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Call-in meeting regarding IML on Jan 30 [Updated with Call Audio]

Please join ACSOL for a call-in meeting regarding International Megan’s Law (IML), including the recent lawsuit filed challenging the State Department’s regulations regarding passport identifiers.

The conference call will be on Tuesday, January 30 at 5 p.m. Pacific Time (8:00 Eastern).

Please Show up, Stand up, and Speak up!

Dial-in number: 1-712-770-8055
Conference Code: 983459

This will be recorded and available on our website

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  1. NY Level1

    what recent lawsuit?

    • AlexO

      (@NY Level1) Earlier this year they officially unveiled the sex offender tag on passports that IML started two years ago. When it was, Janice immediately stated they’d be filing a lawsuit against it. We were waiting to hear when she filed, and that day is here.

      • PK

        Thank God!

      • NY Level1

        the judge denied that. it was killed

        • United States of Oppression

          The judge killed the first attempt from back in 2016 because it wasn’t law yet. Now that it is law it can be pursued again and hopefully repealed.

        • PK

          It was Law it just wasn’t ripe ie put into effect. Standing occurs when someone actually suffers damages as a result of the Law that was put into effect.

        • TS

          This is the subsequent filing @NYLevel1, not the initial which you’re thinking of.

  2. E

    Thanks for doing this!!

  3. David

    NY Level 1, there’s a new lawsuit….. and it will succeed.

  4. NYS Level 1 (10yrs....ooops...make that 20)

    I applaud Janices efforts…as evidently no one in NY is willing to do so. While the passport scarlet letter is certainly egregious….. if Angel Watch Letters still go out to other countries…we will still be denied entry….= embarrassment, confusion, waste of $, waste of time, harassment by customs upon return to US, more pain for our families. That practice needs to be stopped, and be part of this fight, or it’s all for naught…..i can barely understand if letters were sent in cases where we do not notify regarding our plans for travel…..but the way it is…. we cannot travel at all with our families, even if our intentoons are transparent….innocent and communicated.

    • David

      NYS, I’ve traveled to Europe a few times on vacation and I have had no problems. I’m certain Angel watch/ green notices were sent to the countries I visited ahead of time.

      • Trish

        Things have changed for the worse! You are allowed because you had access before, legal problems for u.s. marshals and other u.s. officials, the country knows about you, but is much easier to stop and deny other new entries ! Etc etc….

    • Sam

      There are two lawyers in NY who have fought for RC rights before, but one is now currently a solo practitioner she wrote a letter to the registry for me regarding my not even living in the country anymore, have yet to hear back from them, it’s been almost 2 months now.

      And the other seems to want a bunch of money and and hasn’t responded to my emails.

  5. USA

    I do have a question. I have an expunged misdemeanor battery from 20 years ago. I won’t fall into this category, but I’ve declined to travel Internationally since I’ve read about Foreign countries no longer allowing you to visit (I’ve been to PI, Canada, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Cayman Islands and Costa Rica). I’ve not tried since. I wonder what would happen now? I’m still required to register, but conviction free? I’ve only been bothered when re entering the country. Let’s hear from someone with real knowledge! I imagine your fighting this because you can still visit select countries and the stamp etc will provide whatever country you visit this info.

  6. Illinois Contact

    Has Janice posted information about the new IML lawsuit on this website? I don’t want to wait for the call-in and would like to know the details ASAP. Which district/circuit, etc? I want to contribute toward this effort.

    • CR

      Same here. I want to know details, and I don’t want to wait. I won’t be able to call in on the 30th, in any case. Miles to go before I sleep.

  7. R M

    Hey ACSOL, is this call-in meeting only to ask questions/make commets or can people call in and just listen?

  8. E

    May I confirm that this call will be recorded and linked on this site? I cannot join at that time, unfortunately, but really need to hear the update. Several international trips on my work calendar and the ever-increasing fear I have around this issue is big. Thanks, Janice…

    • Janice Bellucci

      Yes, the call-in meeting on Jan. 30 will be recorded and a link to the audio recording will be added to the ACSOL website shortly thereafter.

  9. Walter

    Constitution states… when your prison time is over there will be no further persecution for the crime. The IML passport stamp IS further persecution… Discrimination..turned away not allowing entrance..all kinds of problems. Yet…they not making drunk drivers or murderers register or have a stamp. I have purchased real estate in anouther country and plan on retiring there in a year or two. Now I gotta worry about a descrimatory passport stamp. If I get turned away at the border for this stamp…I’d have to sell my property and give up my pursuit for happinesses. I’m all for stoping traffickers yes…but I’m not convicted of that nor going to a region that’s known for trafficking. I did get turned away from Cancun vacation unfairly tho.

