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Sex Offenders and Public Safety: A Four-Part Series

The public often hears news about sex offenders who commit the most serious crimes, but many of the sex offenses you don’t hear about – while disturbing – were not violent. In Virginia, for example, inappropriate touching, texting a lewd photo or using X-rated language in front of a minor can land people on Virginia’s sex offender registry. Full Article

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  1. Mary Davye Devoy

    WVTF calls us Debby and Don Delaney in Part 1, there is no Debby and Don Delaney!

    • AJ

      From the second paragraph of the story: “To protect the identity of an alleged victim, we’ve changed names in this first report.”

      • Mary Davye Devoy

        It doesn’t say where or who the “victim” is.
        I wrote an editorial in 2010 about the false accusation, no one complained, no one bothered “the victim”.

        Sandy Hausman never told us we’d be given fake names, if she had I would have declined being interviewed.

        Sandy Hausman also lead us to believe our interview was about legislation and advocacy, obviously that wasn’t true.

        Also I don’t think that disclaimer was originally posted, but now it is.

        • AJ

          They didn’t do it for you. As they say, they did it for the alleged victim. I’m guessing they decided to avoid using your proper names in order to prevent (or at least slow) one’s ability to hunt down the story. Their statement shows they didn’t care one whit about your privacy or identity!

    • Trish

      this article is to give power to victims and the system, news etc. it is bias and does nothing to stop unlawful corrupt pratices of confinement after sentence complete….! People may not like the fact that ex offenders are free but we the people must not allow idiot logic to hold a person based on selfish one sided medical,legal., political etc reasoning……without the full investigative and proper defense for the one being held against their will! It is a dangerous game to gamble or just take the word of whomever in power that says….well! They are dangerous!…. remember you don’t do time without the crime! These exceptional people need love, kindness ,family and friends to help them grow develop learn , adapt ,change and etc….
      Hello! The law has no business treating these individuals like lab rats to disect and do all they please! Take the military for example! Most people do not see a so called flu shot or whatever forced on prisoners that actually give them cancer, tumors, diseases etc…. well we all believe what we want don’t we! If average people do so called bad things….what do you think of the ones with much power do to others when they do bad/wrong….huh? Chew on that ….if you dare too!!!!!

      • kind of living

        @ Trish ,,, ,, , good points , yes the over all picture is much bigger when one looks at that facts of history ,

  2. AJ

    Though this series was a little heavy on the civil commitment and light on other issues, I’m glad to see it put out there. Think about it, here is a media outlet spending time and money to do balanced reporting on this topic. That’s a sea change from the typical fear-mongering, lie-repeating type of story we get. Kudos to the TV station for the story. That it’s in VA, not horribly far from DC, is also helpful. More and more stories are being published that are refuting the decades old lies and fears. That alone is wonderful!

  3. VA Language violation

    Using x-rated language in front of a minor can land you on the registry (Last sentence, first paragraph)?! There is a First Amendment violation right there! Even if it is not decent language, you cannot tell someone what they cannot say whether it is verbal, written (which is still saying it) or otherwise.

    • MA too

      It’s a thing in MA too; a registrable offense and a felony. That’s what I’m currently waiting trial for.

      • JohnDoeNC

        There are some seriously old draconian laws still on the books in many parts of the deep south. NC is a no cohabitation state. The upside is you can’t be sued for Palimony. But you can be arrested.

        I wouldn’t worry if you bring your girlfriend to NC on a vacation and stay in a hotel. But it’s on the books.

        § 14-184. Fornication and adultery.
        If any man and woman, not being married to each other, shall lewdly and lasciviously associate, bed and cohabit together, they shall be guilty of a Class 2 misdemeanor:

        § 14-186. Opposite sexes occupying same bedroom at hotel for immoral purposes; falsely registering as husband and wife.
        Any man and woman found occupying the same bedroom in any hotel, public inn or boardinghouse for any immoral purpose, or any man and woman falsely registering as, or otherwise representing themselves to be, husband and wife in any hotel, public inn or boardinghouse, shall be deemed guilty of a Class 2 misdemeanor.

        • Yes, I have two fornicators next door....

          Let’s see someone call that into the cop shop 911 line…..

          Can the hotel owner get called in for aiding and abetting these laws too? I am asking for a friend in Charlotte…..

      • AJ

        Sure would seem to be an easy defense under the 1st Amendment if said around a minor; if directed towards a minor, perhaps a tougher fight–though it would seem the State would have to show it is obscene (outside community standards, etc).

    • AlexO

      Is it general swearing or more of inappropriate, sexual language used towards a minor?

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