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MI: Neighbors, community members react to registered sex offender looking to open business

A registered sex offender wants to open up shop two blocks away from a school, and right next door to a toy store. He says he wants to help the community, but some neighbors say no way! Full Article


Sex offender warned to stay away from his own business



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  1. T

    Simple, if there’s no reason but excuses to deny and exclude registrants from finding a place to live, then this is discrimination, file a lawsuit and fight for change to allow registrants to find a place live without being molested and live like a normal person.

    • AlexO

      Unfortunately, the current laws only protect from discrimination for those that are part of a “protected class”. Among other things, it includes gender, race, and religion. A sex offender is not a protected class. So the government basically gave everyone free reign to discriminate against RC’s as long as that discrimination is only based on the fact that they’re an RC.

      • Timmr

        These categories were not always enumerated for protected. More are included as the years go by and are recognized. Some movement had to recognize them and bring them to the attention of the nation. The underlying reasoning is, I think, because taking away someone’s freedom by the broad stroke of class is very much a bill of attainder and it can violate other inalienable protections as well. Because a particular protection is not listed in the Constitution does not mean it doesn’t exist as the ninth amendment says.

        “The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.”

  2. Joe123

    These people should do the world a favor and step off of a cliff. America is about 2nd chances which these people absolutely are not. We don’t need hate like that in this country.

  3. Bill

    I’d would find a good lawyer!

  4. kind of living

    this sucks , but I read this and see this RC as a rock star , and so should anyone that truly wants to save just one child , this guy is there with what sounds like a great idea for the community , that don’t mean that they should turn a blind eye to him anymore than they should anyone else , better watch out for the toy store owner ,or the guy that did not honor his contract to rent this store to this citizen

  5. mike r

    collective karma is coming…North Korea…big boom boom…hope it doesn’t happen but if it does its because of people like this…

  6. Nicholas Maietta

    I really hope there is a God and i really hope there is a Day of Judgement. Banishing a human being from being self-sufficient goes even further than being banished from having shelter or working for someone else. This is not only insane, it’s criminal.

    One day, someone is going to be pushed from being sane and banished, to completely losing it and will start killing people. If you PUSH someone far enough, they will eventually break. Is this what we as a society want? Because i get the impression they just don’t give a damn and this is exactly what they are doing to registered citizens.

    We cannot travel freely. We constantly face imprisonment for little things like forgetting our check-in appointments. We are publicly humiliated shamed and mentally tortured. We are banished from commenting on news websites about our issues and prevented from communicating with our government. We are forced to place signs in our yards. We are forced to advertise our criminal record “label” on drivers’ licenses. We are plastered on digital displays in courthouses in some States. We are prevented from using dating websites to find a companion. We are stigmatized so badly that even employers won’t hire us. We are banished from finding good housing in most States. We are not allowed to be involved in our children’s lives at parks and schools. And now we’re being kept from operating our own businesses?

    Yeah if someone finally loses it, i can’t say i didn’t see this coming. This shit has to stop before it starts. The real war isn’t looming starting with North Korea. The real war is right in our own towns.

    • Todd

      I remember Debbie Wasserman-Shultz saying in a sound bite news segment that “We” (meaning congress) are declaring war on sex offenders. It struck me odd that SHE (Wasserman-Shultz) was the one to say this, because no one officially said they were declaring war on us. It apparently caught on because that is exactly what the United States is doing to Registered citizens.

  7. USA

    Wow, this is another sad story. I would sue the landlord! The guy paid his debt to society, probably can’t get a job and what’s better than starting your own business? It’s shocking to see how our Country spends billions to help other countrird, but yet what about when it comes to our own? I can recall as a young man going to a barber and the barber was ranting about the guy he just fired. The guy went to prison, learned a trade and simply wanted to work? Wake up society!

    • Registry Rage

      They will never “wake up” because it’s more easy to HATE and be dismissive about US. Women have become TOO dependent on the registry because they have been brainwashed and reprogrammed into believing that it’s a credible “safety tool” to protect their spawns.

      It’s all fabricated fear and fake outrage that keeps Megan’s Law aloft.

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