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Still no comment on the 288.2 issue as being tier 3. Just registered today and they told me I am tier 3 because of that and the agent seemed amazed that I was in tier 3 solely because of the 288.2 charge.

I might have some info for you. Send me a contact and we can touch base.

Any agent who actually cares is probably amazed most of the codes are tier three. The bill was butchered.

What issue? There is no “issue” with 288.2 being Tier 3. That, along with .3,.4, (c) and a bunch of other sections being Tier 3 “is” the Tiered Registry. The one ACSOL fought for. Just be happy so many are getting off.


I think the issue he’s referring to is the fact that 288.2 PC is a wobbler, but even with a 17(b) PC reduction, persons with that conviction are being placed in Tier 3. This, while all other wobbler offenses, once reduced from felony to misdemeanor, are being placed in Tier 1.

Right – and the fact that this is placed in the same tier as violent contact offenses. Which wobbler is eligible to be in tier 1?

I do appreciate everything your org has done though. You achieved a lot for us for sure.

I came off the Penn registry more than a year ago but I still follow the news and have made donations to Janice since then. It is important that she be able to continue with this fight.

Can anyone who is more knowledgeable about interpreting court cases look into the case from Tennessee: John Doe #1 and John Doe #2 vs. William B. Lee, et al? Are these lawsuits precedents of what we can pursue regarding retroactive restrictions that are applied? It looks like these two won their case. Would that not prove that restrictions that are added after conviction and after probation/ parole are indeed punishment and can not be applied?

It’s not really precedential so much as more of an application of the precedent set by the 6th in Michigan Does v Snyder as applied to two specific individuals in Tennessee. Might be useful as a guide for other people to make similar arguments in an as applied challenges especially in Tennessee.

Not to be rude but here in Texas we aren’t seeing any benefits of the fight.

ACSOL is mainly a California organization. If they ever make to SCOTUS, then it will be national

You will not see any benefits in Texas from anything done outside of the 5th Circuit unless it is a US Supreme Court decision. You and I live in the most conservative appeals court district in the country and the judges have not and do not rule for sex offenders – their fears and ideology are more important to them than the constitution. Why do you think almost all lawsuits filed by Republicans against a Democratic president or the policies of a Democratic administration are filed in Texas?

But what happens outside the 5th Circuit is still important to us in Texas because what happens is eventually building towards the US Supreme Court. And good results in other states will eventually allow registered citizens in Texas to relocate to another state where the judges in those area make rulings based upon the constitution vs fear and ideology.

Let us celebrate and be happy for those outside of Texas. Our time will eventually come.

I’ve been on this BS since 1997. Deferred adjudication probation. I was supposed to be be done with registration 2017. The state Texas coerced me into a plea deal when i was 18 only to with it up later and to Continue and continue and continue and continue to keep changing things. How is that legal? If you rob a bank and in 1997 the laws states that max is on 15 years. Then in 2010 while you’re in prison and the charge the laws and say now the max is 25 years they don’t add 10 more years to your sentence. So how is this legal. I did my time like 1000’s other now let me be free. And this tier crap is nothing but crap cause 95% of the people on it will be Classified as tier 3.

It is legal because the TX Supreme Court ruled that expo facto laws are constitutional against sex offenders even though the state constitution says the legislators can not adopt any civil and criminal expo facto laws. There is no exception in the wording of the constitution.

It is legal because the US Supreme Court says registration is a civil regulation and says a civil regulation can be retroactively applied.

Both these supreme courts are full of sh_t.

It’s wild how state of Texas can bait and switch peoples plea deal. People that was offered deferred adjudication probation should have an opportunity to get off this BS after so many years

Nothing legal about it. These criminal regimes have these “laws” because they can get away with it. That is all it is. They are able to mess with people simply because enough aholes have said that it is just fine. But it’s not.

It’s not smart, moral, fair, or legal. It is an actual act of war though. I accepted it as such long ago and have been retaliating accordingly ever since.

These criminal regimes lost their war against me long ago but they are too stupid to know it and too arrogant to care. So they’ll just have to continue suffering consequences.

Due to the efforts of ACSOL, California is the only state where registrants who are not on parole, probation or supervised release have no limits on where they can live, the places they can visit and how they celebrate Halloween. ACSOL accomplished this achievements during its first decade by filing more than 100 lawsuits in both state and federal courts. ACSOL was able to accomplish this and more due to the support of registrants, family members and supporters. We thank you for that support and look forward to working together during the next 10 years and beyond in order to accomplish new goals.

Words alone can never express the full depth of my gratitude for you, Janice, Chance and others who help wage this fight. Thank you so very, very much.

Actually Janice, I hope that within 10 years you will be out of a job and retired because you beat these guys and got this all put in the dustbin of bad law!! Keep up the good fight!!

