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From 2020: We have updated our main International Travel section. It features:

  1. List of Schengen Nations (allowing entry to registrants);
  2. Resources (including a CA DOJ Travel Notification Form); and
  3. User Submitted Travel Reports.

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1. The 26 Schengen Nations (which allow registrants to visit)

As an agreement, Schengen was signed among the five out of ten countries of the European Union members back then, on the 14th June 1985. Under the Schengen agreement, travelling from one Schengen country to another is done without any passport and immigration controls or any other formalities previously required.

Czech republic

Note: US Citizens are visa exempt when visiting the Schengen area for up to 90 days in a 180 day period (List of Countries, Section B or map).  The European Commission is proposing activation of the European Travel Information and Authorisation System (ETIAS) for such travelers, beginning sometime in 2023 – which may or may not take criminal convictions into account. ETIAS Fact Sheet April 2018July 2018

2. Resources



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It is time to test this out. I got off the registry March of 2022. I am going to try Jamaica over Labor Day weekend. No notice is needed so I am hopeful.

Successfully flew into Israel yesterday. After leaving the plane, on the way to passport control, there were a bunch of kiosks that had a number of people milling around them. When we got to the kiosks, I saw that they wanted to scan passports of non-Israelis. So we had the kiosk scan our passport, and the kiosk also took our picture. Then it printed out a “B2 Stay Permit” which said on it that it is good for 90 days. Then we stood in line for passport control. When we reached the agent, I handed here both of our passports. I don’t know what she did or didn’t do the the passports, but 5 seconds later she handed them back with a “gate pass” and told us not to lose the Stay Permit, because we would need it when we leave Israel. We then walked out, handing our gate pass to a guard, and then it was right to picking up our checked baggage, and heading out.

If Israel received any kind of notice about me coming, they ignored it.

We will be in Israel and Jordan for the next 10 days. Then we will see what happens when we get to passport control at SFO.

Just a bit of information: I applied for TSA Precheck. I was approved while still on supervision and the registry. They really don’t care about your past unless you are a terrorist or have some sort of of air travel disruption. The hardest part was the $78 fee (renewal is in 5 years). It took 20 days to be approved (they claim most get approved in 3 to 5 days but can be up to 60 days).

Good morning international travelers, or soon to be travelers. I must say my time in Georgia has been interesting in the least. It’s a very different culture than Europe, although Georgians want to be like Europe so badly. But they have a little caching up to do. It’s definitely not as modern as South Africa where I was previously. However, it’s getting there. Batumi is a booming city with high rises going up everywhere, and it has some beautiful architecture mixed in with impoverished housing blocks and graffiti. The old town district is the gem of the city. Most of it’s cleaned up and restored. Plus the city has beautiful parks and a palm lined sea front. However, things are informal & slow. Shopping centers & grocery stores are small, crowded, with a limited selection, but they do have some great local products. Transportation is little to be desired with shoddy buses & mini vans. But at .15 cents a ride…who cares! The biggest turn off is customer service. Gals, you have to smile more😊 But the rudeness extends to locals too. On the positive, many people speak English or go fetch someone who does. They have no problems with race. I don’t get any glances or stares. Most people are about hustling and making money. I’ve also met some generous people. Another thing, don’t come here with the US media propaganda belief that all Georgians love Americans. Georgia is very divided along tribal lines, with some parts all in with Russia and Putin. Batumi is in the autonomous region of Adjara which is more pro Russia & hostile against the central government in Tbilisi. Although I could stay here visa free for a year, I have to return to DamErica in two weeks because of health issues & family. But I just may return to Georgia later this year. 👍 I got my second Turkish visa approved, so I shouldn’t face problems stopping off in Istanbul before flying back to the US. Registrants, always remember your other options. F*ck Megan’s dumb law. Peace! J. Brown speaking truth to power.

