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Predicting Policing! Time for a referee to step in. Were is one of those silly icons that David uses! Who could predict that Smok’in Joe could beat Ali? I think the referee had to stop the fight or who was getting pounded. I believe most of you all are to futuristic for me. Sorry,Predictive Policing is a bit of a black sheep squadron. And to think it all started over a sex offense sting operation.

Who knows maybe Will Allen will have a haram of 20 concubines I mean the more the merrier if one wants to go that far. I think that would be dangerous to his health. Putting up with one wife is sometimes bad enough. And they thought I was crazy for not getting married. Maybe I should try it at my age. Do you take this sex offender to be your lawfully wedded husband. Something doesn’t sound right with that one. Their is a point in all this predicting.

I saw this on a social media posting and wondered if anyone keeps track of this kind of thing? Just a reminder that housing opportunities can be severely impaired because of Megan’s Law.

Kelly Ralston
We had a similar situation in Boulder creek. I found out that printing out the megans law that is for this person is legal and not slander. I personally posted these 2 mens faces on every power poll i could find. I went to every business and posted their faces. We had parties across the street from them as an intimidation tactic. I notified police had them start doing a neighborhood drive by so those criminals knew they were being watched. It took a few months but they left. They were fearful of their safety. Its ok to not let these sick people feel comfortable in your neighborhood.

I apologize in advance if this is a dumb question. I have been assigned Tier 2 and have 7 years left. What would happen if I moved to another state or moved, then return to CA. Thanks for any information that any of you can provide.

No such thing as a dumb question. If you were off the registry when you returned, I don’t think you would go back on, but if you returned while still on the registry, you would be subject to the registry laws in CA.

@Disgusted in Michigan Thank you for the info. I believe I am asking more specifically that with 7 years left, if I moved to another state, would I essentially lose that time by now having to abide by the new state’s registry rules? Would I go backwards or even back to lifetime?

Mistakes, misinformation we all do them everyday. Even with this registry where is the mistake? Even government makes mistakes.Where is the motive? where is the Justice? or where is the human factor. The motive was to keep adults from talking to kids. This pretending aspect is a bit devilish. So something had to be planned beforehand or do law enforcman do these ordeals to keep there good conduct medals. Its the cynical minipulation of this ulterior motive.

So actually how does one fight this injustice or even get involved when many are to frighten to get involved as it might compromise their position at times. Sure Janice and many others that advocate this strive to enlighten others on this bad, and ugly situation but many times the answer is right in front of them or do any take a Christian view of the subject matter or even want to take such view.

So who’s abusing their positions of trust. While the registry has its ups and down. One should say who is abusing who with this computer type Jezebel ordeal. Sure many like to blogg, write books, try to figure out the ins and outs, but what it comes down to is truth and Justice. So is that the American way or God’s way? Jesus didn’t set up his people, in fact he was betrayed and yes shamed. So who is shaming who today with much of this that many go thru.

Yes we all can or strive to make good points but when its all said and done does a little leaven leave the who lump in this cloak of malice.

A worthwhile article about John Walsh, the one most responsible for all the misinformation about and laws against registrants, including registration.

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I can understand posting a photo of someone accused or convicted of a crime. I don’t like it, but I understand it. But posting the photo of someone who’s just trying to get on with their life? I find that incredibly offensive. ☹️

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Looking for a good therapist in O.C. who can provide coping strategies for a person feeling anger and frustration felt as a result of being on the registry.
Impossible to find work, online access denied, relationships inhibited or restricted. Need to find a way to simply feel better.
Any recommendations?


While selecting a mental heath professional should be a personal decision, I can tell you I had a great expiriance with Candace Zito in Fullerton

Best Regards,


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Thank you, Matt, I’m open to all leads. Our population has a unique set of challenges and my experience tells me that not every therapist, or more accurately *most* therapists, are equipped to help us overcome them. Thank you, again, for the recommendation.

Most of these people are new offenders and not re offenders. So dont think these are re offenders or they would not have the jobs they had.

I was surprised by this (non-precedential) ruling by the MN court of appeals that came out today. Usually I would have expected the court to say hey, its still a failure to properly register so he needs to be convicted accordingly.

