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  1. QQ

    I believe that every registered person in the US should take the time to memorize the following, and write it neatly on the SO registration form every time they register:

    “By compelling me to provide my personal information to you, under threat of criminal prosecution, with no choice to opt out and remain silent, you are violating my rights under the US constitution and international law. I am signing this document under duress.”

    • KM

      I’d remove the international law part. That is largely irrelevant as the United States is a sovereign nation. I think this is a good idea though. If I had to register I’d probably be passive aggressive too!

      • Bill

        MI, Thought it was sad Mi, police came on tv telling everyone to check the list and have the school kids take different route, seems to me for one, that court said it was not legal and a lost shouldn’t be on that at all. Seems like they should not try and scare the kids!

      • David Kennerly is Frightening and High

        KM, regarding “I’d remove the international law part. That is largely irrelevant as the United States is a sovereign nation. ” The U.S. is a signatory to international agreements which it then violates. That IS relevant even if it is, practically speaking, unenforceable.

        • Tim Moore

          In a way violations of our treaties are enforceable if nations begin to see we don’t keep our word, so they will be reluctant to trust us and may even start to retaliate, maybe not always through legal channels. Depends on how long the US can afford to be the bad boy on the block and other countries tolerate it or still benefit from it. I don’t see why US citizens can’t sue in US courts if the government breaks treaties. Don’t know if that has ever happened, but don’t see why it can’t Treaties, too, become part of our law once signed. I believe to break them is unconstitutional.

  2. AnotherAnon

    Does anyone know of an address/crashpad for rent in the Sacramento area on the cheap? I’ve decided to do research for my own projects and do volunteer work for this effort if Janice has anything I can do. I’ll be at the Berkeley meeting on the 15th. If it matters, my RC address is not public (zip only).

  3. Bill

    Sad Mi, police came on TV telling everyone to check the list and have the kids take different routes to school, seem to me it would be scaring the kids for no reason, also the courts have said , a lot should be on any list. Sad? What do you think?

  4. mike r

    Just trying to keep the fear mongering going because without it, they have nothing else…

  5. will it ever end

    Any new information on AB579 Nevada?

    • Bill johnson

      Nevada AB 579 appeal will be heard on Sept.10

      • Stephen

        Could you provide more info? Like in which court is this appeal of ab 579?

        • Bill johnson

          I assume the appeal of AB 579 in Nevada will be heard in the Supreme Court in Carson City but I don’t know that for sure. I’m sure though that this will the last stand before implementation on Oct. 1

      • Tired of this

        I’m in NV too and am watching this with bated breath. I just got my “letter” moving me up to tier 2 today, previously tier 1 under the original system. I guess I’m suddenly more dangerous now after all these years.

        I really hope Maggie and Alina make a rock solid argument. There are plenty of cases from around the country to cite at this point.

        • just helping

          I hope some of the legal mind here have contact them and give them all the information they need to fight this.
          YES pls remind them of the price club ruling so, they don’t walk in that trap again.

        • Laurie

          Any news on how the hearing went with Maggie & Alina? Constantly reminding myself to breath lately, love details. Mother of NV SO.


  6. JM of Wi.

    Anyone have experience with trip insurance if we are turned back from a trip.
    I had 2 claims last year – Hurricane & sickness… they seem to pay very stingy.
    I can’t believe they would cover.

    • steve

      I plan on getting it ONLY to use if Europe changes their admissions policies towards RC’s before I go next summer.

    • David Kennerly's Government-Driven Life

      I recommend reading the fine print of travel insurance agreements in advance. My guess is that somewhere in there is an exemption for things like being refused admission to a foreign country especially if it has anything to do with the traveler’s criminal background.

      • Mike G

        We tried to collect the travel insurance when I was denied entry into Thailand last year, but they denied it.

    • CR

      I think I recall that someone reported here previously that they weren’t able to collect on the insurance in just such a situation. That is, they were denied entry to a country, and the insurance wouldn’t cover it.

      A search of this forum might turn it up. A search using google with the site: keyword may produce better results than using the search function on this site.

      • steve

        Not using the insurance for denial only if I hear Europe stops letting us in. The i cancel before I go.

  7. USA

    I have a question. I would like to try for a COR again. I might live in OC. What if I stay at a friends house periodically? By law, I must register that address. What if I register both addresses and file in LA?

    • Cameron

      I live in LA County, moved from my other house in SB County that I own/rent out. I was told I could not deregister from the old address because even I rent it out, and frequently visit the home, that I must continue to register in SB annually. So last week I made an appointment for my annual over the phone in SB, rep said I didn’t have to register because her system showed I already registered in LA County. My wife told me that Megans web shows my old address as my primary address, my new address as a separate address, and my updated photo is used. No compliance checks in the last 2 years at both addresses.

      • Franco in OC

        Cameron – I have a question…

        As far as you know, if I were to purchase a home or condo in SB county, can I rent it out to my brother, who is a registered citizen? Are there any SB ordinances that prohibit that?

        Am trying to find a way to bring him here from Idaho via interstate compact once he is released next year.

        Any information is helpful, thx!

        • AO

          @ Franco on OC , inherently, I don’t believe there’s any issue in doing what you’re saying as in CA residency restrictions have been ruled unconstitutional state-wide. However, there’s is a small asterisk to that that residency restrictions may be applied to paroles on a case-by-case bases. I’d highly suggest you first determine what restrictions he may have, if any, prior to you committing yourself to a home purchase for this reason. You’d probably need him to first come here, then have him speak with the parole board to see what rules he’ll need to follow, and then potentially do what you’ve said.

    • AnotherAnon

      This is exactly my concern. Having a new beef hanging over my head because of a mysterious law is not fun when I’m not even sure how to stay compliant. If there was a kindle book that addressed nothing but registration in all its contradictions and variables I’d buy it. It could be updated as the laws change.

    • Franco in OC

      USA – I have a question: what does “COR” stand for?

  8. Hysteria

    It seems as though public policy is doing these horrible things to us because they feel that the legal system is not harsh enough. They also deal in emotion while the judiciary deals in facts ( mostly ).

    One of the senators on the committee for the chief justice said those exact words in describing her job. She dealt with facts, not public opinion. Why then can’t they do the same when it comes to so many of us.
    I was ROR’d almost immediately after my arrest. I rec’d informal probation on a felony ( reduced to misdo ), paid $1000 in fines, and was released early in 2.5 yrs. I literally have a lower offense than a DWI. Yet I must crawl through crap just to be turned down for jobs, let everyone and their brother know everyplace I go, and be banned from 1/ 2 the known world. In what bizarro universe does any of this make even the smallest bit of sense.

  9. Hysteria

    I have been listening to the supreme court nomination hearing and have come to the conclusion that the court system is for sale to the highest bidder, and our group just doesn’t have the funds to overturn any decision. Because facts, studies, and social leanings can’t get past money.

    • Facts should matter

      Kavanaugh is just another dark horse like Roberts. Trotted out as a “family man” that coaches his daughter’s soccer team and often volunteers his time working at a soup kitchen. During the hearings, he already mentioned that he will uphold established case law and precedent, so do NOT expect the SCOTUS to side in our favor in the foreseeable future. We’ll all be dead in the ground when real change happens I’m afraid. We’ll be witch hunted all the way through hospice as long as we’re on American soil thanks to the Kankas and the Walshes.

      • mike r

        “I have been listening to the supreme court nomination hearing and have come to the conclusion that the court system is for sale to the highest bidder, and our group just doesn’t have the funds to overturn any decision. Because facts, studies, and social leanings can’t get past money.”
        Man these kind of statements get my goat.

        “Kavanaugh is just another dark horse like Roberts. Trotted out as a “family man” that coaches his daughter’s soccer team and often volunteers his time working at a soup kitchen. During the hearings, he already mentioned that he will uphold established case law and precedent, so do NOT expect the SCOTUS to side in our favor in the foreseeable future. We’ll all be dead in the ground when real change happens I’m afraid. We’ll be witch hunted all the way through hospice as long as we’re on American soil thanks to the Kankas and Walshs.