My husband just received his passport with the special designation on it. My husband, me and a friend decided to book a trip and go to France. We arrived in France on April 24th. Both of us were a bit apprehensive, but these forums helped ease our minds. As to add to the anxiety, the line for passport control when landing in Paris CDG was super long and took forever to get through. We let my husband go first, and to our surprise, the French Immigration officer examined my husband’s passport and looked at him (my husband later said that she did notice the designation) and stamped his passport and ran to have a celebratory cigar! France let him in with no issues. 04/24/2023

Been visiting the Kingdom of Jordan for the last three days (Mt. Nero, Wadi Musa, Petra, Wadi Rum). No problem getting a visa at the border crossing.

Return to the U.S. from Thailand. Join the WhatsApp group!!

In stark contrast to the horrible treatment I received last month in Secondary Inspection after flying into the U.S. at Miami, we flew from Istanbul to SFO this afternoon and I was NOT sent to Secondary Inspection! Although the agent looked at his screen a little longer after scanning my passport than after scanning my wife’s, he handed both passports back and said have a good day. I doubt this had anything to do with the complaint I filed last month after the way I was treated in Miami, since I don’t think it would get through the system that quickly, but either way I am happy (for now).

Closed circuit, no passport needed, cruise and you dont leave boat, international travel? opinions, defenses for and known arguments for it to be…. it is like flying over international countries and not going to or getting off a plane if refueling etc. Anyway confused on statutes wording etc. Also if a violation who is being harmed to make it worth the criminal felony of misunderstanding a statute or not leaving a boat, who is at risk enough to warrant a felony… I believe someone had an argument like this a while back if anyone could refer me to, thank you.

Information about ETIAS for those traveling to Europe in the future:

9 Things You Need to Know About ETIAS Before It Becomes Effective in 2024 –

✈️ Happy & safe travels! 😃

Mike G, I appreciate all your feedback here on your experience getting in and out of countries as I plan to travel internationally in a few years when off the registry. Though I am aware things can change within a few years and I am aware of the changes for Europe. Enjoy your travels!

Some might find this interesting/ useful (but it is from 2019):

Federal Court Rules Suspicionless Searches of Travelers’ Phones and Laptops Unconstitutional | Electronic Frontier Foundation


Hello All. I travelled a fair amount on my old passport but I now need to get one with the identifier. How do I go about getting that? Is it up to me to notify DHS? Do I sign up somewhere in person? Any thoughts would be appreciated.

I’m now off my home state registry but still listed in Florida (where I was charged!in ‘86) since they don’t remove even if you leave. No longer subject to federal sorna (offense tier 1 timed out).

id appreciate any feedback on what I could expect if traveling to Europe and South America. Do I still need to have a branded passport? 21-day Notice?

Thank you very much.

Hi friends, I’m back in Turkey for the 3rd time with a new visa. Apparently my visa is in their system, because they never asked for it. The young man at customs was yawning with his head on his shoulder while he was stamping everyone thru like an assembly line. He barely look at my passport before giving it the stamp. Turkey has got to be the easiest country to get into, and it was listed on my original 21 day notice

Last edited 18 days ago by J. Brown

Has anyone experienced trouble getting into Greece?

Lots of European traveler here. I’m still waiting on someone who has traveled outside of Europe with the mark of satan on the front page—not the back. Even a non-eu European country like Bosnia or Albania would provide more info

As we’ve discussed, according to the IML you must still be required to register under Federal SORNA for the 21-day notice of international travel (under SORNA) to apply (to satisfy the federal requirement).

So Another concern that I have is possibly getting a customs agent who just won’t accept that SORNA doesn’t apply to me any longer (and that therefore I’m no longer required to provide the 21-day notice of international travel).

Any thoughts on this? I would imagine that carrying original charging and other court docs would be helpful if something like this happens …..

But Can a customs officer get you arrested on their own, or would the Marshalls have to be there to arrest you? I’d presume the Marshalls would get it right since they manage a chunk of the process involving registrant international travel…. They are able to evaluate registrant SORNA tier statuses and the such………?

I just want to be super careful ….

thank you as always.

Has anyone ever gone through DHS’ TRIP [Traveler Redress Inquiry Program] process? DHS itself says the process includes those who are routinely or often sent to Secondary. Though I’m skeptical anything would improve by getting a Redress Number, can it hurt? And maybe it will reduce the number of “bonus travels” at immigration.

