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ID: Sex Offender Registry SNAFU

____ ____ wears a small camera pinned to his shirt. He wants his activities recorded because he is unsure what hairpin turn he may come up against next.

There have been a lot of switchbacks and bumps over the past 13 years, and the latest one, what he calls a false accusation coupled with threats from Idaho State Police, is taking a toll on his health. ____, 54, accuses Idaho State Police of coercing him into registering as a sex offender although he has never had to register anywhere else, for any reason. Full Article

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  1. David

    The Registries need to be abolished. Period.

    • Will Allen

      Very well said. 🙂

      Why don’t you post that comment at the source article?

  2. Lake County

    What’s the big deal? It’s not punishment. They really just need to put everyone who’s ever been charged for any crime on a registry. Regardless if the person is found guilty or in fact innocent. The public has a right to know everything about everyone so they can avoid and shun the people they think may someday harm them or their family. Only perfect people should not be on a list. Reading this list might isolate us or limit who we associate with or have as good friends, but at least we will feel safe hiding inside our homes and avoiding all the dangers that exist when we go out in public. No, I’m not being punished by the government, I’m just being isolated to protect myself and everyone that might come in contact with me. Although I was crime free for 37 years prior and 17 years after my charge; society and victim’s rights groups believe I’m just waiting for the right moment to commit another crime.

  3. Robin

    Next they will throw people on just for turning your head to look at a female as she walks by.

    Why not some colleges have a rule on that exact thing for any contractors.
    This is just as bad as the cops that are drug whisperers, and charge people with DUI, to later be proven wrong, when the person goes out and pays to have blood work done.
    Or when cops pull over out of state people passing through and confiscate and take their money and expensive claiming that had to come from drug money. (this really happens people).

    • Harry

      They will sent all males to jail for rejecting females advances.

      • Robin

        @ Harry

        That’s no joke, that has been known to happen. Male rejects female advance, female gets PO’d and cries “foul”. Male gets charged, possibly convicted, all on just her word.

      • Tim Moore

        You mean females actually pursue men for sex? Who would have known. This changes everything. They got to start putting more of them on the sex offender registry.

  4. AlexO

    Wow, what a wonderful example of the registry being 110% punitive and abusive. The case was 100% a lie. But the cops couldn’t care less to the actual facts as laid out by the courts themselves. They just want to focus on technicalities and get their pound of flesh (or two or three). This is one of many reasons why the police are being loathed more and more across the land.

    • Robin

      @ AlexO

      We in reality, are slowly entering into a police state across this nation. If legislature, at both state levels and federal levels, are not curbed meaning drastically, they will continue on this path of destruction to the constitution and of our civil rights.

      Every year there are more and more idiotic laws put into place. Most are unaware it even happens and then one day people will wake up and say when did all of this happen, how did we ever let it get to this point.

      laws like this: Many area have adopted that you cannot bbq in your own yard because it creates a smell that others may not like.

  5. mike r

    Robin knows that BS he is saying happening is all frigging true man. I had a dui for being on drugs back in 2002 where the cop pulled me over claiming I was coming out of a known drug neighborhood, not a house but an entire neighborhood, after about ten at night. The cop claimed thru his little two hour class for drug awareness that I was on drugs, which u unfortunately was at the time but that is besides the pount, the ifficer gave no reasong for stopping but proceeded to tow my vehicle take me downtown in some nasty ass backroom at the jail and had 6 of his buddies strap me to one of those medical boards and force a blood draw from me because I refused the blood test. According to a casr called schmeber v CA they apparently can do that but it’s supposed to be only if you are involved in a accident where bodily injury occurrs. Just pull anyone off the street, i.e. your grandmother, mother brothers sisters aunts cousin, you get the pkint, and take their car and forcefully strap them to some backboard and have some quack wana be nurse draw blood. That’s when I started my Pro se life. I git out a few hours later went and researched the web and filed a demurer in court and had it dismissed because it was blatantly unconstitutiinal in the face of the information filed with the DA. I had to then go to DMV and immediately file for dismissal there as well because even if it is dismissed in court if you don’t file at DMV they will suspend your license anyway. Well when I went to the arbitratiin of the admistrative judge dismissed it immediately and told me I should sue which u did start doung and was about to go to court against the city when my case happened which kind of ended the suit because I was locked up for about a month and didn’t show up for the hearing so they dismissed and at that point when o got out of jail on my case charge I was devastated and struggling just to live and the statute if limitations quickly ran out becausr I didn’t follow thru. They are only supposed to or are allowed to force a blood draw if thete has been an accident that caused bodily injury not just a random I think you’re on drugs shit. If I didn’t know what to do o would if had my license suspended, and even though it was dismissed, get this, I still had to do a DUI class for six months and there was nothing I could do to stop that, either I did it or the court was going to revoke my license because I refused the blood draw. I had no recourse. Also, it hasn’t happened to me of course, but if you carry anything more then $10,000 they can seize and confiscate your vehicle until you can prove where the money came from in court. So Robin is exactly right it is Out of controll man…Anyways just a little info from Cali, if you get a DUI go immediately, whether your guilty or not, to DMV file a complaint which stops license suspention pricess in it’s tracks and then like in my case the cop doesn’t show up to the hearing and the admistrative judge dismisses it. Even if they don’t you just bought yojrself another 6-8 months without suspension.