        You guys are not going to like this but you are too much. This is why I, and a few others, have quit coming on this site because a large number of people on this site are so negative and complain about everything but do nothing. About that first comment: How do you know what a court will do when presented with the facts, studies, and social leanings? There has only been a couple of court cases that have brought even a smidgen of the facts, studies, and social learning as you call it. In each and everyone of those the courts have ruled in our favor. Snyder, Millard, Taylor, Doe v Harris TRO, Illinois, and a lot more. Those courts barely even touched on all the facts, studies, and social learning that you talk about but still ruled in our favor and they were never presented with the entirety of the facts as well as the fact that SCOTUS was lied to in McKune v Lile and Smith v Doe about “frightening and high” recidivism rates. I really think once the facts are put in front of the court with a well articulated argument they are going to be really upset with the gov. solicitor generals and AGs arguing in favor of these laws. The fact is SCOTUS was duped and no one has brought that to the attention in any case so far. Well I have, and we will see if we still have a fair and just system, but until that happens all this knocking our country and our judicial system is BS. We have the greatest system in the history of the world and the greatest country if and only if the people stand up and fight for their rights in a court of law and force the judges to do their jobs, or at least give them the tools they need to do it instead of bringing nothing suits like is what was happening but I think that tide is beginning to turn as a few good attorneys and/or Pro Se are producing results. Every generation has had to do it, what makes you think we are any different or better? I just cannot see how anyone that has not brought the fight to the courts can say we are screwed and the judges are all corrupt and we do not have a chance in hell. You can never win unless you play the game and you better know and play by rules of the game. What has happened is that we are in a playoff game and our team is standing on the sidelines complaining about how bad we are losing but all we have done is stick our players out on the field with no one knowing the rules and with out any equipment to play with. Well I know the rules, and have been giving the equipment with the help of others from on here and elsewhere, and I am playing the game with everything I have so lets wait until my case goes thru the courts before we start talking about how corrupt the umpires (judges) are. We all know the other team is corrupt (legislators, DAs, AGs) and are not going to play fair and to criticize them is cool I guess (although it does nothing help our cause, but if it makes people feel better then that’s great) but the criticizing our country and our courts is a little premature if you ask me. I got screwed over just as everyone else by the system but that is just because I let it and depended upon one of their players (public pretender) to play my game for me. There is no doubt the umpire (judges) are biased towards the other team in many cases but a lot of them are rooting for our side, the underdog in this fight, but will not let us score unless we stand up and play the game (or at least attempt to play the game) as well as the other team. They respect that and in every instance that I have been in front of a court Pro Se (which has been at least four or five times) the judges have all stated how much they respect my courage and willingness to stand up and fight. I think many in our generation, and the generations after us, are weak and fragile and think they are owed everything, including their unconditional freedoms and want to ask of our country and not ask what they can do for it, just the opposite as what JFK stated we should be doing. I have never done crap for this country really, until now I have been pretty much expecting from it and doing my thing. I feel so frigging American when I step into that court room Pro Se and it is a small price and effort to pay compared to our founders and our fathers, grandfathers etc. So the best thing I can tell you guys is to stand up, show up, speak up, and if you do not like something that is going on in our country do something about it like Robert Curtis who goes around to barber shops educating the public, or run for office, or create lobby groups, or learn how to fight in the courts or whatever, and come on here and talk about what you have done for yourself and/or the country to better either one. Believe me if I lose on this then I will have lost faith in our system as well “but” at least I know I tried and I will never give in or up, I will have a case pending forever if I have to. Wow that was a lot…….LOL…
        About Kavanaugh, I listened closely to his confirmation hearing and I think he is a great pick and will be on the right side of a decision without bias and according to his constitutional duties. He apparently has not shirked his duties and/or hesitated to rule according to his interpretation of the laws and the constitution and is well aware that precedents are just starting points and not set in stone as SCOTUS has stated in an opinion written by Chief Justice Rehnquist and joined by Justices Kennedy and O’Connor, where the Court addressed whether the principles of stare decisis counseled standing by the flawed opinion in Pennsylvania v. Union Gas 491 U.S. 1, 13–19 (1989). See Seminole Tribe of Florida v. Florida, 517 U.S. 44 (1996) “Nevertheless, stare decisis was no more than a “principle of policy” and not an “inexorable command.” Id. “[W]hen governing decisions are unworkable or are badly reasoned, this Court has never felt constrained to follow precedent. Our willingness to reconsider our earlier decisions has been particularly true in constitutional cases, because in such cases correction through legislative action is practically impossible.” Id. (citations omitted) (internal quotation marks omitted). So anyway, I stated my point and opinion and everyone has one so don’t hate me and just wish me luck and until then bash the judicial and our country all you want, but if you do not put your dog in the fight do not plan on winning….Here is what Kavanaugh stated about precedent: Maybe he will see my case as the second greatest moment in Supreme Court history.

        But Kavanaugh allowed that the high court reverses its own precedents from time to time. He pointed to one such reversal — Brown v. Board of Education, which ended the “separate but equal” doctrine — as “the single greatest moment in Supreme Court history.”
        Justice Neil Gorsuch said the same thing during his confirmation hearings, then promptly overturned a 40-year-old precedent via his vote in Janus v. AFSCME.

        I truly believe, and will continue to believe, that the people appointed to the highest court in our country are decent and principled and not the evil doers that people make them out to be. I guess I am still a patriot and believe in our country but we will see when my Pro Se case comes before them…

        • E

          Preach, mike r!!

          Great image: “What has happened is that we are in a playoff game and our team is standing on the sidelines complaining about how bad we are losing but all we have done is stick our players out on the field with no one knowing the rules and with out any equipment to play with.”

  10. TG

    One of the things I miss the most in my life since my conviction? There are many, many things. But what is on my mind lately is the loss of worry-less sleep.

    I have not had such a sleep since I was arrested in November 2001. Most nights I wake up every night at around 3 a.m. worrying about some damn thing or another, most of which have to do with my SO status.

  11. AnotherAnon

    Today reminds me of the 1920’s and 30’s and the eugenics movement. The movement really got going after a tough 1921 Immigration law. Eugenics was taught in American schools and spread throughout the world. There was a supreme court case that approved sterilization (Buck v Bell) and the Nazis were inspired by and expanded on the American eugenics movement and even used it as a defense at the Nuremberg trials (see the doc, Paragraph 175 The attack was on a broader range of people and slowed way down after Skinner v Oklahoma (the government attempted to sterilize a thief.)

    The fight today is for more than our own individual rights. It is against history repeating itself.

    Eugenics and the Nazis — the California connection

    Skinner v. Oklahoma

    Buck v Bell

    You see the similarities? It is necessary to be vigilant especially when the gov’ment gets arrogant.

  12. mike r

    Exactly one year today since I filed my complaint and am still waiting for a decision on the partial motion to dismiss…Do not know if this is normal but it seems as though the judge must be seriously considering the issues I brought….

    • E @ mike r

      Do you have a date for trial on the other issues, or does that not happen till after this is decided? Holy cow, this isn’t even the appeal yet and it all moves so slowly.

      • mike r @ E

        No there is no set trial date yet, not even a scheduling order, it is pretty much on hold until the first ruling.

  13. G

    Found this article, wanted to share.

    Twentieth Century Fox pulls scene from ‘The Predator’ after director casts his friend, a registered sex offender – Los Angeles Times

  14. Tired of this

    Janice, are you able or willing to reach out to McLetchie Shell, the Vegas-based civil rights attorneys appealing (next week, apparently) the Nevada SC decision to implement the AWA (AB 579)? I’m really hoping they are fully aware of all the recent court decisions around the country in our favor which could be used to bolster their argument. This is kind of a shot in the dark and I understand you are busy, but I believe we could benefit greatly from your expertise over here.

