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Whatch this firstorm I create here but all this needs to be said. Man someone needs to go around teaching people how to file suits (so easy) and get thousands of people filing suits in every state for every little F##”/ng thing. Bombard tbe courts, overwhelm the enemy on their own turf. Could you imagine slamming your local courts with thousands of law suits every other week. Even if they just dismisd them it would cost the states millions and throw the courts into chaos. People have to fight back, but I do not even know why I bother, none of you are going to do anything but complain. We are at war people and we have no troops, at least very very few such as myself, Robert Curtis, Janice and team, and few other Pro Se and lawyers. This is sad I am fighting this war with only a couple generals helping, they know who they are. Get off your a@$$ and fight man. What the hell is wrong with you people? I am frigging serious, Go online, copy, paste court docs, and file file file. Absolutely insane, are you people Americans? Are you mentally incompetent? Are you cowards? What the hell is wrong with all of you? If I can frigging do it without an advanced education, while going to college, getting married, having couple grandkids now, blah blah blah, you sure as hell can. Hate me if you want, but we need warriors not whiners. Freedom is not free people….unbelievable. I have been holding this back for years. Stand up and fight. Go picket the court house, go rally at the legislators offices, picket in front of your lawmakers homes, look at how the left is doing it. Take their lead. And all you with all your excuses and how you cant do this or that, or you do not have this or that, all your excuses that I know you all are going to be shooting out there if you even have the gonads to respond are going to fall on deaf ears. You have no excuses, you got yourselfs in these positions, bottom line, I do not care how but each and everyone of us let this happen to us and you all are just letting it explode out of control laying down your arms or never even jumping in the fight. Weak..You all obviously need some tough love love from someone, well there it is. You all dont deserve to have freedom riding on others coatails that have fought and died for their rights and their freedom. Well it is your turn to fight for your freedom, and if you are not worth fighting for then fight for your kids, grandkids and their freedoms…Hate me yet, good….Get mad and do something or stay sad and do nothing..SHOW UP, STAND UP, SPEAK UP, at courts and legislator offices, rallies, whatever, and fight for your rights. Hell I’m doing it, so can you……..

Hell how many of you live near Sacramento? Lets put our differences aside and organize a serious rally at the capital. I do not mean a dozon or two, we need at least 50-100 at least. Do this once a month or once a week. I’m down are any of you???? I do not have the time or money but if we can organize and enough others are willing I will make the time. I do not believe that is how to bring change but if it takes the fight to the enemies doorstep and brings us together in an oganized manner I’m on-board. Let’s meet and file file file. It’s easy, does not cost anything usually unless you have money then it’s only like $400 bucks. This has gone on long enough people, fight back, file file file…

I do not care what anyone thinks of Kavanaugh, that man joined by Lindsey Graham are heroes to me as they are the first high profile people that have made a stand against the out of their frigging mind legislators and mobs. He is basically being accused of being a sex offender. Them two fought hard and damn well and I only hope I have that courage when my day in court comes up. And that whining that he did and the anger that he showed I was thinking hard about it, I was the same way for weeks if not months from the shock and shame and flood of emotions when and after I got arrested, hell couldn’t even go to work or look in my 9 year old sons eyes for months. I was having emotional breakdowns and I totally understand his rage and pain. I can’t even imagine having two young daughters like that and having to look in their eyes and try to explain something like this, or a wife’s eyes either. I really thought about this and I care less if everyone one of us has to stay on the registry forever, that man needs to be comfirmed and you all need take a cue from both Graham and Kavanaugh. Those are true American warriors right there and although not shedding blood their role is as equally if not more important then over trying to protect and rebuild other countries. That was the first time I have felt pride in any of them. I really believe Kavanaugh is going to be our ally in court, he knows what it’s like to be accused of something of a sex crime and now he has to continue to live with this over his head until he is either rejected or confirmed. He is essentially an SVP in the eyes of a good portion of the wackos in the country and will allways have this hangjng over his head forever. He wlll know our plight and he will take notice and take our cause seriously and I bet he will influence at least Gorsuch to take notice as well. There goes mike r on hid rants again. Lmfao…watev..

@Mike r – with all due respect in my mind Jeff Flake was the true hero today. Bipartisanship is a lost art and it was great to see somebody step up and demand due diligence before making a very important decision.

Jeff Flake is a RINO.

There, fixed it for ya.

Thumbs up!

Da, Comrade.

