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There’s A Line Between Justice And Vengeance. Larry Nassar’s Judge Crossed It.


Rosemarie Aquilina, the judge who presided over the astounding sentencing hearing of former USA Gymnastics team doctor Larry Nassar this month, has emerged as a heroine for victims of sexual assault.

Her decision to allow 156 women and girls to address their alleged abuser in court, with their emotional testimony streamed live across the nation, created an invaluable opportunity for catharsis, and directed vital attention to what is likely the worst sex abuse scandal in U.S. sports history.

But Aquilina’s manner during sentencing, in which she said she was honored to sentence Nassar to die in prison and suggested he deserved to be sexually assaulted himself, has raised questions about whether she overstepped her role as an impartial arbiter of justice.

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The comments by the judge who is an elected official do not surprise me at all. I think that elected judges are more akin to robed prosecutors. They must be tough on crime and playing to the current climate is good politics. Most judges view everything in a way that is most advantageous to the state. Years ago when watching law dramas on television, I would see judges after judges throw out warrants due to an illegal search. This is a rare occurrence today. The state has to totally bungle a search for it to be thrown out.

“I think that elected judges are more akin to robed prosecutors. They must be tough on crime and playing to the current climate is good politics.”

Ya. I don’t think judges should be elected. It could end up making them beholden to those who elected them, and as you pointed out, turn what should never be political into kabuki theater.


This victim-hood culture/movement is becoming exceedingly scary to watch it play out and morph in real time.

That was just a sideshow to have all those women read from prepared statements that were no doubt polished for maximum emotional impact. It was a sideshow geared to do exactly that – evoke sympathy for the victims and merciless scorn for that defendant. I don’t see how in the hell those tirades could’ve brought about any semblance of closure, solace or made them remotely whole again.

Then the judge getting her parting shots in was typical and predictable. It almost felt like I was watching a public lynching instead of a sentencing hearing.

I agree, and like I said in another post it fits the description of a medieval “trial” with the prisoner paraded before the public and made to endure the public scorn as his crimes are displayed publicly, before he reaches the pillory and his life ends in torture and pain. It is like what is described as a medieval trial process in “Discipline and Punish” by Foucault. The arc of justice bends over itself and completes a cycle, ending where it once was. Progress is an illusion.

@Facts should matter – What you saw was manufacturing consent.
All that testimony was not necessary at all. It was manufacturing consent to go exceedingly beyond what was necessary.

The cult of victimhood develops its own appetites that continue to grow and which can never be fully sated. God forbid we should ever say to these self-proclaimed “victims”: “Get over it.” There is no appreciation in this era for resilience or strength through adversity; there is only loss and the demand for compensation through the suffering of others, even those not responsible. The most cruel and atavistic revenge – without limit – must now be exacted. People lose their individual identities in favor of group identities which are divided along strictly victimological lines and in which each person rushes to join the “victim” category lest they not be identified with its opposite. This phenomenon is both more absurd and more dangerous than most fully appreciate. It can end very badly, indeed.

While they all survived and thrived; some went on to gold!
The advantages of a data string n base! Let me guess the feds have the pics!
A Gold mine in the capitalist world. God forbid!.

Honestly the State of WI was the first to show me CP. I thought I could prove myself innocent. Didn’t work!

Did he even opt for trial? Why not? Gutless if he didn’t. What did he have to lose?

BTW is Mr. Hastert SOTH end up on the list? Ahhhh, NO!

RCs have to worry about vigilantes daily while here there’s an elected judge condoning and endorsing that retribution behavior verbally against them. If an RC is a victim of the said action condoned and gets it known the judge’s words proved to be the source, then maybe the judge should be held liable for damages civilly. Doesn’t matter where they’re a victim, it was endorsed by a sitting judge. Doubt it’ll work that way.

She just won most likely her reelection.

the judge was way out of line , this is the very thing that keeps these witch hunters going , he should get a retrial , also foolish to have all those alleged victims read that trash to the public , fact is Alleged SO’s are being raped in prison as it is , as well as murder , and what this judge just did will just further reinforce the way Alleged SO’s are already being treated by CO’s and prisoners , she just handed down a death sentence to countless because of her unthinking show boating , she needs to be dragged out of office and not even be aload to practice law anywhere EVER ! not that she has been practicing law to begin with , how can this not be a law suite for further endangerment of him , and many others ?

