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It’s August, one year since the Proposed DOJ/SMART Rules were introduced. Bracing for that foot to drop.

@ JohnDoeUtah: Maybe Janice is right. To paraphrase her: “It might not go anywhere. It might not move forward. It might be put up on some government shelf somewhere, never to be heard from again.”* 🤷🏻‍♂️

*Not her exact words, but you get the jist!

@David, I could probably see that if it was the legislature, but its not. Instead, its am unelected administrative agency given the power to make laws without sufficient oversight…

There is a bigger picture that serves as a higher power.

Opinion: It’s time to repeal the worst criminal justice law of the past 30 years

I could support the registry mentioned in the article: “National Registry of Exonerations”.

How about a registry holding government and judges accountable for their abuse of power?

Humble suggestion to join “abolitionist” groups such as Critical Resistance and DSA. We need RSO voices in those rooms.

What is DSA?

At first glance, Critical Resistance wants to abolish the entire system it seems. Don’t see that happening but they can put dents in the arrogant armor.

Defunding is different.


to stop providing money or as much money to pay for something:

She opposes any proposal to defund U.S. troops.

For years, community groups have advocated for defunding law enforcement – taking money away from police and prisons – and reinvesting those funds in services.

DSA is Democratic Socialists of America

Went yesterday for annual. As usual, procedural changes made by dept. that we as local registrants were not informed about. So process took longer than expected. But finished all the same.
I asked about my tier designation letter and they begrudgingly retrieved it. Not a surprise that it said ‘Tier 1’, but is a nice to see it on an official document.
As I left the office I noticed a young man sitting on steps looking over his registration. I stopped and offered him some assistance and encouragement. I could tell by his look he was new to this circus. He initially resisted, but I told him I had gone through this a few times and it doesn’t get easier, but does get more tolerable. Ended up he had the same charge as me. We sat and spoke for a few minutes and then I excused myself. He thanked me for being understanding. I responded that none of us understand this, but we can still get through it.
Also finally won the email battle with City-Data and was removed from their listing. They had identified my address on their site and finally admitted they had made an error due to some ‘ over zealous employee’ and had removed my listing. What ever.
So all in all, a good start to August.

The error made by the overzealous employee caused you pain and suffering yeah? They admitted it in writing, now SUE THEM! Any website that posts this data that is a single pixel outside the lines of legality should be MERCILESSLY SUED until they are LEGALLY AND FINANCIALLY EVISCERATED! You have a chance to actually change things! GUT THEM!!!

They took my name off, I’m content with that. I am not a vengeful person by nature. If I’m content with the outcome , then that’s enough for me. They made a mistake, but then so did I yrs ago.

HOW MANY HAVE ALREADY APPLIED FOR REMOVAL, having July/Aug3rd Bday and rec’d late letter T B D (To Be Determined) besides Frank ? So you canNOT apply even though it’s your TIME to but with that TBD Ltr, it relates to an Auto Denial even if you send out copies to orig locale in CA DA and Co. of Arrest AND copies to current Co. DA/County applying in Registering Removal with copy of your latest Proof of Reg. plus DL/ID ???
Dying to find out (IF-it’s most of us old folk on for more than 30 yrs plus ) how many?

Over 40 years last July. Officer had papers in hand but didn’t offer any information until I inquired and just read off the TBT and added the statement that we have (if I heard correctly) until 2023 to reach a decision so perhaps by the next time you register you’ll know.

Its kool hearing storys about people reaching out to help one another in this phuct up situation especially the new ones 10-15 years ago registrant’s just kept to themselves out of fear I feel like the veterans on the hit list are starting to form a community of 290 registrant’s and don’t even know it.
The veterans are the ones debunking the myths about people on the registry by being productive members of Society for so long.
Me personally iv been registering for 22 years now hopefully on my birthday next year I can petition to be done with all this BS I’m over it.

Good luck

Agreed. It’s good to help our fellow-Registrants…. especially those who may be struggling. Maybe I’ll do some outreach. 👍🏻

Has anyone here received a COR in California and relieved of the duty to register that moved to a state outside of CA? I know there are quite a few states that will make you register regardless if it was terminated in CA. I had a misdemeanor 647.6 that was dismissed and expunged. COR was received this year. Looking to move out of CA but don’t want to walk into another nightmare.

@Doing Research:
I recall a few years back there was a case in MS where the MS SC ruled that an expungement for an out of state conviction meant no registration requirement. I can probably find the case, if interested. It was to do with a guy convicted in MD but living in MS. There may be other States that have similar case law or actual law. Then again, some States (LA?) say that only a reversal of conviction frees you from registration.

Here’s the MS case I had in mind:

AJ, thank you for that link regarding the judgement against Mississippi in the case of Stallworth. You may well have addressed this elsewhere, but how applicable is this ruling in the circumstance, not of expungement by the originating state, as in Stallworth’s case, but where the duty to register has been relieved for other reasons, such as in a tiered registration/timed-out scheme? In other words, where do we stand now with the principle of being relieved of the obligation to register anywhere we might move if we are removed from the registry for any reason in the state where we were prosecuted?

@Notorious D.I.K.:
IMO, you may still be screwed because of the catch-all “registrable if committed in this State” type of clause many States use. So even if you are freed in CA after, say 20 years, another State could say, “well for that equivalent offense here, you need 25 years, so you have 5 more to go.” (Funny how there’s only equivalency when it’s to their favor!)

Keep in mind some States (such as MS) do not give credit for “time served” in another State. IMO, that’s a violation of the Privileges and Immunities Clause (right to travel) and the 14th Amdt., but I’d rather not find out the hard way. Still other States, such as LA, only relieve one of registration if the conviction is overturned (not even a pardon or expungement helps).

In short, your guess is as good as mine. It probably would take a lawsuit to find out…

If that’s the case, then couldn’t a person who was convicted of a crime argue that in another state it would not be a crime?

It seems as though it should work both ways if that’s the game to be played.

If you regain your right to possess a firearm in CA, then you are able to possess a firearm any where else in the country, right? Why should it be any different for the de-registering?

Is there a database of those states that do not relieve one the registry if you were relieved from registering in CA?

That doesn’t seem right.

I think you are simply going to have to put in the leg work and determine:
Is the state you are thinking about have any overriding jurisdiction on your particular offense. You can email the attorney general of that state or contact an in state lawyer and pay them to do the work for you. If the case is re registering, I would avoid that state like the ………Covid?

This could be something Janice’s staff might be able to put together. A domestic matrix of state honoring or ignoring California’s tier system. We all know of two right off the bat. Florida & New York. The Fric & Frac of the Public Registry.

Calling all 288.2 registrants! I’m planning to send this letter to the Safety Committee. I think there will be more impact if more people send their letters as well. I’m angry and wiling to file a lawsuite if I have to and welcome anyone to join.

Dear Senate Member
I’m writing to voice my frustration and anger with the amended sex offender registry law 290, effective as of January 1, 2021, In the amended registry law, PC 288.2 “Sending of harmful matter to a minor” is categorized under Tier 3. This is a non-violent, no contact offense, but it’s categorized at the same level as the most violent sex crimes such rape. There is no factual basis for the extreme classification and I urge the lawmakers to amend PC 290 AND move PC 288.2 from Tier 3 to Tier 1.  I’d like to explain how it’s negatively affecting my family and why I’m writing to you.
–       My husband now has lifetime obligation to register until his death. We can never rebuild and plan our future together due to the copious restrictions placed on travel and residence on the registrant.
–       As a tier 3 registrant, our family home address, where we’ve lived for 25 years, will be published on Megan’s website, accessible to the public, neighbors, relative, friends, and colleagues.
–       In addition to my husband, my children and myself will be subject to public shaming, harassment, loss of friends, property damage to our home, and potential loss of employment. This damage can never be rectified.
–       This has a PUNISHING effect and negates all principles of rehabilitation.
–       As innocent parties, for my children and me, it is a CLEAR VIOLATION OF CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS AND PRIVACY.
–       PC 288.2 is a non-contact, non-violent offense but the registry requirement is the same as violent sex crimes offenders at the highest risk level. This violates the fair treatment clause.
–       In the pre-amended version of PC 290, PC 288.2 was explicitly excluded from Megan’s website.