Jeff Flake is a RINO.
He’s certainly at least proven by deed and word that he’s been all about keeping his job. Only after announcing his retirement did he start to speak up. Only after announcing his retirement did he show principle over party. And on Sunday night he proved it in his own words on “60 Minutes.”
From a CNN story about it (
Hours later, Flake tapped Coons on the shoulder, and the two retreated to a private anteroom. An hour of frantic behind-the-scenes negotiations ensued, ending when Flake emerged and dropped the bombshell that he wanted an FBI investigation before he would vote on Kavanaugh’s nomination on the Senate floor.

Asked if he would have done that if he were running for reelection, Flake, who has announced his retirement from the Senate, immediately said, “No. Not a chance.”
Thanks for making re-election more important than the republic! Thanks for only being willing to compromise and attempt bipartisanship when you have no skin in the game. You’re more problem than you are solution, you worthless milquetoast. Good riddance to you and Bob Corker…hopefully a few more follow your leads. Word to the wise, soon-to-be-ex-Senator, you’re not required to live up to your surname.

AJ (October 1, 2018):

Interesting way to look at it and I think fairly right.

But isn’t it odd to concentrate on Flake? Given that he is now operating based on principle rather than party. Perhaps the focus should be on all of the people who are “remaining” and who will later be running for reelection and who are still putting party before principle? Isn’t that about all of the rest of them?

I don’t know. I sick to death of both of the lying Democrat and Republican parties. All awful. I am even more sick of people who can do nothing more than yell “Democrats!” or “Republicans!” How can we stop that ridiculous mess!

Kavanaugh did himself no favors. He came across to me as very unhinged and political. He mentioned the Clintons! OMFG! We don’t need anyone who even thinks politically to be anywhere near any of our courts, let alone the Supreme Court. We need someone who is calm and apolitical. Not this fruitloop.

@mike r
I kind of agree with you in that I hope he gets appointed do to the gap in time of reporting, to me the statute of limitations is an extremely important factor in our legal system and if you don’t open your mouth right away then you should not open it 10-20-30 years later and expect to be able to destroy somebodies life because you felt the need to let people now know of what a terrible person this person was to you back then but you didn’t want to then. She says she thought he might kill her accidentally, to me that would have been enough to report him then, trust me it was when I was her age then when I feared for the life of me and my brother after my father choked and stabbed me, when I got free of the situation I went strait to the nearest neighbor and called for help. So I guess I’m a little bias to it since I was in an abusive situation and reported as soon as humanly possible and have the belief that those who wait for many-many years to report it are doing so for vindictive/financial reasons, And for that reason I think he should be given the opportunity to be confirmed at least.

Just FYI. Many states have eliminated statutes of limitations for sex offenses.

You are correct but that is for crimes committed after the enactment of that removal and in my opinion there should be a statute on ALL crimes no matter what it is.
I know first hand how it feels to be on the receiving end of threats of “you already been to jail for XXXXX so you better give me what I want or I can tell them anything I want and you”ll go away forever” , I have given my wife my whole back story so when these little gold diggers come to her and try to split us she just laughs and sends them on their way.
If the statues were at a even level (the old 7 year rule) then it would knock the wind right out of these tall tails and either force the claims out sooner or give the protection back to the accused as it was intended (innocent until PROVEN guilty) . If you have been wronged then report it (or deal with it yourself [yes I advocate self justice] however you deem fit) right away. Because if you wait until it is most beneficial to you or most detrimental to the accused, to me, you just look like someone out for a payoff.

but this is just my VERY BIASED opinion

Yep, over 700% increase to the sexual assault hotline since this happened. Already started and they are all claiming it is not unusual for women to come forward many years afterwards and if this dude gets shot down and the courts do not rebut this we are going to get some more major bad precedent that they all say, well this case and that case. I guarantee you if this guy gets confirmed when a case like that comes before him he will be the first to be like WHERE IS THE EVIDENCE after what he is going thru. Bet your a$%#$@ that. Soon as someone finally challenges one of these accusations, probably the Cosby case, it will go to SCOTUS and WILL be shot down as I hope the attorneys are claiming insufficiency of the evidence claim as procedural error.

Twitter is currently in the process of updating its hate speech policy to include a prohibition on language that “dehumanizes” other people by using labels that make others sound less than human. This is an excellent opportunity to help shape policy on one of the largest social media networks in the world.

