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FL: Sheriff bans sex offenders from Hurricane Irma shelters

The sheriff of Polk County Florida is warning sex offenders to stay out of Hurricane Irma shelters.

Sheriff Grady Judd said, “It’s important to understand. If you’re a sexual predator and a sexual offender, we’re not gonna let you sleep next to any five, or six, or seven year old babies. Period. Our shelters are going to be safe.” Full Article

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  1. Hopeful

    Not punishment though right? Lol

    • michael

      Most of POLK County florida is a toxic waste dump anyways (actually most of the state of florida ! haha)
      it’d be cool if the hurricane flattens that state like it did to the one i n the carribean !! 900 buildings wiped FLAT, this is what needs to happen to the florida government and put it into the ocean !

      • Timothy Moore

        It is the leaders should have all their power flattened, but the poor will be left behind to swim while the privileged fly up north to safer ground and bring their corrupt ideas with them to safety.

  2. Maine-iac

    This policy actually comes from a Polk County ordinance that prohibits registered citizens from being at hurricane shelters. If this ordinance is not a prohibited Bill of Attainder, then I don’t know what is. Someone in Florida needs to file for emergency injunctive relief, or people are going to die.

  3. Rachel

    Murderers, drug dealers, gangsters, domestic batterers all welcome. But registered citizens not.

    This Sheriff is a despicable and hateful individual and I can bet he has dark sinful skeletons in his closets. Yet, he gives sermons on Sunday church preaching God’s words. He is no sheriff and no saint.

  4. Mary

    Someone should save Sheriff Grady Judd’s comments under his twitter as they support the findings from 2 major judiciary victories for registered citizens.

    His Twitter fiasco made international news and hopefully it reaches Washington DC and the attention of SCOTUS as well.

  5. PK

    Fox News has the same article- and there have been the usual list of fat slob ladies leaving their 2 cent comments:

    I Kenneth responded and set the record straight.

    • PK

      I did what I do best- let em have it.

    • PK

      “Those animals should be living outside anyways. Use em to block up windows and doors!”

      That’s the public we’re dealing with.

  6. AJ

    “[W]e’re not gonna let you sleep next to any five, or six, or seven year old babies.”
    First, I doubt that’s what any RC has at the top of his/her mind when trying to get into a hurricane shelter. Second, since when is someone 5, 6, or 7 years old a baby? Baby? Really? Kind of creepy.

    • David

      AJ, doubly creepy if I saw a mother breast-feed a 6 yr old or diaper-change a 7 yr old. Eeeeew.

      • David Kennerly

        Just realize that that is a culturally-inflected response. Not all cultures are weirded-out by late childhood breastfeeding. Although the diapering part is kind of universally sad, I would guess.

        • Timothy Moore

          John Steinbeck, “Grapes of Wrath”, the whole family in the end had to go to the breast or starve. Survival trumps appearances.

        • Timothy Moore

          And, rather have a screeming baby comforted and smelly diapers cleaned up, than to try to maintain decorum in an chaotic situation.

  7. TS

    hmmmm….so you are going to profile, slander, accuse, defame and false light an RC to assume they are out for the kids in the shelter because of a title even though they have no record of any harm towards a minor? I believe denying aid and comfort to someone (especially in a time of a natural disaster) is illegal regardless of their history.

  8. New Person

    Banishment is punishment.

    Banishment from shelter for a natural occurrence is cruel and unusual punishment.

    This action is the exact reasoning Colorado Judge Matsch that it is the public that has imposed the cruel and unusual punishment. Here’s a quote from an article from here on ACSOL:
    He wrote that the public has been given the “power to inflict punishments beyond those imposed through the court.”

    This is implied Jim Crow type laws. A registrant who is no longer under custody is supposed to be a free person. But this free person cannot take shelter with other free persons. They must seek shelter either in county jail or fend for themselves while others can seek shelter in public edifices.

    Note, the Sheriff is willing to overlook non-citizens (who are in all technicality breaking the law) at these public shelters, but the registrants who have been abiding to continue to serve the state (by registering) and are considered free persons cannot seek shelter.

    The Sheriff said any offender – meaning he doesn’t care about the distinction of low level or high level. They’re all one and the same – despicable monsters who do not have US Constitutional protections afforded to them nor should they. Hence, the Sheriff has created an implied lower class of individuals who do not possess the USA citizenry protections of its Constitution.

    Again… no one would believe that involuntary servitude exists in today’s era. No one believes that “Jim Crow” type laws exists in today’s era. This is all thanks to the SCOTUS who were shortsighted in stating the registry isn’t shaming and causes no disabilities as well as put the onus on registrants to try to prove a negative in never offending along with the registrants proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that the aims are punitive – which is completely the opposite of how the courts work.

    • David Kennerly

      The South misses its Jim Crow laws and has eaten up sex offender restrictions with glee. It’s feeding an appetite for oppression and punishment.

  9. Timothy Moore

    From the preamble to the Polk County charter as amended November 4, 2008:
    , by the grace of God free and
    independent, in order to attain greater self-determination, to exercise more control
    over our own destiny, to create a more responsible and effective government, and to
    guarantee constitutional rights to all equally… ”

    Also, how can a county sheriff make up his own ordinances?

    “The Board of County Commissioners may take official action only by the
    adoption of ordinances, resolutions or motions. Except as otherwise provided by this
    Charter, all ordinances, resolutions or motions shall be adopted by majority vote in
    accordance with the provisions of the Constitution and laws of Florida.”
    Was that done?

    Folks, sounds like they have a Pig in a Polk.

  10. Matt Duhamel

    I was so frustrated about this article that I wrote a commentary blog on Metamora Films. Feel free to share.