  6. Mike G

    Ok, well, now I think I have this public safety business all figured out. It’s easy. The more people you put on the SO registry, the safer the public is!
    So, let’s say you want to make banks safer for the public. You create a bank robber registry, and put on it everyone who has ever robbed or defrauded a bank.
    Now, for the brilliant part, we take everyone on the bank robber registry and also put them on the SO registry, and everyone on the SO registry also gets put on the bank robber registry. Bingo! The public is twice as safe!
    Now when we add the shoplifter registry, the burglary registry, the car thief registry, the DUI registry, the traffic ticket registry, the drug dealer registry, etc. etc.; put everyone on all the other registries, and crime as we know it, will just cease to exist!

  7. Facts should matter

    Interesting how he was doing fine until he applied for a concealed carry. Some clerk probably blabber-mouthed his past to the DA, then all hell broke lose.

    He wanted a gun to protect himself, now not only will Idaho disallow it, his life WILL be in constant danger if he’s coerced into registering there.

    I think the goal for LEOs is to get as MANY people as possible on the lists, and keep them there until they die.

  8. Tim Moore

    It has been almost 400 years since an anal group of religious zealots anchored their barks on this continent. After scores of decades have passed, in the mean time people coming here, bringing their various cultures and traditions poured into the melting pot, we end up today with what we started out with — a monolithic puritan world view. It has been a joke. Ask Garrison Keillor or Al Franken. Merely the accusation of sexual impropriety can exile you from non-stained, chosen people, like you caught a plague by associating or just getting near sin, and you have to wear a scarlet letter from then on so people can avoid you.

    • Robin


      Well stated. I have been thinking the same just didn’t know how to put it out there.

      It is much like the days of old, the same days where UK broke the back and caused the revolution. The tea tax was just the final straw.

      The so called well breads will always look down on everyone else. William Penn, how great he was. He caused many native tribes in PA to be wiped out for being heretics. Gathered and hung or shot in front of court houses. If they could get away with it in today’s society, they would do the same to SO’s.

      Point being if you are not doing, or are, exactly what they think or want you to be then you are less than deserving to live a normal life, you are anti-social in their definition.

  9. Will Allen

    I think it would be great if every time an article like this appeared that there would be 100+ comments on the article opposing the Registries. Or perhaps 1,000+.

    Does anyone else think that people might wonder about the Registries if they see that every time they are mentioned, 1,000,000+ people stand up and fight back?

    But that is not what people see. When an article like this is published, they see just a handful of comments about it. It really looks like most people just don’t really care. So I don’t think it is any big deal for the Registry bullies/terrorists to just keep attacking people who won’t really fight back and don’t care much.

    I’m personally going to continue sending the message that as long as the Registries exist, there are going to be big problems. Society in general is going to pay dearly for them. Individuals that support them are going to pay even more.

    • David Kennerly, The Government-Driven Life

      I agree, Will but I believe that we need to take it much further. The “journalists” who report on sex crimes need to start hearing from us, en masse. I doubt that many of them bother to read the comments online. This needs to be organized.

      • Tim Moore

        I have noticed also that many stories are not allowing comments now. I agree, concerted effort can be a lot more powerful than haphazard activism, concerted effort like what was organized by NARSOL to fight the Halloween scare on That took a little time and effort, not much mind you, but some time and discipline and I think It actually changed some things. I also agree with Will. Many readers do look at the comments after the article and if not for any opposing view, they just take whatever the author says without question, even if they sense a lie. There is no reason we all can’t make at least one comment a day against the registry, but yes, I would like to see more organized campaigns against it, ones that go beyond the courtroom and state buildings and adjunct to the constitutional and legislative efforts.

        • Will Allen

          Tim, I do believe that “the pen is mightier than the sword”. We can affect public opinion. Or in the very least show them that we are not going to lie down and accept their crimes. They need to see that they are in a war that they’ve already lost.

          Each person could comment on a few articles a day. If a person does not have much time, he/she can do what I’ve been seeing oncefallen do fairly often different places – just post a single sentence such as “the Registries must be destroyed.” That takes little time.

      • Will Allen

        True, I don’t know how much time journalists have in general. I have always assumed that they would try to at least skim any comments that are about articles that they wrote. If I were a journalist, I think I would be very interested to understand what readers thought was confusing, parts they liked, didn’t like, wanted to see, etc., etc. I just think it would make me a better writer. But you might be right that they don’t really read the comments much.

        So how about if a person wants to comment on an article here (at, that they also simply copy the comment to the source article and they also e-mail it to the author of the article? You can use the exact same comment in 3 places.

        I truly, truly believe that most people are stupid in general. I think that a huge percentage of people form their “opinions” based on which way the wind is blowing. If they see nothing but 1,000 people blowing the wind in one direction, I do think that will affect people. Especially over the course of a number of years.

        People also harass people who they think everyone believes are acceptable to harass. They harassed “coloreds” in the very recent past. They harassed “queers”. They had to be taught (by force often enough) it was not acceptable to harass those people. The fact is that most people who live in the U.S. (probably everywhere) are simply not good people unless it is convenient for them. They have and will do idiotic, hateful, immoral, and un-American things to the hated group of the moment.

        People in the U.S. need to learn that the Registries do nothing to protect people (even though many don’t even care). In fact, I know so many people that are listed that go out of their way to have relationships anonymously with people simply and only because of the Registries. That is, the Registries literally make the people listed on them go out of their way to hang around random children. It is simply the moral, correct response to the harassment of the Registries. So people in the U.S. need to learn that the Registries are counterproductive and that they will be harmed by the Registries personally. America is being harmed greatly overall and it will surely affect nearly everyone by some point in time. I really believe that.

        Anyway … there are 16 comments here about this right now. But only a handful on the actual article.

        • Tim Moore

          Or, as I have done, simply paraphrase the comments that appear here and post them at the article. Use mike r’s research or another’s insights. Why not, we are a brain trust, The general public needs to hear this is the bottom line.

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