    • jd

      How did you find out that this is going to curt next week? I can’t find any information about that anywhere.

      • Tired of this

        @jd: Well, I didn’t hear from official channels, but from another commenter, that an appeal would be heard on the 10th, so you might take it with a grain of salt. I’ve tried contacting their office myself but I’m told I must schedule a phone consultation to even talk to them, which of course requires $$$.

  15. MS

    Hoping for some input/non-legal advice regarding a 17b motion for reduction. Has anybody here filed one and been denied? I was granted mine about a year and a half ago but I know of another person (CP possession) that was recently denied. Sounds like probation recommended that the judge deny the petition and the judge did. Judge said to try again in a year. Anybody here have a similar experience and did you have to wait the full year? Perhaps a heartfelt letter to probation (although after the fact) pointing out what a reduction would mean (job opportunities, being removed ML site, etc) could make a difference on the 2nd attempt? Don’t understand why probation would throw him under the bus when he had done his time, paid his fines, completed counseling, no violations, etc. It really upset me.

  16. David Kennerly's Government-Driven Life

    H.R.6691 – Community Safety and Security Act of 2018, 115th Congress (2017-2018) to “To amend title 18, United States Code, to clarify the definition of “crime of violence”, and for other purposes.”

    Three guesses… ““(a) The term ‘crime of violence’ means an offense— ““(i) is murder, voluntary manslaughter, assault, sexual abuse or aggravated sexual abuse, abusive sexual contact, child abuse, kidnapping, robbery, carjacking, firearms use, burglary, arson, extortion, communication of threats, coercion, fleeing, interference with flight crew members and attendants, domestic violence, hostage taking, stalking, human trafficking, piracy, or a terrorism offense as described in chapter 113B (other than in section 2332d);…”

  17. Mike G

    I went in today to do my annual registration (for the 23rd time). The form, which used to be both sides of one sheet of paper is now 5 pages, both sides of two sheets plus one more one-sided sheet. It now takes 3 pages to list all the restrictions I am subject to, and I must initial each one. I admit to mostly skimming over these items in the past, but two of them caught my eye this time:

    16._____ Campus registration must be in person unless I am enrolled in an online course which does not require my presence at an institution of higher learning in California. I must register for online courses by mailing the Department of Justice Online Course Registration Form to the campus police department, or if no campus police department exists, to the law enforcement agency having jurisdiction over that campus, within five (5) working days of commencement of my term of enrollment. When I cease being enrolled at that institution, I must notify the registering agency for the campus within five (5) working days. (PC, §§ 290.009, 290.01) The DOJ Online Course Registration Form is available at

    Okay, so I am confused. Is this for online classes only at California schools or anywhere in the country? I was considering taking an online course from a midwestern college. To do that, I must send them a DOJ form? What kind of possible danger can I be to a college thousands of miles away by taking an online class with them through the internet??

    17._____ I understand that if I wish to come into any school building or upon any school ground (grades K-12), I must have a lawful purpose and written permission from the school’s chief administrative officer indicating the date(s) and time(s) for which permission has been granted. (PC, § 626.81)

    So, a few weeks ago before school started, when I helped my wife carry boxes of stuff into her classroom, I was what? Committing a felony?

    Is this piling on of new stuff, or have I just missed these in years past?
    Stressing that I could easily be commiting crimes without even knowing it…..

    • Lake County

      The restriction on school property has been around for a long time. So yes, you committed a crime and could have been sent to prison. I would suggest to everyone that you must read the rules that you are signing. Everyone should have been given a copy which you should take the time to thoroughly read once you get home.

      • Mike G

        @Lake County
        I appreciate the info. Can you tell me when the School Property restriction went into effect? I’m curious now as to whether I have committed a dozen or two felonies, or hundreds.

        • AO

          @Mike G, the school grounds thing has been around at least 5 years since the first time I had to register. Likewise the college thing but I don’t know the answer to your question regarding that.

          Amazing how we are “committing” a felony which can put us away for far longer than our original sentence for doing a strictly not criminal thing like helping your spouse and/or supporting your child.

      • jd

        In Los Angeles County, the bit about school grounds is a recent addition. It appeared on my husband’s form for the first time this year. The officer actually pointed out the addition to him (but at the same time said he didn’t need to notify campus police if he took online classes).

    • TG

      For what it’s worth, being on a school campus for a RC is a misdemeanor, not a felony.

      • jd

        My husband specifically asked an officer at his last registration appointment if he had to notify anyone if he were taking an online class. He was told he did not. It’s nice that even the police don’t know the law.

    • jd

      Yes, exactly HOW are you a danger to anyone in an online class? When did this part of the law go into effect and, more importantly, WHY? Is there a way to legally challenge this?

    • AW

      I have been taking classes for a year online through a UC Continuing Education program. I just became aware of this online registration requirement through this discussion. When I asked about registering at my last appointment, my local PD told me I didn’t need to register for online classes, despite what I now just discovered was/is part of the registration requirements.

      I just called the PD of the UC where I am taking the continuing education. He said if I had to physically take a test or show up for the online class on campus for any reason, I had to register. I didn’t have to register for 100% online classes. This, of course, is wrong, but consistent with the answer my local PD gave me (which is in a different jurisdiction). Are LE reading a different law than we are? Perhaps they don’t want to deal with the paperwork, and thus willfully/subconsciously have ignored this part of 290? What would they do with the information if I sent this form to them, if they don’t think I need to do it? It definitely seems like a waste of everyone’s time, and I’m not sure I’m going to send in the form given that neither end of the supposed communication(s) this form purports will happen know that this requirement exists.

  18. mike r

    The one thing about judge Kennedy leaving is now when one of our cases come before SCOTUS, which it eventually will, now the court has to refute Kennedy’s “frightening and high” comment. I think as a rule Judges are more reluctant to criticize one of their own after retirement and it is going to make Kennedy look the fool for being duped. Whoever brings that argument better have finesse and make sure they stress the point it was the gov officials fault by pointing out the Solicitor General is the one that presented the 80% crap. And just like I’ve pointed out in my case, anyone would have considered 80% recidivism as frightening and high and the registry justifiable if it were true. I cannot think of any other case quite like this where the court was presented with this kind of sittuation, especially not one that is as far reaching and as consequential. I really think the court’s going to be pissed.

  19. Mot

    What is the advantage of getting a 1203.4 ? Will my name come off Megan? Can I not have to register? Can I then be allowed to own a firearm? Will I have to worry about the Tiered System at all?

    • NPS

      What is the advantage of getting a 1203.4 ? You can legally say that you were not convicted of a felony. It won’t show on some background checks (housing, jobs as long as they don’t require license or is governmental)

      Will my name come off Megan? Depends on the charge and if the conviction was a misdemeanor. I was never on the public site to begin with. I’m not sure about others who have expungements and whether or not they were ever listed. Perhaps others can weigh in.

      Can I not have to register? You still have to register. There’s a small group of us (myself included) who comment on this site and that’s our biggest gripe; we have an expunged record, but we still have to register.

      Can I then be allowed to own a firearm? Only if your conviction was a misdemeanor. If it’s a wobbler, file the 17b to have it reduced to a misdemeanor when filing a 1203.4

      Will I have to worry about the Tiered System at all? Again, that depends on the charge. As far as I know, and anyone can correct me, all misdemeanors will be Tier 1. If your case is expunged, it’s Tier 1.

  20. B.Wat.

    Check this out guys, I was reading about Korematsu vs United States ( he was a Japanese American who was confined in one of the Interment camps during WWII )and came upon something called a writ of Coram Nobis. What it is ( and I’m quoting Wikipedia here} “ a legal order allowing a court to correct it’s original judgment upon discovery of a fundamental error that did not appear in the records of the original judgment’s proceedings and would have prevented the judgment from being pronounced “.
    Couldn’t we use this to correct the SCOTUS fundamental blunder in Smith vs. Doe ,in particular former Justice Kennedy’s statement about Sex Offenders having an 80% recidivism rate being frightening and high?
    There are numerous studies that have been done by qualified experts, that have proven this to be totally wrong!