As a taxpayer and parent, I want laws passed to protect my children from violent sexual predators, not a blanket insurance against all sex offenders, who are otherwise law-abiding, non-violent, and non-predatory. My children and I are hurt directly by the new Tier Registry. In addition, my husband is depressed and has no hope for his future. Lawmakers must consider the family of the offenders, who have no choice in the matter but is nevertheless subject to unconstitutional punishment, even after the sentence of the crime has been served by their loved one. I urge you to amend PC 290 and move PC 288.2 to Tier 1. By making this small change, it will impact all these registrants and their families, like mine, in a positive way without sacrificing public safety.

ConcernWife. Great letter, I think it’s really important that law makers get these kinds of letters from totally innocent adults and children. I’m from Michigan so going through our own challenges, it seems like such a tall mountain and sitting here watching how Michigan has won on all court levels, but still seem like the law makers dont care and just re-word new laws making the same punishment. I believe the only way to change the minds of these power hungry people is by individuals like you in your situation. So thank you for standing up for your family’s rights

Actually, any email, postal or phone call is considered ‘contact’ from the law’s perspective. And while I don’t agree with how it is being administered in regards to the tier system, I do agree with the premise. Otherwise, restraining orders and such would be worthless. Actually, in many cases they are.

@ConcernedWife I don’t have a wife or kids but this is what I hate most about the registry. Children are harmed in countless ways from arrest to conviction and long after. It is a hypocritical faulty premise that the well being of children is the only goal and I have long argued that families should fight for themselves. If registration of a family member is merely regulation, what of the other family members? Are they regulated without the slightest due process?

Wish I could help but I wish you luck.


I would suggest talking with Chance Oberstein. We are currently dealing with the same issue. It might be wise to unify behind a proven expert in these matters and present a united front that way.

My husband tried to contact him but he hasn’t responded.

I don’t know, it sounds as if you are fairly okay with the Registries as long as your loved ones are not on it. Do you think most people who “should” be tier 3 do not have families?

The Registries are a disgrace that no one should support. If a person does then that person deserves all the hate and harassment that we decent people can send their way.

I have to agree. I’m listed as tier III but am married and have young children. I was convicted in 2000 and have been on the streets crime free for 13 years. I also obtained a degree and have always kept steady employment. That being said, am I some threat because I’m listed as tier 3? One is placed in said tiers based on type of conviction alone and not if someone is more dangerous than someone else.

I completely agree that entire registry should be abolished and it’s unconstitutional. However, this is a specific action I’m taking for my family. Please don’t take this the wrong way.

I understand. I also understand that when you have something that needs to be done for your family that it might be difficult to focus on other people much or a more altruistic goal. I get that, for sure. It is very easy to be very apathetic in America these days. Personally, I don’t care what happens to anyone else, unless/until I learn that they are not a typical American ahole. I particularly like how these days it is very popular for people to whine about government violating their “rights”, as if anyone should care. I certainly don’t.

So I get it. I have to ask myself very often, maybe almost daily, if I should do something in a way that I know is more effective and has a better chance of succeeding, or should I follow my principles and be honest.

I’m not judging what you are doing. But why don’t we all try to communicate with Registry Supporters/Terrorists/Aholes in a way that does not lend any extra credence or undeserved legitimacy to the Oppression Lists (OLs)? In particular, I find your statement of “I want laws passed to protect my children from violent sexual predators” to be especially troubling. It misleads that the OLs might be part of those laws. If they could only “fix” them to remove people like your loved ones.

I think it would be better if people said something more like, “If you believe that registries actually protect the public, then why x y z ….”? Put the onus on the criminal legislators to explain why their laws don’t follow their supposed beliefs, facts, or reality. Or maybe something like, “If Tier 3 is supposed to be the dangerous people, would you please explain how x y z fits that criteria?”

Trust me, I wish I could this for everyone and I hope that if this pans out (very unlikely), it can be used for other situations. The legislators that crafted this BS are convinced registry is the way to protect the public. I’m trying to appease them somewhat so they don’t throw away my letter but you’re right, I will remove that statement and update the letter.


I am not convinced that anyone with a brain believes that the Hit Lists are a good idea. I’m really not.

I think if an intelligent and moral person supports the Hit Lists then they have put very, very little effort into understanding it all.

Today is a great day to retaliate for the existence of the Hit Lists. It is a great day to ensure they are useless yet cause great harm. I will do exactly that.

Please keep in mind that starting next year that your tear has nothing to do with whether or not you’re posted on the Megans law website. It mostly has to do if your victim was related to you or not.

i have read that only tier 2 and 3 will be posted on the Megans Law website!
not tier 1s

That is correct. Misdemeanors and certain offenses.

“Tier 1 offenders will not be posted to the Megan’s Law website unless Tier 1 offenders pose a specific and demonstrable threat to a community. However, Tier 2 and Tier 3 offenders will be posted to the website.”

This is from an outline of the tiered registry system that my attorney requested from CASOMB.

Concerned wife,
I cannot even imagine your pain and I’am so sorry, as i’am single and no one else is affected by my conviction. Having said that it is no longer about public safety it is about “money flow” that keeps coming as long as they keep the “public registry” in tact with new punishments implemented annually. Although I think the letter is great without a “huge public outcry” AGAINST THE REGISTRY ! were stuck. Whatever happened to the phrase “women and children first………”

From one concerned spouse to another… I hear you and I truly feel your frustration and pain. We spouses, mothers, fathers, children are truly tired of the injustice you describe above and are the true innocent victims of this ongoing and relentless torture. We have been put through this nightmare only because of our continued support of our loved one. No other crime comes anywhere close to the harm the registry does to registrant, as well as any of their loved ones who stand to support them while on this registry nightmare journey. We as the registrant’s support are left in the crosshairs of that fallout. To continue this punishment when our loved one paid for their time and is out of incarceration, and off of their parole and/or probation, can only be described as a true vengeance which is pasted out by true vigilantes. You as the registrants spouse children, parents are the real hero’s in this struggle….Courage!

Thank you Laura. I can’t agree more. This is an injustice that can’t be imagine in the so-called land of the “free”.

Laura, Its very clear from me living in Mi , winning all these court battles only to be back handed by the legislators, The only way you are going to get your way is for you and every family in your situation to stand up and fight. You are going to have to be vocal in every way imaginable. Because all these elected officials see the SOR as worth it if it saves on child (meaning votes). You all have to make it known that there destroying millions of children, in hopes of saving one. Best of luck!

We don’t have to make it known that they are destroying millions of children. They already know. They would have to be insanely stupid to not know that.

They also ought to know that they are disenfranchising literally tens of millions of people. They must know how destructive all that is to the country.


That is the bottom line. It is more important to them to do performative virtue signaling, be PC, do the popular thing, and try to elevate themselves at the expense of others. That is the American way. That is what most people living in America do.

I hear you… but still those that be it won’t for them to hear it again, again and again. If we stay silent…they win.

Jo Jo – I hear you and have been to Sacto many time with ACSOL with my then 14 year old son who is now 17. We both have lobbied as well as spoke out against politicians trying to pass new laws through our California Safety Committee. My family and I have also written many letter(s) to help stop the injustice of new laws and or tactics to further harm those on the registry. We all can make a difference just like what Janice, Chance and all of ACSOL says. However, as a spouse who has been forced to raise children through a parent’s incarceration and this entire nightmare I stand in agreement with ConcernedWife that the laws that are in place to help protect victims truly cause harm to children and families in its wake. Stay strong, have courage and pray for Janice and Chance.