Thank you, Hostage in Texas, for speaking the truth. Like you, I hope to out of a job and retired within 10 years after we have overturned Smith v. Doe and gotten rid of the registry.

I think even if Smith v Doe is one day overturned the battle will not be over. I think it will just change the focus because the pro registry people will not suddenly be gone and creative new laws will do what they can to circumvent such a ruling somehow. It will provide significant relief, yes but there will still be much work to do after.

Agreed. It will open the doors to many lawsuits we can win though. Cause if it’s ever ruled punishment, there’s so many double Jeopardys. But people will get creative and try to manipulate the structure. I personally think we are still 30 years or so from doing away with registry. 10 years from now I think we can get rid of living and premise restrictions and stupid state restarting registration laws. 20 years, align more with the ALI guidelines reducing the number of people havin to register. And in 30 years or so finally do away with this hell. I say that cause if you look at weed, it’s taken what, 60 years? The first 30 years was spent on propoganda and hysteria that weed bad, beer good. But once people started doing research, fighting for the criminal reform, 30yearz later states are starting to decriminalize it. It takes congress a couple of days to ruin people’s lives. It takes a couple generations to undo. At least we’ve had people doing research for us already, have law professors,judges and scholars on our side. I doubt very much we will convince this legislation anything, but hopefully the next generation of legislators will see the facts over the hysteria. Courts take time, and senates are fast. I wish this could be outlawed today, but reality is we have years if not anohe generation to fight. I am thankful for Narsol, NCRSOL and Janice do all that they do.

Let me add that NV does not have limits on registrants who are not on parole, probation or supervised release, and are not tier 3, about where they can live, the places they can visit and how they celebrate Halloween. However, NV has the more onerous lifetime supervision. Almost all sex convictions, and all second offenses, require this. Tier 3 convictions have even more restrictions, making the level of lifetime supervision tied to registry tier assignments. I don’t know if this is more constitutional because of additional due process, or less constitutional because it blurs civil, criminal, and judicial law.

Curiously, in NV, courts do not sentence tier levels, as that is left entirely up to law enforcement, based on legislation. In fact, my JOC says only that I must register, and nothing about duration or tier. I do not have lifetime supervision. I have completed parole, am not tier 3, and can live and go where I want (as long as I report to the po-po when required.) I can even hand out candy on Halloween. Whoopee!

Convictions that require courts to sentence lifetime supervision are fairly clearly spelled out in the Nevada Revised Statutes. Tier assignments (which can trigger harsher lifetime supervision if tier 3) are not as clear. If one looks at NRS 179D, and compares it to CA PC 690, it can be seen that Nevada’s laws are much less detailed than California. In that, there may be some opportunity for challenges in the 9th circuit.

Specifically, in my case, my NV tier assignment is determined by comparing my conviction to federal SORNA tier assignments. There is no specific statute that says this conviction goes in that tier. (Some offenses are dictated , but not mine.) I guess that makes NV SORNA compliant? My lawyer says I should be tier 1, SMART (the feds!) say my conviction should be tier 3, and the Nevada Dept. of Public Safety says I am tier 2. Can a conviction for an offense that is strict liability be reasonably compared to one that is not??? Heck, Calif. PC 690 even says my comparable offense is not one that requires registration!

The problem is, who’s doing the comparing? Is it the courts? Is it LE? Who has jurisdiction? These seem to be major themes of constitutional questions. Another really big question is, who the f*** decided that individuals are under federal jurisdiction under the Commerce Clause? Or are we?

Dear Ms. Bellucci, your record is indeed impressive! Feeling the need to quantify accomplishments and more importantly, specify goals, is indicative of your chances for continued success. Now you are being embraced to help lead the fight all the way to the top, and for that I am extremely grateful!

I hope you may consider looking more into NV SO laws. They could prove to be useful for comparison, contrast, and outright constitutional challenges. I believe there could be some gold in the Silver State’s laws, esp. when it comes to jurisdictional and interpretive legal questions to be challenged at the federal level. We are in the 9th!

So registrants can take their kids to the park?

You are asking about CA? If that is the case, I think so, but I don’t live there so someone else should answer.

Where I live, I can go into any park whenever I like. They MAY have modified their BS “laws” such that newly convicted people are not able to, but I don’t think that’s the case. I could easily read the laws and find out, but I don’t need to.

What state are you from?


Thank you all.

I hope everyone understands how deeply fortunate we are to have Janice Bellucci and ACSOL fighting for our rights.
This is not, and never will be, an easy fight and there are so few other organizations in this country, if any, that are trying to do what Janice and ACSOL are doing.

Ever since my conviction these have been some of the darkest times in my life bar none, however I have been able to draw strength and courage from ACSOL and the fight they’re taking on for us. Janice has personally helped me tremendously in my own challenges without hesitation.