  21. David Kennerly is Frightening and High

    “Candidate rails against sex offenders at school polling places” In watching the video, this guy appears to not even be convincing himself. A very bad acting performance from a bad actor.

  22. C

    As much as I hate it, I think my wife and kids will enjoy an Alaskan cruise. Do we have list of cruise lines that service the Pacific Northwest and don’t screen for registrants? Likewise, does anyone know if the railway excursion operators screen passengers? Last November I planned to enjoy a train ride in AZ and, in the process of buying tickets online, discovered they run background checks on passengers. A$$holes.

    Last year I took my father in law fishing and bought my fishing license on the boat. They had possession of my DL for a little while and when a deck hand gave it back he was very cold toward me, as was the rest of the crew for the rest of the day. (Guess who got a bad Yelp review.) Ever since then, I’ve checked into hotels, campgrounds, amuzement parks, etc. with a bit more apprehension than I used to.
    Anyway, if anyone has info on friendly cruise lines I am most grateful.

    • Mot

      I did an Alaska cruise a few years ago and the ship stopped in BC Canada for a short time; to allow them to be able to open the casino while at sea; I was called out and taken to the Canadian Border Patrol and threatened with arrest for being a sex offender and entering the country illegally

      • AnonMom

        Stories like this piss me off! My husband and I love to travel, and couldn’t wait to expose our daughter to the world and experiences. It seems more and more bleak everyday- my daughter will be disadvantaged by this stupid list. She did nothing wrong, I did nothing wrong, yet family vacations are not allowed because of some made up statistics that scared people into ostricizing registered citizens.

        It makes no sense to go on a boat and threaten someone of criminal charges when that person had no control over the boat stopping there!

        I’m like many of you, I continue to be flabbergasted at the audacity of the government, and the population in general, that this is allowed to continue.

        Ok rant over! And i too would be interested in friendly businesses that we could utilize when traveling. We can travel far until probation is over, but i plan to set up something as soon as we are allowed.

        • AnotherAnon

          I have long thought it is moms like you with children that have the best arguments against a public registry. This is likely a fundamental foundation of Women Against the Registry. If enough of you keep a well detailed journal, including video and sound recordings where legal, of you and your children suffering under the registry, it would topple the entire concept. For the children? Like your daughter? Call ’em on it.

          It was easy to arrive at this conclusion after reading about the abusive “therapy” done to minors accused of sex offenses. I’m sure I have a url stored somewhere in my hard drives’ history. Outrageous! Hint:

          penile plethysmograph (PPG)

          “A prisoner should not be compelled to stimulate himself sexually in order for the government to get a sense of his current proclivities.” –U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals Judge John Noonan

        • AnonMom

          @AnotherAnon- My daughter is still very young, so it is hard to express hardship on her, other than he isn’t allowed to assist in taking her to toddler classes (like art, dance, or tumbling) since I work full time, take her to the park, or have birthday parties for her ( he is still on paper). I fear when she starts school or soccer in a couple years there will be more opportunity to record issues, such as not attending games because they are on various school property, or school functions. These are all things that parents of well adjusted children attend. By shaming and limiting my husband with the registry, they are upping the probability that my daughter will dabble in drugs. My husband loves this girl more than anything and has so much to offer and share with her, but if he can’t participate in her extra curricular achievements, that will impact her greatly. I am a very opinionated person, and I am the type to raise hell over this type of stuff, but I am torn between staying quiet for my daughter’s sake, or raising hell for my daughter’s sake.

          I will definitely take your advice when applicable situations occur. I don’t condone what my husband did, but I know what he did is not who he is overall, as I am sure is the case for most of the people here.

        • AnotherAnon

          @AnonMom, I think being unable to participate in your daughter’s current activities is a serious harm to the family dynamics (and I always point to Skinner v Oklahoma for reasons why). You could write down things she says about it and keep them for future reference. All these “little things” can add up to trauma for a child. It’s only common sense, but needs documented. A video of her at dance class wishing her daddy was with her could be powerful. If there were hundreds of these across the country, what “for the children” judge would not be moved?

          Granted, being on paper may cancel out objections currently, but once off paper and then the harm continues, it could add up big time. I really wish hundreds of moms would unite and document evidence in the form of journals, audio or video that could be inserted into the case file. I’m a big picture kind of guy because I don’t think harming children for the children makes any sense at all. Thanks for speaking up.

      • C

        Sorry this happened, but you kinda left us hanging here, buddy.
        What happened next, we’re you arrested and put on a plane home, allowed to get back on the boat or…?

      • mike r

        WOW! That is absolutely insane….I am surprised they let you back on the ship and continue the cruise, at least I am assuming they did???? So tell us more. Did they notify any authorities on the ship or anyone else? Did you finish the cruise? Was there any more issues? Did you have a good time besides that? Would you do it again? I was thinking about it but now I am not sure if I would want to be placed in that position….How frigging embarrassing, just like I stated in my suit,

        “Plaintiff is held up for scorn, scrutiny and shaming every time someone Googles his name or address, whether from a home computer or a smart phone. In an instant, his current photo shows up, his current address, and a laundry list of other personal information is cried out in the public square” and

        “Surely there can be modern day public shaming without reaching the far removed barbaric example of corporal punishment or physically attached badges of shame. Shaming occurs in both the hyper social media world and rolls over to the physical world as well.” and one more

        “That is public shaming with everything except being physical held up locked and chained in the town square or carrying a brand or marker of shame.”

        • Mot

          I was escorted back to the ship by a ship employee; they did send officers from the Border Patrol to my stateroom and go through my computer; my wife was there; she said they were polite. I had no idea that felons from the USA are not allowed into Canada; there were others who had DUI’s who were questioned and returned; I was made to sit in the hall way of the Border Patrol as others came and went; they told me I could be sent to jail for 10 years for entering the country illegally. I will spend my travel time in the USA from now on

    • Mike G

      My wife and I took an Alaska Cruise with Carnival in June 2016. We had a great time. We took a train trip from Skagway up to the Canadian border. Actually, the train had to move into Canada for a while to get out of the way of another train. They told us we had to stay on the train since we weren’t cleared into Canada. On the last evening of the cruise, we stopped in Victoria, BC. They told us we should have a photo ID if we left the ship. My wife and I went into Victoria, but they didn’t check anything – they just smiled and welcomed us to Canada. We spent a few hours wandering around Victoria and only needed our cruise ID to leave Canada and get back on the ship.
      Right after we returned, I read that Carnival would not allow Registered persons, and I read horror stories about Registered persons having serious issues with Canadian customs just by being on the ship. I don’t know if there was something different about our situation, or if we just got lucky, but it was a great trip.

      • Mot

        Either you were good lucky or I was bad lucky. I had to fill out a form on the ship and I am assuming that is how they ran me. We did not take the train trip just Seattle to Alaska and back

        • Mike G


          What kind of form was that? Was it from Carnival or Canadian Customs? Was Carnival aware of your status at that time?

          Just curious (and sorry for your apparent bad luck).

        • C

          Thanks for the rest of the story about your troubled cruise. It’s too bad the cruise line could not subtley warn passengers that Canadians will be screening everyone so those with concerns could opt to hang back.
          Years ago I tried to eacape to Canada and was denied. The process did educate me that they wont let anyone with a felony cross their borders, which is why I’m looking for a way to visit Alaska as easily as I can Arizona.

    • jd

      Running background checks on train passengers? How does this not violate some law? So cruise lines, now trains. What’s next? Planes? I think it’s time we stop struggling to keep track of all these laws and start challenging them.

  23. Sunny

    An out of state anti-gay hate group that’s been stalking me for years took a screenshot of my profile on the Megan’s Law website and posted it to his Twitter profile with hateful language encouraging others to harass me. Twitter refuses to remove it. I’ve reported it to police and the Megan’s Law agency and I filed for a Protection from Harassment Order. I will update if the court or law enforcement takes any action specific to him posting my entire Megan’s Law profile to Twitter (although the individual has been doing much more than just that).