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Courts should not work on inference based upon nothing but words as the DA thought they could do. Good reversal here at this stage. Next up, MNSC?

We’ll see. I’ll keep my eye out for a PFR on this though I’m also wondering if he the DA can’t go back and file a new charge him under the other part of the statute mentioned in the opinion that is meant for homeless persons required to register or if this would be a double jeopardy thing if they tried.

@M C

If they did not try initially under the one charge the court said they could, there was 1) not enough evidence to try it initially or 2) they did not think of it and probably could charge post-appeal. I have not heard of a DA doing #2 and not sure double jeopardy would apply because if they, it is a different charge under a different statute. I’d like to see something preventing it, but if you could get a chance to go back and reaccomplish the assignment for success, wouldn’t you try?

@TS, it would be the same statute but a different section in the statute.

When this covid virus hit back a year and a half ago some person said to me on here that it is killing people and wondered how this would effect things even the sex registry. Well its effecting things a lot. Police are dying, inmates, registration is a bit awkward, to wear a mask, or to get vaccinated. Is something wrong with this picture.

Guess Gen Patton was right when he said War is hell or was it Sherman’ but what kind of war was he talking about. The war of the “Sex a go-go or the infiltration of the KKK, or the physic and math majors trying to find some dark hole in space. Guess their is a reason for the season, or who gets killed by words and deed in a ill-gotten opportunity.

Just going to through this out there from what I just saw online…

People are now comparing people forced to register (PFR) who don’t have wallet cards showing they are such a person to those who could be forced to carry COVID vaccination cards and it not being a privacy violation. The ignorance is huge here, but so are the legal implications. I believe we discussed this briefly not too long ago.

PFRs in some states have verbiage/icons on their ID/DLs indicating their status where others have least intrusive ways of saying it for LE only. One does not carry their shot record with them in the US, that I know of at least, but if the powers that be decide to do the former PFR ID/DL method, they could get away with it for all to see when needed to provide proof where needed. BUT, for LE only or for someone who challenges you on the street, in public, or maybe at a private event? Are shot records medical info and therefore, privacy act related or are they public info that everyone deserves to have access to with knowledge of medical shot history of the person? Looks like PFRs have blazed a legal trail that will confound what path will be medically ventured.

Quote of the day describing IML…”…an irrational and costly system holding U.S. citizens prisoners in their own country.”

Lee, G. (2021), Prisoners in their own country: A cultural criminological study of International Megan’s Law and its impacts on U.S. registrant mobility (Masters thesis, Utrecht University, Faculty of Law, Economics and Governance)

While I’d like to know what level Job’s turkeys on! You guys are already on a higher level than I am but I’m still a tier III. Very dangerous to a court of law as they say. I didn’t even know a mind was a terrible thing to waste until I came to ASCOL and met Will Allen and some of the crew. lol

On a skid mark theory we can be all marked as America’s most Wanted guess its how some play this game of confusion. Janice to me much of this registry is nonsense in many ways. It is a type of “grey-area” type of callousness. I have a letter from a minister that use to be a police officer I received 5 yrs ago and he says no one should provoke anyone to sin with this type of registry system via computer. Guess Billy Joe was right about “Keeping the Faith” 

Good grief…

Man Photographed as Baby on ‘Nevermind’ Cover Sues Nirvana, Alleging Child Pornography

Yet, he celebrated it with pose recreations.

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I heard the little girl from those Coppertone ads has also filed a lawsuit.

Lassie’s “Timmy” is suing several well-digging companies for never properly covering open wellholes and for repeated exposure to preventable dangers. 😖

This just in:

Timmy’s Lassies (there were several) are suing for emotional damages caused by on-set, inappropriate heavy petting.

Actually Lassie is suing for gender misidentification because although Lassie was referred to as “girl” in the series, all 9 dogs who portrayed “her” were males.

Last edited 4 months ago by Disgusted in Michigan

Don’t forget any baby whose tush was used for diaper ads.

The demon baby on the cover of Black Sabbath’s Born Again album is also suing.

