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IN: Sex offender’s rights not violated by registration extension

An Allen County sex offender’s constitutional rights were not violated when the period of time he was required to register as a sex offender was extended under a law amended after he was convicted of the sex crime, the Indiana Court of Appeals ruled Wednesday. Full Article

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  1. Hysteria

    Come on dude! You kept violating the law. None of us like it, want it, and most don’t need it. But it is the law. If you want to change it, start by following it so the public can’t say, “See, they’re criminals”.

    • Will Allen

      People should not do anything to IMMORALLY harm other people. But given that, I always say that all laws should be followed ONLY because they are weapons that Registry Terrorists will use to harm you. Laws should not be assumed to be moral or right. To the contrary, our Nanny Big Government criminal regimes have proven quite clearly that they are immoral and have no standing to have very many laws related to $EX, and certainly NONE related to $EX Offender Registries ($ORs).

      So, people in general shouldn’t break any law that doing so requires them to be a bad person. But I will applaud anyone who breaks $OR laws. Those laws deserve complete and utter contempt and disrespect. People who break them are heroes. They are often taking a very difficult path that most of the rest of us, including me, are too weak or selfish to follow.

      So good for this guy. I hope he retaliates for all punishment that he has received already and all that he will undoubtedly receive in the future.

      • Roger

        On a tangent to this topic: I want to talk to anyone who is considering violence of any kind in the name of fighting the registry.

        Here is a reality check: your actions could set back all our years of hard work in slowly changing society’s attitude.

        Your violence would justify a huge backlash by the haters. Want to see all the residency and presence restrictions come back in a wave? Want to keep all registrants on the registry for life by having the tiered registry thrown out? Want to see waves of hysteria-driven bills hit like a tsunami?

        Act of physical violence would bring all those on in nightmare scenario. This is not a theory, it is based on history. Think about what events were catalysts that initiated hysteria years ago.

        Violence would only entrench the fears and justify more hate towards us.

        We must work a long-term solution that changes society’s attitude.

        Violence can never cause positive change of attitude towards us.

        Our non-violent efforts have contributed to the fewest number of anti-registrant bills in CA in a long time! And this is an election year! That is REAL change!

        Read about how MLK and other leaders fought injustice. Their efforts had long-lasting impact. Violent civil rights groups of that day were crushed and did not create lasting change. It came about in spite of them.

        • Will Allen

          Roger (August 23, 2018):

          Breaking Registry laws has nothing to do with violence. In fact, the Registry Terrorists (RTs) lie that the Registries are merely “civil” laws so breaking those laws is nothing but civil disobedience. Nothing violent or nefarious about it.

          I’ve heard from many sources for a long time that violence doesn’t work. I know very little of the history of it. Never tried to study it.

          But the retaliation that I am speaking of is not violent. I have a very long list of legal, non-violent retaliation. One day, I do want to enumerate them as at least a playbook for how people should retaliate. I haven’t done that yet. But I will give a few simple, brief examples.

          I think one of the best ways to retaliate for the existence of the Registries is to ensure that you live your life in a way that you think that the RTs pretend and state that they would like for you not to. Of course that includes being around random children, anonymously, all the time. That is trivial to do and is pretty much how to live a normal life anyway. But I make sure that I live my life in a way that the Registries are not only worthless, but that they are much worse than that.

          As I travel all over the country completely anonymously, I will take time to look at the places and situations that I am in and I will try to imagine how RTs would dream that their Registries are protecting anyone. I look at the very specific people that I am around and think about how, if I wanted to commit a certain crime, how would the Registries help prevent it? Would they help in any way? Would they help anyone get apprehended? I think it is good to look at very solid, real world examples. I do it often. I think, “How would a person who is listed on a Registry commit crime X and get away with it?” Usually I come to the conclusion that being listed on a Registry would promote and help in the commission of a crime.

          Another key way to retaliate is to simply refuse to worry about being a good citizen. I take care of good people that I know. I don’t have to worry about anyone else. I have all kinds of examples of that. I used to give blood as often as I could. Haven’t done that for over 20 years now. Used to be an organ donor. Not any longer. Used to care about AMBER alerts. Not today, I don’t accept them. Back in the day, if I saw someone in trouble, I would help them. Not today. Stop at a traffic accident? Nope. Help law enforcement? Funny. Never. I will never see or know anything.

          It is the simple things too – if I go into a public restroom, I don’t have to worry about how I act. I can act like most of the people in the U.S. who are cretins and don’t care. I used to leave restrooms cleaner than when I went in. Today, I don’t have to care. I can drive however I like. As long as it is barely legal. Be courteous? Ha ha. That’s for losers.

          The list is very, very long.

          People wonder why the U.S. is so full of hate. They wonder why we are all so divided. They wonder why our country is devolving. I don’t know why people wonder. Trump is not the cause of hate today. He is a reflection of what America is.

          This is already too long but …. I do wonder why you think that violence would confirm what most of the public already thinks about Registered Citizens (RCs). Why would the public care about violence? They don’t care about that. We only Register people if they do something that involves $EX. So if a crime does not involve $EX, why would the public care? Violence can’t matter. You can shoot as many people as you like and you aren’t even dangerous. So I really don’t get it.

