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Is It Me or does each Progressing Halloween seem scarier than the last????Just Askin’

CA Sex Offender Management Board Considering New Tiered Registry Bill

Did anyone attend and/or know how the meeting went yesterday?

Dear Janice or anyone who might be able to help…. Last year a court decision (People vs. Douglas) held that the “containment model” of sex offender probation supervision (state approved sex offender treatment and mandatory polygraph tests) could NOT be applied retroactively to those whose offenses were committed before the law was passed in 2010. This was welcome news to me because my offense was committed before 2010. I assumed that court decision would settle the matter. However, I was told today by my (court ordered) treatment provider that a new law has been passed which invalidates the “People vs.… Read more »

Might you be talking about AB 2411 – approved by Gov Brown on 9/26 and effective immediately due to Urgency clause? In a nutshell, here is the summary of the bill from its sponsor (Bonta): AB 2411 – Preserves Intent of California’s Landmark Sex Offender Law, Chelsea’s Law AB 2411 would preserve the intent of California’s landmark sex offender law, Chelsea’s Law, in light of recent court challenges, by specifying that a registered sex offender on probation or parole must complete a sex offender management program, regardless of when the person’s crime or crimes were committed. So yes,… Read more »

Thank you Joe…

What a racket. I guess polygrapher is going to be a very lucrative career for some.

Sorry joe…your ab2411..?…it’s got Double Jeopardy written all-over it….lets say it again…Double Jeopardy …challenge it and win BIG.

Hey Guys,,If Your Off Paper & went to those 2 hr classes through Your Whole Parole Already, & been Clean for ever..since “03”,,We Still have to Go back & get More Classes,all the Parole Rules +,, What?…Your Jokin’ Me ! Or Just call Me stupid sorry..IDK wth Goin’ On Now? Janice, Mam Please clear this up for Me,,& Others I’m Sure. Because it’s as Clear as Mud to some of Us…Thank You in advance.

Bruce – if you’re still on probation but haven’t completed a “State Approved” sex offender treatment program you must now go back and complete one – as well as take mandatory polygraph tests at your own expense. This is true even if you have already completed another sex offender treatment program – if it hasn’t been state approved – it doesn’t qualify.

@ Austin,,It Had to be State Approved Because it Was State Parole Mandated & THEY do Nothing that they do not get State’s approval on the Payroll for the time place & Shrink & for that They needed a reason Gave & received ALREADY! Otherwise I wouldn’t have HAD to Go….I think? That’s BS NO,NO,NO,NO! Double Jeopardy? No Way I Have My Rights & the 5th is 1 of them!! Just sayin’ I Can’t Even Hardly Eat much less Afford Extra, Unusual Punishment & Mental Anguish On top of being alienated & hunted…Yea OK! When They Tell Me I’ll Believe… Read more »

HAAhahahha,,Here’s a funny for Yah…” I just made a big red bull’s Eye on a White T shirt for Halloween….HHAHAHHAhhahahah,,,,Screwit!;-)

One thing You can Count on is every politician NO MATTER WHO THEY ARE Brings More Laws Regardless of intent That is Just a sad FACT! See Laws Are what a Politician uses as Career Fuel!!!

I’m confused. Who does AB2411 apply to?

On CNN News this morning in the matter of the quarantined nurse Kaci Hickox, a judge ruled very quickly that the quarantine should not extend beyond what she was essentially doing already – a big victory for her. One legal pundit they interviewed said the judge was acting under laws that require, if somebody’s civil liberties are to be restricted, then the law must have an evidentiary basis (based in fact) and not limit the civil liberties more than absolutely necessary. I almost fell out of my chair! If what he said is true, then all the laws affecting registrants… Read more »

Anonymous Nobody, at this date of Nov 2, its too late for Kamala Harris to be nominated and confirmed within 2 days for her to be in office as US Atty General, replacing Eric Holder, all to be done before Nov 4 election. But 2 weeks ago, it was possible for her to be nominated and confirmed , all before the Nov 4 election in 2 days. At this date, it would be academic to discuss what would happen before Nov 4 election. 2 weeks ago, however, I would disagree with you that it was so unlikely for her to… Read more »

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