So how much of #metoo is really #metoowant$

Victimhood is profitable in America, haven’t ya heard? This guy is just trying to cash in on the “woke” and metoo wave.

This case should be tossed because it’s baseless and has zero merit.

So if the judge accepts this argument that the naked baby image constitutes “child pornography”, then wouldn’t approximately 30+ million people who own the “Nevermind” album or CD immediately be chargeable as “in possession of child pornography”?? Prosecutors would be THRILLED!!
And WE would soon have millions of new fellow Registrants. And then WE could elect lawmakers to abolish the S.O. registries, SORNA, IML, Angel Watch, the whole disgusting nightmare.
(Yeah, just daydreaming out loud.)

How many distributors of the album get charged with distribution along with the record label, et al as manufacturing of it?

This guy wants a $$ settlement in the end.

In short, no, not really…

Does Spencer Elden, the ‘Nevermind’ baby suing Nirvana for alleged child pornography, have a case? Legal experts weigh in

Here, this addresses, from the attorney interviewed, what has been brought up here many times regarding those old family photos of youngin’s in their birthday suits:

“Paragraph 107 is essential— it defines child pornography under 18 USC 2256(8) and that definition includes “sexually explicit conduct”— what is the sexually explicit conduct the baby is engaged in? Mere nudity for an infant does not rise to the level of sexually explicit conduct to me. I’ve never litigated a child pornography case, but surely there must be some authority in statute or case law that says the nudity of an infant is not sexually explicit conduct on its own for child pornography purposes. Otherwise, every parent in America who had ever taken a bathtub photo of their child — and everyone has — would be guilty of child pornography under the theory advocated in this complaint.”

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Generally the photo has to be at least sexually suggestive in order to constitute child pornography. If its a non-sexualized nude photo then its not generally considered child pornography. The image was meant to be a statement on capitalism when the album was made though the argument by Elden is that the image is meant to depict him as a child sex worker because of the currency in front of him. Source

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What worries me is Justice Stewart’s comment back in 1964 Jocobellis v Ohio. Justice Stewart was hard pressed to come up with a description of what constituted pornography and expressed such to his clerk who said “Mr. Justice you will know it when you see it.” that seems to have become the yardstick. If by some unfortunate turn of circumstances Mr. Elden wins we all get screwed worse than before and simply because Mr. Stewart set the bar so low its nearly impossible to clear the hurdle to save yourself.

It would not surprise me to hear the complainant go away if a monetary settlement is offered and taken. It will only ruin is reputation as a money grabber because he was able to find a law firm who was willing to try and make a name for themselves while putting him in the center ring.

There is a reason why there is a federal statute which defines what he is claiming. If it does not match it, he looks like a fool when he claims it does. Think the band wants to settle with him? I doubt it all things considered. If he does win, expect an appeal so fast, he will wish he had not attempted it because the money will be held up until the appeal is resolved.

The political statement being made through the album cover as stated by the deceased lead singer is also probably covered under the First Amendment. I hope he enjoys his 15 min and talks with his parents about this.

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Not surprising reasoning. When I was going through treatment there was no requirement by the state for a polly but the program itself required one for internal use that would NOT be disclosed to the court/PO. But then at the tail end for me a new mandate was instituted where the probation department could request a polly be done for their own purposes. Our program director was very against this but there was little he could do to prevent this. So in stead he advised all of us to plead the 5th for any question that might incriminate ourselves because of exactly this. He was a great guy that actually cared about the treatment of all the clients and hated the registry itself and all the BS surrounding it. Posts on this forum with peoples stories of their treatment program constantly has me thankful that I landed where I did.

Wow the court got it WAY wrong in that one. I read the whole thing. If he refused to answer he gets violated because it could be reasonably argued that he attempted to manipulate or sabotage the polygraph procedure. If he answers he gets charged with a new crime. Classic Damned if he does or damned if he doesn’t.

And now for something completely different…. yeah, Nevermind. 😒

A naked baby helped Nirvana sell millions of records. Now 30, he’s suing the band for ‘child pornography.’