  11. nathan

    Looks like he changed his tune a bit

    ‘Quit listening to those who have no idea what they are talking about’: Florida sheriff dismisses critics after saying he’d arrest people at hurricane shelters

    • AJ

      From the BI article: “This guy has been abusing people’s constitutional rights for 15, 20 years,” first Amendment attorney Larry Walters told the Tampa Bay Times in 2011 of Judd. “He has a real hostility toward sexual expression. Anything erotic he assumes to be illegal.”
      ’nuff said.

    • TS

      Now, the good sheriff qualifies the offenders he won’t let in. He did not previously of course and says those with traffic ticket warrants are ok to come in, but did not say so earlier, leading to criticism. Check your words along with the PAO who wrote it for you. Once you sign off on it, it is out there!

      Walk it back, walk it back….



      He did not change his tune. If you are an RC, it is up to you and you alone to get through the storm. Uncle Sam does not care. People will die and this government is going to get overwhelmed. FEMA is already out of money. Good luck.

  12. It doesn't work

    Felony Domestic Violence Women batterers are allowed? Honestly? I’ll tell my wife and daughter NOT TO GO TO THE HURRICANE SHELTER!!! PITCH A TENT OUTSIDE. Damn fools.

  13. Dray

    If one sex offender dies Because they cannot take shelter with the rest of the people I pray the family sues the living shit out of the state of Florida and that creepy moron Sheriff . I also hope that sheriff drowns and takes himself out of the jean pool.

  14. Nondescript

    The State of Florida has a policy that forbids certain sex offenders from entering an emergency shelter who, as a condition of their probation or parole, can not have contact with children.

    So in the wake of this hurricane this sheriff is extending it to every ex- offender ?

    He sounds demented.

    I`m glad he is getting a loud cyber whooping. There are a 100 plus articles on various new outlets on this now- questioning his authority and audacity to make such statements.

  15. kind of living

    March 20 , 2012 ,,,,, ,The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) filed a federal lawsuit against Polk County ,Florida Sheriff Grady Judd for regularly subjecting children held at the county’s adult jail to abuse , neglect and violence – including the placement the placement of children in a cage for punishment ,,,,, ,, . as well as other lawsuits on Google

    • Timothy Moore

      Yeah like I said, crazy and violent people are the ones that like the registry most.

    • kind of living

      its no wonder the savor of our planet “sheriff scrotum face” mentions 5 ,6 7 , year old baby’s and stops there , because in the lawsuit that was on the (SPLC) site said that Some of the children were as young as 8 he and his staff abused in his jail , hmmm ,it just seems to me that the people down there like his brand of law , other wise with as many lawsuits have been filed against him he would at the very least have been fired , it sounds like some kind of moralist cult , hiding something much bigger than what he and his department has even been accused of , , creepy sheriff , hell , creepy people protecting something worth really looking into , just cause its so next level witch hunter / in your face crazy lack of responsibility, that has been aloud to cultivate this climate that creates shadows where there should be light , hiding behind RC’s the whole time saying he and his backers chiming that they care so much about the children , while the whole time in the shadows it appears to be quite the opposite , but to what degree ? it has been able to fester under his watch for a good many years

  16. TS

    Nexus Services To Polk County Sheriff: Your Reckless Tweets Could Kill Your Citizens

    Nexus will assist individuals evacuating who may fear that their civil rights could be violated after Sheriff Grady Judd’s tweets, which threatened to utilize life sustaining shelters as a tool to investigate citizens and make arrests.

  17. G4Change

    If you look at the ACL-Who’s Tweets, you’ll notice that they only seem to address the part about those with warrants. They don’t say F*** All about registered citizens. What a bunch of cowards!!!

  18. John

    Pasco county is opening part of a high school during the hurricane it sounds like. I wouln double check though it’s a school:/

  19. 4sensiblepolicies

    In the event of any Registered Citizen dying on the streets of that county during the storm, I suggest it would be appropriate that murder charges be filed against the sheriff and any public official that has enforced or endorsed this ban.

  20. Civil rights first

    Wow… How can this not be illegal? God this shit drives me crazy.. the ignorance of people that support this attitude. This just goes to prove what the judge in Colorado said is true. Thank you sheriff you’re doing a great job helping RC’c prove that we are being punished.

    • Timothy Moore

      Actually the same thing is possible in good ol’ Southern, Southern California. During the wildfires in ’07, registrants were banned from shelters, which were often in high school gynasiums. I don’t remember if they checked ID’s, though.
      I don’t know how so many people got so paranoid about sexual assault. They see it everywhere, exept where it most likely is, in the home. Years of conditioning by the media created this. A crazy sheriff just shines a beacon on it.

      • David Kennerly

        Yeah and like sexual assault is really going to happen in a gymnasium crammed with people, most of whom are adults and much as it is unlikely to happen in a school crammed with children and minders during school hours. People have just come completely unhinged and unmoored from reality.

  21. USA

    This is a very troubling article. This is like how the Nazi’s treated the Jews in WW2! This is truly a travisity! Basic human rights. The Sheriff has attempted to demonize these people. Very troubling. The United States has a reputation for helping others, but it’s clear that Florida has done everything it can to roadblock those who have already paid their debt to society. This is essentially a basic human rights violation! We have murderers, gang members, drug dealers, prostitutes, drug users, wife beaters and multiple felons with more rights?

  22. TS

    If Judge Matsch in CO had seen these, or known of previous similar actions, then I would like to think he would have included them in his decision!

    • New Person

      If Colorado appeals, then it’s possible this can now be added about how the public imposes additional punishment.

  23. Jm from wi


    Polk county sheriff
    Hurricane retribution
    Terrible glory

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