One day we may be able to get together and write a book? I wonder who would believe our Journey. Until then Stay as strong as you are able to be.

I am seeking anyone who may have already went through this process of Filing for SSDI; and any guidance they can possibly offer me (such as what-to-expect; and any ‘pro’s & con’s’ to consider).
I am preparing to obtain an attorney to help me with Filing my Initial Application, etc. I have substantial medical records from my doctors over the years to include back problems, PTSD, Severe Anxiety, Depression, etc etc etc.
I lost my full time employment years ago (from conviction of course) and since have been trying to perform some simple/small work projects as being “self-employed”. I NEVER make enough that would affect the SSDI ‘Substantial Gainful Employment’ consideration (so that’s not going to be an issue). I can only work very limited (as my mind and body allows) each month ….. maybe around $600.00 a Month. I have applied TWICE over the past couple of years; and denied both times, so wondering for this Third Attempt with the following.

My question and guidance is regarding if (besides my Medical complications) if being a “Registered Person” would help my chances of gaining Approval ? Specifically; if/when it would get to the process of meeting with the Administrative Law Judge, and when they are trying to “determine” if I am capable of performing any other type of jobs, being a ‘Registered Person’ is a “Disabling” condition itself…… because (likely most) employers won’t/refuse to hire a ‘registered person’. So I would think that could/should be taken into consideration.

I’m in Pennsylvania; Age 50. If anyone has any experience with SSDI and being ‘registered’ person. Sincerely and Thank You

I can’t think of any situation where advising of one’s PFR status is beneficial. Getting SSDI, as you’ve learned, is a very challenging process. Good luck!

I don’t know about SDDI. But I would definitely list being listed on the Oppression Lists as a disability. It certainly is. Should work for SSDI, unemployment benefits, and anything else.

BTW, today is a great day to ensure that the Oppression Lists are counterproductive. I did. I already have plans to do so tomorrow as well. Wage war.

If you ever find out what works, please do share. RSOs should be crushing the government financially under the consequences of their animus. If all 1,000,000 RSOs filed for disability w/ attorneys, and pursued litigation, the gears would groan and break, which is exactly what should happen. If they want the civil-non-punitive registry, fine, then they can pay for the consequences.

When half your country doesn’t care about the other half, the country is being crushed. It’s no way to succeed and certainly no way to be a world leader. Look at what is happening in America today. It is what America has always been. It is what the people who live here want. There is something really, really wrong with most of them. People are reaping what has been sown.

I was working yesterday and thinking about how I’m contributing to keeping people very, very poor, all while getting wealthier. The hundreds of millions of really poor people in America are just really being crushed and kept down these days. It seems immoral to me. It is not getting better for them. It is sad but I also think that those people are the vast majority (e.g. 95+%?) of the people who think the Oppression Lists are acceptable. They support the country getting worse and the conditions for themselves getting even worse than that. Their hate is contagious.

Sorry to say, but no one really cares about others. Not in the “ Everyday, live your life” sense. There is too many of us, too much social disparity and too much to gain politically to actually feel true empathy for people for any length of time. We are consumed with ourselves. If we weren’t, we would all be considered socialists.

Guess I finely got back on here as Janice and the others have wanted me to come back. While I use an old system of micro soft I am still not familiar with a lot of computer language, computers do have their drawbacks and the registry is one of them in a deceptive way. While one seeks applying and being removed I have even asked for removal, not only for myself but for others such as a pardon, instead they send me my civil rights back with a notice I am still on probation from VA. After making a decision I sent the Secratary a letter saying I did not want my rights back at this time due to this ordeal of this registry.

While we don’t know who is on the other end of a computer setting one up even by this ruse is no good for any in America therefore I am with Janice’s team and many others all the way. I hope you all welcome me back. I am sure Will Allen and others will. Yet the fight for truth and justice and standing up still goes on.

Welcome back!

Since there are no formal meetings, signups, or whatever here, it is pretty impossible to tell when someone has “left”. Plenty of people on here don’t post for very long periods of time and then return. But welcome back anyway.

I think I saw somewhere that you were discussing using your real name on these forums. Sure, why not? I often do. But I also like “Saddles”. It gives me certain imagery, feelings, or something. For a nod to the Oppression Lists, you could call yourself “Saddled”. Or maybe “Oppressed Saddles”?!

Sure , welcome back (?). We need comic relief.

Minnesota prosecutor charged with sexually assaulting child.–MbvlGQ5N-bOHWsXGel3XXNULpLq7kX0F6jZAV_4

The most overzealous cops and prosecutors are typically twisted individuals haunted by their own guilt, twisted through their inherently fascist, power-hungry and hypocritical personalities. No one should be surprised by this.

It needs to be in the dump where it belongs and the people who passed it a good smack in the head.

I’ll be posting the link to this article every time the context of a discussion or chat justifies it.

It took 48 years to get an apology? I would have told the cops to go to h**l.

This is probably old news to some, but it is worth another read if so. And those who never read it, well, you’re in for a surprise.
Sex Offender Laws Are Broken. These Women Are Working To Fix Them. Standing up for the rights of a widely reviled group isn’t for the faint of heart.

Last edited 1 month ago by Ditto

Andrew Cuomo is facing many allegations of sexual misconduct.

-Back in 2009, while he was New York Attorney General, he was the one who started the nonsense that causes all registrants to be barred by Facebook and other social media companies:

-Then, in 2016, he tried to get registrants to be barred from playing Pokemon! Seriously, an effing video game!!!

-And, in early 2020, he tried to get registrants kicked off of MTA Mass Transit (like they are trying to do in Washington D.C.)

You can’t make this shit up!!! It’s like these politicians deal with their own demons by throwing registrants and their families under the bus. I’m so sick of it!!!

Politicians like him are a cancer to this country!

All the country needs are bandages because politicians don’t realize they are ones making the country sick.

Not to mention all those daily Corona “updates” he was doing last for virtue signaling to distract and deflect from his past. Trying to earn his Halo effect.

So that makes him guilty until proven innocent? And do we support this destruction of the statute of limitations?

Now seven weeks since getting my CoR and still haven’t been removed from the registry. At what point should I sue the DOJ for failing to follow a court order???

I’m just curious.

  1. Do you know if your file was sent to the DoJ?
  2. If sent, do you know if it was processed into their system?
  3. And if it was processed into their system, did they give you an ETA?

It feels weird for them not to get it processed by now since it should take about about 15 minutes, if at all, to acknowledge you earned the CoR as well as be taken off the registry. It’s just all paperwork now since all the hard work was done previously.

I was assured by the public defender’s office that handled the CoR for me that it was sent to the DOJ. As to whether they processed it, that remains unanswered, and there has been no ETA as to when I will be removed from the registry.

I have the paperwork from the court clearly stating that I am no longer required to register.

You have an official document stating your status. Sounds like enough.

I believe you can check your status online through your county’s court website portal. Look for “Dept of Justice notified” or something to that effect in your CoR window. If you do not see that, then it was not sent to the DoJ.

Step 1. Go to your county’s court website
Step 2. Look for “Access Court Case Information”
Step 3. On new window, scroll to the bottom and select “Accept (…)” to go to the portal.
Step 4. On new window, scroll to the bottom and select “Click here to access the Portal (Classic)”
Step 5. On new window, select “Smart Search”.
Step 6. Enter your name in the order it asks of you, select to make sure “you’re not a robot”, and submit.
Step 7. Select your CoR case.
Step 8. Scan to see if your documents were sent to the DoJ.

That’s the end of the court side of things.

Aside from that, I do not know how DoJ functions once they receive it. I suppose you can call them. If you do email them, then I suggest you attach your PDF file of your minute order and certificate. Maybe that can expedite things because you did most of the work by attaching your pdf files.

