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CA: Was homicide victim attacked because of his alleged history as sex offender?

A Los Angeles man who was stabbed more than 50 times and whose body was dumped near Rosamond may have been targeted in the belief that he was a sex offender, according to a search warrant.

The slaying of ____ ____ may be connected to comments found on his Facebook page alleging that the 32-year-old was a child molester, Kern County sheriff’s Detective Daniel Perez wrote in the warrant. In the years he’s worked in law enforcement, the detective wrote, he is aware that convicted or accused sex offenders are sometimes assaulted or killed because of their criminal history. Full Article

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“In the years he’s worked in law enforcement, the detective [Kern County sheriff’s Detective Daniel Perez] wrote, he is aware that convicted or accused sex offenders are sometimes assaulted or killed because of their criminal history.” The detective acknowledges sex offenders are targets, yet also stated “It’s unclear whether [the victim] was ever convicted of sex crimes.” WHERE’S THE PROTECTION AND SERVING OF THE PEOPLE? Or is it PROTECT POST DEATH AND SERVE EVERYONE EXCEPT SO’S?

Since when does homicide = murdered , and victim= nobody to this paper and sheriff shed honest and true reporting and police stance for all people! The man had a name and the law or no one has the right after sentence served to mention this without true intent to commit or has committed a crime! A ex sex offender would be shot dead for a petty mistake or deliberate one… questions asked, end of story……now some psycho can mow down a man who’s past has been exposed thereby putting him in life’s danger! This is were we need Janice… Read more »

This should be enough to shut down the Megan’s Law website.

Exactly! Why isn’t this pursued? Government sponsored hit list.

The victim wasn’t listed on Megan’s Law. He had no prior history of sexual crimes. The reason they believe he was targeted was because a Facebook page showed his pictures and accused him of sex crimes.

So ex sex offenders can’t get on line but a holes can put sheeeeet all over the place….who in the helllll would ever doubt that a public registry is punitive and violate dammmmm nea4 every right a ex offender has to live in society… could a BS public registry not do harm people???

Unlikely in the CA case, since he was not actually on the list. However, the AK case can and should be used to abolish the list. If not, then it proves that we are not actually considered citizens of the United States. We are not afforded the protections that other people convicted of crimes are afforded. I personally would go as far to say that we are not considered human by real citizens. But that is more hyperbole than fact. But it is a fact that we are not citizens. We do not owe the United States anything. Including loyalty.… Read more »

Another instance of accused = guilty.

If you ever want to kill someone, just accuse him of being a sex offender on Facebook and any investigation by LE will likely slow or stop, and gives you a sympathy card at court and in the press should you get arrested because “the system failed you.”

Notice also the article mentions Jason Vukovich, the guy in Alaska locked up (again) for assaulting three RCs. A side note to that is that I looked up the RC that he attacked with a hammer and couldn’t find his entry. Curious….

This will be headed straight to the cold case file rather quickly and lost to history. They will not work this case as they should due to lack of positive publicity for the family, the LE office, etc. No record has been found for this particular person who lost his life, but is there another person with the same name who this person was confused with? That has been seen before.

This is the very reason I’ve chosen to remain homeless even after parole…to protect my family from this!

The fact that a mere accusation can get a man killed is pretty telling.

As enlightened of a society as we think we are, we really haven’t advanced much since the days of the Salem witch trials, have we?

Just look at the unbelievable BS every law enforcement has been able to get away with every time a murder, rape, beating and sick violations prisoners have and continue to endure! Now if you come to my house and someone does all sorts of evil…….do I have right to say, eh ! It wasn’t me it’s the system I.e. circumstances, it was the people in the neighborhood yada yada ! If I’m not in charge or responsible, who the hell is! What a cop out! We see direct and indirect violations across life spectrum All Due to Sorna, Megan’s law… Read more »

To me one of the more disturbing cases happened in Maine about a decade ago or so. A young guy in Canada accessed Main’s Megan’s Law website, then crossed the border to hunt and kill two men whom he didn’t even know, because they and their address appeared on the website. Law enforcement caught up with him on a bus bound for Boston (I think it was), and he killed himself before he could be taken into custody. What I found most disturbing, is this was someone who visited the state’s “target individuals” website, traveled across the border into the… Read more »


It would seem that would fall under a international terrorism charge now wouldn’t it? Foreigner coming in and wreaking havoc in such fashion.

It should fall under US a hole government blatantly subjects ex offenders to death and mahem!!!

It don’t break a sweat to do a half ass search to see how many RC’s have been assaulted or killed here in CA or many other states , and the point is not that this guy was not on the registry , what the point should be is that the registry is dangerous to RC.s and there familys , as well as 6 pack joe , the crime they are talking about happened like 3 or 4 blocks from where I live ! and I am here to tell you right now they are not joking around here ,… Read more »

this crime might not have happened just a few blocks from me , the article said that the sheriff says they think “think” it happened out in the country , that could be , but there was some big deal that happed the other night , people were talking about someone got killed , i seen a lot of cop hall ass that way as well as a chopper , but this pal of mine was trying to tell me to get the hell out of the store and get home , , all the same this is the states… Read more »

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