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LA: Residents Concerned about Proposed Sex Offender Hurricane Shelter

The word is spreading and folks are hearing about plans to provide an evacuation shelter for sex offenders in the northern part of East Baton Rouge Parish. A new state law requires that registered sex offenders are housed apart from everyone else in evacuations. WAFB’s Paul Gates says he’s talked with folks who live around the site near Zachary and Baker, and they’re not happy. Full Article

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Well when Louisiana goes underwater from global warming, I will not support my tax dollars going to support anyone from a southern state applying for refugee status in California. These degenerates are not welcome here.

“…but we have to remember these individuals are free citizens who walk amongst us, even today.”

Yes, free. Except for when they’e not “free”.

And I’m sure if fire and brimstone was to rain down, these concerned citizens would slap away the hand of a helping RC.

If the government didn’t make such a point of such a public display, non of these concerned citizens would lose any sleep nor be of any actual danger.

that’s the truth , there always seems to be some fat mouth with the Gov’t / Press has to make it worse for the already suffering , trying to sell that they are keeping people safe from factors that are not even a real factor in the matter at hand , I have never even heard of an RC doing anything stupid in a shelter , and most of the funds as well as donations come from all over the country , and fed funded , and RC’s tax money used for the feds end of the deal , who knows how much of donations that came from RC’s and their family’s across the country ? To me what the Gov’t is doing is a much bigger issue than face value of this cowardly act , much bigger ! this looks like a huge law suit at the very least ,

Good grief. Lemme see, tents for RCs, but other evacuees get hardened shelters with real roofs over their heads. You know what, this is an American refugee camp is what it really is and nothing more for its own American refugees in a site as remote as possible.

Gov John Bel Edwards should have never signed this legislation (which was probably tucked in amongst other crap and did not know it was there or did and did not care).

I am hoping that when Floriduh gets hit with the Hurricane, especially Miami Dade County, I really hope it destroys the homes of Ron Book and his family as well as I hope that the rest of America refuses to part with their money in sharing to those in need. The only people I am concerned about in Miami Dade are the homeless population, especially the registrants. These people have for more than a decade been banished to live under a bridge.

I also have similar feelings for Louisiana. They have among the worst of laws, forcing registrants to pay to register and banishment as well. I’d have more empathy if we weren’t labeled, grouped then banished as a second class citizen.

The question remains, of course, must the RSO’s register this as a residence if they are evacuated?

Not to be paranoid, but everyone is there for convenient arrest for…living at a different location…;>}}…than the one on their registration!

Woo-hoo…what fun.

Best Wishes, James

this is makes me sick , not one word about RC’s and their family’s staying together , sick that even here in CA it would be the same way , in emergences you don’t always have a choice when the guard comes , its orders , not asking , these self righteous ass mites should get some kind award ,like biggest cowards since would war II , asking for tax money set aside from tax paying RC’s to help them self’s , but leave RC’s separated from their family if they need shelter ,

A crisis really brings out the arrogance and selfishness in people. Here we see it on display in all it’s ugliness! They are more AFRAID of “those people” than a damn hurricane barrelling down on them. This is very telling and disturbing. And of course they would LIKE for us to wear bright orange, or better yet, a yellow star to “ID” us with so they can shun and marginalize us.

I seriously hope America gets hit by an asteroid or a nuke someday. At least it wouldn’t give the U.S. Marshall’s the satisfaction of hunting us down like escaped cows that broke a fence just so they can “lay their eyes on us” and take false credit for “safeguarding” the region.

Well, they are treating registrants as toxic substances dragged up by the flood without any proof registrants as a class are really any danger at shelters. There is ample evidence that petrochemicals released from refineries increases the rates of cancer in nearby communities, yet no effort in Houston to segregate the chemicals from the flooding, and the citizens who live by the refineries just have to watch their children get sick. Politics. Science and human rights only applies to the fortunate and the wealthy. Non-science, myths and apathy are left to the poor and dispised.

Louisiana seems to do whatever they want to registered citizens, and the ACL-Who seems to do nothing!

ACLU only goes were the money is. RCs do not have any money, therefore no concern for ACLU. They do not want to scare off what money they do have coming in by helping RCs.

You’ve mentioned this ACLU-money connection before. How does the ACLU make money from cases it takes? Please explain, as I simply don’t get your reasoning and it baffles me.

Everything is influence by money especially the legal community. Those with the money will get the grease and since ALCU have never been a forerunner of helping RCs it likely the cash flow is the reason, at least I hope. ALCU takes cases that they perceive as “winnable” and they get their money from winning or from interests that has the means to bank roll cases. RC issues are perceived less likely to win, at this point, and RCs do not have the cash flow for dry runs.

The best advise I can give to RCs living in FL and LA, is for all to move to their states northern borders. Get clear out of the storm zones. I am praying for back to back cat5 and 6 hurricanes hit the region, this season.

Cat 6? Methinks you’ve been watching “This Is Spinal Tap,” a bit too much (! The hurricane classification scale tops out at Cat 5.

Great comment and reference.

I am on my mobile and could access the full story, but from this synopsis, I agree sex offenders should be housed separately.

All sex offenders should be housed at the Hilton or Hyatt hotels. And, since this a forced housing situation it is only fair that all sex offenders get room service with free steak and lobster too.

Does this sounds rediculous? So did the story.

I think someone should propose we get separate drinking fountains and designated sex offender seating in the back of city buses too.

If it saves just one child after all.

@Chris F:
Awesome idea. We could even call it “separate but equal”!

“Of course, the facility is adults only, and male and female sex offenders will be housed separately.”
“Of course”, because we all know that if you put them together coed, they simply won’t be able to control themselves and we’ll end up with RC-love-children who will be native-born offenders-in-waiting. Also, good thing there aren’t any RCs who offended against the same sex.

“Security here keeps people out, but it will not keep the registered sex offenders in. They are free citizens who, if they come here for shelter, may then come and go as they please.”
I sure hope the generators kick in when the power fails, so the (assumed) electric fencing surrounding the place stays hot. Ironic that apparently the only place in LA a RC may “come and go as they please,” is an emergency shelter. Free to come and go, as long as it’s LSP-owned property. Note, too, that they will keep “people” out, but “offenders” can come and go. In LA, RCs truly are not people.

I’d love to see more than 300 RCs show up requesting shelter. Then what would they do? There would be the potential for a lawsuit if they don’t give shelter (State-created equal protection issue), or if they do (State-created overcrowding issue)!

I wonder if this incident can be documented in the Snyder case… hopefully the Colorado case where it does insinuate “separate, but equal” instances as legal proof of unconstitutionality.

Riders of the storm: Registrants in the wake of natural disasters

Feast your eyes on this…

I really, really hope that no member of any Registered family ever considers helping people who are hit by hurricanes or helping any other charity for that matter. You simply should never, ever consider giving aid to anyone who may support the Registries. There are plenty of decent people who you can befriend and help. Only help family and friends. Let the Registry Supporters be homeless and suffer. I will celebrate that all day.

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