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At what point do the courts say “Enough. Stop.” When Nevermind boy was young, he thought it was cool – he even got the rather permanent tribute of Nirvana tattoos. Then he got bored and annoyed by interview requests. Now his perception of it has “evolved” to it being CP that will emotionally and PHYSICALLY harm him for all eternity. 🙄 So, assuming his lawyer prevails and Nevermind boy wins, say, $10 million ….. ten years in the future when he has continued to “evolve” his thinking and feels it to be annoying but harmless, will he be returning his lawsuit-lottery winnings??
(An old family photo album has a Polaroid of 4 year old me and siblings in a bath tub. There is full nudity. Can I now – 50+ years later – sue my parents for the emotional harm I now claim it has caused me now during my most recent reflections?? [Woe is me! 🙄 I can’t even go to a grocery store these days without wondering how many of these people around me might have once seen that old photo album pic of me!! My soul is crushed. I’ll never be whole. 😭])
[I do not ridicule those who have actually, truly suffered any form of abuse. I ridicule a system that has allowed absurd lawsuits to get insanely out of hand!]

This can’t possibly be true! The US Marshal Service is better than that. 😒
The Daily Beast: U.S. Marshal: I Was Fired for Protecting a Gay Colleague.

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Administrative remote registration to comply with Federal Law-

Sounds like a fairy tail to most. The requirements to register vary but all (with some Corona Virus exceptions) still insist on in-person demeaning degrading and outright inconvenient to the point of intentially difficult registration where one can be subject to law enforcement making up policy’s that have no reference to state law, some even forcing interviews as a requirement to register.

I bought a drone a few days ago. Found out that it required registration with the FAA if you wanted to legally fly your drone ANYWHERE in the USA, private property was no exception. I endeavored to compleat the process and found to be incredibly easy and efficient. I was wondering what it would take to get the API and create a test version for Registrants. I couldn’t say I knew the answer before but it looks like the FAA has this all taken care of.


What you said – “law enforcement making up policy’s” – is a pet peeve of mine (should be “policies”, icyc). Frankly, I think they do that simply because they are lazy a**holes. I always assume that any law enforcement officer/criminal is that, until/unless they prove otherwise. Most don’t get enough opportunity to prove otherwise.

It isn’t just being lazy either. It is criminal. It is law enforcement ignoring the law and operating outside of it, trying to do what they feel like doing instead of what is legal.

I see it pretty much every single time that I deal with them. But I don’t put with it. I just tell them something like, “I’m here to comply with the law, not to do just whatever you feel like doing.” Occasionally, we have to debate if something is law or not, but I have always been able to reach an agreement/understanding with them about what the law is. The debate and conclusions are always fully documented in writing. I can’t recall ever being wrong about it or needing to change what I thought was right. But they don’t try very hard to understand the law and they don’t care much what it is. The only thing they care about is that someone challenges their supreme authority.

Also, I expect all PFRs have seen their registration forms that are pages and pages and pages long and they require you to initial/acknowledge every single item on the form. They love to brag incessantly that is their way of trying to prove that you know “everything you are required to do”, so that later if you don’t do something, they can prosecute you for a felony. However, their forms are always wrong. They always have “extras” on them. I’ve told the geniuses a hundred times that the only thing they are proving is that everyone who reads the forms knows that they are wrong and a person can’t know what is required and what isn’t. It is concrete proof of that. People just sign it because they are forced to or they can’t complete the registration process. They still think they are being clever, LOL.

What exactly do you mean by “what it would take to get the API and create a test version for Registrants”?

^^^ Agreed

As for API,

API stands for application programming interface. APIs let your product or service communicate with other products and services without having to know how they’re implemented. This can simplify app development, saving time and money. In the case of the FAA, they have developed a method for people needing to register their drone and obtain a licence to interface with their internal registration and licensing database. The software could easily be implemented into any civil registration scheme, the rules and process already being implemented and not requiring the re creating of the wheel.

it’s a framework the government has already established for civil registration and there’s no reason it can’t be implemented for registrants.

Thanks. Now I get what you are saying.