Twitter does NOT ban registrants and we all have an opportunity to offer our feedback to ensure the new Twitter policy is comprehensive and includes bans on words like sex offender, predator, child molester, rapist, pedophile, pervert, deviant, and so on. Right now they are seeking public feedback in a brief survey that anyone can complete, even if you don’t use Twitter. Please take a moment to do so:

Excellent Sunny, there’s some proactive activism. Love it and even though I do not use any social media at this point, and have not since my release yet so as not to embed my status in the public square so when I win and get off this crap i can start anew without that forever on the internet, I will do the survey. I will be reading these reports or studies as well to see if I can use them in m my case..
Many scholars have examined the relationship between dehumanization and violence. For example, Susan Benesch has described dehumanizing language as a hallmark of dangerous speech, because it can make violence seem acceptable, and Herbert Kelman has posited that dehumanization can reduce the strength of restraining forces against violence.

Sunny, “Twitter does NOT ban registrants.” Not strictly true since many have been thrown off of Twitter for advocating on behalf of “Registrants” and for the thinnest of reasons but usually by being “reported” by legions of organized hysterics who want to wipe Twitter clean of anyone saying anything in support of “sex offenders.” I’m also dubious that banning phrases or words like “sex offender” or “pedophile” are the way for us to advance our cause. I use “sex offender” all of the time on Twitter (always with quotes, btw) and would find it impossible to make the statements I do without having the language needed to express them. Rather than shutting down speech on Twitter, which is exactly what our enemies are doing, I would rather expand speech on Twitter and establish Twitter policies that don’t get us thrown off for reasons of “sex offender” advocacy (there’s that phrase again which, nevertheless, is indispensable). What makes my work on Twitter so difficult is knowing that everything I say is being read by an hysterical and organized mob who are hellbent on shutting down my speech (see @kamilbeylant to get some insight into that whole bizarre, organized and malevolent world which he has flushed out of the Twitterverse). What we need is not protection from “hate speech” but recognition of our right to speak. I’ll take that any day over some perceived (but illegitimate) right to not be insulted.

Never thought about it like that, good point. Less big nanny companies controlling what content is allowed in their platforms. Censorship another words.

The phrase “$EX offender” is a weapon used by immoral people. So it has to be avoided. It is hate speech. Same as calling someone the N word or anything similar to that.

If “Registered Person” or “Registered Citizen” is not clear enough, I will typically introduce the term by starting with using “a person who is listed on a $EX Offender Registry”.

My understanding of the new policies is that it will not ban words outright, but will consider context. For example, talking generally about sex offenders or the registry would be acceptable, but making an ad hominem attack against a specific individual or class of people just to denigrate them, would not be acceptable. That is what Twitter is trying to clarify with public feedback right now.

I believe a statement like, “Child molestation has been reduced by rehabilitation programs” would be allowed but calling someone a child molester would be prohibited. There is a gray area like, “Watch out for child molesters this Halloween.” I’m not sure whether that would be allowed or not under the new policy. The goal is to eliminate dehumanizing language which is more simply understood as name-calling. I’m hopeful that calling people names related to registration will fall under that category, especially since California law prohibits businesses from discriminating against registrants, giving us a quasi-suspect classification requiring rational basis scrutiny (only allowed to “protect a person at risk”).

I tend to agree. I might add, if the haters pretty up their language, it just makes it harder to identify who they really are. On the other hand, I can see from Twitter’s perspective, that they may not want to be know for publishing endless threads of insults and verbal farts. In a way, Twitter is kind of a crowd sourced news outlet. They are evolving their product much like the yellow journalism physical newspapers of the past evolved into more professional institutions.

Also, in the early days of newspapers in this country, all manner of speech entered into them. According to an article in Smithsoniam Magazine, the early newspapers were a lot like social media today. When the publishers got more selective of their paper’s content, the dehumanizing talk continued in bars and the club’s. There in the cover of half light and licensed by inebriation, men continued violent talk about women, Irish, African Americans, the opposing party, and that talk was percoeved to be carried back to the home in actual physical violence. That’s why many of the first women’s rights advocates, and slavery abolitionists, pushed for a ban on alcohol. Note, I wasn’t there, but I watched Ken Burns “Prohibition”. Of course, prohibition lead to a more insidious organized crime violence, which was debatably worse than the haphazard drunken kind. Maybe there just needs to be places for people to vent obscene stuff. Maybe we need more resilience to offensive language, more inclusion of different ideas, but presented in a forum moderated for decorum and intelligent debate, to counter the tabloid media types.