  24. Matthew

    While we are a few years away, I wonder how this tiered registry will work when it comes to expungement and reductions. While I seen it talked about a lot, there really hasn’t been solid proof or wording on how it will be used in regards to tiers. The other thing is since it will be in tiers, do you still have register in a different state (if you are granted relief by California?). While it may seem 100% that you wouldn’t have to, I can see it getting really messy.
    We are still breathing and proud of all of you for not giving up when I can easily assume that many of us thought about quitting but yet we keep coming back to this site to get as much info as possible.

  25. AnotherAnon

    Against Prediction: Profiling, Policing, and Punishing in an Actuarial Age Reprint Edition
    by Bernard E. Harcourt (Author)

    From routine security checks at airports to the use of risk assessment in sentencing, actuarial methods are being used more than ever to determine whom law enforcement officials target and punish. And with the exception of racial profiling on our highways and streets, most people favor these methods because they believe they’re a more cost-effective way to fight crime.

    In Against Prediction, Bernard E. Harcourt challenges this growing reliance on actuarial methods. These prediction tools, he demonstrates, may in fact increase the overall amount of crime in society, depending on the relative responsiveness of the profiled populations to heightened security. They may also aggravate the difficulties that minorities already have obtaining work, education, and a better quality of life—thus perpetuating the pattern of criminal behavior. Ultimately, Harcourt shows how the perceived success of actuarial methods has begun to distort our very conception of just punishment and to obscure alternate visions of social order. In place of the actuarial, he proposes instead a turn to randomization in punishment and policing. The presumption, Harcourt concludes, should be against prediction.

  26. cool CA RC

    The board of Coalinga Regional Medical Center announced the district has filed for chapter 9 bankruptcy protection.

    The hospital first announced in May that it would be closing its emergency room. A plan to keep the hospital operating under new management failed soon after, and all hospital operations seized in June.

    A chapter 9 filing is a type of bankruptcy reorganization available to municipalities and certain governmental agencies. The filing in U.S. Bankruptcy Court on Sept. 7 lists estimated assets as well as liabilities of between $10 million and $50 million.

    “We have struggled for several years due to low reimbursement rates and declining patient census,” said Sandy Beach, current board chairwoman who has served on the body for more than 15 years.

    CEO Wayne Allen said the chapter 9 filing “will best protect patients, employees and citizens of the district.”

    “We are confident we can increase our revenues and address our expenses to the point we can reopen and provide health care services,” he added.

    Fresno bankruptcy attorney Riley C. Walter represents the district. He said the hospital is the victim of similar forces that led to chapter 9 cases for rural hospitals in Dinuba, Avenal, Corcoran, Reedley, Tulare and Kingsburg.

    “By filing chapter 9 the hospital will receive breathing room from pending lawsuits and this will allow the board and staff to refocus on financial rehabilitation rather than putting out fires,” Walter said.

    With nearly 16,600 residents, Coalinga’s next closest emergency room is about 40 miles away in Hanford.

    “The people of the District need and deserve an acute care facility,” Allen said. “This is more beginning than the end.”

    • cool CA RC

      My bad I got this confused with the STATE hospital. This is the local hospital sorry

      • David Kennerly is Frightening and High

        cool CA RC, Well, it certainly has some relevance to Coalinga State Hospital as the local community hospital, which this story is about, would be CSH’s primary means of obtaining emergency services for its hosprisoners who, after all, do not enjoy the luxury of available medical treatment at Coalinga State HOSPITAL. Indeed, on the sign outside of CSH the words “No Emergency Services Available” are made clear to the naive passers-by lest they confuse CSH with a real hospital and not simply a sham with the pretense of medicalism for the purpose of subverting justice. As Michael St. Martin reported a number of months ago, however, CSH’s “patients” were not welcome at the local hospital or, for that matter, at any medical clinics within more than a hundred miles from CSH since CSH is not in the habit of paying their medical bills on the rare occasions when they occasionally do send their “patients” out of CSH for medical treatment. It’s easy to confuse Coalinga State Hospital with a real hospital until you realize that the staff of CSH have refused to perform emergency resuscitation on “patients” there who then died as a result. [See: “As Frank Valado Lay Dying…” on YouTube ]

  27. NPS

    Interesting news out of Oregon:

    The accused pushed forward with the trial and was convicted. Innocence Project to his case. Turns out, the girl lied about being sexually molested.

    When you’re facing 50 years or more, why wouldn’t you take a plea for a few months even if you are innocent. Granted, this guy didn’t do that, but I have no doubt that others take a plea deal out of fear even though they were factually innocent or even factually the victim.

  28. just me

    could the be used for RC blocking from using the facebook?

    Attorney General Jeff Sessions will meet with state attorneys general this month to discuss a “growing concern” that social media companies “may be hurting competition and intentionally stifling the free exchange of ideas on their platforms.”
    The Justice Department announced in a statement Wednesday it would hold a meeting this month to discuss with state attorneys general the “growing concern” that social media companies are limiting competition and “stifling the free exchange of ideas on their platforms.”
    The announcement came several days after President Donald Trump accused several social media giants of suppressing the popularity of conservatives on their outlets, allegations that have been denied by the companies.
    Devin O’Malley, a spokesman for the Justice Department, said in a statement that Attorney General Jeff Sessions would discuss possible censorship concerns during a meeting of all state attorneys general.
    “The Attorney General has convened a meeting with a number of state attorneys general this month to discuss a growing concern that these companies may be hurting competition and intentionally stifling the free exchange of ideas on their platforms,” the statement said.
    Conservatives have long alleged that social media companies have not given their voices a fair hearing on the platforms, with the most recent accusations coming from the president, who said Google had “rigged” search results against him. Google denied the claim.
    Trump also said that internet giants such as Google, Amazon, and Facebook could be a “very antitrust situation.”
    O’Malley’s statement also said the department “listened … closely” to testimony during a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing held Wednesday during which several tech leaders, including the CEO of Twitter and the chief operating officer of Facebook, testified about foreign influence during the election.

  29. USA

    MS, I had the same thing happen when I filed my 17 B. I went back 3-6 months later. Granted. I later just mailed in my pc 1203.4! Good luck

    • MS

      Thanks USA! That’s promising. He is considering giving it 4 months and then trying again January of next year. Once the 17b is granted he will be able to get removed from public disclosure which is nice for those that can qualify for it.

  30. Tired of this

    It was stated by another commenter earlier that an appeal would be heard in NV regarding AB579/AWA on Monday, 9/10. Can anyone confirm this? Are there any updates?

    • will it ever end

      Have phone consultation friday evening with McLetchie and Shell will let you know what they say about AB579

      • Tired of this

        @will it ever end: Awesome. Thanks.

        • will it ever end

          Talked to Alina Shell and Robert Langford at McLetchie Shell in Nevada. Bad news. The stay has been lifted and AB579 is in effect.Good news. They have ongoing litgation and are continuing the fight against AB579.

  31. Matt

    I have been torpedoed from the 3rd job I’ve taken in 2018. I am done trying. In order to clear my head, I want to go camping and be in some peace before the weather changes. My question: Does anybody know if we are allowed to camp in national or sate parks? I am a California-Stan resident and plan to camp within California-Stan. I have checked their websites and can find no mention of any rules around this. If anybody knows where the information is, or can share any experience you’ve had, I would appreciate it.

    • Political Prisoner

      There are no laws for national or state parks the prevent register citizens from using their parks. I go camping all the time in southern Cali even when I was on paper.

    • Tired of this

      @Matt: Your best bet might be non-reservation campgrounds- i.e. self-pay, where you simply put cash in an envelope and write your site number and vehicle on a slip of paper and drop it in the box. This is what I have done and there was no problem.