Do keep us posted of this situation to know what is going on and some possible remedies. Even though you are awarded the CoR, it doesn’t mean much until you are off the DoJ list. That’s the most important part of the CoR process, the closure from the DoJ. The sooner you get you off the register, the sooner you can embark on your new life!

You are mad because it has been 7 wks?Really? Have you bothered calling and asking? You do realize that if you filed it would be resolved before any judge heard it.

My calling doesn’t get anything done. I’m not a lawyer and unless the person I’m talking to has the paperwork in hand, they don’t give any credibility to what I’m saying to them.

I got my CoR in October 2020. I hadn’t heard from the DoJ, so I emailed them in April 2021. Two months later, they acknowledged my CoR but stated that I was still required to register for life. WRONG. I did a live scan and saw that my record was never updated to show that I had a reduction to misdemeanor and expungement. I sent them copies of the court granting a 17b and expungement, and a copy of the penal codes stating that I be removed from the registry. Three weeks later, the DoJ sent me a letter terminating my duty to register.

That’s the way to handle it. People must recognize that bureaucracy is another word for lazy. We live in a self service society. Never expect the other person to be able to do their job competently, especially if that person has a state/ federal job. Example; how many times do you get mail for wrong address simply because the Federal employee is to damn lazy to read the #. Even when you tell them, go down to the office, etc. you end up just throwing it away. Why? Because they JUST….DON’T…..CARE!

Would you mind sharing the email address you used to contact the DoJ about this issue, please? I tried looking for that option, but ended up on a consumer page complaint. LoL Thank you!

I thought I’d follow up on this with an update. I emailed the California DOJ last week and included a copy of my COR. As of today, I’ve been removed from the registry. The email address I used was


Thanks! I hope and pray everyone here can be off it as well!


Thanks for the email address and update! And that was a very quick response from the DoJ, a week only wait. Did you receive your confirmation via email or snail mail that you were off of the registry?

Also, congrats!

As we are slowly hearing more from Michigan, there’s this decision:
“District of Columbia Court of Appeals opinion holding that D.C.’s SORA law does not violate Ex Post Facto prohibitions as applied to an individual convicted prior to its passage and required to register.”

Very frustrating! When is the torturously slow SCOTUS going to address these forever contradictory court decisions???

(Minor note to D.C. judge: HOW IS IT NOT PUNISHMENT!!?? 😡)


The DC judge dines with SCOTUS justices who pay the bill. How else? Can’t move up there if you don’t fall in line.

Bad facts make bad law. This appeal was not ready for prime time.

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If you want clear examples of how completely screwed up the information is that is being posted concerning tiers, Megan’s Listing and exclusions, you don’t have to look any further than the official CASOMB & DOJ sites. They post completely contradictory information from each other.
. DOJ ( clearly states on page 6 that tier designation will NOT be posted.
. CASOMB ( on point #4 clearly states that tier designation WILL be posted.
The DOJ is the more recent of the two posting ( 2/21 vs. 2/20), but never the less they should be consistent.

Left hand ? This is Right hand, WTF are you doing……..

CA DOJ is the government organization responsible for posting information on the Megan’s Law website. CASOMB is not. Therefore, we believe CA DOJ’s answer is the one to pay attention to which means that tier designations will NOT be posted.

The point I’m making is that ANY organization that posts information should at least verify it. Of course , this fiasco of a system, if they stay true to form, will probably change the parameters at least a few more times as they “refine” the law.

Thank you Will Allen. You sure I didn’t see you and some of the others in the movie “Stir Crazy”. J/k Concerned lady write those letters.. I have written to my governors and president and even the New President. Be not ashamed. How many are overzealous or even money or power hungry, or were does that leave the little person today in this registry issue. Seems like sting operations are the wave of the last 20 years or so, or should we all say is justice still blind on the statue of Liberty or who is the brood of vipers today?

Doing evil for evil to overcome another is like “Taunting” another and is only making matters worse. Sure we all can take views and comments with a grain of salt in many respects but its the confusion of a lot of this paper chase we all strive to understand via this computer base or a touch type of ordeal. While protecting and serving is good pretending and taunting are not. Their is even an old saying the proof is in the pudding and proving is good.

There goes the neighborhood………

Why? Did a PFR move in?!

LOL, I hear you. But oppressed PFRs ought to be welcoming to other PFRs. They are not the enemy. We should try to lift all.

Registry Aholes/Supporters/Terrorists are the enemy. “RASTs” – there’s yet another acronym I might use (I might be addicted to acronyms). It could be “RATS” but that seems too childish and minimizing of the fact that they are evil scumbags who deserve war. Also, one person would be a RATS. A group of RATS is still RATS? It may not technically be proper but I prefer – one RAST and a group of RASTs.

I like to read Saddles and let my mind wander and explore. Maybe I can see deep meaning? Maybe I will think about something in a different way? It seems like taking drugs in that your mind can work differently than usual.

While you wrestle with that, I’ll let you know my mind works just fine and I like the way I think.

Welcome back. Reading images instead of words is challenging for some of us. I welcome the mix in short bursts. The discussions on this forum can get heavy quickly. All perspectives are and should be welcomed.

I wish a case would happen in NV. The AWA has left my husband in constant fear. He was only 2 years away from being able to petition to be removed while a tier 1. Now he is a tier 3. Hes afraid for our child. We have been harrassed by police time and time again since the AWA was implemented. We don’t have alot of money or else I would try to fight this. He works, comes home and takes care of his family. But yet he’s a tier 3, tier worse of the worse….this is bs and something needs to change for everyone involved. It saddens me everyday and I worry everyday. We want to move but to where?!? Where can we go that the rules of NV won’t follow him?!? Ughhhh its so unfair what NV has done to so many people who are just try living their lives and get past their past.

@Feeling Sad…I hear you and I feel you. I’ve been putting up with this for almost half my life. I first started out like everyone else. Had to register for 25 years. Then 15 years later laws were changed and I received a letter in the mail that said I am now a level 3 and must register for life. There is no way to appeal it. There is no way to get off it except to die. Time and time again laws were changed and applied retroactively to me and others making things worse for us. I’m not a violent person. I didn’t rape anyone. I didn’t molest a child. The girl was 15 and she and her parents lied to me and said she was 18. She didn’t look or act 15. It was only after her mother made advances on me and I declined her that the truth came out.
I’ve lost jobs because of the registry. I’ve lost friends. I’ve lost relationships. People think I’m a really good guy until they find out I’m on the registry then suddenly I’m worse than Charlie Manson.
I have zero sexual interest in underaged girls. Even if there was 100% chance I could get away with it, I will NEVER have sexual contact with someone under 18.
All I do is work and go home. On weekends I go to the grocery store and whatever other business I have then go right back home. I avoid people as much as possible. I don’t go out and have fun. I don’t go to concerts any more. I don’t go out to eat. I work my ass off and I don’t spend any money other than what is necessary to pay my bills. The rest I save so I can have something to live on should I lose the job I have now. I’m 55 years old now and getting to the point where its very difficult to find work.
I am absolutely sick and tired of this. I am so full of anger and hate and I loathe myself because I was never like this before. Being on the registry is supposed to make communities “safe”. Safe from what? Safe from me?
One day someone like me is going to reach the boiling point and snap because of what the registry does to us and it isn’t going to be pretty. I’m not making any threats to anyone, but take a look at these kids today who are bullied in school. What are they doing, meeting their bully on the playground for a fist fight after school? No. They’re going to school with guns and shooting people because they’ve had enough. I’m not going to do it, but it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if someone on the registry finally snaps goes on a rampage at their local police station, Senate floor, or other place where lawmakers congregate. But it wouldn’t do any good because legislatures would just write more changes in the registry making things even tougher on the rest of us.
I have been following the lawsuits in Michigan since day one and the final order was just entered and we basically got nothing, except some of us no longer have to provide email addresses, phone numbers, or vehicle registration details. Big freaking deal. That really makes my life so much easier
I’m lucky to have a girlfriend who thinks the registry is B.S. I’m lucky that she sees me as a decent guy who takes good care of her and our daughter. If only the rest of the world could see me through her eyes instead of seeing me as some kind of monster the registry wants to portray me as. But I’m beyond caring what other people think about me. If you don’t like me, then stay far away from me. I have no problem with that. Just don’t do anything stupid to my family because there will be h**l to pay and it won’t be pretty.
If your husband is not on parole or any other supervision, he doesn’t need to have any contact with the police other than when he has to report for verification. If they come to your house, he doesn’t have to answer the door. He doesn’t have to speak to them. Matter of fact, he can tell them to take a flying f**k and they can’t do a thing about it. Tell him to turn his his fear into something else. I used to be the same way, but now I don’t fear anyone. I just give back the same hate and disdain that is given to me. if someone is nice to me, I’m nice to them in return. if someone gives me a hard time, I give it right back ten fold because I just don’t care any more. Your husband sounds like a good man. You need to continue to uplift him and reassure him of that every day. And remember that NO ONE can do anything to come between him and his family.
Together, you and he can find a way to make things easier. You just have to figure it out for yourselves and what works best for you.
I wish you and your husband the very best.