          Also, in case you don’t know, at least some innocent children have been murdered by RCs in direct retaliation for the Registries. I did not hear people saying that meant that we need more Registry laws and restrictions. To the contrary, I think most people saw what was obvious – the Registries were useless to prevent terrible crimes and there is no fix for it.

          Lastly, say that an RC decided to retaliate by doing what Timothy McVeigh did. And they documented very well why they did it. Obviously that would be very noticed. Do you think that would cause the RTs to think that we need more idiotic, completely useless harassment of RCs? Like what? How about making RCs report to their local criminal law enforcement agency every single month? How about once a week? Or do you think perhaps they would think that they’ve created a real problem?

          The Registries are idiotic social policy. But most of the RTs who support them are too stupid to know it and too arrogant to care. I view the RTs exactly as the Nazis. They are nothing but criminals committing crimes. Their harassment is not valid or legal.

        • Roger

          @”Will Allen”, I didn’t say I objected to your ideas or that they were violent. You read that into my comments. That is why I started my comment with “On a tangent to this topic”.

        • AnotherAnon

          @Will Allen,

          You make some valid points and you have been at it for a long time. I seem to recall you from sentencing law and policy comments. You could actually have a book here. Thought of self publishing at Amazon? I could see a journal or diary of sorts. What? RCs don’t have sex on the brain 24/7? It is even possible they think of something else, like rebellion? Who knew? “Registry Terrorists” doesn’t work for me though. It is too abstract and impersonal and conjures up images far removed from your argument. If you could capture “The road to hell is paved with good intentions” into a catch phrase, that might work better. Maybe “Road Pavers” lol. Conjures up images of Cool Hand Luke. Dunno. Another 2 cents thrown into the pot.

        • Will Allen

          @Roger – I didn’t say that you said that. JK, I got you. I was just clarifying my stance. I appreciate any feedback.

          @AnotherAnon – You are correct. I have been on Sentencing Law and Policy. And many other places for a long time. I’ve commented using many different names. Just because. I’ve done significant work with my real name, including actions in court, but I keep that much calmer. I have been paid for written articles before. But I don’t think I write particularly well. A book seems like a lot of work!

          Anyway, thank you for the feedback regarding “Registry Terrorists”. Just to be clear – I use it to refer to the people who support the Registries (just clarifying because I was discussing some RCs committing terrorism). Does the title not work? I think it has these benefits:

          1. Accurate. Terrorists are people who cannot mind their own business or leave other people alone.
          2. Is inflammatory and captures attention.
          3. Is an insult.
          4. Lumps Registry supporters in with truly terrible, immoral people.
          5. Brands them as criminals and harassers.

          I don’t know what would be most effective but I’ve said before that I think it is very important that we brand the terrible people who support the Registries and make that branding stick. Reverse their lies and propaganda back onto them.

          Regarding the war and retaliation against the Registries though – it is ugly and I don’t like that. I’d like to be a great person who cares for everyone. But I don’t feel that is the appropriate response. Harassing terrorists should not be treated nicely and they should be dealt with. I was talking with the infamous Ron Book long back and he tried to act like it is all not that big of a deal and told me, “Reasonable people can have differing opinions.” To which I told him, “Sure, but the problem is that you are a piece of shit that can’t leave other people alone. Nothing reasonable about you.” And that I believe to this day. People like him are criminals that must be neutralized.

          I think a big problem that I have in general is that I live a very entitled, great life. I am in control and I am well off. So I don’t respond well to people trying to tell me what to do and control me. I control other people. Scumbags who support the Registries act like telling people what to do and arresting them for not doing it is no big deal. And that may be the case for some people. But not me. If I get arrested, someone is going to pay dearly for it. Many someones. But not me. I’m done with their BS. But they are going to keep paying for it.

        • Facts should matter

          “Your violence would justify a huge backlash by the haters. Want to see all the residency and presence restrictions come back in a wave? Want to keep all registrants on the registry for life by having the tiered registry thrown out? Want to see waves of hysteria-driven bills hit like a tsunami?”

          That’s happening anyway with or without any retaliatory effort from anyone on the list!

          The public will never, EVER change their minds anyway! We will ALWAYS
          made a spectacle out of
          looked down upon
          thnk less of

        • AnotherAnon

          @Facts should matter, seems to me the climate is vastly different than it was 20 or even 10 years ago. Used to be no one at all would object to the registry while commenting on news articles. Now there is more of a balance and sometimes the objections outnumber the monster rants.

    • AnotherAnon

      I take a different stance. Rather than pointing out his flaws, I would point out that he tried to fight a legal battle he could not win. Courts all over the country have ruled the ex post facto “rule of law” does not apply because registration is not punishment.

      Better to point at the arrogance of the “Justice” system (those are Trump quotes) and that is why I support all the Innocence Projects. So rather than point at him, I point at all the wrongful convictions. Pointing at him and claiming he deserves it gives ammo to pro-registry arguments because they would agree 100% (while also pointing at you and me and everyone else).

      Just 2 cents.