Just came across this dandy of a story. Guy has been in prison 28 years for a rape he didn’t commit because she dreamed he did

I don’t trust anyone who doesn’t support the various innocence projects sprouting up across the nation. If someone doesn’t care about the government arrogance responsible for wrongful convictions and executions, they sure as hell don’t care about us. If someone can have no empathy for the innocent their concern is certainly lacking for the guilty.

The ACLU tonight begins a $1 million TV ad campaign declaring/comparing Kavanaugh as a sex offender to Bill Cosby, Clinton and Weinstein. Nevermind that he has never been charged or convicted and Federal Prosecutor Rachel Mitchell has a report yesterday with 12 inconsistencies on why this case would not even meet a “preponderance of the evidence” burden and would not be charged.

The ACLU needs to objectively look beyond the ‘Sex Offender’ label for unbiased justice and truth, especially with the current hysteria.
ACLU: Innocent UNTIL proven guilty, even an accused SO/RSO has those rights…

Thanks for posting this. I’m left uncertain as how this will be decided. Justice Gorsuch was great. He sounds like he will be on our side on this issue. It does sound like some of the justices will be hard to win over on any sex offender issue.

As always, and because Justices are obligated to divilishly (archaic spelling intended) interrogate both parties adversarially (except for Thomas, the Silent, apparently) it is difficult to devine their opinions prospectively. During our side’s arguments, I’m not liking Kagan at all or Breyer very much with Roberts and Alito obviously being predictably bad. We know we can write-off Alito if not Roberts. Sotomayor? Maybe. Gorsuch is a solid in our camp. Kagan is still not seeing the Registry as punishment or any different from any other civil regulation with criminal penalties. I guess retroactivity didn’t come up at all. Everyone’s on board with that, apparently. Oh, and as for “The Sphinx” Thomas, who never seems to talk – yeah, he might be with us based on more recent of his mumblings. Ginsburg is a likely, I think, in our camp. I do take this very personally, by the way, it is very much “us” and “them.” But now we get to the government’s argument and then I start to have some hope for Kagan and definitely Breyer. Gorsuch is dynamite! (Yea!!! Glad we called that one right!) Quote: “JUSTICE GORSUCH: Why? What’s the difference? A half a million people are affected by this delegation.” Virtual cheers go up in the virtual gallery!
Things are looking better, now. But you do know that we have to get 5-3 when there are only eight Justices, right? Another tantalizing (though not under consideration) quote: “JUSTICE KAGAN: Do you think that if there were a new attorney general who came in and said, you know, I think that this registration stuff has just gone overboard, and I’m going to start making some exceptions with respect to pre-Act offenders, because I think that’s just unfair to penalize them for the rest of their lives, could the attorney general do that?” And a zinger from Breyer: “And there is a particular danger when you combine prosecuting a person with the writing of the law under which you prosecute. And the danger is captured in the bill of attainder clause, it’s captured maybe in ex post facto clause, it’s captured in the word liberty, and it is that particular danger that means where you have a person whose job is prosecuting, be careful, especially careful that that person cannot also write the law under which he prosecutes, because there we risk vendetta.” So we got our ex-post facto, our bill-of-attainder and our liberty on a vendetta sandwich! So… who knows? I want to hear the audio when it comes out, said to be on Fridays and the Decision months later. Of all people, we should have acquired the gift of patience. But I’m really, really not very patient.

“any other civil regulation with criminal penalties.”

Which comparable ones would those be? Examples?

I can’t wait to hear the audio too. Hearing them speak will tell us more than the transcript. I hope someday they will allow cameras in their court.

“[O]ther civil regulation[s] with [possible] criminal penalties”: copyright infringement; contempt of court; failure to appear. There are certainly many more, particularly in government-regulated fields such as medicine, commercial transportation, and/or finance.


A lot of the financial (civil) regs result in criminal penalties. IMO, a big example is the S&L failures and those behind them. That may not be the best example but I believe it works.

If SCOTUS is 4 – 4, it goes back to prior court’s ruling, right?

Lake County, Yes 4-4 would have no effect on the lower court’s ruling. Would have to be 5-3 in the case of an eight-Justice panel to overturn.

@Notorious DIK (formerly, Kennerly), it will take 5 to overturn regardless of whether it is 8 or 9 justices. Whether 5-3 or 5-4, it still takes 5.

Thanks for posting. I liked Gorsuch’s comments. However, wouldn’t want to read too much into this. I’d love to hear the opinions of several of our venerable posters

Quite the fascinating read…thank you Arthur for posting this link.

