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Predicting Policing! Time for a referee to step in. Were is one of those silly icons that David uses! Who could predict that Smok’in Joe could beat Ali? I think the referee had to stop the fight or who was getting pounded. I believe most of you all are to futuristic for me. Sorry,Predictive Policing is a bit of a black sheep squadron. And to think it all started over a sex offense sting operation.

Who knows maybe Will Allen will have a haram of 20 concubines I mean the more the merrier if one wants to go that far. I think that would be dangerous to his health. Putting up with one wife is sometimes bad enough. And they thought I was crazy for not getting married. Maybe I should try it at my age. Do you take this sex offender to be your lawfully wedded husband. Something doesn’t sound right with that one. Their is a point in all this predicting.

I saw this on a social media posting and wondered if anyone keeps track of this kind of thing? Just a reminder that housing opportunities can be severely impaired because of Megan’s Law.

Kelly Ralston
We had a similar situation in Boulder creek. I found out that printing out the megans law that is for this person is legal and not slander. I personally posted these 2 mens faces on every power poll i could find. I went to every business and posted their faces. We had parties across the street from them as an intimidation tactic. I notified police had them start doing a neighborhood drive by so those criminals knew they were being watched. It took a few months but they left. They were fearful of their safety. Its ok to not let these sick people feel comfortable in your neighborhood.

I apologize in advance if this is a dumb question. I have been assigned Tier 2 and have 7 years left. What would happen if I moved to another state or moved, then return to CA. Thanks for any information that any of you can provide.

Mistakes, misinformation we all do them everyday. Even with this registry where is the mistake? Even government makes mistakes.Where is the motive? where is the Justice? or where is the human factor. The motive was to keep adults from talking to kids. This pretending aspect is a bit devilish. So something had to be planned beforehand or do law enforcman do these ordeals to keep there good conduct medals. Its the cynical minipulation of this ulterior motive.

So actually how does one fight this injustice or even get involved when many are to frighten to get involved as it might compromise their position at times. Sure Janice and many others that advocate this strive to enlighten others on this bad, and ugly situation but many times the answer is right in front of them or do any take a Christian view of the subject matter or even want to take such view.

So who’s abusing their positions of trust. While the registry has its ups and down. One should say who is abusing who with this computer type Jezebel ordeal. Sure many like to blogg, write books, try to figure out the ins and outs, but what it comes down to is truth and Justice. So is that the American way or God’s way? Jesus didn’t set up his people, in fact he was betrayed and yes shamed. So who is shaming who today with much of this that many go thru.

Yes we all can or strive to make good points but when its all said and done does a little leaven leave the who lump in this cloak of malice.

A worthwhile article about John Walsh, the one most responsible for all the misinformation about and laws against registrants, including registration.

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I can understand posting a photo of someone accused or convicted of a crime. I don’t like it, but I understand it. But posting the photo of someone who’s just trying to get on with their life? I find that incredibly offensive. ☹️

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Looking for a good therapist in O.C. who can provide coping strategies for a person feeling anger and frustration felt as a result of being on the registry.
Impossible to find work, online access denied, relationships inhibited or restricted. Need to find a way to simply feel better.
Any recommendations?

Most of these people are new offenders and not re offenders. So dont think these are re offenders or they would not have the jobs they had.

I was surprised by this (non-precedential) ruling by the MN court of appeals that came out today. Usually I would have expected the court to say hey, its still a failure to properly register so he needs to be convicted accordingly.

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When this covid virus hit back a year and a half ago some person said to me on here that it is killing people and wondered how this would effect things even the sex registry. Well its effecting things a lot. Police are dying, inmates, registration is a bit awkward, to wear a mask, or to get vaccinated. Is something wrong with this picture.

Guess Gen Patton was right when he said War is hell or was it Sherman’ but what kind of war was he talking about. The war of the “Sex a go-go or the infiltration of the KKK, or the physic and math majors trying to find some dark hole in space. Guess their is a reason for the season, or who gets killed by words and deed in a ill-gotten opportunity.