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No Will Allen I never did like “Blazing Saddles” but my real name is James. Course that movie was a bit different than what was expected but the treatment was there in an off colored way. Are many of these registry ordeals Blazing or brazing with an oppressed got ya climax, or do we all look for the next coming attraction.? If the comic relief is on someone its the one that got involved by governments hit man if you would like to say. And their justification is we are only doing our job. So who is taunting and who is hurting or who is carnal minded and who is above reproach? I hope the name James is still in the bible to help teach and encourage double minded people or governments. Those who have ears let him hear.

Sure we all could look at this registry in many different angles or strive in some proper perspectives or should we would all understand … its all part of the game as one detective told me. I’m sure that this registry experiment has deep holes in it, or is man compounding mankind in some civil war way, or did the devil really go down to Georgia for some vain reason. One can read about that in the bible. In the past on here I given some Christian understanding as many remember on here. Why did I do that? Well doesn’t love cover a multitude of sins or are we to love thy neighbor today?

Is this registry a give and take ordeal of only the strong survive. Yes Jerry Butler had a lot to say if you listen and open your ears. One wonders are the blind still leading the blind? Sure Janice and her team are doing a good job to help those at times that don’t have any were to turn to even try to understand, so one has to show respect when respect is due or should many go back to ones own mole hole in this one way unethical one size fits all or take a True stand as Janice team is striving to do.

Apple is breaking its commitment to privacy and will now start scanning all encrypted photos and messages on iPhones — for the announced purpose of detecting any known child porn, that is, any photos that match child porn in a US national database. It also will analyze all messages for sexual content and decide whether they think it is related to children. Any “hits” will be turned over to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children in the US, which is not even supposedly focused on photos but on actual children, but clearly they are focused on other things.


This is wildly wrong and very dangerous, in my opinion. And apparently, it’s going to be just a part of the OS. I have no interest in child porn, but this is how through history spying has been started, it’s how the Nazis got started in Germany, they screamed about sex offenders and built the party on that before they bothered with Jews. Once you can do something to sex offenders, you can do it to anyone. It’s not just sex offenders phones being scanned, everyone’s phone will be scanned. Also, be clear, this is not about any actual children in trouble or missing, it is simply about people looking at photos, photos already in a national database, so those people did not take them. (But despite that limit to photos in a national database the story notes, I expect any photos of children that might seem sexual to some people will be turned over.) Mind you, in the US, a child is anyone under age 18.

Again, everything on your phone will be scanned to see if it meets this criteria — don’t count on everything else being ignored, especially when the government spies or the police come in and demand it, something they do regularly, and now they can be demanding everything on phones.

I don’t know how this might affect phones outside the US, especially for US travelers in other countries.

As we talk about the legal system here in this forum, I ran across this set of articles by Reuters exploring judges within this system of ours in this country who have done wrong. It covers 12 years worth of judicial reviews and punishments (2008-2019) but is open to more if more info can be provided.
While I am not one for a registry, this website provides a 12 year registry of their misconduct which is better than a Price Club membership because they are automatically eligible for joining and are joined upon further review without issue (public info ladies and gentlemen!). However, as they note, there is no national database which collates this data, or even state level databases that do this (which is similar to the LE database that is published by the media and not the states), and it can be very difficult getting any info on judicial misconduct to begin with.
I encourage you to take some time if you have it to read through the five parts of the series (1-3 are articles with 4-5 are on methodology/obstacles). IMO, it is sad the system holds the regular person so publically accountable but the judicial and law enforcement systems so secretly accountable, if at all. This has to change.

Grab a beverage, maybe a snack, and read on brothers and sisters…

Holding Judges Accountable, The Teflon Robe

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Life on the registry is a hard one and not everyone will make it through this situation alot people will turned to drugs and a life of crime to survive and end up doing hard time for FTR under Californias 3 strike law.
For me moveing out of my family’s house so they could have a normal life was the hardest thing I ever had to do BUT I just couldn’t drag them through this anymore.
So I rented an apartment across town and my wife and the kids moved back to her moms house in Irvine it was hard but it was the best thing I could’ve ever done for my family
My kids are so much happier they have friends now my youngest daughter is having sleep overs and birthday parties now my wife is also doing much better she was able to go back to school and became an dental assistant shes the team mom on my son’s soccer team she’s interacting and socializing with other parents in the neighborhood things they couldn’t do when they were with me.

Good luck

I’m kind of in the same situation in the OC, can I ask you did you find a place in L.A. county and were landlords ok to deal with or was there a lot of rejection. Looking for a new place by myself?

LA county was definitely easier then orange county and riverside county

Are criminal justice reform efforts going to backfire and make registry
reform harder? Cases like this make me think so:
If you read far enough you’ll see the crime he was out on tether
for—he seems violent and it’s bizarre he’d be more eligible for the fruits of criminal justice reform than any of us. The public is going to really sour on this stuff before we every get a chance to push for expungement for sex crimes. I really wish we could build a politically-neutral criminal justice reform movement with a focus on data and fairness, not political expediency.

While I mentioned Oak Ridge and this Manhattan project yes it was very secert. Was it about pride being proud, or saving people. Its like one person fighting over land rights or peace who was making peace or was it who backed down first. Even the people working there at the time didn’t know what was going on. Being hired for a scret project and than finding out later it was for the war effort in a mass destructive way.

Now we have this destruction in a human behavior way. So who is guilty an who is not in this one way type of intimidation if looks at this in a different prospective. Its like a two wrongs don’t make a right. one should remember even taking a life is not always the wright way to do things even in war. Even predicting can be a shell shock. The main factor is man against man in many of these ordeals and even this leading one astray.

I’d love to see this guy’s voting record on Registration Legislation in Arizona:

“Arizona state lawmaker faces calls for resignation after arrest on child sexual abuse charges“

Washington man gets 25 years for murdering sister’s rapist after meeting him in jail (

The victim’s family should go after the state since there appears to be documented evidence a change was requested but ignored. The state probably let it play out too to boot.

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This is not the first time I’ve read that talking about the crime is considered bragging (rather than confessing or whatever). I have to admit I get uncomfortable at times when people comment about the details of their offense, no matter the offense. Take the 5th and remain silent. Focus on the bigger picture instead. Just sayin’.

This article got my attention: “Inmate, 26, beats his sister’s rapist, 70, to death and is given an extra 24 years after they were assigned same Washington state prison cell”

“A Washington State Patrol investigation …. said that, because of issues like different last names of family members, there was no reason to suspect that Goldsby and Munger knew each other when they were placed in the same cell.”

