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CA: 4 men charged with killing Redondo Beach sex offender during home-invasion robbery


Four South Bay men were charged Friday with killing and robbing a registered sex offender, strangling him and attacking him with pliers and bolt cutters when he got out of his shower in his Redondo Beach apartment.

The charges make them eligible for the death penalty.

The victim, __________, 61, died Nov,. 28, five years after he was sent to prison for drugging a young male friend, shaving his body hair and sexually assaulting him in that same shower area amid allegations he had molested more than a dozen other victims since the 1970s.

Whether the homicide was linked to ______’s sordid past was unclear. A complaint filed at the Torrance courthouse Friday alleges the men committed a home invasion robbery, taking two cellphones, two briefcases, a VHS video camera and ______’s passport. The cellphones were pawned at a shop in Compton.

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The author spotlighted the victims crimes more than the horrors of a murder having took place. It’s tone is that of almost justifying this guy being killed. It was as if the author’s intent was to steer people in the direction of justified homicide without coming out and saying it.

Robert- you are EXACTLY right. So sad isn’t it.

This is what happens when the public registry gets into the hands of the uneducated minds and the “if you see something, say something” thing comes into play and many who use the public registry don’t care that what they are doing is a crime and are branded as heroes.

Just posted on the comments, awaiting approval as of this writing:

People can be so ignorant.

No attorney would tell a reporter that his client took a plea for fear of testimony or whatever else because his license would be suspended the day after it was reported and eventually disbarred. That is a gross violation of attorney client privilege, which continues after the case is closed. Not naming the attorney doesn’t protect him – the attorney’s name and license number is on all case documents. Odds are, this paragraph is made up. That alone should bring the reporter’s ethics into question.

Marshall’s victim was 29, yet the author calls him young so all the posts celebrating his brutal death presume he was a raging child molester even though all the allegations of previous conduct are about drug use, none of which could be corroborated. The one that alleges that Marshall drugged and had sex with a minor in 2000 not being prosecuted because of the statute of limitations falls flat – California has no statute of limitations for sex offenses (Penal code section 799). The reporter didn’t identify who told him this charge wasn’t pursued, so odds are this claim was fabricated (at least in part) as well.

The insinuation that Marshall probably did something to “these boys” – particularly by the lady below who claims to know them personally – is negated by the fact that they took the man’s valuables and pawned them shortly afterward. Only guessing that they have histories of similar crimes, supported by the reporter’s absence of background on them and the likelihood that their backgrounds wouldn’t support the article’s narrative of their “heroism”.

I’ve never seen an article about a murder so derisive of the victim and almost no information about the accused, not even pictures. This article wreaks of outright lies and lies of omission to distort the truth, all to sensationalize a murder. Larry Altman has absolutely no journalistic integrity whatsoever.

Really want to submit formal complaints about the reporter and his editor to the Daily Breeze and their parent company (if they have one).

Betting this is another case of someone selecting a victim from the sex offender registry to rob and use his status as justification. Lot of similarities between these four pillars of society and Jason Vukovich.


Well said and written. Salacious details sell papers, not facts throughout unfortunately.

Have a thought. Someone ought to submit a bar grievance against Marshall’s attorney for the violation of attorney-client privilege written about in the last paragraph of the article. If it’s true, he should fry. If not, the investigation ought to help fry the article writer. I’d do it, but not being a California resident I probably can’t make such a complaint. Would be thrilled if Janice or ACSOL would do it, but lawyers are very hesitant to submit bar grievances against other attorneys for a variety of reasons.

Not sure what the procedure is, but would be willing to do the legwork if someone in California would be willing to put their name on it, barring any law that forbids doing so.

My attorney took 2 k upfront to look at my case knowing he was just stealing it and had no real intention of representing me! This happens allllllll the time! And the Alabama bar association does no investigative or regular checks into ethics violations or any regulatory or oversight or annnnnny daaaaaam thing ! We the people get screwed eveeeeery where we go! What do we do? How does a country get to a point where we are powerless? Labels like narcissistic and test like static 99 and hyperbole lies, along with plea deals are running rampant to secure our destructive fate! How can the laws in the u.s. be allowed to sentence a person and then label and force them to be public enemy #1 without a real heavy basis for life registry or monitoring? How? I feel like in a Batman begins where the state can conjure up any so called judgement against a person and you are of to whatever asylum without any real defense or scrutiny! I don’t want to carryon to far, but what a weird society and system we live in! I mean justice is balance and to take thousands of dollars from a hated person in society and no questions asked is just outright robbery and then to be ignored and abused by everyone in every way conceivable! WOW!

This article just highlights how the government has no problem with Megan’s Law website. The Megan’s Law website puts a target on each and every registrant. When someone from the list is murdered, the blood is also on the government’s hands. In this case, the State of California is the accomplice to murder.

Let’s not forget that “John Walsh” is also responsible for the registry problems as well. It was his dead Son who congress named SORNA for…it’s called the Adam Walsh Act. NO ONE knows who killed Adam Walsh. JOHN WALSH just “said” it was a sex offender and he did so without any knowledge of fact. He just named our group of people. If you ask me, you could charge John Walsh with “Culpable Negligence” and be right on the money!

This news fills me with dread as my spouse who committed a non-contact cp offense will be tier 3 on our new, much touted, tiered registry. When he was arrested the media here put him, me and our house on the news every day, every news cast for about 10 days. They also went door-to-door in my neighborhood announcing my husband’s crime. We are both senior citizens. I am filled with anger and disgust at our government and our media!

I share your anger and disgust with government and media, Margaret. Being the object of unbridled hatred and vigilantism is frightening and dreadful enough for the registrant, the person who committed the offense in the first place. Knowing that our loved ones wear a target on their backs too, simply because of their association with us, makes it all the more unbearable.

Well, I’m not sure what to say. I mean, this should shield light on the fact that there are some seriously deranged individuals out there. Now, as we are all aware, there are many registered citizens that are posted on the internet for all to see, yet we continue to read articles or news about people being killed because of this! How many more times does this occur. How many more times does this need to occur? Haven’t we all read about new laws going into affect and comments exists like, “one victim is one too many?” This must never happen again? Well?

How is the State of California not an accessory to the crime?
If you tell an undercover drug agent that they can buy drugs from such and such person, guess what? you have committed a crime. Who told these four criminals where this registered citizen lived?
Who told them what he did in the past?? I charge the State of California !

Great point Jonathon!

Well stated!

As we have seen before, you need to think out of the box! If in fact this man was targeted because he was on the registry, his family should in fact file a lawsuit against the state and use other examples (past crimes against registrants/murder/attempted murder) of past incidents to support this! I truly feel this is a viable option!

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