Let’s not forget that he had already been sentenced to 60 years in federal prison for child pornography possession and possibly receipt and/or distribution. The guy was not ever leaving prison to begin with.

This state case where he received 175 years was a sideshow only intended to make most people feel temporarily better. Victim impact statements are a horrific tool used by prosecutors to increase the likelihood of harsher and longer punishment. They shouldn’t be allowed to be part of any case, let alone read at sentencing. Although this judge went further by not only using the defendants written statement against him (something prosecutors usually do which is a depraved tactic), but made comments about signing his death sentence.

Another criminal case is still pending I believe with the university he had assaulted women at.

The judicial drama we witnessed in the courtroom where Nassar was condemned this week put me in immediate mind of Hitler’s favorite judge, Roland Freisler, who was known for his raging theatrics in the courtroom where his verdicts were, almost invariably, for the death penalty. There is also the Soviet show-trial tradition, exemplified most notoriously by Andrey Vyshinsky, in which the outcome of all Stalin-era trials was preordained. The appearance of justice in these several venues, including in Rosemarie Aquilina’s courtroom, is paper-thin proforma and barely obscures these courts’ contempt for actual justice.

It is “just” to punish (aka “enact vengeance for”) Nassar’s behavior. If she could have intensified the sentence, that still would count as “justice.”

I was wondering if anyone else thought that judge was over the top stating its a honor to sentence you to your death sentence. That’s pretty morbid if you ask me. I haven’t seen all the facts but the one girl iI heard talk about it didn’t say anything about sexual abuse only that she was treated like crap and verbally abused. This giving someone there death sentence on someone else’s word seems a little barbaric or at least uncivilized…We are supposed to be a nation of laws based on facts proven by evidence …This subjective judicial process is scary…Even if the accusations are true…

I am so glad that other people are finally voicing their opinions on this. This is long overdue. Thankfully, a lot of people on youtube seem to share similar sentiments.

“While what the judge said is quite strong, it is not improper,” Gillers said. “At sentencing, judges speak the conscience of the community on behalf of the victim. They are no longer umpires, which is their role during trials.”
This is a professor at a university? Judge is speaking on behalf of the community? Is the system and society that crazy now, that our judges can advocate violence and harm to a person, no matter what that person has done? Wow! Unbelievable! I think she should be reprimanded for speaking violence against another human being and that New York professor should go back and hit the books on humanity and conduct in our society.

what the judge said is a treat to the security of the institution , and of countless lives ! what no responsibility ?

of course we are not surprised , lol

Odd hypocrisy.

Here, the judge promotes violence at sentencing. No instantaneous backlash.

The judge in CA who gave a light sentence and denoted that Registration would be a lifetime ordeal was more penalizing than the actual punishment sentencing. He received and is still receiving backlash for his judgement. People are trying to revoke his position.

Justice vs Vengeance. Constitution vs Mob rule.

This judge that promotes vengeance fulfills what Colorado Judge Matsch said that the public is what creates “cruel and unusual punishment” beyond the laws. A registrant cannot be a lead role in a play as the public shut down that event as well. Opposite sides of the spectrum for a crime, one being just judged and one long past judgement, but both still receive the same animosity.

I’m not sure what qualifies as backlash, but she was roasted by several radio personalities I happened to hear the next day for her unprofessional antics.
Seems to me she’s bucking for her own courtroom TV show. Her mentality will certainly appeal to the typical low-IQ, unemployed, welfare-collecting demographic of daytime idiot box viewers.

That’s kind of funny for real , because it was bloated self important PHD packing , freeloading loud mouth’s that created the unemployment , and the highest paid welfare with benefits are the LE jobs that have were born , from the same flawed brainy sucker fish that that think their IQ makes them high watt , they are the very same cold fish , that pushed for tougher laws , and courts to run amuck , and have LE and their infected public fans keeping their boot on our throats , while they rob everyone of their freedom , as well as our money . and they can watch Judge Bucket Nut , in her new show , I am sure they will watch it on some App , at their Yuppie water hole laughing about the sewage pond they have created for all to enjoy for their of our life ,

Corporate media giants go for the gold. They’re the ones choosing to produce and profit off this reality crap.