    • ocguy

      There are no presence restrictions, period, in California (for those not on parole or probation and possibly subject to individual restrictions). This organization got its start around the time of Predator Park Panic in Orange County and beyond, attending many local hearings speaking against these ordinances. See here.

      Unforgettable the sight of the OC District Attorney, T-Rack, getting schooled by that elderly City Council woman in Lake Forest in, I want to say, Winter 2012. Good times!

      However, even those silly laws were local / municipal ordinances and never affected state / national areas.

      These ordinances were put out of commission for good by Godinez and Nguyen, as local laws cannot trump state law, and state law explicitly and purposely does not ban anyone from public parks.

      • ocguy

        On a “hows them apples” note, one of the Council Members who voted for the parks ban – Carlos Bustamante of Santa Ana – ended up convicted of Felony Sexual Battery (attempted) not long after those hearings. Which should put him in the Zip Code Category on the Megans Law web site. I always wondered why he does not show up on there.

      • AO

        @ocguy – That’s not entirely true. We’re still restricted from being on K-12 school grounds for any reason without explicit permission from the school. Other than that, we can live and go wherever we like. Though that one restriction is a killer for parents and family members. I’m resigned to never being able to legally witness my nephews school activities in person because of this.

        • ocguy

          This is true. I was thinking of recreational areas open to the public. Quite frankly, I see no reason why anyone is allowed on school grounds (during hours of operation) without a valid purpose. Be that a parent, a worker or a service provider.

          Why are registrants banned? How many of them have abused a pupil on school grounds before 2006 (when this became law as part of Prop 83) and after 2006? My guess is, the answer is zero in both cases.

          It is pretty obvious, why, as expressed here (by a County Sheriff, no less)

          ““I have kids in middle school and in high school, and I frankly don’t want these people in here,” said Bartlett.”

          It has been linked here before… several times convicted felon, woman beater and minor celebrity Chris Brown not only attending but being celebrated at a basketball game at Fairfax or Westchester High School. Why should he be allowed to attend and not a player’s parent or relative?

          In addition to student matters, this restricts 290s from weekend activities like Rec Dept activities like doggy class, community sponsored recycling events or, of course, emergency shelter and supply points during a natural disaster. All valid business and tax payer funded.

          Far be it from me to whine “someone needs to sue abc for xyz” but this is a prime candidate. Parental involvement is recognized to be a major factor for student success. Not only is this law unnecessary and unjust, it is a huge disservice to the children.

    • C

      Sorry to hear you lost your job – I know how that feels and my heart goes out to you.
      With regard to camping, it looks like you got some good advice regarding the absence of restrictions. I’m always leery of being refused entry or getting a chilly vibe from staff. To avoid awkward scenarios, I book hotel and other reservations online using my business credit card and office address. I still have to show my ID of course, when checking into hotels, and it might not help at all, but it makes me feel a little better.

      As for getting canned due to your past, if you have a skill and the entrepreneurial spirit, look into starting a business, preferably one which your clients won’t require a background check. If you’re employed full time and lose your job, 100% of your income vaporizes in that instant, but if a single client leaves, you’ve only lost that percentage of revenue. (That in mind, don’t hitch your company wagon to one major cash cow.)

      Good luck, my friend, and I hope you’re soon a happy camper!

    • James

      Sorry to hear about losing your job. I’ve camped serval times throughout Cali, never had an issue. I have both a CA and NPS annual passes. If your a Disabled person or Veteran you get the passes for free. I hope things get better, hang on, god bless.

      • Matt

        Thank you to all those who responded to my question about camping. I have just returned from a few days in the camper. I wish I could have stayed for the rest of my life. I had no issues. It was a national park. It allowed me to clear my head, read a couple books, and enjoy some peace and quiet. Now that I’m back, I will restart a business I used to have. I took a job in 2017 and closed my business. I thought it would be okay. My case was settled 15 years ago and it was in a different county. I was wrong. In 2018, I took three more jobs. The moment I was discovered, I was out the door. So I have now been torpedoed from four professional jobs in just over a year. I am college educated and over qualified for all of these jobs. And I was outperforming all of my peers. That may have been part of the problem, in hindsight. I will never, ever put myself out there like that again. It was like fighting my case all over again. Gut punch, after gut punch, after gut punch. Self employment until a COR or death. And even if I do, by some miracle, get a COR, I will probably remain self employed. The chances of ongoing harassment, terminations, and humiliation will be less if I get to choose who I work for. Again, thank you to all those who responded. I needed the getaway, but I needed to be sure it wouldn’t be salt in the wound.

  32. R M

    LI school cancels activities after sex offenders allowed to vote

    “Please be advised that all evening activities after 7:00 P.M. have been canceled in all Levittown School Buildings on [Sept. 13], except for Levittown Memorial, where there is no voting.”

    Good! Let the public “suffer” some as we have and not have activities at these places on the vote day.

    “Please be advised that we have assigned additional security to ensure that members of the public who come into our schools to vote are able to access the polling place, only,” the notice said.”

    Another good! Let the public pay a little more to pay for these additional security tyrants.

  33. David Kennerly's Government-Driven Life

    Shreveport (Campti), Louisiana – “Sex offender arrested in Campti library”

    His only crime is that he is on the Registry and was recognized by cops doing a walk-through.

  34. James

    Question. Can anyone recommend a Therapist that can evaluate me that I am not a threat to society as a RC? AWA application to get my wife to become a citizen. I live in the LA area. Thank you, God bless.

    • Lake County

      You cannot sponsor anyone to become a citizen or get a visa. You might find an expert to say you’re a low risk, but it’s doubtful anyone would say you’re no risk.

    • CR

      @Lake County, I was able to do it. I petitioned on behalf of my husband, and he is now a legal resident. It took a very long time, and we had to jump through a lot of hoops. So while it is very difficult, and reportedly very few petitions are granted, it is not impossible.

      @James, the question will not be whether or not you pose a threat to society, but whether you pose a threat to the safety and well-being of the person you are sponsoring, and any possible derivative beneficiary.

      The letter I got from CIS (Request for Evidence and Notice of Intent to Deny) said this:

      “USCIS interprets the “poses no risk to the beneficiary” provision to mean that a petitioner must post no risk to the safety or well-being of the beneficiary, which includes the principal beneficiary and any alien derivative beneficiary.”

      What you need is a good immigration lawyer. If you can find one who has succeeded with Adam Walsh Act immigration issues, all the better. Probably not many have. Our lawyer had never dealt with an Adam Walsh Act situation, but he studied it, made a plan, we followed it, and it worked. I’ve described it already in a couple of lengthy posts elsewhere on this site. Look for it, it may give you some insight.

      The letter I got also said this:

      “Your Form I-130 petition must be denied under the Adam Walsh Act of 2006 unless you submit evidence that clearly demonstrates, beyond any reasonable doubt, that you pose no risk to the safety and well-being of the Beneficiary, ___________, and/or any derivative beneficiary.

      In the instant case, the appropriate analysis is whether or not you have submitted sufficient evidence that clearly demonstrates, beyond any reasonable doubt, that you pose no risk to the safety and well-being of the beneficiary.

      It is true that your criminal history does not include offenses against adult males, that you appear to have been in a long-term relationship with the Beneficiary before marriage, and that you have been married to the Beneficiary for approximately two years. Nevertheless, the criminal offense contained in your criminal history is severe, and USCIS is obligated to analyze rehabilitative evidence against the weight of criminal history, with respect to the beneficiary’s safety.”

      It was a four page letter, plus another page of citations of the applicable parts of the Adam Walsh Act. I won’t post much more from it because it is highly personal and details my specific offenses. The letter you get will be different from mine; it will be tailored specifically to your offenses and your beneficiary. That is why you don’t want to start with a therapist. Start with a top-notch immigration lawyer, and let him direct your efforts and response. You will doubtless have to meet with one or more therapists, probably a number of times, but let the lawyer plan the strategy before you do anything.

