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FL: DeSantis signs bill closing sex-offense registration loophole

ALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTXL) — Governor Ron DeSantis signed a bill into law Tuesday effectively closing a loophole in Florida’s sexual offense registration law.

The former law’s loophole allowed a person convicted of a sex crime to forgo registering because they didn’t pay a court-ordered fine.

In 2020, a judge ruled that Ray La Vel James of Tampa, who spent 12 years in prison after being convicted of molesting two girls at a public pool, didn’t have to register as a sex offender because the law states registration isn’t required until a sentence is completed — and he hadn’t paid part of a $10,000 fine that was part of his sentence.

The victims in the case were aged 8 and 11.

“This man is the very definition of someone who should and must be on the sex offense registry and subject to things like community monitoring and residency restrictions, but because of this loophole, he could be living right next to a community pool,” said Democratic Sen. Lauren Book, the bill’s sponsor.

The bill amends s. 943.0435, F.S., relating to sexual offense registration, “to clarify release from conviction sanctions for sexual offense registration and reporting purposes. Currently, a person convicted of a qualifying sexual offense must register upon release from a court imposed sanction.”

The bill went into effect upon the governor’s signature.


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We better hope this guy doesn’t become president. He closed the loophole to be sure that all people in Florida that are on the registry remain in homeless camps without sanitary conditions and can never again find meaningful work.

Governor Desantis is the younger version of Rick Scott: funded by private prison, corrupt and thorns to freedom. He stay in the Sunshine State with all the other criminals.

The state of Florida has the toughest sex offense laws in the nation and also home to one of the biggest tourist attractions in the world.
From 2012 to 2017 it’s projected that the revenue of amusement and theme parks in Florida will amount to approximately 9.491,5 million U.S dollars by 2024.
The Governor of Florida has a responsibility to protect the state’s cash cow by any means necessary.
People come to visit Florida from all around the world every single day if one of them is attacked sexually while visiting the happiest place on earth that would definitely be bad for the state of Florida.

Good luck 🗣

Last edited 5 months ago by AERO1

Maybe the dumbass should focus on protecting the “state’s cash cow” then instead of spanking it and messing with the Hit Lists. These criminals are going to mess around and the radicalization that they’ve created is going to result in a lot worse than a few mass shootings like they keep having.

At what age did you start viewing images of children being abused and have you gotten the proper treatment to help you function in society so you don’t relapse ??????

Ha ha ha ha ha, poor, poor little AERO1. He has to fall back on the “you looked at naked children” tripe. Sorry loser, I didn’t. And people who did are likely more moral and better than you. I certainly am. How often do you lie? Every day? Surely.

“Proper treatment” So funny, so dumb, so clueless.

Can we all agree yet that AERO1 is a liar and a troll? He contributes nothing useful and should be banned just like other harassers.

So when you have 10,000 people living in homeless camps under bridges, on the beach, and in the woods, no residence to verify, and these people are depressed, resentful, angry, don’t have good mental health services, no employment, no relationship, no comfortable home, then that makes the state safer right–WRONG!!! That is some of the dumbest logic I’ve heard.

What did these People do to be put in that situation not everybody on the registry is labeled the same it’s 2021 they have tiers now in all most every state in America even with the new SORNA requirements people have a chance of going free so don’t be angry just live and let live

Ah, the same old dumb argument “these people put themselves in that situation”. Do you harassers really not understand how dumb that is? Really? Think about it briefly. Pathetic.

There is not going to be any “live and let live”. As long as the Hit Lists exist, there will be daily negative consequences, for everyone in America. Everyone should just love it and understand that big government caused it. There are no problems that they can’t increase by magnitudes.

This case proves how much contemplation or thought legislators use when writing bills or Acts of law regarding people convicted of a sex offense. The ” loophole” was infact created by the Florida legislature.

Last edited 5 months ago by webmaster

Sen. Lauren Books says….sigh…the go to person for a sound bite on this topic. Did her father donate to Ron’s potential POTUS campaign run yet? Someone should look at his political donation records.

I doubt it. He and his daughter are Democrats. Remember, a (“alleged”) significant portion of his current income is (“alleged”) government grifting (ie “alleged” stolen tax money). He (“allegedly”) used sex offense registries and issues to get his daughter in the senate, and the (“alleged”) grifting runs unabated.

I can’t find any party affiliation but it appears he is green, as in $$. Found some interesting stuff while looking though.

He ran away.

Super Lobbyist Ron Book Attacked In Downtown Fort Lauderdale

So maybe he is not all that Untouchable. I’m watching this documentary now. Probably old news to most of you.

Note to mods: refreshing the page brings back the toolbar so maybe it times out.

Everything you want to know about the Books and their corruption

Thanks for posting that. Sickening, untouchable mobsters is all they are.

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