This judge took advantage of her moment in the spotlight, mugging for the cameras as if auditioning for a reality TV show. While she could have imposed the same sentence and applied the logic and wisdom of a true judicial leader, she has likely given numerous individuals the idea that taking the law into their own hands is warranted and legal. She is indeed the queen of the vigilantes.

Imagine if the dude was actually innocent of the sexual abuse BS. Not saying he is but what if, just maybe all those girls were dead set on getting revenge against this guy for the verbal and physical abuse and they were confronted by the media or someone and told they could destroy this man and get thousands of dollars for appearing on TV shows and get their 15 minutes of fame if they accuse him of not verbal or physical abuse which I am sure he is guilty of, but ad the “sexual” to the front of it and away you go…How many coaches or teachers or people in authority would you like to persecute? Now imagine that a thousand fold because of the rigorous abuse you endured training to be a gold medalist…Just saying….This is why I believe in FACTS proven by EVIDENCE….Anything else to me is basically hearsay, especially when it comes to signing someones death sentence. seems kind of far fetched that all these parents, other coaches, and countless others were present when some of this stuff was happening. Then that one girl I heard on TV stating how she hated him and was verbally and physically abused and tortured but not once did she say sexually abused….Kind of a big difference there. Just saying….

The women looked evil as hell. Looks like that witch Cruella de Vil on 101 dalmatians.

I meant the judge looked like Cruella de Vil

Even if the guy was Phillip Gorrido of Jeffery Dalmer, or whatever, no person with any semblance of humanity should take pleasure and be honored to sign someone’s death sentence. It should be a responsibility that you bare not enjoy.

“Nassar will probably die long before his 175-year sentence actually begins. The 175-year sentence is set to run after the 54-year-old Nassar serves a 60-year federal prison sentence for child pornography. Not only would Nassar be extremely old after his federal sentence ends, but it’s well known that child molesters tend to face the worst treatment by fellow inmates.”

His third sentencing is forthcoming while an investigation in TX is ongoing.

Michigan does not have the death penalty.

So, Mr. Nassar’s 175 year sentence – effectively a life sentence and then some, to start after an effective lifetime federal sentence – is the same as if had he murdered the 7 minors he was convicted of sticking his fingers into their bodily openings. Or the 143 additional people he was accused – absent any proof – of sticking his fingers into their bodily openings.

Given that, what is the next person going to do? Take a chance and leave witnesses? Doubt it.

How does that save children?

Nassar is an educated man. I am pretty sure he was aware of the possibility of spending the rest of his life in prison and all that goes with that. How could he not be after the sentencing of Sanduski and the Catholic priests? Just because someone sticks his digits in orifaces of unconsenting girls doesn’t mean he is capable of murder. If not he could have already done it to keep them silent. But he didn’t and no one knows if he thought of it. I think his power as a key Olympic doctor made him think he could get away with it. It was working for a long time.

Not talking about Nassar. Talking about the next (perhaps less intelligent) guy who, in the process of committing a crime, remembers that dead people / children make bad witnesses and chances are the punishment ends up the same. A person with nothing to lose is a scary person.

Proportionality is a fundamental component of criminal justice. Once that is gone, there can only be losers.

anonymouse, that is true. Our society has lost all sense of proportionality, both in its estimations of heroes and villains.

Yes the proportionality is gone because the sentences are so extreme they become meaningless. What I was saying is I don’t believe people who commit sex crimes are generally, cold, calculating machines. They are not going to be more likely to kill a victim just because the sentence was lifetime instead of 20 years. Judge Rosie’s sentencing is nothing new either. Remember the guy who got 1500 years for sex with his daughter? I didn’t see a plague of murders after that knowledge got out, I mean from people getting rid of wtnesses. To say otherwise is no different than to say we have no scruples. Our scruples may have gotten shuffled around, but I think they are still there. My objection to these long sentence is they make jurisprudence look ridiculous and a mockery. I don’t think they have any affect on crime at all.

SOs removed from FB

AFTER one black man proved his innocence via FB True story!

Another LAME judge that needs to be unseated ! ok the guy did it I guess, doesnt make it excusable the judges lame comments… Another LAME US Judge that isnt worth 2 cents.

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