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PA: Registered sex offenders resign from fire departments after ABC27 investigation

ABC27 Investigator Kendra Nichols found two local fire departments with registered sex offenders, Londonderry Fire Company near Middletown and Citizens Fire Company of Highspire. At the time of the investigation, both registered sex offenders had the fire department addresses listed on the Megan’s Law website as places of employment.

ABC27 told the Londonderry Fire Company the results of the search and it took action. Full Article

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  1. Nicholas Maietta

    No problem. I hope this results in someone dying as a result of less firefighters available to save lives. Because that’s what firefighters do, they save lives. They doing go into people’s homes during fires and molest children and rape woman.

    • C

      I hope that someone is directly related to those responsible for this story.

      • Nicholas Maietta

        In my experience this is exactly how Karma works. Sadly you have to wait for it sometimes years for it to actually happen but when it does it is nasty. And when it does finally happen I love being able to say haha I told you so. I’ve been doing that a lot lately watching Karma finally catch up with people. The crazy thing is that the six degrees of separation is more like three degrees of separation. Remember the city council people and a news agency people and the firefighters and everybody else involved are all likely part of the same community. That means there are only probably one to two people between the connections.

  2. Lovecraft

    So the media or someone alerted the media about rc’s working at the fire dept. The Pennsylvania registry was then used to find those who had the fire deptartment listed as places of work. It seems unclear, but it does not appear any rules were broken by allowing these rc’s to work. Instead the fire deptartment got put on blast by the media forcing them to get rid of the rc’s. It even appears one was doing quite well and was good at his job. I guess the megans law website never causes any issues and is only there for notification purposes….

  3. Michael

    It isn’t legal to fire someone, or ask them to resign, because of a conviction. According to PA law [The Criminal History Records Information Act], and the PA courts, convictions for non-contractual employees and prospective employees may only be used to the extent that it relates to the job the person is doing or applying for. Public policy also plays a part in firing employees with criminal convictions, that is the courts have held that firing someone or refusing to hire them based on a conviction goes against public policy regarding rehabilitation.


  4. Brian

    Wow so wouldn’t someone get charged with some type of felony for this due to the ml website states this information is not to be used to harass, harm and whatnot I mean that’s plain harassment and harming someone if you ask me, correct me if I’m wrong.
    And yea do you think he’s going into a fire to rape someone I think not, the news investigator needs to be charged with a felony.

    • Nicholas Maietta

      I am willing to bet that no registrant or family member knows of any charges that have ever been brought up from someone abusing that part of the law. In fact I don’t even think Janice or chance or anybody else who are lawyers has probably ever heard of anybody being charged with violating this part of the law. I would be extremely dumbfounded if anybody has ever been charged with a part of the law that is clearly overlooked buy every District Attorney’s office in California especially. There had been countless violations of that section of the law against registrants for many years. I once had somebody in the middle of the night pound on my RV something like 2 in the morning threatening to kill me so I called 911 and told them somebody is threatening my life pounding on the door won’t stop. The dispatch told me what seems to be the problem? I was also told that I was probably imagining it. I later found out it was a correctional officers son and his friends that were involved and I believe the dispatcher was in on it. It was while I was still on parole and was forced to live far away from everything and I lived in a place where it was illegal to live but it was the only thing I had that was okay with parole. In fact my local Hometown newspaper just covered a story about this very piece of property that I lived at. When I left the place was torched and demolished bye vigilante thugs who decided to have a big party burning down various trailers on the property and destroying them. Hey my town you can’t get the district attorney to initiate charges against anyone it has to be referred to by law enforcement. Which is crazy because I thought the district attorney was capable of initiation of charges on an individual for evidence of crimes being committed.

      • David Kennerly, Exiled From FaceBook

        It sounds like the Jim Crow South where, if you were black, you couldn’t report crimes to the local police or sheriff because they were all in on it. How do we get the FBI in here to enforce laws and make arrests of the noose-happy SexKlan, like in Mississippi Burning? Where’s AG Bobby Kennedy when you need him?

      • David

        Seriously? Good luck ever finding a law enforcement officer willing to arrest, or district attorney willing to charge, someone for misusing the IML! After all, which of them would ever side with the registered citizen??

      • Michael

        I know I have read articles regarding people who were charged with misusing the registry. Cases like that are few and far between.


  5. J

    At the beginning of the article it mentions that “tips from viewers led the news to investigate”. Do you know who those viewers are??? People that don’t like one or more of the registrants ( personally) and trolls their every move because registrants cant do nothing without telling the world. This consists of jealous ex husbands , ex boyfriends, ex girlfriends, neighbors and just plain people that don’t like the registrants (personally) and people us registrants don’t like either.These people troll our every move. These fire fighters were victims of their enemy’s (which we all have) that troll us on the Registry. They called the news!!!!!!!!