We all know he was placed in the cell with him intentionally.

Yes, a bit like Bogart’s line from “Casablanca”, “In all the gin joints in the world…. she walks into mine.”
Of all the cells in the prison system, he gets housed with this cellmate?? 🤨😒

I wouldn’t believe a word of the killer’s story, whether the victim was “bragging” about his crimes or even if one of his victims was related to the killer (who appears to have grown up in foster homes so it’s going to be very hard to verify his family history). He attacked the victim from behind in a common area, not while he was stuck in a cell with him. The killer also has a bizarre criminal history and apparently attacked prison guards. While it is indeed possible that he was “pushed over the edge” by an unrepentant rapist who harmed a loved one, it’s also possible he’s a homicidal maniac who is trying to get himself a lighter sentence by manufacturing a story about the victim.

Yep, no way they could have known that out of thousands of inmates throughout the system, this guys wouldn’t mention that his sister had been raped and that the guy was incarcerated in the same prison. Morons.

Ever catch yourself spending 2 hours trying to decipher just wtf these legislators are talking about?

Assembly Bill No. 1129


An act to amend Section 647 of the Penal Code, relating to privacy.

[ Approved by Governor  October 11, 2019. Filed with Secretary of State  October 11, 2019. ]


AB 1129, Chau. Privacy.

Existing law generally makes a person who looks through a hole or opening, into, or otherwise views, by means of any instrumentality, including, but not limited to, a periscope, telescope, binoculars, camera, motion picture camera, camcorder, or mobile phone, the interior of a bedroom, bathroom, changing room, fitting room, dressing room, or tanning booth, or the interior of any other area in which the occupant has a reasonable expectation of privacy, with the intent to invade the privacy of a person or persons inside, guilty of a misdemeanor.

This bill would specifically include electronic devices and unmanned aircraft systems in the list of instrumentalities described above.

This bill would incorporate additional changes to Section 647 of the Penal Code proposed by SB 485 to be operative only if this bill and SB 485 are enacted and this bill is enacted last.


Vote: majority   Appropriation: no   Fiscal Committee: no   Local Program: no  


SECTION 1. Section 647 of the Penal Code is amended to read:

647. Except as provided in paragraph (5) of subdivision (b) and subdivision (l), every person who commits any of the following acts is guilty of disorderly conduct, a misdemeanor:

(a) An individual who solicits anyone to engage in or who engages in lewd or dissolute conduct in any public place or in any place open to the public or exposed to public view.

(b) (1) An individual who solicits, or who agrees to engage in, or who engages in, any act of prostitution with the intent to receive compensation, money, or anything of value from another person. An individual agrees to engage in an act of prostitution when, with specific intent to so engage, the individual manifests an acceptance of an offer or solicitation by another person to so engage, regardless of whether the offer or solicitation was made by a person who also possessed the specific intent to engage in an act of prostitution.

(2) An individual who solicits, or who agrees to engage in, or who engages in, any act of prostitution with another person who is 18 years of age or older in exchange for the individual providing compensation, money, or anything of value to the other person. An individual agrees to engage in an act of prostitution when, with specific intent to so engage, the individual manifests an acceptance of an offer or solicitation by another person who is 18 years of age or older to so engage, regardless of whether the offer or solicitation was made by a person who also possessed the specific intent to engage in an act of prostitution.

(3) An individual who solicits, or who agrees to engage in, or who engages in, any act of prostitution with another person who is a minor in exchange for the individual providing compensation, money, or anything of value

it goes on to more intentionally confusing BS.

Why dose this need to be so convoluted?

Talk about confusing!

This might help clear it up a little. The differences are in the subsections (j).

Makes sense to me.

how can this not be considered punishment when a person is willing to take their own life rather than face the consequences.

Heard on the radio today that Lorena has breast cancer (all CP people will know who she is). Early stage but aggressive. Anyone else hear that?

Kind of ironic when a person who is a cancer actually gets cancer. Maybe she will use this as an opportunity to reexamine what true grace and mercy are and finally learn that each and every single one of us is entitled to both!

No idea who she is

She’s the main reason I’m tier 3.

Lorena who……….not familiar with name.

I think all RCs know who she is. Once Sharon Runner met her untimely fate, Lorena sprung from her corpse to follow her anti-RC stance. Looks like Lorena is going to go down like her idol. Karma.

Should I send her a letter about how much harm she has personally caused other people? She should pray to God for forgiveness for her real sins….before God she is going to be surprised that what she so prides herself on is only proof that she was no Christian and the forgiveness she refused others, will not be granted to her now.

Best Wishes, James I

I recently had a couple thoughts regarding litigation angles, so I’m throwing them out for comment and further thought.

1) Are there any situations in any jurisdiction where someone is compelled to register even without a conviction? If so, doesn’t that perhaps change registrants to a quasi-suspect class? While “convict” is not a suspect class of any sort, once the class known as registrants includes both those convicted and those not, wouldn’t that change the legal standing of the class?

2) With the ALI’s recent change in posture regarding registries, isn’t it now a very useful tool to shred a jurisdiction’s position? After all, the ALI didn’t just decide this willy-nilly or in a vacuum. Having the ALI analysis to put under a judge’s nose sure seems like it would make the government have to do a better song and dance, at minimum. Using the ALI stance, one can much better argue that the registry laws are actually exacerbating public safety issues, not mitigating them.


WRT #1, doesn’t FLA do this on PFRs whose conviction was erased, reversed, or otherwise made gone by legal means? That is my understanding of them, but I could be misunderstanding.

I don’t know how or if it’s done anywhere. I vaguely recall someone in TX having received some sort of stay of adjudication, leaving his record free of any criminal conviction. As I say, that’s a vague recollection; however, that would seem to change the class of citizens.

Unless it’s something different, CA’s 1203.4 seems to be in the same boat. It sets aside your conviction and used to relieve a person of all “disabilities” due to the conviction, including being forced to register. But an amendment was added to force continued registration.

In Ca. it seems like all the 1203.4 is good for is when you petition to be removed as a RSO the court has previously decided your not a risk? Would this be correct or is expungement only real for non-sexual crimes. So what the hell is expungement ? And how can our background information be released if a crime is expunged.


From my experience the 1203.4 for a person forced to register was a necessary step for pursuing a CoR. With the tier system now in place there are very limited advantages of getting the 1203.4.

Although getting it does demonstrate that you are exhausting all options.

There are several long discussions about the legality of the exclusion of PFR from the benefits of the 1203.4 but to date it has not been successfully challenged.

Finally, the 1203.4 is not the court deciding anything about your risk. The court is required to grant the 1203.4 if you meet the requirements.

Response to AJ.

If one receives deferred adjudication in Texas, at the end of the punishment time period, the judge can choose to dismiss the charge with no conviction or can choose to not dismiss the charge and send the person to prison with a conviction. During the punishment time period one must register. Even if the judge dismisses the charges and there is no conviction, state law requires that person to register for 10 years post punishment or register for life, and in either case, follow all federal, state and local registration requirements. The judge has no choice in the registration matter at this point.

Federal SORNA considers a dismissal of a charge through deferred adjudication as the same as a conviction. So even with no conviction, Federal SORNA applies.

Who knows how many thousands of people in Texas (including myself) fall into this category of no conviction yet have to register for ten years post dismissal of the punishment and who knows how many thousands of people in Texas fall into this category of no conviction yet have to register for life.

A judge usually relies upon the probation department in making the decision at the end of the punishment time period. If the probation department and the judge deem the person should have no conviction, then that person should be considered safe enough for society. But the state legislature and the governor have said otherwise as they think they know each individual case best even though they have made no individual risk assessments and have nothing to do with any case, a violation of due process. There is someone here who pushes bill of attainder issues, and I agree with this person.

