed and stupid 1000ft rules. I’m hoping NCrsol Stein case removes the premise restrictions this year. But even those cases takes years. The right to a speedy trial is a pipe dream when it comes to anything Sorna related. Sorry for the negative Nancy. On a positive note, here in NC. I had a CP charge and I just got my premise restrictions removed. I can now take my daughter to a park, library, mueseum, etc.. So it is possible and there is hope. But it took time and money.

The Registry is our particular issue, but the problem goes deeper and wider. Politicians have been using laws as a bargaining tool and a source of income for so long it has become accepted as the norm. Look at Federal lands used for drilling, citizens working and living in other countries for foreign companies still being taxed by the U.S. , ex felons being denied opportunities so that they revert back to felonious lifestyles and then are re incarcerated for profit. These are nothing more than revenue streams for the government as a whole and politicians that get “ donations” via P.A.C.s in their own districts.
We are a branch on a tree that is never going to be cut down, even if it is rotting from the roots. We have to wait until the storm hits that will topple the tree for good.

Everything has a bell curve.

When will the “storm hit” if 45 of the 100 senate members are still “Trumpetts” or even publicly say they won’t do what’s right just to save their job? Money still buys votes. Will any bill ever pass in the senate for the next 4 years?

This list is evil and all those who support it must be evil also.

You know all of you all right or else you couldn’t be texting from your jail cells could you. While I don’t know how jails are since it has been a very long time since I have walked behind bar’s its time all in California to take a stand. I liked the comment “Legal system” sure all things are legal but all things are not justifible or why go to court in front of the unjust.

Does the Statute of man’s limitations run out on man’s Wisdom and Knowledge? or is this some ex post facto ready to burst new fruit in this common law of ill gotten gain? Sure we can say much of this registry is vain in glory or is authority pride in much of this computer game understanding, or even the forgiveness of touch not, taste not, or handle not, but understanding goes a long way. While I am here in VA and mixed up in this a bit all I can say to Fl and many other states is to get on the ball for truth and quit killing yourselves or should we all say their is nothing to fear but fear itself. Nothing wrong with a bit of the Good News.
Good news puts fat on bones. thats a proverb in the bible. and a little righteous is better than great revenue without right.

One thing missing out of all this registry is the call to be a servant and a call to love or should we all say when in Rome do as the Romans? So are those the two points missing in this anthology of a sex registry ordeal or should we all say we are all carnal by nature and yes leaders have a right to instill these ordeals via this registry. So were is the liberty grasp or is this another war between the states.
Sure government can allow porn, B-movies or teen sex or were does contract law come into play, even out in California movie industries can do anything for the audience viewing even put up notices before a picture is shown as a disclaimer and so do adult websites.

How many liked Hitler and a few other government leaders. Even this sex registry has mixed review’s. I even had a mixed review of Star Track when growing up.Should we all look at the registry inducement as a transgression, a behavior type ordeal, or an oversite or overtaking of another with the indroduction of sex as the common denominator. Should we all look on science as some fruit of the loom science or data as man made theory of government.

I would guess a fillabuster would make no sense so I will stop or maybe the Do as I say and not what I do has meaning in all this registry ordeal in its fundemental way or is government a bit of fundmentalist today in many of these sex registry ordeals.

“The knowing or reckless disclosure of registry information to others is a crime”
What statutes? What codes? What written law? Also, good luck as the registry generates billions for the pockets of these corrupt politicians and their friends and family members thru massive gov. contracts. Sounds good and the more the support we get the easier it might be for a serious challenge by ACSOL, hopefully soon in CA SC or I will be.

I Like the sound of the (ALI) becoming involved, a step in the right direction. Now what I would like to see is maybe the White house get behind them. We know how unconstitutional SORNA is, This Bill could kill Sorna all together forcing Congress to rewrite Constitutional Laws. The Biden administration is suppose to be all about protecting the Constitution. And the rights of everyone. I would like to see someone with better writing and communicating skills then I write lol To send a copy of this along with a nice letter asking Kamala Harris to look into this with the (ALI) and ask her for there involvement with backing the bill. AS always just an idea.

Arbituary or a compromise of these standards of law in these presupposition type actions? Can much of this registry be a type of covetousness practice? Is it very oppressive in this legislation type game? Sure these men in government want this power to over come another at this unreasonable level of inducement. These men or authority are usurping their authority position. Sure it is wrong to cuse or even sware but who is the one with the enticement. Who’s the one that brings up this false narrative or frabricated encounter to lead one astray in these vain ordeals in many ways and means by these overbaring ruses of manipulation ?

Even a second night encounter is a bit much when one cuts in on one chatting with another.
An adult that goes to a kids or teen chat site that would be somewhat uderstandable but inducing and instilling one on an adult site of chatting by this teenage ruse, even menting sex or some get together encounter would be a vain type situation. The understanding and reassuring in itself in these issues can oppress many and bring heartache to the one caught up in this web of deceit by this manulapitive scheme. And yes many authorities try to reassure one that nothing will happen .

Are authorities usurping their authority in many ways . Many can say yes to that one or is the heart of all men deceitful. I’m not gonna go into the bible again to get this understanding as each one of you all on here should know your own actions. Yes for every action their is a reaction and many times one is dupped into that action such as myself and many. So who is the blind and who is the understanding one.

These Authorities know exactly what they are doing to compound others with this oppressive game. They say two can play this game so we all stand or fall and just take it. Is that the human understanding today?
Now as mentioned my lawyer dropped out at the last minute. This might happen to many in these hushed moments with these ordeals. Some can’t afford a good lawyer to represent one. Much of this registry is vain in many ways of constutional justice. Letter writing campaigns are good Richard and many of you all have something their.

Oh this is almost TOO rational to be an actual opinion today lol. Covid19 might have delivered a much needed shock to the system. But there’s still plenty of unreasonable idiots to keep things fresh, especially with the rso media hype train able to produce seemingly well-timed stories.

Wow this is really exciting news! A shift is underway.

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