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Action Alert for Florida Residents: Call and Write to Oppose Senate Bill 234

[ – 2/11/21]

On Monday, February 15, 2021, the Florida Senate Judiciary committee will consider Senate Bill 234. It is item number 3 on their agenda.

Among other things, this bill introduced by Senator Lauren Book would change the definition of “day” to mean part of any calendar day. Therefore, as written, anywhere you are physically present 4 or more times a year would technically have to be registered within 48 hours.

Visit your parent’s home once a week for dinner? Play cards at a friend’s house once a month? Stop in for coffee at a neighbors’ once every few weeks? Use the same barber?… You’d be registering them all.

Read the full details on the FAC website


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If this passes, if I were one of the registered citizens living near her, I’d simply visit her home and stand outside of it on the street for a minute 4 times, and then register her address. That’s what this law requires, right?

Does this bitch have any other purpose on Earth besides thinking up these moronic bills.
How about a Florida registrant go and park in front of her house multiple times a week. Then her address will have to be registered. Let the snake she let loose go and bite her in her own fat ass!

If every registrant registers everywhere they regularly go–everywhere–the log jam of paper work would overwhelm the system.

But people who have multiple DUI’s like her father, people who cause accidents because they are so intoxicated they can’t drive, like her father, aren’t really an issue for her for some reason, even though drunk drivers kill and maim 1000x times more children in one year than all the SO combined since records were kept.

We really could brake the system if we fought back with tactics like that there’s alot of people convicted of sex crimes in Florida there’s no way they could register that many people every day

I was shunned when I stated Florida needs to make Senator Book irrelevant; while FAC ripped me a new one. Florida deserves the bull crap.


i’m in Florida and i no longer support FAC and haven’t for a while. just wish Florida would have Janice!!!!

I hear your frustration but at least Florida has an organization…some states don’t have even that.

@ Tired

My heart goes out to Florida registrants and your families. It’s overwhelming to see the proposed bills placed on all of you year after year. I wish FAC would be more aggressive and allow people’s comments. How can an organization change law when they don’t allow someone’s first amendment to be read. People might not agree with it, yet it’s their right and I can’t support an organization like that. On this forum people go after Saddles , but it’s his right even if they disagree. If an organization can’t agree what’s free speech I don’t want anything to do with it. I rather have an organization that has guts than one that stands around doing nothing.

No one has any right to post any comment on FAC’s web site or here. There is no such right.

FAC is free to censor comments they don’t like. Having said that, I have been involved with them less and less for over a year, now to the point where I’m not involved. I can understand that they might not want their comment sections looking ridiculous and might want to censor some of that. And certainly censor threats and promoting illegal activity. But I feel like often with my own comments that they are really just censoring ideas that they don’t agree with. That is fine. Perhaps they only want to promote agendas they agree with. But I don’t need to be associated with an organization that doesn’t want to discuss ideas.

After what happened with the FBI recently, if this bill passes this is just the kind of thing that’s going to lead to more injured police officers.

Yup. All the registry does is agitate, instigate and provoke. It’s too damn militant, presumptive, adversarial, confrontational and open-ended.

You can’t continue to protect children in American at “all costs.” There is always a cost. Just ask those 2 dead FBI agents’ families. Also, they didn’t die protecting children. They died as a result from living in their overzealous “we’re ready for anything / we got this” insulated fantasy microcosm bubble.

An important distinction – the guy in the case you’re referring was NOT a registrant. He was a target in a “run-of-the-mill CP operation ” (read: the task force sent him the CP in order to arrest him for possessing it), unbeknownst to them that he was bipolar and armed. Odds are, if the cowards that run and participate in these stings had known that he was armed and nuts, in all likelihood they would have left him alone. They prefer the social recluses without the slightest hint of aggressiveness, both at arrest and prosecution.

It’s still a shame. He probably could have beaten his charges by demanding to examine the software the task force used to trace him. More people need to be made aware of that – might help curb, if not eliminate these stupid stings.


They avoid that with the “proprietary methods and tech” excuse. But generally what that is is that they can get wifi info from running through neighborhoods and scanning or having your neighbors do it anonymously through social media like Facebook or Nextdoor. They also have active law enforcement agreements with all of “big tech”. When they nab someone and run the story they call it “tips sent from an ESP” and nobody even cares to challenge it. It’s a corrupt system and they’re all getting desperate to keep-up the “offender” charade so they’ll take any info received from police or social media informants and pass it on to their sting outfits.

Which is why one might now start to observe the bright red EXIT sign for all their social media and online presence. It’s all being used to entrap people in any way they can. So watch-out for ice cream trucks at odd hours or other similar “weird events” with cars parking around your house or slowly going through your street.

“Protect the children” got WAY out of hand.

I wonder if having rallies in Tally would be an option by killing two birds with one stone. Protesting against Florida’s registration laws; while registering the Florida capital seeing how they like having their address on the hit list. After all they do more harm to Florida communities than the majority of registrants.

Janice and team are greatful to the person who show up, speak up, and stand up to oppose or support bills in California. I’m sure they would like more people to get involved; yet not everyone wants to be a shirtless dancer testifying to legislators.

So if you have to go to your local sheriffs office to register more addresses more than 4 times in a year, wouldn’t you need to register the address of the registration office? I’m guessing that they really didn’t think this through….

I almost feel sorry for her (not). She seems to be the most miserable person on earth. I wonder what happened to her to make her so bitter. She is on a mission. Didn’t she just lose a lawsuit against her? Why on earth would she want to keep being in the public eye. She needs a hobby. Maybe running or biking would lift her spirits…

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