However, there is no need to look to the FAA for an API or any technology solution that could be used to create an online Registration system/portal that PFRs themselves could use to update/verify/whatever their information whenever/as needed. And that is because such a system/portal would be completely trivial to build and there are tons of people who know how. A single developer could stand-up a prototype of something like that, secure and with MFA, within one single day and have it available/usable by anyone worldwide. It could be done with any cloud provider (such as AWS or Azure).

Of course, if you needed to do such a thing for real it would take a little longer to fully design, test, implement, etc. But it would be easy. Also, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if you could find an existing product that you could buy which would already provide everything needed. Managing huge databases of people and their information is insanely common.

Government should do it. But they have little incentive to make things better, easier, or more fair. It’s a lot more fun for them to have ridiculous procedures, rules, etc., so they can set traps all over the place. Hell, where I live, they STILL, after decades, have people come into their offices at least once a year and write down all the exact same information that they already have. And they do it on many, many sheets of PAPER!!! Year after year, and they store all that PAPER! It’s so incompetent, it’s hilarious.

I recently wanted to take a longer-than-my-usual trip to Floriduh so I was trying to figure out if and how I should Register with them. I eventually concluded that it wasn’t worth it and that I’d never Register in Floriduh, no matter what. They require a person to visit an office of the criminal regime both when you arrive in Floriduh and when you leave!!! How f’ing stupid is that? Could at least be only when you arrive, but whatever. And I’m certain that a person would be sitting in some room and filling out paper forms asking who knows what information that you probably wouldn’t have on hand.

If Floriduh were competent, what they would have instead is that a PFR would log onto the nationwide PFR portal and just click a few buttons and that would be it. It would let Floriduh know – this is who I am … and I’ll be at this address in Floriduh from this date to this date, driving a vehicle Registered to me, etc., whatever. It could be done in 10 minutes. If they had such a system, then people might Register. So I conclude that they don’t really care that much. They surely know it’s nothing but a PR stunt anyway. The Registries are a massive waste of time and other limited resources.

Good article today on the victimhood culture that contributes to the sex offending panic
Just say no to recognizing invisible harms. It’s witchcraft.

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Thanks for the Quillette article. Charlie Sykes, who was quoted in that piece, discussed with Gen Z’er Tim Miller on his podcast yesterday, “The Bulwark,” the case of the fellow now suing Nirvana for using his naked baby photo on an album cover. It was very culturally revealing that the sixty-something-year-old Sykes found the claims of victimhood by the erstwhile baby to be absurd while the twenty-something-year-old Miller thought that the album was an example of “child pornography” and that “the victim” was right in seeking redress. Since when is child nudity “child pornography?” What was once considered innocent behavior is now being ruthlessly exposed and punished (even if it was more than twenty years ago) as an act of social purification. This is a generational sea change and not one for the better. Is it any wonder that a generation brought up on hyper-paranoia, fear of strangers and confined within a cocoon of identically aged kids overseen by government-vetted adults is now instantiating absurd and intolerant social regulations and laws? I think not.

Can anyone recommend an attorney in Southern California (Orange County) that knows Federal law for RCs? I’m trying to file to get off lifetime supervision. But I need someone who specializes in Federal issues. I’ve talked to a few that do State but it’s important to me they deal in Federal issues specifically.

General question, has anyone relieved of being forced to register and who owns their own business had any success getting listed on Angi (formerly Angi’s list and Home Adviser).

I ask because I was relieved of being forced to register 19 months ago. I am not listed on Megan’s law website. That said when they performed the background check it came back as I was still required to register.

I have submitted my information to the background check company as well as Angi directly, but none the less my company has now been denied.

Any thoughts and/or suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Thank you

@Interested Party. In 06 I was put on the list. Kept my home imprvmnt business going. Started a $50 referral rewards program, only good for labor. All word of mouth. In 3 months was completely booked. P.O. was soo pissed. How do you keep getting work. Try it and ditch angi. You’ll be better off. I turned 1 lead into 9 years of work. Worked so much got a heart attack. Lol.

Electronic anklets fail to prevent crimes by sex offenders – (Korea)

And how could those GPS monitoring bracelets stop sex crimes unless they’re actually strapped around one’s genitalia!? 🤷🏻‍♂️
It is as ridiculous is saying the registry stops sex crimes. 🙄

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