      I can say without doubt that my husband and I would not have succeeded if we had attempted to do this on our own.

      • @James Re: I-130

        @James, @Lake Co, @CR

        Your conversation piqued my interest. I work at an immigration law firm, and I decided to check on whether or not an RC can sponsor their spouse for a green card. The answer is YES. The issue, as CR stated, is whether or not you are a danger to your spouse. Adam Walsh Act puts that burden of proof on the petitioner.

        The law firm I work for has worked on “Adam Walsh Act Cases”. I don’t know how many the firm has done, but I did find two cases saved as templates for filing I-130 under the AWA. One of the cases had appealed the denial because the court said the Petitioner didn’t show proof. In fact he did. And the appeal was ruled in his favor and his wife got her green card. The other case just had all its ducks in a row with the Petitioner providing all evidence of his rehabilitation when filing the I-130. This case was also a success.

        @James, if you are in California and wish to research this law firm, please provide your email. I often comment on here under a different handle, but I chose not to use it for this comment. I wish to remain anonymous and keep my employer anonymous.

  35. James

    Operation Boo is coming up, as a RC what should I expect (not on probation)? I’m new to Cali. Thanks

    • Lake County

      No worries about Operation Boo in CA for those not on probation of parole. Feel free to hand out candy if you want. Although probably not a good idea.

      • James

        Sweet, I’ll be at the Casino that day, just didn’t want a surprise visit. Thanks.

  36. KM in SoCal

    I need a little info if possible. Can an R.C. in California use/check out books from a public library? I asked the local Public Defenders office and was told “Since public libraries are public spaces you probably are NOT allowed to be there”, I called my former P.O as I am off paper. And was told to “check your Sex Offender registration papers” there is nothing on it about libraries.

    • James

      I just moved to the LA area, I got a library card last week, it was fast, and never had an issue. It helps that this particular library is separated 1st floor adults, 2nd floor minors.

    • R M

      “Since public libraries are public spaces you probably are NOT allowed to be there”

      Huh? You can’t be in a public space????

  37. AnotherAnon

    I have 3 or 4 different library cards and being an RC was never an issue, not for visiting the library and not for checking out books. But then, I always returned them on time or paid the fine quickly!

  38. Matthew

    California ban the box:
    As most of us know, no employer (a few exceptions) can ask about criminal record prior to extending you a job offer. They can only conduct one after a job offer. They then can rescind the offer but must give you the reason and you have the ability to appeal…
    In order to show that the registry is affecting people in daily life, lets all keep record of whatever job has rejected us based on an old record or even current record. Keep note of what your current status is: expunged, reduced, etc. It can easily help court hearings in the future. While some companies will say that we popped up on the RC list, we can use that to say that the background check for a job is not suppose to based decisions on finding us on a list. If your record was expunged, sealed, etc they won’t be able to use that as well as any applicant has a right to appeal their findings within 5 days.
    I think the more proof that is there, it will only help RCs.

  39. Craig

    I have to come to California for about 8 days, I have researched what I need to do as far as letting the state know that I am there, 5 days or more I need to register with the local police dept, tell them how long I will be in the city and when I am leaving is that it? My brother has cancer and I need to visit him while he is still alive, when I leave will they take me back off or do I stay on the list forever? Please if anyone knows for sure please reply. I am off paper and have been for years but do not want any problems. Thank you.

  40. AJ

    I just checked PACER for an update on Millard v. Rankin. The following was filed on 9/17/2018: “Calendar notice sent to counsel. Arguments to be held on 11/15/2018 at 9:00 AM in Courtroom III, Byron White United States Courthouse, Denver, CO.”

    • TS


      Thanks for the update on Millard.

      For everyone else, the length of oral arguments is 15 min per side.

      “Although some cases are decided based on written briefs alone, many cases are selected for an “oral argument” before the court. Oral argument in the court of appeals is a structured discussion between the appellate lawyers and the panel of judges focusing on the legal principles in dispute. Each side is given a short time — usually about 15 minutes — to present arguments to the court.”

    • TS

      In a follow up on @AJ’s Millard posting, people here may find this of interest: “Please be aware oral arguments are recorded. Per 10th Cir. R. 43.1(E)(1) audio recording will generally be posted on the court’s website within 48 hours.”

      So, in two months time, hopefully, the masses here and elsewhere will be able to hear the oral arguments presented in Millard v Rankin.

  41. Franco in OC

    Housing resources in California. Are there any?
    Upon release this year, my brother wants to parole from Idaho to California via Interstate Compact.
    Are there any housing resources (halfway houses, transitional homes) available?
    Foundations? Churches? Anything?…
    Any info is helpful.

    • Rick

      Company called Caring by Nature in SB County, and if he’s a Veteran he can use a program called the SSVF program to put into hosing for free up to a year.

      • Franco in OC

        Rick, thank you for the referral. I’ll check them out right away. He received a medical discharge from the Navy many years ago, so I’ll be sure to check into the SSVF program.

        Root and Rebound referred me to several sources. Three of them indicated they were amenable to accepting registered citizens into their programs, but when I asked to begin the enrollment process they stopped returning my calls.

        Thanks again,

        • Rick

          No problem, when I was released, I live in my suv in a Walmart parking lot because I lost everything while in jail for 3 months, I didn’t know anyone here because I moved to California a month before my conviction. But the SSVF program helped me, I’m back on my feet now and moving forward.

          Here is a link for the SSVF providers in the US:

          If they say they cannot help him then report it to the VA: Email:

          They’ll contact them and pull there grant if they don’t help him. I have a contact in San Bernardino County if you need it, Cathy is amazing.

        • Franco in OC

          Thank you, again, Rick.

          I want to make sure my brother doesn’t have to be subjected to the same thing you went through. I continue to shake my head that I lived my entire life with no awareness of how registered citizens are treated.

          Most generous of you to offer to intercede with Cathy on our behalf. Wish us luck!

  42. TS

    Has anyone seen this SMART office doc from March 2018 on SORNA Current Case Law and issues?

    It is an interesting doc and one that covers much of what is discussed here on court challenges, registration, etc. Maybe a worth while read to garner insight into what the USG sees on the topic and have something useful(?).

  43. TS

    To add another article to the registration requirement if adjudicated in another state discussion…

    Nebraska Supreme Court rules adjudicated juveniles must register

  44. Fugitive

    News from Silicon Valley. I have it on good authority from a business associate that his company is developing a facial recognition software where a person can take a photo of a person and then download it into their app and it will search databases for any info.

    We are becoming electrinic prey for the world. People will start randomly photographing and exposing people for any offense. Employers can use this instead of background checks. A business with CCTV can use this without your knowledge and you will never get past the first interview for a job.

    This is getting scary.

    • TS

      This walking around facial recognition technology app work is not new and has been around for a few years now.

  45. someone who cares

    That’s great news. With this facial recognition, they won’t be able to hire anyone then since 1 out of 4 people has a criminal record of some sort anyways, and they will be surprised at just how many there are that they have not suspected. With more and more offenses being deemed criminal, pretty sure, the companies will have to run on its own power, and better yet, fire themselves since I am sure there are some higher ups with secrets.

  46. David Kennerly's Government-Driven Life

    “Hendersonville man targets sex offenders in shooting rampage” “Sauer told investigators he searched the sex offender registry and chose two men whose acts he was “particularly disgusted by” and wanted to get justice.” This is in Tennessee. He didn’t shoot anyone but shot up their house.

    • R M

      Excellent! Attempted first degree murder… hope he rots in prison.

    • Matt

      But wait a second, David: We have all been told, for many years now, that registration is no more bothersome than signing up for membership at Price Club, right? This can’t possibly be correct! Registration is not punitive. It’s just a civil monitoring device for the safety of the public! Surely there is absolutely no way a case like this, or dozens of others, could be used to blow Kennedy’s blunder right out of the water. It absolutely sickens me to read stories like this. Especially when we are prohibited from protecting ourselves.

