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WA: Man plans to publish names of level 1 sex offenders

Sex offender vigilante Curtis Hart has caused a furor among level 1 sex offenders by planning to publish many of their 570 names on the internet.

Hart has requested that the sheriff’s office give him the names of all level 1 sex offenders in Cowlitz County, and under terms of a state Supreme Court ruling the agency must comply.

The names, along with photos, addresses, and brief descriptions of the offenses could be released in less than two weeks. Full Article

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  1. hostage in texas

    Man, what an idiot.

  2. Dustin

    If this idiot does publish, I hope every single person he names sues him. No matter how hopeless such a suit might be, tie him up in litigation for as long as possible. And not as class actions – hundreds of individual suits.

    • AnotherAnon

      “We are simply trying to follow the law, and make sure we are being fair to both sides and do what is expected of us,” Huffine said.

      Speaking of following the law.

      Do most of these hundreds of Level 1’s have misdemeanors? If so, they can buy a gun, and I admire Jan Kruska for buying a gun a letting everyone know she feared for herself and her children. Maybe these Cowlitz County RC’s could make their own list of legally gun toting Level 1’s in response. Maybe they could even get a concealed carry permit. You know, for every action there is an equal but opposite reaction. Since this jerk is a libertarian, how could he object to legal gun ownership?

  3. Gralphr

    Eventually one of these tough guys is going to mysteriously disappear or be killed. Even when laws try to help people, these lunatics find ways around it in order to harass.

  4. cool CA RC

    Didn’t something like this happen before and it backlash against him?

    He was crying no job because someone posted bad thing about him?

  5. cool

    If you want to contact him
    his facebook account
    twitter account

    main website

    his hunting ground

    possibliy phone number

    360 442 1878

  6. steve

    He’ll be running for office soon.

  7. Eric

    It only seems right that his address be published as well.

  8. Tim Moore

    “It’s like (Hart) doesn’t trust our government and systems to do their jobs. It’s like he’s got to step up and do it for them.”
    He got it. It is no coincidence that the sex offender registry came into existence after all the rhetoric about “government being the problem not the solution” in the 1980’s. The whole idea behind the registry is that we can’t trust the system to protect us anymore. “They must give us the names of the offenders, so we can protect ourselves.”

  9. Joe123

    What a misguided psycho. Promoting VIOLENCE against people? This waste of space should be locked up! We have a legal system in place and this moron thinks that people with the lowest recidivism rate should be subject to violence to them and their families and children. DISGUSTING. Please leave a message on the article and let your thoughts be heard!

    • BA

      I totally agree this man is angry and for what reason, If the level ones are exposed and they have kids, the kids need to come forward and tell there school teachers in PRIVATE why are we being PUNISHED AND EMBARRASSED by society. I thought you wanted to protect us kids ? very interesting approach a double edge sword. Teachers are vey loyal to there kids…..unlike this man.

      • Don’t tread on me

        It would be interesting to have a group of 20+ registered citizens show up at this bully’s front door and demand he explain himself. I am sure Mr tough guy would be peeing his pants. I heard a story years ago about homosexual males doing something similar. The moral of the story was gay men are men too. They will WILL whoop your azz. Call this guy out and see how dedicated he is to his point of view when confronted face to face while being out numbered….lol. 99% of bullies like this will tuck tail and run when confronted. Maybe it’s time we organized a registered citizen special forces team. Not for violence just to confront ignorance and intimidate through shear numbers. I’m sure an investigative news team would love that story.

  10. USA

    Intriguing article. Guys like this typically have issues of their own and he is attempting to focus on others. I’ll bet 10000000/1 the guy has some sexual hangups and uses his energy to focus on others! Otherwise, he would utilize his time doing something otherwise. I bet! He clearly needs counseling. His hate is a result of something! I guess people who murder, commit drive by shootings, drug dealers and prostitutes (people who destroy lives) are okay with him! I read these articles regularly. If he was concerned, he could be looking at ways to assist to help people change their ways! Yet, he seems to think people can’t change? How does he know? Hmmmmmmmmmmm

  11. Anonymous

    Laura Ahearn has already done this. Do you have any idea how much more vindictive she Is than this jerk? How much she got her local government to “cooperate?” But it didn’t end up the way she wanted it to, and neither will this jerk’s ideas. Truth be told we all of course, have to stand up for ourselves and as a group, if we want our constitutional protections restored.

  12. AnotherAnon

    He’s just another politician and with apparent delusions of grandeur, thinks he can be Sheriff.

    “Sheriff Mark Nelson and County Commissioner Joe Gardner each have one candidate running against them, according to PDC filings. Libertarian Curtis Hart of Lexington has filed to challenge Nelson, the long-time incumbent.”

    Justice officials want Curtis Hart to stop taking justice into his own hands

    Publicity hound.

    • David Kennerly's Government-Driven Life

      “I’m a Libertarian, so I’m not really too worried about what the government’s telling me to do. If the market’s out there for people to show up for these little girls in my community, then it’s market driven,” he said.” Uh, no he’s NOT a libertarian. He obviously has no idea what a libertarian is. The problem is, for those of us who ARE libertarians, are the many people who call themselves libertarian but who are, quite obviously, not and don’t understand its basic principles.

  13. Greg

    All I read was something like, my name is Curtis Hart and I’m an idiot that is looking to put not only a bunch of innocent lives in danger but my own as well. I don’t know, that’s what I read 🤣

  14. Matt Duhamel

    I’m glad I noticed this today. I will keep an eye out on this story as I’m living in the county just south of Cowlitz. If he intends to list other level 1 registrants from other counties, you can bet I will be down at the courthouse.

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