Best Wishes, (to us all)


My take on the transcript pretty much aligns with what has been said elsewhere.
1. Gorsuch is on our side and has an obvious problem with a law that ensnares so many people (note to Gorsuch: 800,000+);
2. Thomas is on our side by reference;
3. Ginsburg still seems to be having heartburn from Smith regarding people living clean lives yet still being held down by these laws (you go, girl!);
4. Alito is Alito, ’nuff said.

Of the remainders, they’re hard to read (figuratively, though at times literally).

5. I did like that Sotomayor referenced looking at legislative history, especially since Gundy’s counsel highlighted that Congress had language in another Bill that specifically included and addressed retroactivity, yet it was rejected (p. 15, lines 6-12). To me, that’s huge. As courts have said, legislative omission of something is deemed to be willfully and consciously done. How much more so is that when it’s right in front of them and they don’t use it? She and Gorsuch both seemed to be calling out the Govt on trying to have it both ways versus Reynolds, too.

6. Kagan, IDK.
7. Breyer seemed confused how it’s any different than any other delegated powers…though he may well have been trying to elicit a response he already has in mind.
8. Roberts showed his Alito-bent, but who knows. But hey, what’s wrong with retroactively allowing people to join the Price Club?

It’s going to be an interesting Opinion to read, regardless the outcome. Assuming Kennedy voted “yes” prior to leaving, that means we really only have 3 leaning towards our side. I still think those are Gorsuch, Thomas, and Ginsburg. I fear the rest of them are quite fine with things…and will happily be proven wrong.

P.S. @Notorious DIK: you’re devilishly divine in your lexicon. 😉

So, air bnb finally deleted my account and cancelled all my bookings for my upcoming trip next week. Their reasoning was that they found it in their best interest due to public records if I were no longer on their platform.

Luckily I was able to contact where I booked told them I will be paying in cash. They were just as confused as they were prepping the house for us and suddenly gone.

Airbnb is just another company run by anti-American scumbags. Everyone should go out of their way to neutralize them and harm their company by any legal means possible. Watch out for PR problems or legislation that affects them and do what you can to negatively affect them.

I think it is wonderful that you went around them. It is probably not very hard to find rentals on Airbnb and then contact the owners directly to go around Airbnb. It is good to give them no money. I will be more than happy to not give them money. If that method doesn’t work out, I expect that it would be fairly trivial to get someone to rent any place for you and then you just use it.

But hey – how about our scumbag Nanny Big Governments that have enabled this complete nonsense? F them! They are nothing but criminal regimes. Everyone should be cheering on anyone who attacks them.

This is the email they sent. It’s confusing mostly because I never uploaded my ID for verification and that they can do this without an explanation, while still holding my money. Which I may or may not get back in the 15 days. None of this would be a problem if NY let go.

Thank you for uploading your ID for our ID Verification process. Upon review, and given information uncovered pursuant to online public records, we have determined that it is in the best interest of Airbnb, and for the users on our site, to deactivate your account permanently. We realize that this may come as a disappointment and that you may have questions regarding this determination. We hope you understand that this decision is exercised at our sole discretion and that we are not obligated to provide an explanation as to the action taken against your account, nor are we liable to a user in any way with respect to deactivating or canceling his or her account.

Should you choose to dispute the decision, please submit any documents you think may be relevant to us, at no additional cost to Airbnb. We will forward those documents to our Legal Department for review before any decision regarding reinstatement of your account can be made.

Additionally, please understand that this removal will also entail the immediate termination of your pending or accepted bookings. As such, we may communicate to your host that your reservation has been cancelled and refunded in full.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Best regards,

What a dumbass, limp letter. Simultaneously saying “f you” and “we apologize” and “best regards”. Typical lame people.

I’m not sure what documents you would send them since they seemed to give no hint whatsoever what the problem is. However, I would try to waste as much of their time as possible. I would definitely respond. Start nicely and just ask them what the problem is. Tell them that you need to know in order to determine what documents to send.

Not sure where all I would go with it but I would certainly try to waste their time. And in the end I’d likely tell them to go F themselves and promise that I would definitely harm them in the future. And I would.

Pedophile’s Decapitated Corpse Found On Judge’s Doorstep After Bail Hearing In Aurora, Illinois

That really is “fake news.” Here’s something about it: “Crosby: The story of a headless pedophile in Aurora was fake. But don’t feel too bad if you fell for it.”