  2. TR

    Sounds like they’re adding extra punishment and as much as they can.


    I can’t feel sympathy for this person. He committed his new violations after the law took effect. If he’s going to keep breaking the law after becoming a registrant, then he is likely to be some danger to society. He’s still going to get off the registry much sooner than any of us in CA. I’m afraid to even risk a minor traffic violation, let alone a DUI and 3 failures to register like this person.

    • MatthewLL

      I agree with the sentiment that this fellow created his own trouble with not following the law. He is lucky the offence he originally committed did not bring lifetime registration and is only being tolled while in prison. But note the follow-on offenses where not new sex offenses. Clearly registration did not protect the public from him, but cost the state money to incarcerate him for not registering. He needed to be punished for the actual crimes he did commit, not for failing to register.

  4. Had 'bout enough

    Yeah, he’s not getting any breaks and doesn’t deserve them. I’m also thinking he is well aware and is just taking a shot on a huge “maybe?”. If a person screws up and stops, then they should get a break someplace but to just keep living that type of life: then it’s on them.

  5. David

    Expanding the idea of this new law, a legislature could make a law mandating that any sentence for an offense resulting in incarceration will automatically have an additional 5 or 10 years added on to the sentence if the lawbreaker has a sexual offense conviction in his past, no matter how long ago that sexual offense occurred, and regardless of what the new offense might be …. breaking and entering, shoplifting writing a bad check.
    This pile-on-and-beat-up-the-offender sh#t just keeps getting more and more outrageous! 😡

  6. USA

    I’m not aware of the laws in this mans state, but many of us in Ca are still registering 20 years later for misdemeanors or expunged offenses! 10 years? The guy doesn’t seem like he likes following the rules! Idiot! I can only hope that the new law in Ca will soon follow. Let’s hope the guidelines for granting our new and upcoming law will be straightforward. Let’s remain positive! They can’t register everyone forever!

  7. Timothy Lawver

    Yes! very good PSA.
    Registered persons have other viable options before taking up arms.
    1) Protests in our state capitol or DC.
    2) Demanding trial in FTR cases.

  8. mike r

    Yeah it is pretty sad that the legislators can pass laws that attempt to give them absolute immunity and people do not realize that they can sue these individuals in their personal capacities if they willfully violate a persons constitutional liberties such as what is occurring in Colorado and all the state SC’s that have ruled the registry unconstitutional but the legislatures in those states are failing to remove names. When I win my case they better immediately remove me from the registry or they will be sued here in CA, each and everyone of the public safety committee members and whomever else I decide to sue that is conspiring to deprive me of my constitutional liberties. They will wake up when they have to pay millions out of their own personal bank accounts or are prosecuted for deprivation of rights under color of law. I really am interested in how a private citizen brings a prosecution on my own without any DA or attorney general getting involved. I know there must be a way and not just prosecutors who have to bring charges. Anyways here is my link to my CA case that has been moving thru the federal court since Sep. 5, 2017 which the partial motion to dismiss is taking well over three months to get a ruling on. The real meat of my case is in the Objections to the MFR as well as the judicial notice request. I have methodologically attacked every factor of Smith v Doe and every 9th circuit cases.
    The tides are turning as seen by multiple court rulings in the last year alone and my case will be the nail in the coffin putting the recidivism issues as well as the efficacy issues to final rest with my judicial notice. No clue why no attorneys, or anyone for that matter, has requested judicial notice of gov reports fully debunking the recidivism rates and efficacy issues. Well I have….

    • AnotherAnon

      Sounds like you need the Jailhouse Lawyer’s Handbook. Yes, it’s a real thing. With a little Google work you can download it (massive) or you can buy it. It is not an overnight read, and, no, I haven’t read it.

  9. Brian

    Someone needs to make a law that takes the right to amenity away from these bastards, I would love to see them try this with convicted murderers or king pin drug dealers and see what happens to them, just sayin.

  10. hester pryne

    I have never really paid much attention or noticed all the Injustice going on around me. I grew up a white kid in a white community in Indiana, completely oblivious to the racism that so blatantly plagues our country. After doing 10 years in prison from age 19 2 page 29 my experience in college my experience being exposed to other cultures and races the ability to watch anything you want to watch and look up anything you want to lookup I completely realize how oblivious I was. Now coupled with the fact that I am prejudiced minority I can completely relate. Perhaps not completely that was probably a poor choice of words but I can somewhat relate in a lot of ways it’s worse for African Americans or was but in a lot of ways it’s worse for us because we cannot say you know it’s not my fault I was born like this I’m just like you people see us as someone who made a decision to break the wall in a very ignominious way, so compassion and remorse grass is sparse. Came out of prison bright-eyed bushy-tailed ready to Take On the World with four college degrees my mind sharper than it has ever been and confidence through the roof considering I went to prison without it even a GED. After being out of prison for 5 years I feel like a rooster who was once proud and beautiful but has been systematically plucked one by one until all of my feathers are gone and I’m naked vulnerable and my self-esteem is non-existent. Finding this organization brought me to tears just knowing that there are things like this happening even though not here in backwards Indiana is truly inspirational

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