    • NPS

      Yes, I would think it’s more than likely that it could be people in their own social circle or neighborhood. Once a relationship goes south, the registry is the first thing they use as ammunition against an RC.

      It happened to me over 6 years ago. While I was on probation, I was in graduate school and worked part-time on campus. My ex-boyfriend emailed my employer and let her know of my status. I was forced to quit [this was before I knew about 290.46(L)]. Then he with his new girlfriend, would contact my probation officer to make complaints about me even though I avoided him like the plague. The final slap in the face was his taking an old picture of me and photocopied it with a warning that I am a sex offender. He left the flyers on my neighbors cars’. I’m not even on the public registry. My P.O. eventually told them to stop harassing me. I did report the harassment to police, but all they did was take a report. They never did anything.

      • J

        Sorry to hear. Glad police became involved. Wish more could have been done. Stay strong!

  6. Sam

    This was a related article on the same site. Did I miss something or wasn’t this found unconstitutional in Michigan and New York?

  7. AJ

    The media and general public just cannot fathom the truth that a RC can be a productive, “normal” (whatever that means) human being and part of society. Or they at least refuse to consider such a possibility. My gosh, RC firefighters….and nothing happened. Way to fabricate “news” and fear for no reason, ABC27.

  8. Brian

    J sorry I didn’t read the entire article just t the top of this page, I was assuming like the general public assumes that we’re all monsters, rapists and whatnot, I know two wrongs don’t make a right, guess I’m just tired of all this.

  9. G4Change

    Here we go. November is a television ratings sweeps month. So let’s put “S.O.” on the headlines to scare people into watching.
    Makes. Me. Sick.

    • Harry

      Along with people accusing a wealthy and/or famous someones 20-40 years later of some type sexual abuse without proof.

  10. JP

    Such a big deal because they found an RSO working hard to save their lives. They even put the suspenseful music to go along with their story. We don’t even know the guy much less understand the circumstances of his offense. The community leadership obviously respected him enough to promote him to Chief of the Fire Department even knowing about his RSO status. Way to go ABC! You boosted your rating for an extra 15 minutes. Imbicels.

  11. mike r

    Anytime any of your acquaintances turn on you and if you have a picture of you together print it, big letters freind of a sex offender and put them on cars in parking lots where they work, where they live, and anywhere they are present. See how they like being a targeted and forced to explain their actions.

  12. mike r

    My gf was denied at a private college because one of her supposed to be friends told the school she was with a sex offender. They told her she lacked moral turpitude so I bet a lot of people would think twice before putting you on front street if you told them what you’ll do if they mess with you. This is war people, use any ammunition available.

  13. Eric

    Kendra Nichols should be so proud, she destroyed the life a man who has been risking his life for nearly two decades to protect the community form fires. He would have risked his life to save a low-life piece of trash like ABC27 Kendra Nichols and any of her children. But for a bit of publicity she destroyed his livelihood. Of course the fire dept. knew of his status, but because he was an outstanding firefighter for two decades they judged him by who is is, not like Kendra Nichols, on an incident that happened two decades ago. I find it very peculiar that the supposed crime was not mentioned. You know if it was something serious it would have been in the headline, that is the typical tactic of hack, no talent reporters like Kendra Nichols. This should be used as an example of how the registry hurts people. This man was an excellent member of society, clearly repentant of his past error, doing a great community service, but the registry made him pray to media trash like ABC27 and he is now a statistic of the registry.

    • TS


      Have to wonder if someone, anyone, has shared something along the lines of what you wrote with her, the station and the management. I don’t know if they would listen and acknowledge anything about it, but other than it is newsworthy in their mind. Bottom line, what you wrote is spot on and needs to be feed to them, even if it is in the print media.

  14. Agamemnon

    This is simply egregious. At what point in this entire report does it state the public was being protected by outing and ousting these brave public servants?

    This was only done for the purpose of harassing and afflicting shame on people who turned their lives around and were serving the public, as well as the people who supported them, and all because they were listed on a public registry. I’d like to see a DA explain how these firefighters being forced to resign is “administrative.”

  15. Brian

    They don’t want the public to know that SO’s really can and do change and become productive members of society, they want people to think we’re all dangerous and won’t ever make better choices in life.

  16. James

    Well after reading all these comments about the news story of abc27 makes me sick to no end. What we need to do is push for change and make it happen. I agree with everyone that PSP does state online that no one is suppose to use the website against so’s, but they do. We need change in PA legislature to enforce that law and lets make samples out of those who do use the list to put shame on us. If PA dont want to enforce that part of law lets sue PA and make them pay for their own actions, and sue the people using it for shame. Together as one, we can make change.

  17. Eric Wren

    It’s bull crap the guy did his time let him be a productive citizen I don’t care what he was charged with or that he is a sex offender…

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