Screenshot (114).png

Good morning folks. I’m back in Amerikkka after flying from Turkey into Chicago O’Hare. The “global entry” line was chaotic at immigration. After an hour, I reached an officer who inquired about the purpose of my trip, and if anyone else was traveling with me. After viewing his computer, he kept my passport and asked me to wait by a roped off area near a wall. Soon afterwards, another officer escorted me and a couple others into secondary which was filled with many Eastern European travelers. After only 5 minutes, an officer called my name at the doorway, returned my passport and sent me to a custom’s baggage check room. A person there took my passport and stared at his computer for minutes. Finally, he directed me to the exit door after returning my passport. He never searched my baggage or asked one question despite my recent pornography conviction. They spent much more time questioning me before I left the country, than entering it—very odd. My personal take on dealing with these criminals: I dress formal, look them straight in the eye, and NEVER chat. Show respect and never be combative. Okay folks, now I have to face reality as a registrant in this country. Eventually, I plan on leaving for good after I resolve a few health & family issues.


I have a trip to Spain coming up in June. I’ve traveled internationally before (Sweden in August 2022 & 2019, Greece in 2019; Spain March 2020). Each time, I’ve filled out the Notice of International Travel document and dropped it off in person to my local registering agency, never had an issue. In January, when I went for my annual registration, I was told they no longer have anyone at that police department in charge of RSO/290s, and that I needed to go to another local police department instead. So this is my first time doing this process at this police dept. 

Today (23 days before trip), I went to drop off my form with all the necessary information and was told by the officer that:

  1. My form was out of date — I told him I just used this form in August and he told me well [other County] uses a different form (I haven’t lived in that County in +3 years). Also, the form I use is the standard CA DOJ form (even linked on this website)
  2. When I asked for an updated form, he told me I don’t fill out a form, and that I’m supposed to provide him with the information and he fills it out and submits it for me. I asked “when did that process change?” and he said “that’s just how we do it at this station” 
  3. He told me I needed to provide him with: flight #, passport #, DL # (yes, all things already detailed on the form) and also, a photo of my passport (never been required before). As soon as I got home, I sent him an email with all the information along with a photo of my passport. 
  4. He told me he was really busy and asked if I could come back next Friday — told him that’s past the 21 days before the trip.  He also told me that I needed to email him every day until he’s confirmed that he’s submitted it. Because “he has a lot going on and he’s really busy.”

I’m extremely concerned that this officer doesn’t understand the requirements and may fail to submit the paperwork that I’ve provided him in a timely manner. Does anyone have suggestions on what else I can do to cover my bases and make sure this gets handled? I’ve never had to be responsible for the officer doing their part of the job once I fulfill my duties of providing the information 21 days prior to the trip.

If it’s helpful: live in California. I was given a 10 year registration requirement. Jan 2023 would have been the end for me and that’s when I found out I was assigned as a Tier 2 (20years) once CA created the tiered system. I’m working on petitioning this. Anyways, no passport stamp. 

Passports! Get your passports!
Big backlog right now. 😩
(See pic.)


We talk a lot about the unique identifier on this forum…where it’s located on the passport, who’s required to have it, and if anyone has been denied entry because of it. But we never discuss what to do if we’re denied entry because of the identifier. What’s the first step? Get a lawyer and challenge the law? Take names and write down numbers of foreign border officials that stopped us from entering their country? Because we’re going to need proof that the identifier was the reason we couldn’t get in. We need to have a plan of action. It’s going to happen sooner or later. So what do we do if a country turns us around because of the identifier?

Just an update traveling to Canada. Took a cruise out of San Francisco for an Alaska cruise which included stops in Vancouver, Victoria and Prince Rupert Island. Had no problems with customs at each port and enjoyed our visit. Customs never question me but all passengers did have go through an AI screen machine except in Prince Rupert.

I was a tier 2 registrant from California that was able to Terminate Sex Offender Registration in Dec. 2021 with the help from Chance.