Punch list for getting unconstitutional laws passed

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1) Pick a group of people and then demonize them. The more fear inducing the words, the better. And don’t worry about facts. People don’t need facts. Facts just muddy the waters.

“Sex offenders are very sneaky and despicable,”
Donna Simon, NJ assemblywoman

“There is no such thing as a “typical” sex offender; however, all tend to be manipulative, deceptive, and secretive. Sex offenders come from all backgrounds, ages, income levels, and professions.”
Stanislaus County Sheriff’s web site, Safety Tips.

2) Once you’ve created the monster, make sure you give it extra-ordinary powers and a super will to do evil. Make it sound like an epidemic. Be as general as possible. People don’t act, when you qualify your words and make them think too much.

Grapevine City Council, citing a “frightening and high” risk of recidivism.
Dallas Observer , “Grapevine Has Effectively Banned Child Molesters.”

“What they will do is they will have a myriad of screen names and other identities to use for communicating to children.”
-Donna Simon, NJ assemblywoman

3) Now that you have them angry and scared, offer the proposed legislation or action to alleviate their fears and desire for action.

“When you shine the light on people like that and their neighbors find out, and other people in the community find out, I think that puts the pressure on them to move,”
Port Orange City Council, FL meeting.

4) Most importantly, when some wiseguy tries to enter in some consideration that weakens your case, squash that by bringing your constituency back to the fear factor.

“It would be hard to rent, hard to sell a home,”
-Port Orange City Council, FL meeting.

OK, don’t let him start to make people think. Hint that he is coddling the monster and putting everyone in danger, by questioning your logic.

“I am more concerned about the safety of our children than the property values,” she said. “I think it’s more dangerous for our home values that they remain in our community.”
-Port Orange City Council, FL meeting.

Fee free to add to.

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It is a guaranteed win if you name your legislation after a murdered attractive white child.

That stanuloss (whatever) county really described some orange county personnel ….manipulate, deceptive and
what he say..?…secretive .

All of this is true. But lets look at three examples where government and the public did something similar, i.e try to squelch something they didn’t like:
1. The communist variety of socialism. They didn’t want America to go in the socialist direction, so they persecuted those people and even made many of them register with the government. But nowadays we hear that America is moving in the direction of even more socialism. The persecution did not work.
2. Marijuana, the killer weed. Everybody denounced it as evil, but their lies have not worked. A majority now thinks it should be legalized.
3. Welfare. Everyone loves to denounce welfare. But right now more people than ever are on food stamps and government aid of some kind. They need it and they deserve to have it. They should not be demonized over it.

I look forward to a day when people realize that sex is a part of human life. Sex is not murder and we should not freak out over it. People should obey the laws but if they transgress, they should abandon their bad habits and rehabilitate by going back to work and living a normal life; the politicians and the public ought to support that.



Although it is a difficult decision to boycott the economy of your own country, this will be necessary to stop the persecution.

Do not feed the dog that bites you.

Buy non-American, non-British:

Examples only, not endorsements:

mobile, ipad: Samsung (Korea), Sony (Japan).

Coffee – Anacafe (Guatemala), Lavazza, (Italian), Fair Trade.

Airlines: Eva (China), Japan Air Lines, Philippine Airlines, many others

free Linux software.

Free word processor software: Open Office

Computers: Asus (Taiwan), Toshiba (Japan), Samsung (Korea).

Automobiles: Toyota, Honda, Lexus (Japan), BYD (China).

Footware: Hong Kong, Thailand, many countries have good local shoe makers.

Tires: Yokohama (Japan), Hankook (Korean), Pirelli (Italy)

Televisions: Samsung, LG (Korea), Sony (Japan).

Avoid traveling for pleasure in or to these countries.

Food: Immigrant businesses often buy from distributors of their own ethnic group and will send out their profits to their home countries. Therefore buy from immigrant shops and restaurants.

One of my favs.
Sun Sentinel Dec. 17, 2013.

Sen. Eleanor Sobel, a Hollywood, Fla. Democrat,
“We’re trying to correct the loopholes and at the same time protect the innocent people in our community, the children and seniors, from these horrible bad guys who have an awful type of disease that can’t be cured,”


Mike, this is another way to get more laws passed: Portray government as not doing enough to protect innocent victims from the monsters. But, which is it, Florida? Depends on the agenda. When your trying to target sex offenders, you have to say you’re not doing enough. When you are defending the skyrocking sex offender registry, well then, you’re doing a great job.

“Florida’s increase is not a bad thing,” said Ernie Allen, co-founder and chief executive officer of the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, the agency that tracks those numbers. “In our judgment it reflects the fact that Florida law enforcement has been aggressive and proactive. Florida officials have made these kinds of crimes a priority.”

So which states have the highest sex offender rates? The lowest?
California still has you beat.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results. That will be a new day when whole government bodies are classed as insane, and committed and confined, until sociologists can show they have been cured, unless this is an awful type of disease that can’t be cured! Then removal is the only answer.

In 2008, the latest year for which records are available, Ernie Allen made $511,069 as head of the center (NCMEC) and its international affiliate. He also received $787,126 in deferred compensation and underfunded retirement benefits, as well as $46,382 in nontaxable benefits — a total of $1,344,567. (Mostly from taxpayers)Not to shabby for a quasi governmental head.

It’s not due to his undying benevolence or because he’s longing for the day when child abuse ends. He’s just another opportunist EXPLOITING CHILDREN and creating imaginary bogeymen for the betterment of his pocketbook. One years salary for this man would go a long way for CARSOL.

Seems too me like they are simply using the basics tactics used from everyone from the church and Satan to the Nazi propaganda about the evil Jews.

Still seems to work quite well…humans are not gong to change anytime soon people.

We a tribal animals too willing to conform, control, and make to follow authority figures without questioning facts or even reality.

Sorry game over.