  47. TS

    Kavanaugh allegations: Is what someone does at age 17 relevant?

    “Science tells us teens don’t have full control of their impulses. That part of the brain is still developing into our 20s. So many teens make choices that aren’t necessarily indicators of how they will behave as adults.”

  48. David

    🇫🇷 Vive la France! 🇫🇷 When my Air France plane touched down at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris, my name was called over the plane’s speaker system and I was asked to please identify myself to a flight attendant, which I did. She then escorted me through all the waiting passengers to the front of the airplane, where I was met by a contingent of 5 armed French police officers. They confirmed my name and said “Please come with us.” They escorted me to a waiting police van and drove me to their substation in the airport. I waited approximately 20 minutes before they escorted me into an office and asked me several questions – why was I coming to France, where I intended to stay, when I was leaving, with whom I was travelling and, oddly, if I had health insurance coverage for my visit. (I don’t know what that last one was about). They asked my occupation, I told them and they seemed satisfied with my answers. (Frankly, their questions seemed somewhat scattered and impromptu, as if they had been told to pull me aside, but no one knew why or what they were attempting to determine.)
    In any case, that was the extent of their questions.

    They had me wait outside the office for a few minutes, then told me I was free to go, and they had another officer escort me through customs, past all of the lines of waiting people, directly to my baggage claim carousel, stopping only long enough sl9ng the way to have my passport stamped by the Customs officer . That was it. I boarded a train to central Paris and began my vacation.

    (Looking on the bright side: this encounter probably sped me through French Customs faster then one could normally get through.)

    • David Kennerly

      David, I’m glad that they let you into France but your experience is otherwise very disturbing. That they went to the trouble to pull you off of the plane indicates that your entry was far from assured and that they are taking U.S. notifications seriously, if that is, indeed, why they subjected you to such intense scrutiny.

      • David

        @ David K: I has not stopped on either of my two previous visits (one was pre-IML, the other was post-IML.) The difference this time is that I used the 21-day Advance Notification of Travel form provided by the California Attorney General’s Office and provided only the information required on that form. I did not provide to L.E. every single address at which I would be staying during my trip, as I had done in the past.

    • E @ David

      This is horrible for anyone used to flying into Schengen countries untroubled.
      … do you have a marked passport?
      … did they ask about a criminal conviction or your offense? When you left we’re they aware of your conviction?

      All the other questions, including health insurance, are very standard immigration questions in Europe.

      Oh, this makes my heart ache this morning. More fear and “chilling” of our “rights.”

      • David Kennerly

        E, yes, I share your disquietude and have all of the same questions plus some others. We need to first establish that he was pulled off the plane for reason of being on “the social-death list.” I’m urging David to provide more details; as many as he can remember. You know, as I’ve considered for some time, the reason why we have been getting into Western Europe so free and “unmolested” may not be because they’re so easy-going (and that varies, of course, by country) and certainly not because of any policy taken at the EU level, but possibly because they have not had the database access, for whatever reason, at least not until now. There was a story some months back about Amsterdam not having access to a database at Schipol that some felt was needed to better check visitors. If this is the case (and they will surely acquire it), then we may find that Europe’s welcome map becomes a good deal less inviting. I think that they will not block us, en masse, however. That wouldn’t be the European way and given the slightly lower temperature, and more nuanced view, overall, on all things “sex offender.” They are more likely to scrutinize us, one-by-one, as we wash up on their shores. I have only just begun to allow myself the luxury of considering to renew my passport of the damned and to return to the only continent that would still welcome me. It seems that such confidence may give way to something considerably less carefree.

      • David

        @ E @ David: No, I do not have a marked passport (though I fully anticipate receiving a State Department U.S. passport revocation letter after I returned home from my vacation).
        And, No, the French police did not ask any questions regarding any legal matters, criminal convictions, misdemeanors, parking tickets, library fines, nothing whatsoever – and definitely nothing about my felony conviction of 20+ years ago (which did involve a minor).
        That is why it seemed as if they were advised to “pull this guy (i.e., me) aside for extra scrutiny” but they were never informed as to what exactly they should be attending or about what they should be asking. Rather odd, huh?

        [But I’m looking on the bright side and I’ll probably provide only the minimum required information again the next time I travel. You see, I look at it this way: (1) I received special, expedited entrée to France!! 😃
        (2) I was the very 1st person to disembark from the plane, escorted by a flight attendant, right past EVERYONE else, including all 1st Class passengers!!!
        (3) My personal armed “security detail” greeted me by name and drove me to the terminal in a chauffeured vehicle – no waiting for a slow airport shuttle!
        And (4) there was no French Customs search of my luggage! After their short “welcoming ceremony”, an armed officer escorted me directly past ALL other arriving passengers, past Customs, and directly to my luggage carousel, stopping only long enough to have my passport stamped! (The officer said something to the Customs agent and Customs just stamped the passport.)
        So, all in all, the French government provided me with a personalized “Welcome” service that saved me about 30-45 minutes!!👍 Who knows, maybe next time, I’ll meet President Macron! And so, I say, with genuine appreciation:
        “🇫🇷 Vive la France!! 🇫🇷”

        • E @ David

          Your attitude cracks me up. Good job.

          This does remind me (shared about two months ago on this forum) of my recent experience . I had no issue at German passport control (as always) in May but then after my flight from Germany the Spain customs was waiting for me (normally NO document check on an intra-Schengen flight). They were checking all passports at the end of the gangway and as soon as they got to me they stopped checking and took me aside. Asked lots of questions just like you said. Ran my luggage through a scanner. No questions about background, just purpose of the trip.

          At the time my impression was they were mystified as to why they were pulling me aside. I also wondered at that point what would have happened if I did have a marked passport. I got my revocation letter three weeks after returning from that trip. I’m trying to decide whether to apply for a scarlet letter.

        • AJ

          From an outsider’s perspective, you may have appeared to be some sort of VIP! Too funny, and I’m glad you were able to put a positive spin on it. Welcome home.

    • AJ

      If you’re willing to share, the nature of your offense may provide some helpful perspective. I wonder if the U.S. is seeing all the “free passes” happening in Europe and has perhaps ratcheted up the hysteria of its Green Notices, etc. I suspect if enough of these types of events happen, France (or whatever country) will see it for what it is: more oppressive activities by the U.S. Government. IMO, it can only help our cause if Uncle Sam keeps crying “Wolf!” about us…and then countries find absolutely nothing wrong and nothing goes wrong.

      • David

        @ D.K. and AJ, please see my reply to “E @ David” for additional details. One other thing to note: I departed out of LAX and signed up for their new “CLEAR” service which expedites you through the TSA check at the airport prior to departing…. and I mean it REALLY speeds you through – directly to the front of all lines, no waiting. (The CLEAR service is free for a cancellable 30-day trial.) Yes, the service scans your fingerprints. No, they do not perform a retinal scan at LAX yet. And, no, apparently there is no restriction on convicted felons using the CLEAR service (as there is with the TSA’s own Global Entry Pass), because CLEAR worked perfectly for me.
        I will gladly try to answer any other questions you may have.

        • NY won't let go

          They started an whatever like that here recently(my undisclosed although known by some on here country) I kinda wanna use it, as Americans are allowed to along with all the other countries in the region. But I don’t feel too comfortable with the whole scan the bar code and my hand and face thing.

          I’d rather have the immigration people look at my visa and talk to them when I come home. (not the US) I usually end up joking around with them and they ask when I will apply for permanent residence so I can use the short line. Immigration here is a bit too chill sometimes. 😂

    • steve@David

      David where can I find that form? Went to ca doj but couldn’t locate it. Thanks

      • David

        @ Steve: I believe I got the form from an ACSOL gathering either a quarterly local meeting or at the summer ACSOL Conference. You may wish to contact ACSOL for a copy of the form.

        • steve @David

          Thanks David. Were you traveling by yourself? And who did you turn the form into? Thanks again for answering.

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