Are We All Sex Offenders? Galen Baughman – TEDxCUNY

Galen works alongside many others in reforming the criminal justice system, but his angle might surprise you. Join him as he shares his crusade for equal justice, which has led him to the courtroom, advocacy, and beyond.

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Everyone should watch this. 20 minutes well spent. This presentation is excellent. This topic is frightening.

Every parent needs to watch this. Heaven help us all.

God bless him and his strength to speak out and fight back. It couldn’t have been more well said. I reccomend you all save this link and the next time you are faced with adversity from a colleague, neighbor or community member show this to them. Everyone needs to work together to get these laws changed. Thanks to Janice we have someone to speak up for our families , facing what seems like , a never ending battle.

I truly believe everyone needs to rally each community , county and state and work to band these 1 million “labeled” citizens together . While you might think this site only helps California , that couldn’t be further from the truth. What happens in CA travels across the states like wild fire.

Every donate today , reach out to others to donate and become active on this site. For my families sake and all of you , I will begin contacting as many people as I can find to join this fight with us.

This is one of the most powerful videos I have ever seen. Galen has been through the hell that so many of us and our families have suffered. He explains clearly and concisely the inadequacies of our so-called justice system. I have sent this link to all of my state and federal representatives asking that they watch it. Many, many thanks so Galen for having the courage to stand-up for what is right.

This is brilliantly done. It covers the horrifying connotations of the term “Sex Offender,” the overbroad laws, the hysteria, the idea of preventing crime through imprisoning people forever, the injustice, the betrayal of the Constitution, the craziness of including teenagers in all of this – AND it puts a human face on the problem.

This needs to get broader exposure. The key seems to be friends and family – who have Facebook accounts and who sympathize. There are also media outlets that should expose this.

I am still protecting my anonymity and email address but I suggest someone send this to Boing Boing (blog – huge exposure) and Bill Maher to start. Can someone do this?

I have watched so many videos through out the years and read many articles on the topic and word for word this is most likely the best. He left me wanting to hear more. This is exactly by the words in how to describe the insanity. No fancy terms or words, just a straight out monologue from someone who is like all of us. I hope this video goes viral and reaches the millions, especially to those working in the judicial system.

This guy is amazing. I could see a lot of emotion in his face, which may have made others stumble in their words, but he took some deep breaths and did a flawless presentation. Very courageous, intelligent and eloquent speaker.

Well that’s one powerful TED talk. Facts and understanding through asking difficult questions or discovering the correct difficult questions to ask and researching reality without bias is the only way to address whichever issues (if most are even issues in the first place) exist. Unfortunately as made clear during the talk fear prevents this from happening and nobody benefits.

This is a great video and should be a must watch for all Americans.

But I think he’s a bit misguided. He has an optimism which I don’t think is warranted.

He gives an impression that he has been “set free”. Yes… he isn’t going to indefinite detention… but he didn’t win. He’s still a sex offender.

And he makes it sound like we’re turning the corner as a country. No, we aren’t. Sure, there are isolated cases of cities or courts overturning specific ordinances. But overall we are still moving towards harsher treatment of RSOs. Right now the country to gearing up to brand passports and make travel even more difficult than it already is. (I appreciate those fighting hard, and I sent a message to my rep in Congress, but it isn’t going to work. We are losing this one). RSOs can’t get green cards for their spouses. RSOs are banned directly and indirectly from many types of work and housing. And beyond the registry, there is still the consequences of having ANY felony on your record. These policies aren’t changing, and they won’t.

Galen, awesome. Very inspirational. We will hear much more from him to be sure. There are so many of us who feel every word Galen speaks….

Foley’s indiscretions did not seem to stop the sustainance and expansion of Foley-authored and admitted child rapist and SORNA marketing director John Walsh’s brainchild/’cash cow’ AWA. I have yet to see someone other than me and a few others on here say we need to do a total review and revamp of AWA because of what Foley and Walsh ( and Hastert, now as we know ) did. I was kind of upsetting to read about this. But then, I didn’t know he was parole, which is the time when the under 1% re-offend predominantly. I am not saying Galen re-offended however, even though it seems like a bad idea if this is how his first offense started to happen. Regardless, there is no allegation of a new crime. As the study goes, after 15 years, you are at the same risk of committing a sex crime as someone from the general population. At that point, those who have not reoffended after 15 years need equal protection of the law and to be treated like those in the general public, as well as due process which means to be fair and not foster false information in the form of falsley high re-offense rates. As in Loving v Virginia, due process and equal protection of the law were addressed to overcome the unfair anti-miscengenation laws. Reading the comments on here about Galen, I thought he has done something on par with what SORNA author Mark Foley did. Gladly thats not the case.

To David Kennerly: Your 1.00AM comment this morning scares me. Are you indirectly supporting the national association of Marlin Brando look alikes ? They were in love and we have no right to judge !?

Thought it was gonna be good till he said ‘boy’. Gays used to be killed for being so, yet he seems shocked that they might lock him up for life. Times have changed, but maybe they are still harsher on same sex sex crimes?

I also would rather not have a gay or lesbian spokesperson. people already don’t like sex offenders, and if you add homosexuality to it it becomes a whole new beast.

by reading your comments, I gather that he violated probation by having contact with another male minor which is what the prison was trying to say he was going to do… way to show your rehabilitation

As a spokesperson,
I would strongly suggest Brubaker.

Everyone speaks for her or himself or not. We don’t need another hero to lay our hopes upon.