Just going to through this out there from what I just saw online…

People are now comparing people forced to register (PFR) who don’t have wallet cards showing they are such a person to those who could be forced to carry COVID vaccination cards and it not being a privacy violation. The ignorance is huge here, but so are the legal implications. I believe we discussed this briefly not too long ago.

PFRs in some states have verbiage/icons on their ID/DLs indicating their status where others have least intrusive ways of saying it for LE only. One does not carry their shot record with them in the US, that I know of at least, but if the powers that be decide to do the former PFR ID/DL method, they could get away with it for all to see when needed to provide proof where needed. BUT, for LE only or for someone who challenges you on the street, in public, or maybe at a private event? Are shot records medical info and therefore, privacy act related or are they public info that everyone deserves to have access to with knowledge of medical shot history of the person? Looks like PFRs have blazed a legal trail that will confound what path will be medically ventured.

Quote of the day describing IML…”…an irrational and costly system holding U.S. citizens prisoners in their own country.”

Lee, G. (2021), Prisoners in their own country: A cultural criminological study of International Megan’s Law and its impacts on U.S. registrant mobility (Masters thesis, Utrecht University, Faculty of Law, Economics and Governance)

While I’d like to know what level Job’s turkeys on! You guys are already on a higher level than I am but I’m still a tier III. Very dangerous to a court of law as they say. I didn’t even know a mind was a terrible thing to waste until I came to ASCOL and met Will Allen and some of the crew. lol

On a skid mark theory we can be all marked as America’s most Wanted guess its how some play this game of confusion. Janice to me much of this registry is nonsense in many ways. It is a type of “grey-area” type of callousness. I have a letter from a minister that use to be a police officer I received 5 yrs ago and he says no one should provoke anyone to sin with this type of registry system via computer. Guess Billy Joe was right about “Keeping the Faith” 

Good grief…

Man Photographed as Baby on ‘Nevermind’ Cover Sues Nirvana, Alleging Child Pornography

Yet, he celebrated it with pose recreations.

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And now for something completely different…. yeah, Nevermind. 😒

A naked baby helped Nirvana sell millions of records. Now 30, he’s suing the band for ‘child pornography.’

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This can’t possibly be true! The US Marshal Service is better than that. 😒
The Daily Beast: U.S. Marshal: I Was Fired for Protecting a Gay Colleague.

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Administrative remote registration to comply with Federal Law-

Sounds like a fairy tail to most. The requirements to register vary but all (with some Corona Virus exceptions) still insist on in-person demeaning degrading and outright inconvenient to the point of intentially difficult registration where one can be subject to law enforcement making up policy’s that have no reference to state law, some even forcing interviews as a requirement to register.

I bought a drone a few days ago. Found out that it required registration with the FAA if you wanted to legally fly your drone ANYWHERE in the USA, private property was no exception. I endeavored to compleat the process and found to be incredibly easy and efficient. I was wondering what it would take to get the API and create a test version for Registrants. I couldn’t say I knew the answer before but it looks like the FAA has this all taken care of.


Good article today on the victimhood culture that contributes to the sex offending panic
Just say no to recognizing invisible harms. It’s witchcraft.

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Can anyone recommend an attorney in Southern California (Orange County) that knows Federal law for RCs? I’m trying to file to get off lifetime supervision. But I need someone who specializes in Federal issues. I’ve talked to a few that do State but it’s important to me they deal in Federal issues specifically.

General question, has anyone relieved of being forced to register and who owns their own business had any success getting listed on Angi (formerly Angi’s list and Home Adviser).

I ask because I was relieved of being forced to register 19 months ago. I am not listed on Megan’s law website. That said when they performed the background check it came back as I was still required to register.

I have submitted my information to the background check company as well as Angi directly, but none the less my company has now been denied.

Any thoughts and/or suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Thank you

@Interested Party. In 06 I was put on the list. Kept my home imprvmnt business going. Started a $50 referral rewards program, only good for labor. All word of mouth. In 3 months was completely booked. P.O. was soo pissed. How do you keep getting work. Try it and ditch angi. You’ll be better off. I turned 1 lead into 9 years of work. Worked so much got a heart attack. Lol.

Electronic anklets fail to prevent crimes by sex offenders – (Korea)