In Texas, kidnapping a minor that is not your own even if there is no intent and no actual sexual crime committed, can put one on the registry. In Texas, breaking into a residence to rob the place of property and someone happens to be home can put one on the registry even if there is no intent and no actual sexual crime.

The latter happened to one person in my sex treatment group. He robbed apartments on a regular basis during the day when people were at work. At one break in, unknown to him, the female resident was home – he had no intent to do anything but steal valuables and he committed no sexual crime. He had no sexual crimes on his record. The sex treatment provider verified these facts from the police report and court records. Because this person was put on the registry at sentencing, during punishment he was required to attend sex treatment classes. The sex treatment provider helped push him through treatment as fast as possible understanding this was a waste of time and was frustrated as this participant was wasting space in the group when someone else who could really need the help should be there.

So in Texas, one can be forced to register for ten years post punishment or for life while having no conviction and also be forced to register for ten years post punishment or for life having no intent and actually committing no sexual crimes. I am sure many other states are the same way.


Thank you for the detailed, informative response. I know SORNA and at least a handful of State SORAs are written such that it doesn’t matter if there’s a conviction on one’s record. I’m just not sure there’s a legal basis for it. Of note, Smith addressed only convicted sex offenders. IDK what the answer is legally but it sure seems there’s room to challenge both stayed adjudications and the suspect class designation. (I was in error using the phrase “quasi-suspect class.” That doesn’t apply.) Here are the four typical items SCOTUS uses to assess whether a suspect class exists:

  • Have an inherent trait.
  • Have a trait that is highly visible
  • As a class, have been disadvantaged historically.
  • Are part of a group that has historically lacked effective representation in the political process.

Other than the “historical” disadvantage, this describes PFRs. That the class includes people other than those convicted would seem to help, since “convict” is not a suspect class.

I sure would love to hear from some sharp legal minds on this…but I know that probably won’t happen.


What’s the definition of historic? The registry has been around for nearly 70 years. Almost 20 years publicly with all those laws that very much dictate where one can live, work, and travel. Things have become exponentially worse, not better, for registrants and their families.

I believe the definition is whatever SCOTUS, or whichever judge, feels best fits their biases and desired outcome. SCOTUS seems to tend to use colonial times as the measuring stick. Interestingly, in Smith the majority found registration did not align with historical punishment but in dissent, Justice Ginsburg found it did. The Opinion did mention that the 9th CCoA stated that registries, “are of fairly recent origin.” That certainly shoots a hole in the boat. Given SCOTUS itself cannot agree on what “historical” means, I can only say that I have no F’ing clue!


I’d say if a law has been on the books longer than the oldest sitting SCOTUS judge, it’s historic 😛

Wondering if anyone has used any of the online therapy sites. I would like to have a fresh perspective on my life and the therapist I was using became stale rather quickly. Her idea of help was telling me ,”It will get better, you’ll see.” And finding me extra work delivering newspapers @ 4 am for $10/ hr. Not exactly what I need.
Anyway, if you have used and can provide any reviews it would be appreciated.

Jason isn’t that a bit above the average norm. Even the word GRINDER has a sexual slant to it and is a bit obnoxious. The story was interesting but the ending was sad. A minister of God for Good instilling a sexual enticement. Guess nobody ever played the game “Clue: growing up. That’s a bit like my story only I warned the person they shouldn’t be on an adult site. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. The main issue is police and governments have always overstepped their boundrys every since landing at Jamestown. Talk about a Civil War of Justice via this computer ruse.

Events happen in many strange ways. I even liked the voice recognition and the voice gave it away in this two wrongs don’t make a right. Guess someones’ trying to get someones goose or goat..

Advice, get these comments proof read.

So tell me Mr. way too long Who ran the indians’ off their land? Who started the civil war? or who can tell a man’s voice pretending to be a teenanger, or who makes mistakes on a computer or a type O as it is called. Does one proof read the thoughts of government today when they act in much of this unjust government way.
 I am no attorney so I don’t proof ready my jots and tittle’s. I believe the bible talks about one jots or tittle”s and I’m sure that doesn’t need to be proof read. We all learn lessons.
Many are paranoia in California and many other states and it shouldn’t be that way. When I got mixed up in all this my PO told me that I would of been stoned. So whos’ stoning who this trial and error ordeal in a lot of ways.

@Jason: Credit and background checks for a homeless facility? What a country! Also, imagine living anywhere in urban California and thinking you’re safe as long as there isn’t a geriatric sex offender living on the block of your kid’s daycare. They just let their kids wander the streets there or something?

Right, then suggest implementing a supplementary screening process that can prevent another sex offender from being placed at the site.

Obviously the public would have no issues if it was someone convicted of multiple home invasions living there.

Here’s a video that I came across that explores sex offender registries. It’s not the average fear driven view.

I am curious if anyone in California has filed their petition yet, and what their experience is or was like? knowing how it went for you, and which county you were in, if you hired an attorney, and so on, would be quite helpful for many others.

Thank you!

Many can’t stand or deal with a lot of this registry as mentioned by some on here. Even Will Allen and others are getting stir crazy. Myself I’m already crazy and yes I have my share of mistakes as everybody else. Sure everyone wants to know is the registry Punitive, Punishment, or lifetime shaming. Sure we can all look at this registry as a shame game in this fraudlent way of protecting some imaginary fake teen conning another with this got ya type of internet ordeal. So who draws the line. Its right in the bible if any of you all care to take a look at it.

Start with Isaiah 28:9-10 even read some of the torah or Old Testament laws. Are governments breaking the commandments today? That should be a good foundation to work with in putting an end to much of this registry crap. Also be warned about judging today in government as it is overshadowing, even with this plea deal, that many take or get mixed up in these situations. Now if you want to get in church that’s up to you, same with taking a convid shot, nobody can force you. Their are many people that have made a decision not to take this vaccine.

I’m looking for some help from anyone familiar with IL’s registration requirements. From the FAQs on the IL site ( and the Summary on here, it seems one can only spend 3 cumulative days, whether consecutive or not, in a calendar year before being required to register. I’ve done a search and reading of the IL Statutes and the closest I can come up with is this, from 730 ILCS 150/3 (a)(2)(ii) (

For purposes of this Article, the place of residence or temporary domicile is defined as any and all places where the sex offender resides for an aggregate period of time of 3 or more days during any calendar year.

It’s a bit confusing how it’s written. Though I can see how it may be interpreted to mean 3 days aggregate in the State, that is not a standard reading of English, IMO. To me, this quoted snippet is saying I am okay as long as no places of residence or domicile exceed two days, aggregate, in a calendar year. So it seems I could stay somewhere in Chicago for 2 days, then another 2 days in Champaign, then another 2 days in Peoria, and I would be okay because neither any nor all the places have an aggregate period of time of 3 more days. Reading it to mean 3 days aggregate in the State makes no sense because that would turn my Chicago-Champaign-Peoria locations into a single “place of residence or temporary domicile.” How can multiple locations, quite possibly in different counties, be defined as a single location (“residence” and “domicile”).

Help!?? I would like to go to IL for something yet this year but I’ve already burned 2 calendar days there.

Thank you.

I’ll point out that the general legal definition temporary domicile (regardless of state unless defined otherwise) appears to be anywhere someone lives for 3 or more working days so it’s somewhat consistent with the IL statute. Three days in the legal definition appears to have come from an IRS definition that’s been in place for a very long time.

Perhaps this could be challenged as ex post facto at some point. Burdening someone with the requirement to register in such a short timeframe is unreasonable. Registration can take up a full day of your time so it’s not reasonable to expect someone who stays exactly 3 days to spend 33% of their time there registering. While no registration is actually reasonable, registering within say 10 days, taking up 10% of your time in that jurisdiction is certainly less of an ex post facto issue when registration is otherwise not considered to be punitive. Additionally, it’s difficult for me to find a public safety purpose in registration so quickly – arbitrary 3 days. If one wanted to go to IL to commit a sexual offense they could they could commit that offense without even being there for one day.