  10. PK

    For the NY Level 1 Caller who called the NY SOR regarding intended international travel.

    I had actually called them in November, and the person I spoke with didn’t have a clue about IML or what I was required to do. She mentioned nothing at all about sending them a Letter with intended travel dates. On the advice of my Attorney, I did actually end up sending them a Certified Letter regarding my travel, even though it wasn’t sent 21 days in advance.

  11. Popeye

    I don’t know if anyone else has experienced this but I never can ask a question on the conference calls. I have pressed 5* and nothing. Perhaps this feature could be explained at the beginning of the calls. Much appreciated.

    I was wondering if the “scarlet letter” was going to be flashed into the digital part of the passport. This would make the point about where the stamp was located almost moot as it will be most likely be scanned at the place of entry.

    • David Kennerly, Me Think Thou Doth Protest Too Much

      It would be good if the email alerts and the notices on this website for future conference calls also include the code to enter to request to speak. I also had problems with this, coming in just a few minutes into the conference, and did not hear that instruction repeated (as I assume it had been mentioned at the top of the hour) while I was listening.

  12. KM

    Does anyone know if California 647.6 as a misdemeanor is covered under IML? My husband has never been on any website.

    • AlexO

      As currently written, if the offense is against a minor and you still have to register, this IML passport stamp will apply. Being publicly listed doesn’t matter one way or the other.

      • KM

        I’ve contacted DHS and they said they compare names on the publically available website. I think this makes sense, if an American citizen doesn’t have the need or the right to see a listing why would a noncitizen foreign airport employee?

        • AJ

          It’s the State Department, not DHS, that determines which passports get marked. So I wouldn’t rely on what opinion DHS holds.

          What AlexO said is exactly how the law reads: against a minor and required to register are the criteria…and even if there is any doubt or grey, do you really think anyone in government will let it tip in our favor?

  13. someone who cares

    I just listened to the IML recording and since it aired yesterday, I could not call in. I have a question about the 21 day International Travel Notice. I am reading that according to Title 1 of the AWA and SORNA, this is a federal law. This is where I get confused. So, if you live in Californian, a non SORNA or AWA state, are you still required to give notification, and if so, is this for any offense or only those involving minors?

    • @someone who cares

      As been discussed here before, notify the local registering office you register regardless because it is Federal Law. If the officer looks twice at you, just tell’em you are following Federal Law. Take copies of your effort to inform them with you when you travel to prove you did what the law says. Once you have done the informing, it is out of your control, but you have followed the law.

      As for informing only because a minor was involved, I don’t recall any specific delineation there other than it was spread to all RCs. I could be wrong on that and, if I am, hopefully someone here will correct me and share the correct delineation.

  14. PK

    So now we wait until February 9th for the Government to respond.

    Does anyone know what would happen if they didn’t respond?

  15. KM

    They won’t respond by then except maybe to ask for an extension.

  16. Fb

    As a holder of 2 passports(I’m a dual citizen of the US and Portugal) I wonder how this will effect me. If they still want to mark my US passport they can have it. I can fly freely on my Portuguese passport.

    • AJ

      The effect is you’ll have a marked US Passport and a clean Portuguese one. Were I you, I’d be using the Portuguese passport exclusively.

  17. Tom

    This may have already been seen by most of you but it’s interesting to me. Maybe there is some hope in Florida after all.

    • AJ

      From the article: “Lawmakers and criminologists are constantly trying to determine how sex offenders can be safely and successfully reintegrated into society.”
      They are?!?! Last I checked, they were doing everything under the sun to prevent any manner of reintegration.

    • kind of living

      Florida , nice fairy tail , but its a lie ! Florida is about the worst of the worst ! the only thing that matters to me anymore about that state , are the fellow RC’s and their familys , other that that , the people running it should be fired , just as most states , a great big Mister Spacely YOUR FIRD ! lol

  18. Jm

    So today I did something I had thought to give up on. I applied to renew my passport which expired last year.

    The conference call recording gave me some hope that traveling to Europe is still an option. For fun I also applied for a passport card. I believe the state department said we cannot get those. I’m curious to see how they handle my request. I will let everyone know if I get the Scarlet stamp or a denial letter or if all goes smoothly.

    • AJ

      I’m sure Janice, et al, will be quite interested in any rejection letter you may receive regarding the Passport Card. State will almost assuredly cite what US Code applies…which should play into ACSOL’s hand.

    • TS

      I was under the impression they would reject a RC’s passport card application only because they could not put the same or similar Chris Smith text on the passport card for those who receive the Chris Smith text in the passport.

      I’d, also, like to know if you are rejected for the passport card, then did you receive your application card fee back?

      • Jm

        I will respond as soon as I get it back. I did the expedited option which they quote 2 to 3 weeks.

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