Thank you Janice and ACSOL from the bottom of my heart for everything that you’re doing and everything that you’ve done.

And PLEASE keep donating! ACSOL can’t fight this alone without our support!

Last edited 26 days ago by Jon Carson

Jon, it has been a pleasure working with you toward the goal of restoring your civil rights. Thank you for your donations and encouraging others to do the same. The more resources we have, the more we can do.

288 c is a wobbler but listed as Tier 3 LIFE even reduced, expunged and COR. This is unfair, I hope someday this changes but who knows.

Thank you ACSOL, for the work you have done on behalf of all of us forced to register.

Personally, finding this webpage gave me hope. Eventually with the help of Chance, my hope was realized. I hope that the goals of ACSOL will be realized sooner then imagined.

I would like to see something about social media banning all sex offenders from their platforms. I contacted California State Senator Scott Wiener, who’s office informed me that there is some sort of legislature being worked on at the State and Federal levels, but I can’t seem to find anything about it. I know that Cal. Pen. Code 290.46(j)(2)(H) prohibits businesses from discriminating against people found on the Megan’s Law website; however, I don’t think I have the ability to challenge it. Nor would I want to bring myself into the public spotlight by trying to bring a case against social media companies.
Recently, my Facebook acct was deactivated because of my status on the California Registry. My acct was created before my conviction (I’m now completely off parole). My crime didn’t involve the internet or computers. A vindictive person (whom my family knows) reported my profile. They openly admit it and are proud that I’ve been banned.
There’s a few reasons why there needs to be a fight for some sort of equal rights:
* There are many countries that don’t even have a registry, so people who have similar crimes as me are able to use those platforms. I even know a person with dual citizenship who was convicted in California and placed on the registry. After he completed parole, he left the U.S. for the other country and no longer has to register now. He completely avoided the lifetime registry (it was still lifetime when he left). I know another person who left California after completing parole and is now residing in Tijuana. Because of that, he no longer has to register (no registration laws in Mexico). Those people can use social media without the fear of being banned because they are no longer on any registry, despite having committed sex offenses.
* Those platforms don’t even take into acct the nature of the crime. For example, some people are on registries for consensual gay sex (which was illegal long ago). Facebook and other companies who purport gay rights ban these individuals because of their status as a registered sex offender, even though they’ve done nothing wrong by today’s standard.
* Facebook and social media has become the center of pretty much anything “social”. For example, the President of the U.S. and other civic leaders release press statements on social media. Local city & state law enforcement often post important updates that aren’t found elsewhere, including early notices for evacuation due to fire (I live in a wildfire prone area). Even normal discourse between people and the sharing of ideas and debates occur through social media these days. Heck, I can’t even find out about concert announcements because the major venues release their coming acts on social media now. Indeed, they’ve grown from a simple way to connect with friends and family to becoming a way we get information.
* Facebook is integrated in almost everything. My profile/acct was linked to my Spotify, Pandora, Xbox Live, and several other subscription services. It’s often used as a way to login to many sites and services or even create an account with these services (i.e. “Sign in with Facebook).
* Not having an account also puts sex offenders at a business disadvantage. Let’s face it, it can be really difficult to find a job as an RSO. Most of us have really great talents that can be used to make money by making goods and selling them on Facebook’s marketplace. For example, I’m good with woodworking, metal working, oil painting, baking, and photography. If I were to try to sell anything I made, I wouldn’t be able to compete with others who have access to social media. Facebook’s marketplace is a way to make a living despite being on a registry and facing gruesome background checks. With a ban, RSO’s can’t even compete fairly in the business world. Sure, I’m sure it’s still possible to sell items, but consumers like simplicity and social media marketplaces are often the “go to” nowadays. For example, my wife has bought lots of nice items through Facebook Marketplace, including our patio set.
I’m really hoping to see something changes with this in the coming years. I’ll eventually be off the registry and be able to return to using social media without the fear of being banned, but I’m hoping something can happen sooner rather than waiting 10+ years for that to happen.

Even though I don’t live in California I appreciate everything that Janice, Chance, and Company have done. My hat goes off to them fighting for our rights. Can’t wait to meet them in Washington and say, thank you in person.

Just made a donation. Thank you for everything you have done and continue to do.

Thanks greatly for all the tireless efforts that have produced so many fruits over the years. Can’t thank this organization enough.

With that being said, I’m ever so casually curious. What are the current efforts to combat CP laws? Are there no prominent ones right now, or is something in the books?

I’m still positively grateful either way.

My question is this: What if we receive our petition relief Thru SB384 , and then SORNA comes to town and we have to start registering again? I mean not to sound negative or bringing anybody’s hopes down, But federal law always superseeds state law. I mean are we gonna enjoy a few months of freedom and then all of a sudden back to having a register all over again? If anybody wants to chime in on this it’s appreciated , this is just something that’s been on my mind lately

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