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Falsely accused of satanic horrors, a couple spent 21 years in prison. Now they’re owed millions.

[Washington Post]

Long before the age of the Internet and the fleeting spasms of mass hysteria that came with it (Remember Jade Helm? Pizzagate?), and going back to the late 20th century, when irrational fears moved slower and lasted longer, there was Satan.

The “satanic panic,” some call it now. It began some time in the 1980s, when newscasters and fundamentalist Christian cartoons warned of the evils of the role-playing game “Dungeons & Dragons,” and stretched into the 1990s, when police and psychiatrists saw thousands of unfounded accusations of ritualistic sex abuse and children were seized from British parents accused of devil worship.

One case still stands out.

“This country hasn’t seen anything like it since the Salem witch trials,” Texas Monthly wrote in 1994, in a profile of Austin day-care operators Dan and Fran Keller, who had been thrown in prison two years earlier.

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  1. Nicholas Maietta

    SMALL WORLD. My foster brother from 1996 was among the children removed from the homes of those accused and placed into truly evil home under by CPS. He was sexually abused by the “good home” while the state pursued charges against the parents, who were accused of all kinds of bad cult-like acts. After years of abuse, he was finally able to get out of that situation and ended up in California after it was found out the bad home was paying CPS workers for children. I was 16 at the time and thought this was all too crazy to be real. That kid in 1996 became my new foster-brother. He was so messed up, i felt really bad for him.

    A few weeks ago i was googling his name to find out what ever happened to him after all these years. I had heard he’d got to jail at one point as a teenager for a sex crime conviction, he was due to get out at the age of 25. Sadly, i learned from various news coverage he was murdered, but the stories didn’t say exactly why, but they did make it clear in the story that he was a convicted sex offender.

    CPS is absolutely the worst and tore my family apart too, based on an accusation against my stepfather back in 1989. There was no truth to the story, but it was enough to put me in foster care against my wishes.

    I had forgotten about the evil in Washington, but there is so much more to the story than people accused. The real perpetrators were the people rippings kids out of homes and arresting the parents, all orchestrated by the real cult that probably still exists today. I have no proof, only what i learned from my own foster brother who is now dead.

    • kind of living

      @Nicholas ,,,,, , I remember when this whole thing came down , I always thought it was bull crap , people were always trying to sell all that satanic horse crap , and CPS running around with the cops taking peoples kid and braking familys up , that they are still doing , I cant even tell you how many people that I know had their kids taken way putting them in some really bad places , I am sorry all that happen to your brother and your self , but this feels kind of crazy reading about this so many years later ,and I cant fathom the idea that they would just chuck some chump change at them after doing all that time , but they will never stop taking our kids away and grooming them to say shit in court , what many people don’t know is that how often cps get away with telling the kids if they don’t say what they want them to say or they will never see dad or mom or both again , kids sitting their in fear , those organizations have far to much power and not near enough oversight , this article was off the charts crazy , 50 years from now people will look back at RC laws and say what the hell?

  2. Harry

    Nicholas, Your story and situation are sad and far too common. CPS, foster care and Domestic Violence groups are like the anti-sex offender groups has base their organizations on fear, hate and lies. The main reasons for their existence is for the cash cow. The more numbers they show and hysteria they can fan gives them more money they get from the government. Yes, there are seriously abuse women and children that do need help and protection, however, those numbers are far below the hype. These groups has became government protected criminal organizations. Again, I am sorry for you and your brother, who’s resting in peace.

  3. Q

    Hmm… The preoccupation with sex……The gift that keeps on giving – to everyone but the people/citizens; it doesn’t give anything to them, even though they wrongly think it gives them safety and such. It just costs, and costs, and costs……………….

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