As I read “within 3 days of”, it is +/- 3 days of the beginning, which to me is a 6-day window with 3 days pre- and 3 days post- of the event’s start/establish, etc. It does not say 3 days post only once it has started. We discussed this semantic when somewhere in FLA went to pre-arrival notification. Whether IL LE would actually take the 3 days pre- is another issue.

I would ask @AJ “Who is tracking your previous 2 days aggregate already there and counting that towards the 3 days?” No need to answer, but in the vein of plausible deniability…

Also, IL counties aren’t that big either to go from one to another…but I am not the one traveling.

Tollway payments. I may have to opt for the (twice as expensive) manual lanes to pay cash, just to be safe. I sure as heck am not going to use surface roads to get around Chicagoland!

Does anyone do this who isn’t on supervision? If so, we should see hotels and motels frequently popping up as offender residences. I’ve never heard of this nor seen it myself on a registry. I rarely travel personally, but when I was on probation I had to attend a conference for graduate school in Minneapolis and my probation officer at the time requested I get a form signed by the local police. I did, but the officer on duty at station in downtown Minneapolis acted like he couldn’t care less and scribbled a signature without recording any info. Mind you, this was 2004, but has anything changed? Is there really a mechanism in most states for temporarily registering, then de-registering soon after? And if not, is that a sign no one really takes the registry seriously?

@Literally nobody,

In MN, I’m not particularly surprised. They are not all that crazy about registrants in comparison to many states except for the most serious of offenses. Most of the registry isn’t public and generally visitors don’t have to register if they are in MN less than 2 weeks straight or 30 days in aggregate. Its not that they aren’t crazy.. just not as crazy as say IL.

@Literally nobody:
I try to avoid as many legal risks as possible. If I have to run a risk, I’ll figure out a way to mitigate it as best I can (I won’t say how).

As for your Minneapolis example, MN has a pretty liberal registration policy in that you can be there up to 15 days without needing to register–of course you better know within the first 5 days if you’ll exceed that 15.

Thanks for the input and the helpful point of contact. I’ll definitely reach out the him.

AJ while you and many others on here are confused about these laws, rules, and stipulations of where you can go and come, or visit just tell it like it is. Truth is truth and truth never hurts anyone. Janice and her team may be able to give you more input on this or someone on here from your area.

It just seems that most all of you all on here, and correct me if I am wrong, want to solve or understand all this with some quantum theory or some theoretical understand of an apple I-pad rule when most of this sex registry is man overcoming man and changes like a get smart shoe phone, whether with a sexual inducement via some computer trend or a sex sells moment of pride with a cover up as we are protecting kids and/or the community, or even some a Maxwell smart understanding of an agent 99 teen hustle. Wonder if Will Allen still uses a shoe phone.

With all due respect Janice and her team are doing their best but much of this registry is more than a constitutional issue ordeal or is the servant greater than the master or if the blind lead the blind they both fall in a ditch. These law enforcments are not really worried about it as its like a divide and conquer conquest to many of them.

Their using Old Testament vs New Testament to take many down in this registry saga of enticement. Respect of person can be somewhat shady as this is a devilish on governments part. Even this SORA thing is off the wall in many respects. Government seems to be playing by their rules to castrate many with these registry ordeals.

Dude, I usually blow past your posts because unless I were to get high, it seems we’re on different thought planes. But to your point, I am doing exactly as you suggested: I’m reaching out to people on here for help with laws in a State where I don’t live but wish to visit. Janice would be of little help because she’s a CA attorney and it’s IL about which I asked.

IDK what the whole “Get Smart” references are about but that’s okay.

I hope you have a blessed day, my good man.

It seems the governments little experiment of imposing travel restrictions on PFRs was successful enough that our elected idiots are now going to expand their newly discovered powers.

Well it has been awhile since this happened to me while setting up travel plans (last was with Carnival Cruises about 7 years ago, fully refunded and letter sent), AIRBNB did a security check on a rental I had booked for Palm Springs this week. They sent me an email and a blurb from my Megans Law profile and said I didnt meet their security standards. Canceled my booking, deleted my account and promised a full refund. Completely demoralizing.

I wonder if one could set up a SOHO business and rent from AirBnB (or even use FB) via the “company.” As a SOHO, one can often operate as a “dba” without any licensing or anything. It could serve some other purposes as well, I suppose, but I will not expose that in an open forum.

@ KP: Airbnb did that to me a few years ago after I had booked stays with them for several years with no problem at all (and a good reviews from the hosts). Yes, I agree – very demoralizing.
But I have had no problems at all using other vacation apartment booking services, especially on my trips to Europe.
If my brother will be traveling with me and does not like the places I have found, he will occasionally book an Airbnb for us through his own account.
(To Airbnb: Yeah, that’s right, Airbnb – a Registrant is actually staying in one of YOUR rentals and you can’t do anything about it because it is booked through someone else’s Airbnb account! Heaven forbid! Sky falling! Hair on fire! And F.U., Airbnb!😝)

I am a PFR and I stay at Airbnbs very often. I’ve never gotten my own account so I have no idea if that would work.

I hate to give business to scumbag companies though. I’ll use them less in the future.

David, Thank you for chuckle. As asinine as this s**t is, one almost has to laugh at the absurdity of these “security” features !


Since you are the one they checked, what if someone else who would clear a security check set it up under their name and you traveled with them to the AirBnB in Palm Springs? Do they ask for other visitors too when setting up a visit? Please advise.

I have more than 20 experiences where anyone could rent the Airbnb and they don’t even have to go there. I just go there and take anyone I want.

They do ask for visitors names but I believe they only check on the person booking. I literally had NO idea!

England’s fully committed to copying America’s brutal crackdown on sexual deviance.

This young guy, with a long non-sexual-offense rap sheet, is clearly mentally ill and needs institutional help, not prison and a lifetime on the registry. I find it extremely unlikely he’d ever be able to find an actual parent willing to sell a young child for sex. England’s leaders, like America’s, are committed to finding the evil that lurks in the hearts of men. It’s easier than defeating the Taliban.

“… charged with luring or enticing a child under the age of 12 into a structure, dwelling or conveyance for other than a lawful purpose.”

Hmmm, I guess I have to stop mowing my yard with a riding lawn mower now. What silliness that is.

A lawsuit challenging predictive policing in Florida has many people concerned and angry that the sheriff was harassing people with criminal past for crimes that they “may commit but not yet committed”.

This sounds very much like what the registry is doing, harassing many people for a criminal past for crimes they “may” commit. If this lawsuit is successful, I wonder if this somehow can be used against the registry as well.

Here is the article:

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I don’t think this “predictive policing” and certainly not the Oppression Lists (OLs) are harassing people for crimes that they might commit in the future. I don’t think they are for trying to prevent crimes either. The point is to harass, and that’s the end of it.

Law enforcement cannot just work to prevent and solve crimes, they must harass. It is part of their DNA. It is the reason that most of them went into law enforcement – to try to create and maintain a large group/class of people which they may harass. There is no moral reason for any of it.

If law enforcement and the rest of them actually cared about crimes that might be committed in the future, they would have destroyed the OLs long ago. Seriously, any person with an I.Q. of at least (say) 90 can easily see that the OLs are not just worthless, but counterproductive and worse. Law enforcement isn’t concerned about future crimes.

“… but deputies responded that they could not stop making these
visits because the visits were required under the Program.” was mentioned several times by various plaintiffs. Yup, we know from the past what order followers get.

I received my mail-in ballot for the 9/14 gubernatorial recall election. What is ACSOL’s position on the issue – should he stay or should he go?

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